How to start the gasoline grass trimmer when it is cold

Troubleshooting Causes Your Lawnmower Won’t Start

The fuel mixture must be precisely mixed with gasoline and oil. Do not use any other brand of fuel. To avoid contamination, gasoline must stand in a glass or metal container for 2 days. Do not use plastic containers for storing fuel. Use a medical syringe without a needle for precise measuring. Use only a freshly made mixture and do not leave fuel in the tank. If the engine is capricious, the lawnmower stalls when you press the gas, the fuel may be to blame.

the lawnmower doesn’t start when it’s hot. pull the gas pedal trigger and yank the cord several times until the engine starts, then put the trigger down. Does not start. needs specialized repairs.

Check the ignition system, if the lawnmower does not start, is carried out sequentially:

  • clean the removed spark plug from soot and dirt, dry it, set the gap of 1 mm;
  • connect to the high-voltage wire and check the spark by yanking the starter several times;
  • if there is no spark, check the integrity of the high-voltage wire;
  • replace the spark plug;
  • Dry the spark plug duct;
  • Check the ignition coil at the same time, it is faulty if the working plug does not spark.

It is in the case of a faulty ignition coil that the lawnmower does not start on hot, stalls, runs intermittently.

Cleaning or replacing the air and fuel filter will ensure the proper flow of ingredients going into the carburetor. The air filter can be washed in soapy water or replaced. If a nylon cloth is used, it is washed; the porous felt filler is replaced. The fuel filter is changed accurately, without leaving the suction pipe open. Whether the air filter needs to be replaced can be determined if the engine starts with the air cleaner removed. Do you need to change the grid on the fuel supply if your lawnmower won’t start, a dry spark plug will tell you.

The breather, the hole for the air inlet in the gas tank. If it gets clogged, it creates a vacuum in the tank and the mixture does not flow into the carburetor. You can blow the hole with air or clean it with a needle. Clean the air duct, remove the muffler’s spark plugs.

Chinese lawnmower won’t start.Diagnostics and repair.

Diagnosis and repair of the Chinese brushcutter Rostec. Carburetor repair, lawnmower after downtime.

7 thousand is normal price for a Chinese chainsaw?

the spark plug is flooding and the lawnmower won’t start tell me what it could be!

You must have used bad oil to get deposits like this

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Please tell me what the problem is, the engine does not start on hot! Simply bangs either in the exhaust silencer or through the carburetor. The so-called “surges” through the exhaust pipe even with half a hammer. The reason in the ignition? First tank of gasoline corrected. poured another. BACKGROUND, LEAVE. Perfectly finished the tank (not full of canister 600g), tried to turn off and start at once. It started up like an old man! While pouring the third batch of gasoline. it flew for 5-10 hrs. I started. does not start and that’s all! Took the rest! It rattles and rattles. no effect.

Very useful video, thank you, but tell me. I have this problem has a spark but when I try to start unscrewing the plug, it is dry, it turns out the fuel does not come? what is the cause of it??

why you can’t blow out the valve jets?

I changed the piston in a chainsaw and it won’t start.poured gasoline under the plug also does not start

Hello I have a problem, lawn mower cashier does not start or start well does not pick up speed, adding gas stops, what to do, please advise

Good afternoon, please tell me what may be the reason for, when the engine is cold mower does not start, when hot is good?

Good day. I have a Champion lawn mower that has no regulating screws on the carburetor, how do I adjust the carburetor?

and the carburetor itself needs to be disassembled to clean it?

I have a mower runs on the engine with the engine off, take off the engine off Ana stalls

I had this problem too and noticed by accident. For some reason the plastic stuff shrivels up and the diameter decreases.

please tell me. on a Chinese grass trimmer when you start it up with the starter. The blade nozzle began to rotate. Grass trimmer works. But there is no idle speed. cannot be adjusted with the screw. so it flails. until it dies

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Hello! Lawn mower Carver bought 2 years ago, used her 3-4 times a year for 1-1.5 hours with interruptions. It worked fine at first. But last year stopped starting. Everything revised, rebooted, spark is normal, but the spark plug is immediately wet, through the air filter leaks fuel. Next did everything as in the video and the needle runs fine without resistance, but the problem is not solved. The engine won’t start but if I unscrew the fasteners and move the carb 46mm to get some air in, it will start, revs up and then shuts down when I move the carb. Getting a portion of the fuel engine is unstable, but it works. When I attach the carburetor, it also does not start.

Help, please. Grasshopper starts and runs as soon as you give gas. rumbles and shuts down. And it starts to vibrate a lot

Hello, please tell me your trimmer was taken for repair I changed the seals and repaired the carburettor karochi now she starts and runs at idle for a minute and a half and then shuts down and then you start and work. it sometimes starts up and shoots into the muffler. and sometimes if you shut off for example to refuel the gasoline it starts and gives gas it stops and then somehow you turn it off and it works at all is not clear what is wrong with it myself did not go anywhere.

similar problem. took a long time to start. without result. I took the spark plug out and cleaned it. all covered with soot. starting. it ran for about three minutes and then stalled. unscrewed the plug again it is wet (overflow?) and now will not start. almost started once but then nothing again. Where to dig what to look for. changed carburetor last year

Hello. Watched your video and only positive impression. Few words, more action))))) I have a question for you. I have a lawn mower, or she me)))), Expert 430. I keep having the same problem. After a certain amount of time, always different, rpm rises to maximum and then shuts down.If you hear in time that the rpm rises and a couple of times to move his fist on the air filter, work is normal. If you “yawn” with this process is almost impossible to start. carburetor pump pump air and all. I have to clamp the return pipe with pliers and pump until the pump bulb does not get gasoline. What have you done? Replacement gaskets and diaphragm primer (twice) in the carburetor, replacement of the valve and needle, respectively, flushing and purging, purging your way)))) Regulating, as the book says and folk methods, no effect. I have been trying to figure this out for a few months, I have no idea what to do?

Help, gasoline trimmer Husgvarna 235R? Will start fine, cut through 1-1.5 hundred meters and begins to “mak” as if not enough fuel, and only when you give “gas”, will lie 15 minutes and then starts perfectly well again! and again 1-1,5 hundredths and again “poor”. Crankshaft oil seals, piston ring, spark plug filter were replaced two months ago, the grasshopper worked for 50 hours, what is the problem??

Parts for Chinese brushcutter

Hello! So I keep fighting with it. I had a hard time pumping gasoline before I started. I don’t care. Took the air filter off, rinsed it, put it to dry. Dry out, put it back in. Started pumping. In the return hose was a lot of air bubbles but I pumped. Started after the third time. warmed up a little and went to work.Worked for an hour and a half. Stalled twice. No increase in rpm. When I unscrewed the cap of the fuel.The hissing tank did not. The big problem is the fuel pumping. I got air in the return and edge. The revs are “floating” in the downward direction. I rebooted the car, it’s stabilizing.Shortly. made me mad.

Hello. The problem with the chainsaw. Will not start. Barely started after a long standstill, worked for 5 minutes and then stalled and does not want to start again. filters are normal, the spark is, the fuel comes (cleaned the carburetor), but do not want to start. I can’t even get a spark plug to start when I put fuel through the spark plug hole. What do you think might be the problem?

Guys, I owe the bike for looking for and finding the problem.Some masters (let’s not name it) immediately run for a new carb, even for a new tool.

Hello! I have a question.I have a lawn mower Soyuz BTS-9252L and a lot of gasoline consumes! What to do and is it possible to reduce gasoline consumption?

Hello. Thanks for the detailed video. I have a funny situation: a new grass mower (worked out only 3 tanks of mixture) Champion t433 stopped holding idle: starts, but immediately cuts off if you do not squeeze the gas. Then it stopped starting at idle at all (on the latch), but if you squeeze the throttle trigger to full with the other hand, it starts and runs. Until you reset to idle (on it. (stalls again). I like the grasshopper otherwise, but no idle. It’s not convenient to hang it on the belt. What do you advise to do? Take it to the store or try to fix it? Checked the air filter. It’s clean. What else do I need to look at or tune? I don’t know.

I have the same mower for grass, today I started it and there was a terrible vibration, what could it be?

Hello, I have a problem, lawn mower kassa does not start or start well does not pick up speed, adding gas stalls, what to do, please advise

Great video, thanks but it didn’t help. I took the head off, looked at the piston and carburetor cleaned but no luck. does not start. What else could it be?? The spark plug gives a spark, but, it is constantly flooded. And I’ve been turning the mix screw. Nothing helps. The engine sneezes, but it won’t start

Good afternoon, please advise how to adjust this carburetor. The thing is that I can’t find the rocker/ball screws. Mixes on Champion t347-2

Hello. It doesn’t start well and doesn’t pick up speed

Guys, I bought a BT5200 brushcutter yesterday.Worked for an hour in the evening, before running out of gas.I can’t get it to work today.Grasshopper zero.What can be the reason?

Say! I can not adjust the carburetor (mixture quality screw), turn it, and the mower does not change the sound, that is, it does not accelerate and does not stop. Tell me what’s wrong.

hello.thanks for the grasshopper won’t start.after your video i did everything like you did.started.But it worked for about 5 minutes on load and then stopped again.Yes, and it is very hot.You can’t put your hand in.Thanks

You are in the video took out and cleaned the needle with wood shavings but how do you adjust it and how it should be the default setting??

Tell me where to dig, there is a Chinese gasoline trimmer with the same carbom pumping gasoline is not on the carbom, and the body, the only adjustment of the needle and the tension of the rope, the problem is as follows, after service (changed the cylinder and piston) did not like the work. Used to run like clockwork before replacing piston until mother in law put in some clean gasoline and no oil. Needle can adjust only to work smoothly at idle or at high, but that properly does not work, to work at idle and started without problems needle has to raise almost to maximum, but it can not develop normal speed as it pours gasoline strong. т.If I hold full throttle, the engine starts revving and does not pick up speed, as soon as I start to lower the needle (turnover 3-4 has to do) buzzes smoothly clean at maximum rpm, but you have to drop the gas immediately seeks to stall t.The throttle stroke is tiny. I turned the idle speed by tightening the cable almost to the maximum and raised the needle a little, the power dropped, but so at least it works. Where to look? I’ve rinsed the carb, changed the spark plug, maybe there is a leak in the crankcase? What do you advise??

You are the best youtube for this kind of masterclasses! Where did you learn?

I have the same lawnmower. The problem when I start the engine stalls. I put a new carburetor and a new coil. I put gasoline in the cylinder, it starts and then shuts down. Help me fix this problem.

Tell me the Grasshopper only starts when the choke is open (down), it was working fine before. What could be the problem?

Grasshopper starts, but when you give full throttle loses speed, the carburetor is not adjustable (no flapper), changing the carburetor on the analogue with a flapper did not work. What could be?

mixture quality screw. when screwed all the way in and then unscrewed, mixture gets richer. ? I don’t know how to fix it

How do I do it, according to the recommendations on the internet. When I leave it like that the gas flows out from the exhaust pipe (gasoline drips a bit). the lawnmower works at high revs and if I leave it like that petrol comes out of the exhaust pipe (a bit dripping). Does this mean you need to turn the screw back a bit, I would like to see your example. How does the handyman do it?

Please tell me after the carburetor is hard to start after a shot and then abrupt failure and stalls what can be?

Good afternoon I have a question to you can replace the top gear square on the gearbox to 7 spline.

Guys, thanks a lot for the video, really helped. I send my best, and of course I signed up.)

Help please carburetor is not pumping manually

I can’t get gasoline on the spark plug

Good afternoon! Tell me where to go, the trimmer does not start on hot? If you start it when it is cold, it runs fine without interruption until it runs out of gas. The candle is dry. I have spark. Apparently the fuel is not coming. When it cools down for about 20 minutes, it starts on the first try.

Hello Hello, tell me I have a grasshopper that has been sitting for two weeks and the problem is like the video What is the reason why the grasshopper starts but will not start?

Hello! Very useful video I have a similar problem, but a little subverted: It runs like clockwork on a hot start with a half-pipe, but if the stand for 10-15 minutes will cool until you have time in the crankcase a little gasoline does not start anywhere and drop a start and everything like a song remains and again noiseless what to do tips. carburetor cleaned and dried with clean hands screwed paralon in the filter washed! Maybe the diaphragm is fucked up. I don’t know.

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All the bolts are tight!! In short, the carburetor’s fucked up! Today I mowed the potatoes somehow disassembled the carburetor, cleaned it, dried it and reassembled it. Bitch won’t start at all! I put a drop of gasoline in the crankcase, it starts with 10 times at idle, but just give a little gas or lower the choke. give air. and shuts down! The gasoline comes back and the spark plug is dry and so is the crankcase! It’s totally fucked up! Tomorrow I’ll buy a new one and fuck it.й.

lawnmower will not start I unscrew the spark plug dry in the cylinder of the gasoline runs open the shutter stalls

Thanks a lot for the video!Cause mine starts at the first blister between my fingers.

Cold grasshopper engine won’t start. I put a syringe in the carburetor, it starts once, works fine.Warmed up engine starts fine.Further the engine cools down and will not start.What to do?The carburetor is the same as in your video.

Hello Hello, I changed the cylinder block on the engine, it started and then stalled and will not start again, scratched the carburetor side of the piston.

Well done! Few people know about this malfunction. everyone starts to use the needle foot until it breaks

Hello. Bought a Champion grass trimmer last year. I mowed a hectare almost immediately, at the end hit a tin pipe, did not notice among the grass, then it did not work well. For an hour the engine starts, when idling it works, when accelerating it shuts off What do I have to look out for??

Thank you for the video, good and helpful review! Signed up for the channel. There is a good thing as a fuel catalyst added to the gasoline! Helps a lot with the engine, no combustion deposits. I’ve been using for four years, different modifications, now the Peter NPP! Welcome to the channel!

There was a problem with the Carver power drill that would not start The gasoline did not flow into the cylinder, I fixed the problem by removing the rubber in the nozzle.

I have this problem, if you mow a little, and then turn off the brushcutter, then start it “on hot” is even more of a problem than “when cold”. What to do with it? Please give me a hint.)

why the gasoline trimmer has a full cylinder of gasoline what’s the problem

Guys, I found a cheap store where parts for brushcuts evaluate

People help, lawn mower is throwing oil, not from the exhaust, I do not know where, who has faced this problem, please help.

hello i have a new Champion lawn mower has been in a week and it overheated in 30 seconds and will not start help what to do

Quickly Unflood A Trimmer Using NO Tools

Hello Hello, can you please advise if you can start the engine of your mower xv5 and now it will not start? What can be?

Hello, on my machine inside the screw that secures the needle, there is also a small screw that adjusts the height of the needle, how to properly adjust it?

I have a cracked intake manifold on my alpina tv320 brushcutter.Please tell me if you need to buy the original or a Chinese one will do.

Installed the manifold, starts everything works.But the problem is another, the mixture quality screw is not standard screwdriver type 1 (round), maybe you know how to unscrew without the screwdriver.Its price is the same as the Chinese carburetor itself.The manual says in the factory to adjust it, if you have any problems, go to the service.

the needle will be loose and the carburetor will flood, can a plastic pin be drilled in the carburetor.

I got it all cleaned up and I got gas coming out of the air vent

I can’t get it to work, I don’t know what’s wrong

Because of what when you start the brushcutter in the crankcase collected gasoline?And it won’t start.

Use what drill to clean the needle bore?

Good afternoon! What diameter drill did you clean the hole with??

I got the weed trimmer going hard at idle what could be the reason

Well, the video could be called “What was it??”. Chinese brushcutter has a problem with starting all the time. If you fix it every time, it is better to have a spare carburetor and take it to the field.

I’ve got a new braid, the lower and upper gearboxes are getting warm.Tell me if it’s supposed to be like this ?

Hello! Question about brushcutter. Starts up all right, after 20-30 minutes begins to lose rpm. And without load, you can hear that the RPM is less than it should, and start mowing in general is strongly dropping.Maybe it’s the carburetor? Tell me what the reason may be, may have faced this problem. Mower 4 months old (Chinese) CARVER PBC-33. Thank you in advance!

Akita trimmer. don’t know how to catch idle. start small idle almost stalls. Lift off at full throttle and go big but in a minute goes back to normal. turn off, turn on. It’s getting low again. I don’t know how to catch idle until you turn off the gas. new

My question is. I bought a new carb and the grasshopper worked fine. here on youtube found a video the author said that if the scythe for grass with the fuel remains that the light fraction of gasoline evaporates and the carburetor membrane clogs. I am interested in what is realistic to dissolve these heavy fractions of gasoline clogged membrane? I soaked the diaphragms in pure kerosene for 24 hours. Grasshopper started to work better but still stalled. maybe there’s something better than kerosene but not enough to dissolve the membranes?)))) search in internet did not give anything(((

Good afternoon please help, the situation with the chain saw is as follows, winds up well, but when you hang it on your shoulder and you start to cut the grass, it starts to stall and if you mow vertically, it works perfectly!(it turns out when you change the inclination of the lawnmower, it does not work properly) what could be the reason? Could you tell me please?

You will have more trouble when the choke gets clogged.)

What is the diameter of the drill bit?? I have a millimeter, I tried to clean it, it does not fit, I have to drill or something?

help i need a 37mm piston on a dolmar grass trimmer i can’t find it anywhere! can tell you from what will fit

Give your advice! After running brushcutter 20 minutes will not start until it cools and is constantly in the gasoline air filter. How to fix the problem?

Hello, please advise please mow the grass is all right the next day could not start the trimmer for grass Champion t 283 the spark is wet spark plug but do not start

Good day. i bought a new brushcutter, did a so called running-in, without stress worked for about 30 minutes. then at full power and revs, started mowing and after 20 minutes, it stopped. The engine is stalled and will not start, the air filter went into the gasoline. Unscrewed the spark plug, checked the spark. only spark plug dry, unscrewed the muffler checked the stroke of the piston walks normally as well dry, gasoline is filled, the return flow, unscrewed the carburetor diaphragms seem intact. The engine is the same as yours in this clip even the carburetor is the same, only the model Hetter. Under the guarantee is not an option because I bought the machine in Omsk, and myself at the moment in the Czech Republic and give professionals do not want. Can you give me a symptom report??

I had gasoline all over the air filter what does it mean. help

What to do if the regulating screw of the fuel supply is broken and the part of it remained in the middle?

hello. advise trimmer for grass throttle lever in the “throttle” starts, and then when I turn the “start” engine stalls.

guys my problem is screwed out the fixing bolt hit the flywheel will work crankshaft does not break.

My car starts fine when cold but stops when running and won’t start when hot. You have to wait for it to cool down, and then start. What’s the problem? ? Thank you.

Hello I was mowing intermittently the grasshopper turned off and would not start again 5. years old what can it be

Can you advise lawnmower starts well but when you press the gas it does not come up to speed

I have the same problem but I bought the mower two months ago

Thank you very much for the carburetor detail. If you can give me similar information about the ignition system.

Thank you Wizard. Your videos were very helpful

lawn mower starts fine, but when you press the gas stops. What could it be?? Centaur 5240TK lawnmower

advise, please tell me, the grasshopper started (not immediately, but started) and continues to run when the air damper is closed It should not be ( before, after the bad gasoline, I disassemble and clean the carburetor) and now trying to mow. mows but when I try to go to full throttle it feels like the rpm is not all the way up.

Hello. I have a question. In short, long can not start the scythe at the time 15 oh start, no idle, and after five minutes of operation, a click is heard and the grasshopper stalls!What can it be??Thanks in advance. )

I have to subscribe, it’s a very interesting channel.

Hello Hello Question is if the return pipe is looped to the main fuel hose??))(t) (T) shaped adapter?I’m making a somodel and the tank will be on top!)

Good people need advice lawn mower with a cylinder capacity of 52 cm what and how powerful or choose another.

Good people need advice lawn mower with a cylinder capacity of 52 cm what and how powerful or choose another??

Hello, please tell me please lawnmower in the cold start fine but after working 30-40 minutes and turn off did not start and if you unscrew the plug and clean it immediately starts fine after changing the plug put a new one no change in the hot does not start only need to clean

Hello. My lawn mower won’t start. I put a new carburetor did not help not start. What can be the reason.

Hello lawn mower China name Champion it is 8 years old and without a single repair

Help me understand, I start in the cold for the first time, mowing is normal, the idle speed is excellent, as soon as you turn off, then I can not start her, I pull, no result, the spark is blinding, what is the cause tell me?

Why do I stall when cold, if you let go of the gas and when warmed up a very high RPM can not even be called and if I remove the idle then I can not start.

Oleomak Sparta 25, the tenth year of the scythe, well, let a year in the warehouse was lying, works like clockwork! No problem!

In another video with such a malfunction you changed the coil

I donated a used brushcutter was in repair, with words to the stake.The experienced owner has blown out the rings, the car was repaired and currently does not start right away, please tell me what the problem is and whether it is worth repairing it, thank you very much.

Presented bu brushcutter was in repair, with the words of the stake.the owner got stuck in the rings, the car was repaired and at this moment, after startup the car immediately stops. Please tell me what the problem is and whether to repair it, I am sorry.

Starts up normally. On gas. stalls.the tank is blowing fuel out of a full tank. does not develop full power. What’s the problem??

Please tell me ! This year the grass trimmer is not working as it used to. I’ve been mowing for about 20 minutes and it just won’t start and won’t start until it cools down completely. What’s the reason ? Thank you

Grass trimmer does not start. Why?

Gasoline trimmer for grass. an amazingly useful thing, with the help of which you can, without too much trouble, bring in order not only a miniature lawn in the backyard of the house, but also to mow the considerable size of the lawn. But, like all things in this world, it has a tendency to break down. In this article we will try to figure out what to do in those cases where the trimmer for grass refuses to work.

Gasoline grass trimmer does not start badly

So, what to do if your petrol grass trimmer does not start or does not start at all?? The most common cause of this’s not good fuel. Remember that, for example, trimmers for grass brands “STIHL” and “Husqvarna” unlikely to start on fuel quality below the AI-92. Don’t skimp on fuel, t.к. repair parts of the cylinder.The piston group can account for a third of the entire cost of a grasshopper, and sometimes even half. Also, when preparing the fuel mixture, you must correctly observe the proportions of fuel and oil, which are always specified in the manual to the trimmer.

What to do if the gas tank is filled with quality fuel, the spark is there, but the tool still refuses to start? The spark plug’s condition must be checked. It is located in the center of the body of the lawnmower. It should be carefully unscrewed and make sure there is no plaque on it. If it is there, carefully clean the spark plug from the soot and dry it.

If the lawnmower does not start even after the methods suggested above, then it is necessary to try to remove the air filter and start the device without it. If the grass trimmer still does not work, clean the old filter from dust well or buy a new one.

It also happens that the mower runs for a maximum of 5 minutes and then stops and will not start until it has cooled down. In that case try opening the filler cap of the petrol head. you should see a suction sound. Afterwards put the lid back on. If you do this while the weed trimmer is just starting to stall, it will get back up to speed and you can keep working. If the lawnmower stalls before you open the lid, you just have to start it up properly according to the instructions.

The grass trimmer does not start after winter

How to be in this situation? No need to worry and panic. This is a very common problem, which is solved in literally 3-4 minutes. First of all, if you have left the previous year’s fuel in the tank, you need to drain it. Gasoline loses its octave properties after an idle period of two weeks. Secondly, after a long standstill you need to start the lawnmower in a slightly different way. First, open the choke and pump a little fuel mixture into the carburetor, then pull the knob until you feel a slight resistance. After that you can start the trimmer for the grass.

Grass trimmer starts and stops

If when trying to start the trimmer for grass, it starts, but immediately stops, then the air filter can be the cause again. You need to remove it and check if it is not clogged with dust. If this is indeed the case, you need to perform a thorough cleaning or buy a new one. The problem may also be a faulty ignition coil. If this is the case, take your lawnmower to a professional service center.

Power tool is out of order? No problem! Our team of professionals will help you.

We offer repair, preventive maintenance and after-warranty service for your power tool.

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Service and prevention of starting problems

To make the tool last longer and not cause problems, keep it clean and conduct regular maintenance.

Do not store the gasoline lawnmower: leaving it for more than 2 weeks, and the more so. for the winter, drain the remaining fuel from the tank, then start the engine and let it work until it will not stall. Leaving the tool in the barn for the winter, wrap the motor and blades in an oiled rag.

To lubricate the 2-stroke motor before storing, unscrew the plug and lift the starter piston to the top. Drop a little engine oil in a syringe and turn the crankshaft a few times with the starter.

In the spring, before first use and after an idle time, it is best to check the spark plugs and filters and to disassemble and wash the carburettor, even if there are no problems with starting.

Grass trimmer starts up and stops immediately Causes

In recent years, the gasoline grass trimmer has acquired the status of a textbook of the main tools in the arsenal of dacha owners. These actions are logical, because a motorized grass mower allows you to quickly tidy up your garden plot. But it happens that the grass trimmer does not start in hot and cool. In such situations, it is necessary without assistance of others to establish the cause of failure. Next, let’s find out what to do if the grass trimmer does not start. Prerequisites, which for the most part lead to such trouble, will be considered further.

Where to start diagnosing defects if the grass trimmer does not start? In situations where the tool stalls immediately after starting, it is worth looking at the subsequent nodes of the unit:

Specifically, a breakdown of the above locations for the most part leads to what bad starts up the trimmer for the grass. It is necessary to consider how to remove such problems.

Suppose you do not start your grass trimmer. Then the beginning of all need to check whether enough fuel in the tank, in addition to evaluate the quality of fuel consistency. Only fill up the motorized machine with high-quality gasoline. It is recommended to use fuel brand which is not lower than Ai-95. Filling the grass trimmer with fuel of unknown origin, purchased not at the filling station, is fraught with the appearance of not infrequent failures in the work of the tool. This causes failure of the cylinder-piston accounting system. Repair under such circumstances often exceeds the price of the device itself.

Why the grass trimmer gasoline does not start? Can also lead to this incorrect preparation of fuel consistency, which consists of oil and gasoline. Proportions, which connect the designated components, indicated by the manufacturers in the operation manual trimmer for grass. It is not recommended to prepare a fuel mixture in large quantities, in other words for the future. After all, with prolonged saving there is a loss of determining parameters of the substance. If the grass trimmer does not start, it is worth to drain the old fuel and use freshly prepared fuel consistency.

Grass trimmer in the cold start bad, what to do?

What to do if the fuel mixture used in good order, alas, as before does not start the trimmer for gasoline grass? Prerequisites for failure of the mechanism may have variations in the excess moisture in the candle channel. To diagnose and resolve the difficulty to do the following:

Stihl FS 55. cold start and some grass cutting

  • Remove the spark plug. Wipe it off laboriously and then dry it.
  • Drain excessive fuel in the chamber through the appropriate spark plug hole.
  • Clean an old spark plug if it has soot on its surface. To cope with the problem will allow the use of an ordinary nail file or file.
  • To install the element in the area set the gap of 1 mm. To check the parameter is quite placed in the gap any coin.
  • Assemble the multifunction unit backwards.
  • Try to start the grass trimmer.

It is recommended to dry the spark plug channel for at least half an hour. But it is not worth resorting to burning its parts. After all, the heating of the spark plug leads to its eventual deterioration. What to do if the service of the multifunction unit was performed according to the above tips, but the grass trimmer does not start, the spark of course at all? Here it is worth treating the threaded joints with gasoline. It is not necessary to soak in fuel copiously. It is only slightly dampened. This should be resorted to to ensure ignition. After all, no matter how strong the spark did not give the plug, in a completely dry chamber simply will not ignite.

If even here does not start the grass trimmer, it is worth evaluating the quality of the contact between the high-voltage wire and the spark plug. For which the design is intended lack of spark (in the presence of a reliable connection between the designated elements), most likely, the miscommunication is caused by a failure of the ignition unit. In this situation you will need to seek the services of craftsmen who will perform the re-installation of the assembly.

After starting the engine immediately stops? why this happens

Another common reason for not starting the weed trimmer is a blockage in the area of the filter. To confirm the hypothesis, rather dismantle the designated unit and try to start the unit without it. If the engine trimmer for grass has started, most likely you will need to create a change of air filter or at least perform a painstaking purge the old one. If there is abundant contamination along the filter element, you need to use the newest mesh. If you do the same, it is not recommended to leave absorbing stub pipe completely without filter. After all, the haste in our variant leads to the need to repair the entire piston group of the unit’s engine.

Often the engine of branded models of trimmers glows during the clogging of the breather. The main task of the indicated component is to equalize pressure in the fuel tank. the design of the contaminated unit creates a vacuum, which significantly impedes fuel supply. To remove the malfunction allows cleaning the breather with an ordinary sewing needle.

Smooth functioning of the grass trimmer is more likely to be disrupted because of dirt build up in the exhaust duct or a blockage on the muffler’s grid. Such a malfunction in most cases occurs during the operation of trimmer models of the older generation. The issue is solved by removing the anti-sparking grid and cleaning it.

To ensure that the unit is always in multifunctional state, it is worth following a few common rules:

  • Continuous and timely technical inspection of the main mechanical assemblies of the device.
  • Fill grass trimmer only with fresh fuel, the quality and origin of which does not cause hesitation.
  • Inspect after each use of the tool, whether oxides and deposits have formed on parts of the ignition system.
  • Avoid strong stress on the grass trimmer during work.

The saw stops when you press the gas button

To keep the machine in serviceable condition, you must properly prepare it for storage during cold weather. First of all it is necessary to disassemble the tool one hundred percent, then perform flushing and cleaning of the component parts. It is also important to inspect the multifunctional parts for damage and if necessary repair any deformities, misalignments or torn materials.

Putting trimmer for grass to store, it is worth filling the gearbox with a sufficient amount of oil. Then it is necessary to perform cleaning of the air filter, partially disassemble, blow and wash of course the engine unit. Having dried our customer remains mechanisms, it is necessary to lubricate the moving elements. What to do processing piston complex accountant oils, you must first remove the spark plug. Then you should move the piston to its extreme position, and then pour a small amount of oil into the plug hole and crank the crankshaft. If you store gasoline trimmer for grass in the off-season is not planned in your house, it is recommended to wrap the engine unit tightly oily rags. This permits to avoid the development of corrosion on the principal components of the mechanism.

As we have considered, there are a number of circumstances on which gasoline trimmer for grass can not start. But with a stern approach to the problem identified in the material malfunctions simply eliminated in artisanal conditions. Seek help from specialists only if the passage of critical breakdowns. As a result, should always correlate the price of repairs by their own forces with for service unit in the shop.

start, gasoline, grass, trimmer

How to start a trimmer for grass, pouring 20 grams. fuel in the spark plug hole

To start the trimmer for grass (if the trimmer for grass does not start), you must first check whether there is fuel in the tank and whether its level is sufficient (whether the fuel reaches the intake hose whether the fuel filter is immersed in fuel). It does not take long to open the cap of the tank and look inside.

Remove the cap and unscrew the spark plug using a spark plug wrench.

Next, check and, if necessary, clean the electrodes from carbon deposits or other deposits, using a metal brush or a thin screwdriver. Electrodes must be clean. When cleaning the electrodes, be careful not to damage the white ceramic insulator of the central electrode.

It is desirable to ignite the electrodes on a gas stove burner or a lighter (observing the rules of fire safety). You can check the serviceability of the spark plug by placing it in the cap and ensuring contact of the housing with the engine mass, and then rotating the engine trimmer for grass with the starter and evaluating the presence and quality of the spark between the electrodes of the spark plug.

Pour about 20 g into the spark plug hole. Using a tablespoon, cup or medical syringe. After that, immediately install the spark plug in place and tighten it.

Close the air damper (turn on the starter gas) and 3 times press the manual fuel pump button, pausing for 4 seconds. between each pushing.

Pull the starter grip several times and start the grass trimmer engine. As soon as the engine of the grass trimmer starts close the choke.

If the engine still does not start after that, it is necessary to change the spark plug for a new one. The cause is most likely in the spark plug (buy a spark plug with the marking indicated in the user manual of the grass trimmer / lawnmower).

If the engine still fails to start, clean the carburettor with a carburettor cleaner.

For quick cleaning of the grass trimmer carburetor with a carburetor cleaner, you must remove the plastic covers and air filter to get access to the carburetor (preferably remove the carburetor completely from the engine and disassemble). Spray a few times with a jet of carburettor cleaner into the central nozzle and other accessible channels of the carburettor (through). Repeat this a few times to make sure the channels are clean and free of debris.

Check the spark arrester in the weed trimmer / lawnmower’s muffler for dirt. If it is clogged with soot, it may be the main cause of poor engine starting and the screen should be cleaned with a metal brush. The spark-extinguishing screen in the grass trimmer’s muffler is designed to prevent red-hot particles from flying out of the muffler, which can cause a fire when they fall onto hay or other flammable materials, for example.

How to start the trimmer for grass, if after all this work the engine still does not start should be analyzed, if pouring 20 g. If you can’t get enough fuel in the cylinder, the engine briefly starts, or starts, works, and then stops again, it means that the reason is the carburetor, which either doesn’t give fuel to the cylinder at all, or gives little fuel, or mixes fuel in the wrong proportions. In this case, you must either buy a new carburetor (it can be clogged), or take to repair the carburetor trimmer for grass, or make adjustments to the carburetor itself. If after pouring 20 gr. fuel in the cylinder of the grass trimmer / lawnmower engine does not show signs of life at all, then the cause is the spark plug, which must be replaced with a new one (buy a spark plug of the grass trimmer) or clean the old spark plug.

At the end of the season we must always drain the fuel from the tank as a trimmer (chain saw), and in any other technique with two-stroke motors. Pour fuel from the tank into a bottle through a funnel, then start the trimmer for grass, to work out the remains of fuel from the carburetor until the engine stalls. If this is not done, when stored for more than 1 month, the fuel will begin to stratify into light and heavy fractions and oil mixed with fuel will precipitate, which will lead to coking of channels in the carburetor and, consequently, to the failure of grass trimmer.

Pump the fuel. The carburetor has a special silicone blower underneath, press it several times to prime it.

  • If your weed trimmer won’t start, start by checking the carburetor. Air may have gotten in while carrying.
  • The position of the switch on the handle, check if you have probably turned off the ignition.
  • Check the switch position on the engine.
  • Check spark plug. The fuel quality leaves a lot to be desired. Maybe there is soot on the spark plug and it needs to be unscrewed and polished.
  • Check the fuel and oil mixture. if the grass trimmer hasn’t worked for a year and the fuel is still there, it’s likely that some of the fuel has evaporated and its properties have changed. So it’s better to change the mixture.

Sometimes we don’t pull the starter grip hard enough, because it’s scary to pull it off. You need to pull and check the length of the cord. Otherwise the speed we get from the jerk of the starter is not enough and the weak spark won’t be able to ignite the fuel.

Do not forget that there are modes for starting and summer mode is different from winter mode. I sometimes switch the plastic lever to the very bottom and then yank the starter a couple of times, switch to the highest mode and start again.

If the grass trimmer starts and stops

If the mower stops after you start it, it doesn’t have enough fuel to run.

The throttle cable tension is adjusted by a bolt that might be loose, but if you twist it, you can make the blade rotate right after you start it, and that’s not safe. Therefore, once again read the instruction manual of the brushcutter and observe all the requirements for the starting sequence.

If your weed trimmer won’t start and you want to buy a new one, then choose Husqvarna because it is often used by road workers to mow along the roads and it has proven to be a good choice.

What to do if the petrol lawnmower does not start?

The most important point when using any technique is to follow the basic rules of operation and its timely maintenance. This is the approach that will ensure that your petrol lawnmower works properly and for a long time. But still sometimes unforeseen situations happen, and the machine for some reason does not want to start. In our article we will tell you about the possible causes and ways to fix such a problem.

What to do if the lawnmower won’t start?

There are a number of reasons why a lawn mower might not start: poor fuel quality, a faulty part or a long down time. Sometimes problems arise even with a new, freshly purchased tool. To avoid you wasting time and money on a service visit, we advise:

start, gasoline, grass, trimmer
  • First of all, read the manual in detail, where the process of starting the lawnmower is described step by step;
  • Secondly, make an inspection of the product, perhaps a repair of some part is required;
  • Thirdly, if the first 2 tips did not help, examine the reasons why the mower does not start and the ways to fix them, which we suggest.
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What to do when the grass trimmer gasoline does not start? How to start a cold grass trimmer.

The summer days are here, and the garden plots are filled with the usual clatter of brushcutters. This tool is good for everything. powerful and mobile. With gasoline grass trimmer can cut the grass, and get rid of dried weeds. However, it happens that the lawnmower does not start or works intermittently and does not develop full power. There’s not much work to be done! As FORUMHOUSE users say, “you twitch the starter handle more than you mow”.

Carburetor. The function of this device is to combine the fuel and air in suitable parts and feed the mixture into the combustion chamber. In an aging carburetor, gasoline fumes can leave sludge and fouling. They prevent the carburetor from running smoothly and reduce the flow of the fuel mixture. Technician. Unfortunate master to remove and clean the carburetor at home.

Predatory air or fuel filters reduce engine power or run unevenly. These filters should be cleaned regularly. The more dust on the mower, the more often the air filter will need to be cleaned. The air filter should be flushed every 25 hours of operation.

It’s not just older brushcutters that often have trouble starting up, but also brand new ones. What to do in this situation? The only way out is to listen to the advice of our experts and take advantage of their practical experience!

Knife is blocked by a hard object. Often worn out mowers do not start after the rotating blade rests against a hard object hidden in the grass: rocks, a column, pipes. Knife noise encounters an object that is not workable. After a collision, the engine abruptly throws and goes.

Horizontal position. Internal combustion engines don’t really like the chill out. Fuel may flood the spark plug during fuel. So if you don’t start using the engine, remember that you may have recently slept on the side, or if you remove the sharpening knife, place it on perpendicular.

The instructions on how to start the brushcutter from the forum is as follows:

The crankshaft or piston is clogged. If you suspect that the crankshaft or piston is blocked, turn the engine off and try to move it gently with your fingers. If the electric lawnmower does not start. Clogged vents Vents often get clogged with grass clippings. Check the grate and clean off any grass residue. Overheated. Most engines have a thermal cutout. If the motor is too close and the critical temperature is reached, the protection system will shut it off.

Allow engine to cool and continue running. Check the switch on the mower. Broken grass sap can contribute to corrosion. Grass residue that sticks to body-mounted parts clogs various parts of the machine. It is easier to attach to the mower and harder to remove.

  • Switch on ignition.
  • Pump up fuel with a silicone button (primer) on the bottom of the carburetor. Make as many (or a little more) pushes as written in the manual, usually about 8-10.
  • Close the choke.
  • Use the choke button to block the throttle trigger at high rpm.
  • Yank the starter grip 2-3 times. The motor must kick in.

If the engine “seizes” and stalls, you need to move the air damper to the 1/2 position and try to start the engine again. If the engine is running, then release the throttle and move the air damper to the “open” position. Getting started.

The dry grass residue in the lower housing can be removed with a brush, metal tool, trowel, air compressor and blower. The remainder of the wet grass from the casing must be flushed out with a jet of water. It is air cooled and has corrugated cooling edges. These edges should not become clogged with dust, dirt and grass residue. The cooling edges are cleaned with a strong compressor air stream or wiped with a soft brush.

TOTAL Gasoline grass trimmer and bush cutter TP5434421 HD

Be sure to disconnect the spark plug wire before removing the lawn mower blade. This will prevent the engine from starting unexpectedly. The blade can be removed from the cutting plate either sideways or upright. Conversion depends on the model and manufacturer. Throw out all the oil before tightening, as this can damage the four-stroke engine.

When performing the manipulation of fuel priming, don’t be afraid to overfill it. If this happens, and, as they say, “poured the plug”, it is not necessary to unscrew it, it is enough to move the air damper to the “open” position and, holding full throttle, simultaneously crank the engine with the starter 2-4 times. After that you can start the engine and start mowing the grass.

Most blades are not difficult to remove. Simply screw one onto the drive shaft on the locking bolt. Do not touch the blade with your bare hands. The knife can be crushed many times before it fully works. If the blades are rounded and the blades are too thick, you need to replace the blade with a new one.

Loosen the mower with an abrasive disc sander, angle grinder, or dildo before attaching the blade to the clamp. Mower blades should be tightened evenly on both sides. Check the quality of the scan by balancing. If the balance of the blade is perfect, it’s perfect for you. Fluctuating blades indicate the opposite. An unevenly tangled blade vibrates during cutting and can cause higher engine failure.

For information on how long the lawn trimmer may run continuously, please refer to the user manual of the lawn trimmer. Mow for an average of 15-20 minutes, then turn off the grass trimmer and let it cool for 3-5 minutes. Also weather and operating conditions have a significant effect on the duration of continuous operation. In hot weather, when mowing tall grass, overgrown weeds, under heavy load, the grass trimmer overheats faster.

Many problems with gasoline engines arise from improperly prepared fuel mixture. In two-stroke engines, the lubrication is done with a special oil (not conventional motor oil!) mixed with gasoline. If you don’t mix the oil with the gasoline, the lawnmower will fail quickly. Oil/gasoline are mixed in the proportion given in the grass trimmer’s instructions. It’s usually 1:40 or 1:50.

The wicker is not just the woodsman. We have often read in the press that a tick has bitten a person just walking in the park, or found this artichoke in our pet’s fur. Experts even say that because of the warmer weather, ticks end very early each year, and they remain active most of the year. These small but dangerous animals can cause big problems, but under basic rules we can reduce the risk of having them on our site.

A few decades ago, homeopathic anomalies were rare in developed countries, but every year the problem grows. Invasion of hotels in the vicinity. Nearly 900 cases have been reported in the United Kingdom in the past eight months, and in the last quarter of the year, pest control experts in Desinf country received more than 140 calls to eliminate these blood donors.

Sometimes the question arises: the proportion of 1:50 is how much oil and gasoline?

The numbers mean the following: one part oil takes fifty parts gasoline. From here: 1000 ml (1 liter of gasoline) divided by 50, we get 20 ml, that is 1:50.

This way you can calculate the composition of fuel mixture (gasoline/oil) in any proportions. To add oil to gasoline not “by eye”, you can take a 20 ml medical syringe, fill it with oil and “inject” it into a container to prepare the fuel mixture.

Wood. is a material that is much loved and appreciated for its warmth and comfort. Unfortunately, this natural material is not resistant to biological agents. The insects can be heavily damaged: eggs, cups, cinnamon, and other such pests. So, what you should know about these pests and what fighting tools are?

Lawn mowers are varied: electric, battery-powered, gasoline-powered. In addition, lawn mowers can be divided into self-propelled and self-propelled, with side discharge, grass storage and mulching. In addition to the above, you can buy mechanical grass trimmers or grass trimmers. When choosing a lawn mower, there are several main criteria to consider: the area of the lawn, the type of grass and the terrain. You should also keep in mind that the seller will disclose important “personal” information: who will work with the machine, whether it is necessary to transport the mower from site to site, whether it is necessary to collect the grass or not, whether the mower will be used by one person or several and different height.

For the period of running-in of the engine (this is approximately the work of the trimmer for grass on 2-3 tanks) the amount of oil can be increased. For example, mix it with gasoline in the ratio of 30:1.

Not enough oil mixed with petrol leads to increased wear of the cylinder piston group. Too much oil in the mixture, though not so fatal, but also harmful. It can lead to coking of piston rings, rapid formation of soot in the combustion chamber, and a drop in engine output. The muffler mesh screen also gets corked. Therefore, some users of our site (after the end of the warranty period on the grass trimmer) recommend to dismantle it.

If your lawn area is small. there’s really no need for a big lawn mower. Another thing that the consumer expects from a lawn mower is because the simplest. Is one that needs to be pushed. If you need more, you can choose one that controls itself, and eventually there are lawn mowers with additional features: mulch, intelligent drive system, rotary stop function, etc.д.

All of these questions should be asked to the lawn mower dealer, if you care about it, your needs and your satisfaction with the purchase. If you have a small pile of grass near your house, it can be cut with a mechanical hand-held lawn mower. Mowing a manual lawn mower requires more physical strength, but the lawn is quiet and quality, and such a lawn mower requires no maintenance. True, you will have to cut the grass yourself.

The gasoline used in the brushcutter is AI 92. Please refer to your Instruction Manual for exact gasoline type. It is not worth trying to “force” the engine by filling it with the 95th gasoline. It can lead to overheating, unstable operation of the grass trimmer, its failure.

It is not recommended to leave fuel in the trimmer’s tank for grass during a long break in work. It is better to finish the working day with all the mixture completely exhausted. If this is not done, then, since overnight the gasoline from the engine will evaporate, but a thin film of oil will remain, the carburetor jets can be clogged. This will cause difficulties with starting the engine the next day.

Since the extended version of the grass trimmer is available for small areas, there is a grass trimmer, but it also has a number of disadvantages. Grass trimmers are best for places where you can’t reach a lawn mower. Around trees, at the edge of the plot, with a grass trimmer next to the house, beautifully and evenly cut.

Electric lawn mowers are designed for small areas, are environmentally friendly, relatively lightweight, they do not need to buy fuel. Their advantage is that they do not need gasoline, so the environment does not pollute the exhaust when cutting grass, but the main disadvantage is that cutting grass requires regular maintenance of the mower cord to ensure that it does not stop after the blades of the lawnmower. If the area of your plot is large, it will be very inconvenient to pull the wire again for 10 or 20 m.

It’s also necessary to follow safety procedures when storing fuel. Many people pour gasoline into a plastic water bottle. It’s worth it to do it this way?

True, it’s better to choose electric lawn mowers for those who have grass in the middle of town. In this case, you’ll need a quieter lawn mower, although some gasoline-powered mowers are relatively quiet, but it’s still recommended to choose electric or battery-powered lawn mowers.

Cordless lawn mowers. The most suitable lawn mower for homeowners. Their greatest advantage is mobility. This is especially true for those who don’t like to pull the power cord after themselves. However, the battery needs to be charged continuously, so this mower will not be used for large areas. If there are many plants and other obstacles on the site, it is better to choose a smaller and non-self-propelled lawnmower with a gasoline engine, which will facilitate maneuvering and passing through narrow passages.

That’s why gas stations do not allow you to fill up gasoline in plastic cans, only in metal cans. Before pouring gasoline into a metal canister, it’s best to put it on the ground, so it removes static from the body.

But there are situations where simple manipulation of the brushcutter does not help. The engine still won’t start. In this case, the “heavy artillery” comes into play. check the power and ignition system, guided by the rule “the motor doesn’t work if there’s nothing to burn or nothing to ignite”.

Experts on large, unequal areas recommend the use of self-propelled lawn mowers with a gasoline engine. True, they’re heavier and noisier behind power plants, but they’re great for large areas. If you have a homestead to maintain an unequal area, you may want to choose a lawn mower with side discharge or mulching. The advantage of a lawn mower is that the same lawn mower will be backed up again. However, there are also inconveniences, you often have to mow the lawn.

If you’re an environmentalist and don’t want to pollute the environment, choose a four-stroke petrol lawnmower. These engines emit fewer pollutants than two-stroke engines because the gasoline pours into the same ointment tank in two-stroke engines, but in four-stroke. Separate tanks.

Getting your mower running for the first time will require a lot of care and caution. It does not matter if the machine is new or if you use it after a long idle time, observing some simple rules for the first start-up will help you avoid machine damage.

Martinaitis Sure, you can cut the lawnmower down, but it will be a chore. Customer memory People often choose price over device, but they should buy from a reputable manufacturer that can offer lawn mower services and replacement parts.

Another common mistake is that before a person buys a lawn mower, the person does not fall for the purpose of the machine, it does not explain whether the engine has enough power. It is better to choose new technology for lawn mowers with a solid polymer or aluminum housing that rusts and is easy to clean. The weight of the mower should be balanced to make it lightweight and easy to operate. It should be noted whether the wheels have internal bearings or central lift height adjustment.

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