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How to start a single tractor correctly?

The operation of any engine begins with its launch. But the trouble is that, having made a purchase, the new owners have no idea how to properly start a single tractor. Paradox: Manufacturers apply a step.By.Step instruction to each copy of their products, in which the sequence of operations for operation and technical care for their brainchild is described in detail, and the buyer with perseverance worthy of the best application, these recommendations ignores, believing that everything knows everything already.

If the new unoic tractor cannot be started, then most likely the engine is insufficient in the engine. This applies primarily to the technique of brands CAIMAN and VASTERYARD, the engines of which have a special sensor, at a low level or quality of oil blocking the launch of the motor. Therefore, if the technique of these brands does not start, you need to add, and even better, change the oil in the engine.

On the motoblocks of other trading companies, where there are no such sensors, it is also necessary to check the oil level before starting. If this is not done, then sooner or later the oil level will be critically low, and you will ruin your unoic tractor seriously and for a long time.

Be sure to read the operating instructions before the first launch. Do not be lazy to do this, since some models are available with 2-bed engines, for the normal operation of which gasoline should be diluted with special oil. The technique and proportions of such dilution are described in detail in the instructions.

Before starting the engine, do not forget to pour gasoline or diesel fuel into the tank. The vast majority of gasoline motoblocks operate on A-92 gasoline, but the A-95 will not hurt the motor, especially considering the current quality of gasoline. Not everything is unambiguous with diesel fuel: in winter, the diesel engine will not be able to work on the summer diesel fuel, since it will thicken in the cold and clog the ends. In the instructions for use, it is clearly scheduled at what temperature you need to switch to the winter diesel fuel, and at which. To summer. Strictly follow these recommendations, and everything will be in order with your technique.

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Main recommendations for common models

Motoblocks in the market are represented from different manufacturers. But, as practice shows, there are several models that domestic consumers trust most and buy them more often:

Accordingly, the launch rules differ. At the Neva motornote factory, such steps should be performed: the transfer of the ignition switch to the ON status, slam the damper (completely) and open the fuel crane; set the gas lever ¾ from the maximum position, pull the starter cable and push the damper.

The motoblocks of the Minsk Plant (MTZ) need a slightly different approach. Gasoline models with a manual starter are trained according to the following scheme: open the fuel crane, set the lever for the launch, turn off the ignition and pump the starter 3-5 times. Then you need to turn the key in the lock and again pull the starter.

To launch the Urals, you need to resort to such work: set the neutral position of the gearbox lever and open a gas tank. Then you need to completely close the throttle control controller and partially cover the air damper. Then start the engine using the cord.

The launch of the “patriot” implies a different procedure for actions: the removal of the gas lever to the highest position, the jerking cable for purging. First stretching hard and for a long time, then with short jerks to launch the motor, and then regulate the gas handle.

Why not start a cultivator?

The main reason due to which the equipment is not started is the presence of old oil in the crankcase. White smoke emanating from the exhaust system will talk about this. To solve this problem, you will need to completely drain the old oil and clean the carburetor. After that, you need to fill in a new lubricant.

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Often the cultivator does not start due to lack of oil in the crankcase. Before launch, the farmer is obliged to check the amount of the composition inside the tank using the probe. Sometimes cultivators are equipped with special protection, which automatically works with a lack of oil. In these cases, a special sensor gives the command to block the launch, which is why the motor is instantly stalling.

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When using the technique, you need to remember that each model cultivator works on gasoline of one specific brand. To refuel a 2-stroke ICE, for it you need to prepare in advance the fuel mixture. In this case, the proportions indicated in the operating manual for the equipment should be adhered to.

To extend the terms of the application of the cultivator, only clean fuel should be used to refuel it. The working resource of the piston group of the engine and the carburetor of the equipment depends on the presence of harmful impurities in it.

Preparation of the walk.Behind tractor for launch

Problems with the start of the motor can arise not only the motor block and the cultivator who were in use, but also new, just bought in the store. Therefore, before the first time you have a single.Based tractor, whether it be a cascade, a mole, a bison, a centaur, a hoper, a tarpan, an eye, a salute must read the guide for its operation, then carefully examine all the connections and, of course, check the oil level in the internal combustion engine.

To study the instructions compiled by the manufacturer, it is necessary to find out what kind of working cycle the engine has: four.Stroke (like Forte, centaur, Lifan, bison) or two.Stroke. This is important to know, since for models with a two.Stroke engine (like a mole cultivator) you need a special combustible mixture, consisting of a certain proportion of gasoline and oil. Due to the discrepancy between the fuel, the technique will stall, and the candles of the fuse and the fuel pipeline can also suffer, which is fraught with the refusal of the gasoline pump-and this is the direct path to expensive repair in one hundred. Determine whether the fuel is suitable for motor vehicles by smoke. With poor quality of gasoline, it will have white color, as is the case with a strong slope of the machine. If you have bad gasoline, then replace it to prevent breakdown.

Fuel quality is also important for a diesel walk.Behind engineer. It does not start in the winter, or starts up, but soon stalls if the summer diesel fuel is flooded into its engine, since at low temperatures it begins to thicken and clog the fuel stove. In such cases, the risk of breakdown increases. In cold weather, select the corresponding fuel.

The launch of motor vehicles, both in summer and in winter, should be carried out in a certain sequence. For example, to start the MROT brand motor.Cultivator, the following procedure is carried out:

  • Open benzovran;
  • Put the lever lever in the “chock” position (launch);
  • Turn off the ignition and scroll through the motor several times with a manual starter starter;
  • Run the engine again and the lever is transferred to the Run position (work).

It is not rare that situations arise when the power unit easily starts, but after a few seconds it stalls. In this case, it is necessary to check the patency of the sump, perhaps the reason is that the crane is clogged. Then it is cleaned with gasoline.

Starting motorcycle equipment with a diesel engine (such as a bison, cascade, centaur, nonsense) will be somewhat more difficult than mole. The diesel engine is starting with the “fuel” of the fuel line, that is, from the release of it from the accumulations of air. For this:

  • Open the fuel supply crane;
  • Unwind the compounds of the fuel.Ascending channel until the fuel appears;
  • Twist the joints and blow the nozzles.

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If after the actions carried out the engine does not function properly, and the equipment is very smoke with white smoke. The cause is in old lubricant and it should be completely replaced. Diesel does not start due to insufficient volume of oil fluid, so do not forget to control this parameter.

The launch of a motor cultivator after winter or long.Term downtime also has its own nuances. In order to bring the car to working condition, the following manipulations are done:

Well, of course, before launching motor equipment, whether it is a centaur, cascade, Neva, Patriot or bison, check all the compounds, including transmission nodes, clutch, starting mechanisms and, if necessary, adjust them.

Rules for launching a walk.Behind tractor

If you are going to launch a motor unit with a gasoline.Type engine, then the first thing you need to do is to transfer the ledge lever to the “launch” position. Then you will need to open a gasoline crane, and then pull the starter several times. Then you can turn on the ignition and try to pull the starter again. In the vast majority of cases, after performing these actions, the unoic tractor is launched. If you have a single tractor with an electric type starter, then only its inclusion will be enough to start it.

If you have a single tractor with a diesel type engine, then the process of starting it is carried out a little differently. At first it will be necessary to fully make sure that there is completely no air in the fuel line. To find out, open the fuel valve, and then unscrew the supply connection up to the nozzle. When you unscrew the connection, be sure to wait for the flow of fuel from it. Then open absolutely all the taps and transfer the gas to the middle position. Then you will need to squeeze and pump the decompressor several times in a row, holding it with your finger. Further, the decompressor of the diesel.Type motor blocks will need to be returned to its original position. Then click on it again and pull the starter sharply. As a rule, a single.Axle tractor with a diesel type engine after all these manipulations immediately starts.

As for the launch of a walk.Behind tractor without a starter, this process must be carried out in accordance with the following rules:

  • Removing the starter from the walk.Behind tractor.
  • Passing the rope through the wall of the metal part at the place where the starter should be followed by fixing its knot.
  • Wrapping the cable around the metal part several times so that its length is no more than forty centimeters.

To start the engine, it will be enough just to pull the rope so much so that it is completely stretched. However, the rope should in no case remain in detail. For this reason, this procedure will have to be repeated several times. Winding the rope on the hand or on any objects in no case is allowed. Otherwise, serious injuries are possible.

Inexpensive device with great functionality

A homemade machine is economical and very useful in the household of a motorgagot. He is able to perform all kinds of agricultural operations, thereby freeing a person from tiring physical labor. You can connect even walk.Behind rakes to it. In the video below, you can see all the functionality of this miracle machine.

Similar homemans are applicable not only as an assistant in agricultural work. They are successfully used when cleaning the house territory, and in the winter. To clear snow. If you make a high.Quality one.Time tractor or motor.Cultivator, then the operational parameters of the home.Made will be no worse than that of an expensive Chinese or domestic factory analogue. If you do not have enough details, then you can always buy new. Do not forget to clean the equipment in the garage and conduct maintenance so that it lasts longer.

How to start a single tractor

Algorithm, how to start a one.Axic tractor Neva, next. Before each use of the unit, it is necessary to check the oil level in the engine, with insufficient quantities of which you can in a short time bring as unusable the most expensive part of the cultivator. If the oil was flooded for a very long time, then it can deteriorate and also lead to engine breakdown. Some engines manufacturers, including Lon Chin, Subaru, install a quality sensor and the amount of flooded oil on their devices, so this check is not needed here. Everything will be done for you electronics.

The next step is to pour fuel, the view of which should be clarified from the instructions for the operation of a particular cultivator model.

For two.Stroke engines, oil and fuel are poured into 1 tank, but in a certain proportion, which is indicated on the bottle of oil.

Next, you should inspect the unit from all sides and check the fastening of the main mechanisms. These listed actions can be considered a preparatory stage when starting any cultivator without exception. Now you can go to the direct launch of the engine.

And here the differences in actions begin, and everything will depend on what kind of fuel the engine works:

  • On gasoline. You should install the fuel lever to the “Start/Launch” position, open the tap and turn off the ignition. Several times you need to work with a manual starter, then turn on the ignition and pull the starter. The engine starts, while the position of the lever should be transferred to the “work” mode. Some models of cultivators are equipped with an electric starter. To start the engine, you only need to turn on the ignition and start the device.
  • On a diesel engine. Because of the properties of this type of fuel, freeze in cold weather first of all, the unit should be warmed up. When using a motor.Cultivator, for the first time after the acquisition, you should twitch the starter several times or unscrew the fuel feed valve and each mechanism for its feed. When opening the tap, wait until the fuel is draining, twist it back and proceed to the next connection until you get to the nozzle. You can open all the taps, and put the lever in the middle position. Next, take up the decompressor, press it and pump it several times. After that, you need to let go and pull it again until it returns to its original state. It remains to click on the decompressor and on the starter. After such simple actions, the engine will start.

When buying a walk-behind tractor, the sales consultant should explain in detail how to start the selected unit. Before using the equipment in your site, carefully study the instructions for the operation of the walk.Behind tractor. If you follow all the recommendations of the manufacturer, the unit will last a long time.

Some craftsmen are able to start a single.Based tractor without a starter (it is used when it failed). To do this, it is removed, then in the hole of the corolla located behind it, you should pass a dense rope with a node at the end and wind it 4 times around a given part of the walk.Behind tractor. Next, you should pull the resulting piston up and turn off the decompressor.

Subtleties of using a walk.Behind tractor after a winter break:

  • First of all, you need to check the gas tank. With proper winter storage, the tank should be completely filled with gasoline, which merges in the spring, and then fresh fuel is poured.
  • If the tank remained empty all winter, then the probability of the formation of dirt and rust in it, for the removal of which the contents of the tank merges, the tank itself is removed, it is washed and returned to its former place.
  • Air filter. It must be removed and cleaned in accordance with the operating instructions.
  • Carburetor. Unscrewing drain plugs on it, from which the remaining fuel should flow. After the drain is completed, we wrap the corks.
  • The same procedure must be carried out with a fuel crane. If you can see that gasoline goes to these mechanisms, then you should eliminate the leak.
  • Oil probe in the engine. It should be pulled out and wiped with a rag, after which you need to return the probe back and unscrew again. It needs to determine the presence of oil, which should be no less than the upper mark on the probe. If the oil level is lower, then the required amount should be added. In addition to the oil level in the engine, it is necessary to evaluate its quality. If it looks like a black slurry and has a fairly unpleasant smell of Gary, then it should be completely drained and new.
  • Next. How to pull the belt on the walk.Behind tractor. You should go to the drive belt, namely, to its tension video. Its tension must be checked in this way: first release the control lever (the video should also be released, while you do not need to squeeze the belt), and then stretch the lever (the video pulls the belt). In case of improper tension of the roller, the craving should be thrown over the links of the adjusting chain.
  • The next next in line is the main gearbox in which the oil level should be checked by launching a regular wire into it. The amount of oil should be as indicated in the instructions for the walk.Behind tractor.
  • Wheels and cutters. Study their stoppers. With poor quality, they should be changed.

Now the engine starts, while it should be wellgated, warm it up for 3-5 minutes. And here some problems may arise.

Why the run is produced

The start of the work of any engine should be connected with the starting. This allows you to largely extend the service life of any unit, including what is installed on a walk.Behind tractor. At the same time, experienced craftsmen recommend driving the engine not only when buying new equipment, but also after major repairs

This is very important, since only after a high.Quality running.In can you count on the fact that the equipment will work properly and without significant breakdowns for a long time

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There is a certain sequence of how to run a single tractor. First of all, it is necessary to check the reliability of fasteners and all bolts. The same.Based tractor should be seasoned with gasoline, and only after that start the engine

As for any other equipment, it is important to use grease (machine oil) and cooling liquid when preparing for the work of the walk.Behind tractor

When running in, not only the operation of the engine, but also the operability of the brake system, as well as the reliability of the steering is always checked. Make sure that the steering wheel is in the correct position, otherwise there will be no normal running.In.

Experts recommend conducting a technical inspection of the device immediately after running. This will identify possible problems and defects, as well as timely eliminate them. After running in, it is necessary to conduct inspection every 2000 hours of work. Must be examined by bearings and seals. All elements should be wiped with diesel oil. Worn parts must be changed immediately

Experts recommend paying special attention to the spring and control spring. It should be reliable enough for the equipment to work without failures

The main rule for running a motor.Cultivator is the correct sequence of actions. Work begins always with thorough preparation. At this stage, everything should be checked, grease and season. Only after that you can run the engine engine. The life of the unit will also depend on how qualitatively the roller of the diesel walk.Behind engineer is carried out.


The traffic brand of the centaur has earned the most approving assessments of farmers, farmers and gardeners due to high reliability and affordable price.

It is not surprising that this universal self.Propelled equipment occupies a leading position in sales, and the demand for it is constantly growing.

The common opinion of non.Professionals about the supposedly poor quality of Chinese motor blocks is rooted in the distant nineties, when cheap goods from the Continuity were flooded with the CIS countries.

Today, the centoblocks of the centaur are produced at one of the best factories in China, using components from the best world manufacturers, which guarantees high quality of working units, long.Term work without breakdowns.

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