How to strengthen the rotary mower of a power tiller. KM-0.5 Terminator mower

Mower for power tillers. step by step instructions for making

The use of small equipment in agriculture greatly facilitates the hard work of the farmer and saves time. The mower is an attachment for the power tiller. Depending on the variety, with its help you can get rid of weeds, any unnecessary vegetation on the plot, make hay, mow the lawn in front of the house. The construction of such equipment is simple, and everyone is able to assemble it. Therefore, many people prefer to make the unit themselves from the parts available in the farm.

In order to choose the right equipment, it is necessary to determine its necessity and the front of work. On this basis, on the technical characteristics to determine the right kind of mowers. For self-made, the front type is suitable, which has a shearing part located in the front.

There are two main kinds of mowers. They differ not only in appearance, but also in features in operation and purpose.


The rotary mower is used to mow not only grass and bushes, but also other vegetation in the field. It can cope with its task on large plots, as well as on small ones, is applicable both on the farm and in the cottage. Its second name is the disc mower. With a power tiller is connected in several ways:

In turn, the knives on the mounted mower are located either at the front, side or rear.

The construction is simple. several discs with a sharp cutting surface are mounted on a frame together with a support wheel. The wheel drives the discs with blades that cut the vegetation.

The more discs attached to the axle frame, the larger the area that can be processed at the same time.

The main drawback of the rotary mower is an increased risk of injury. The discs provide protection from above. But if the knives for some reason unscrew, then, having a high rotation speed, they will fly sideways, and as a result, there is a possibility of injury.

Первое складывание культиватора tillermaster


The segment mower for coupling to a tiller is a frame with bars to which the blades are attached. In a reciprocating motion they cut the grass. The cutting elements are flexible and follow the ground contours regardless of its difficulty so the vegetation is cut “right to the ground. The advantages of a segment mower over a rotary mower:

  • The low-slung mower works with weeds and tall vegetation with thick stems.
  • Used as a haymower.
  • Easy operation, repairs are very rare.
  • Mowing head can be attached on either side or behind the mower. no cutting of grass already cut.
  • The blades are set in the most balanced way possible, so the structure is virtually unvibrated and easy to hold and operate.

Mower’s cutting part is set at 20°, so even the most difficult bumps in the ground can be mowed. The mechanism switches on/off independently, independently of the engine unit, thus making it possible to switch the machine off in emergency situations.

The disadvantages are its size and weight. Difficult to operate and not at all suitable for small areas.

Types of mowers for Neva power tillers

There are currently only two choices of mowers for the tiller on the market: rotary mower and trailed mower. They have different working principles and how to cut the grass. Let’s take a closer look at this type of attachment on the example of working together with the Neva mower.

Types of mowers for power tillers

The segment mower

A segment mower is a wide design, with two rows of triangular blades at the bottom.

They move horizontally and cut the grass. It is a very simple machine, driven by a power belt.

The result is a wide, even and accurate cut.

But this is also a disadvantage. This kind of mower is intended only for working on even surfaces.

The video above shows an example of segment mower for power tillers.

Rotary mowers

It is a more practical and easy-to-use variant of mowing equipment.

The rotary mower mows the grass with the help of knives, which rotate on the lower part.

The blades then protrude slightly beyond the housing and allow the grass to be cut safely, while forming “wolves” immediately.

The compact size of the model allows you to work even on uneven surfaces.

The official factory-manufacturer of the motor-block Neva offers one variant of the mower. the rotary model KR-0,5.

Features of the rotary model

Rotary mowers have a simple design, making them easy to maintain and repair. Working bodies are discs with built-in blades. They are fixed on discs with movable joints. There can be one or more discs. discs means more surface area to cultivate.

The price of spare parts and components is low. Spare parts for our rotary mower models are available at any specialised retailer. Imported models no older than 10 years are as good for service. Mowers older than 10 years of imported mowers may not have spare parts, as some models are no longer in production.

rotary, mower, power, tiller, km-0

The owner of a rotary mower can easily improve the front lawn and easily stockpile grass for the cattle in winter. A small model for a power tiller is convenient during the cleaning of areas around fruit trees and seedbeds.

Rotary mowers are produced at home and abroad. Among the largest and most popular models are mowers for power tillers “Neva”, “Zarya”, “Mole”, “Favorit”. The models differ in the number of working elements and the adjustment of the grass cutting height. For cleaning grass for feeding animals, you can use models with a height of up to 20 cm, haymowers with a cutting height of 5 cm showed good performance in the yard.

Aggregates with motoblocom “Favorit”, “Mole”, “Neva” rotary mower in several ways:

rotary, mower, power, tiller, km-0

Reviews are better about the hinged models to power tillers “Neva” and “Kaskad”, “Mole”, “Favorit”. Their power is higher, and it is easier to work with the power tiller, as the entire cultivated area is visible.

According to the method of grass mowing rotary mowers are divided into types:

  • For mowing grass and laying in an even row. Suitable for mowing grass for hay.
  • Grass mulching. Shredded grass quickly decomposes, suitable for lawn cultivation.

Choosing a model for your power tiller “Neva”, “Salut”, “Zorya”, “Favorit”, “Mole” it is recommended to take into account the following factors:

  • Features of the landscape.
  • Purpose of purchase (for mowing grass for hay or for leveling the lawn in front of the house).
  • Weight of the mower (important for transportation, as a large model is difficult to transport).
  • Performance (for a small lawn, the smallest mower with low power is enough for a small lawn).
  • Type of grass mowing (models that mulch grass will not be suitable for making hay to feed livestock).

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Moto-blocks and mowers suitable for them

Each mower is designed for a particular model of motor-block, so it corresponds to it by:

“Neva” MB-2

This machine appeared in 1985 and immediately gained popularity among buyers because of its versatility. It is equipped with PTO, and the speed adjustment range is 1.8-12 km/h.

Grillo G55 Rotary Hoe

The manufacturer of this model is JSC “Krasny Oktyabr”, which is a fully compatible mower KR-0,5 “Neva.

This mower is single-rotor with mowing width of 55 cm and weighing 35 kg. The optimum speed of movement in mowing is 1,8-3,2 km/h, which allows mowing the grass on the area of 900-1500 m2 per hour. The mower can be mounted on any power tillers Neva, as well as on the other models with the similar way of mounting and PTO arrangement.

Kaluga Engine” OJSC manufactures Zarya mowers (KRN-1) with belt drive (chain drive is rarely used in such devices), fully compatible with MB-2 and other similar devices. KRN-1 is equipped with skis, providing protection of blades from collision with the soil, as well as the same height of grass mowing. The 80 cm working width allows fast mowing of any grass up to one meter in height, as well as small solitary shrubs and young woody growth.

MTZ “Belarus”

The first models of these power tillers appeared in the mid-seventies of the twentieth century as a replacement of manual and horse traction on private farms. All machines of this series are considered to be heavy, because of their weight, but the power of their engines is not too great.

MTZ power tillers are equipped with engines from different manufacturers, but the general design is always the same.

Two models of mowers are compatible with MTZ “Belarus”:

KPM-1 is a single-rotor machine with a working width of 60 cm and a weight of 45 kg, its output is 1200-1500 m2 / h, and the mowing height adjustment is not provided.

KPM-2 is a single-rotor machine with additional front wheels and manual mowing height adjustment. By its design is closer to traditional lawnmowers, because the cutting disc is closed by the body (deck), so this mounted device not only cuts, but also shreds the grass.


This single-axle tractor was developed by Research and Production Enterprise “Salut” in the mid-nineties of the XX century, but it went into mass production only in 2002. In 2012, the production on the territory was folded up and moved to China, so all devices of this brand released after 2012 are Chinese, though made under the supervision of experts.

Belt-drive and PTO shaft, located on the left side of the machine, are distinctive features, making “Salut” a direct competitor to “Neva.

The most popular grass mowing attachment installed on this machine is the “LANDER” KRN-1M. a two-rotor mower with belt drive, constant mowing height and working width of 80 cm.

Side-mounted skis protect blades from collision with the ground and limit the minimum height of mowing. By its design is almost identical to the mowers “Zarya” described above, so it can be installed on any power tillers with belt drive.

The “Ugra” motor-blocks are manufactured by JSC “Kaluga Engine”, and their design is very similar to the well-proven “Salyut”.

The machine is equipped with engines from different manufacturers, including such market leaders as:

For this walking tractor JSC “Kaluga Engine” produces mowers “Zarya” (KRN-1) with PTO drive. They differ from “Zarya” for power tillers “Salut” or “Neva” only by the drive system, but otherwise they are completely identical.

Due to their simple design, such mounted mowers are often assembled by various small businesses that have access to cheap Chinese components and the necessary equipment.


Under the brand name “Brait” different types of power tillers are sold, made in factories of China. The real owner of the brand is unknown, but the products under it have a good workmanship and low price, so they are in demand.

Due to the fact that both types of mowers are available under this brand, it is easy to find an attachment for a mower, because even if the standard attachment does not fit, you can buy a mounting kit, that is, a universal adapter.

For machines with PTO fits the same attachments that are installed on “Ugra” and other machines equipped with PTO. For power tillers with PTO the same models are suitable as for “Neva” MB-2.

That’s why KRN-1M produced by unknown Chinese factory would fit this machine as well as any other one equipped with PTO.

This heavy single-axle tractor weighing 160 kg, was developed in the mid-1990s at the Ufa Motor Manufacturing Association (UMPO) as part of the reorientation (reprofiling) to the production of consumer goods.

Great weight and powerful motor made this machine very popular, and PTO provided the ability to connect it to a variety of attachments, including mowers.

Thanks to the standard design of this type of power tillers, any PTO-mounted mowers fit on the “Argo”. In addition to the above-described PTO-driven KRM from MTZ, as well as KRN-1 with PTO drive, the “Argo” can be installed Mobil KM-0,5. This mower is a copy of the KPM-2, only made at a different plant.

Patriot Ural

Despite the fact that the Patriot company originated in the U.S., and the main plants are located in China, the model “Ural” is assembled in Russia. Patriot “Ural” is a heavy multipurpose single-axle tractor with belt drive and PTO, that’s why most of mowers of this type can be installed on it.

Platform mower

This drawing shows a variant of platform mower, effectively used in summertime for mowing grass and weeds, and as a snowplow in wintertime. For removing snow masses, special star-shaped nozzles are mounted on the equipment, and in summer. knives. This modification is similar to a rotary mower, but difficult to perform. This equipment allows you to cut hard grass and remove snow and ice.

The design of this equipment, created by your own hands, is a pair of cylinders connected by hooks to the frame and conveyor belt. The frame is created from the angle or any other metal that can be found in the studio. On the chassis set the wheels, which can be taken from an unnecessary wheelchair, and a thick plywood sheet, although ideally it is better to use metal. The size of the frame can be different, but optimal is 800×400 mm.

The main assembly consists of two cylinders (5), belt (3), frame (10, 16, 17, 18, 20), brackets (19), hook angles (4).

The working cylinders can be made from large tin cans, the bottom and lid of which must be cut out, and in their place put two rounds of wood. Instead of cans you can use a thin sheet of metal and make from it 4 disks with an outer diameter of 200 mm and 4 with an inner diameter of 170 mm. Bolt the small discs together with the big discs in pairs. Attach four knives each to these disc structures.

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” width=””]As the blades must rotate easily, a gap of 1 mm between them and the discs must be maintained when mounting them. Nevertheless, it is necessary that all fasteners should be reliable, that at rotation or collision with accidental stones knifes have not ripped out. The drums are mounted on the frame, with bushings to be installed beforehand.[/box]

The frame to be assembled with your own hands. The equipment consists of an upper cross bar (10) and a metal strip with corners and grommets (16). For the crossbar you can take a metal angle of 35×35 mm. Cylinders are connected with a belt, for installation of which grooves 13 mm wide are drilled in the corners. For the same purpose the lower bushing of the leading drum is movably fastened to the bar (15), and tensioning brackets (20) are installed on the upper axes of the cylinders. To the ends of the crossbar tighten the angles (20) with screws M5x65 mm. The belt for the drums is easier to make from a rubber strip, the ends of which are connected by means of a dural plate with a thickness of 2 mm.

Next, connect the mower to the power takeoff shaft of the power tiller. You can see how the mower-carrier works in the following video.

Rules of installation of self-made equipment on a single-axle tractor

Even if the mower is assembled correctly, it will still not produce the desired result if its connection to the power unit is not carried out correctly. Installing homemade equipment, it is necessary to comply with certain requirements:

  • switch the single-axle tractor into reverse;
  • any connection of the equipment to the PTO is made by installing the connection node in the hitch socket;
  • secure it with a pin and a spring. If the spring is missing, it may cause failure of the tractor hitch;
  • Always use a blade guard to protect the blades during installation;
  • Start mowing grass at a low speed with the clutch engaged;
  • when working with a mower all the turns should be made accurately, without sudden movements, not hurrying.

No matter what kind of equipment, rotary or segmental, you would prefer to have for your power tiller, the assembled device must be absolutely safe for the one who drives it and for those around. Since the device works with a fairly high speed, then with an unreliable attachment disk with blades, snapped, can cause serious injury to you and others. Therefore, having decided to make with their own hands such equipment, it is worth well weigh your strength and decide whether you have enough skill and experience for such work. It may be better to buy a ready-made device and save your time and effort.

Methods of work

To the frame should be welded mounts for the handle and wheels. Hooks made of a metal bar act as a support. The next step is to mount the wheels. The chainsaw must be prepared, for this purpose the blades and chain are removed from it and then attached to the frame.

The haymaker is designed with a guard plate, which is adapted to match the contour of the housing. A pipe is attached to the sprocket of the tool, which will have the working part of the equipment. Now you can fix the lever, the crank and the cable system, which latter is used to turn the machine on and off.

Features of the rotary model

Rotary mowers are designed with simplicity in mind, making them easy to maintain and repair. The discs are the power tools, on which the knives are mounted. They are attached to the discs with movable joints. There can be one or more discs. The more working discs, the wider the area that can be mowed.

The price for spare parts and components is low. You can buy spare parts for our rotary mower models at any specialised store. The imported models under 10 years of age are not worse in maintenance. Mowers older than 10 years of imported mowers may not have spare parts, as some models are no longer in production.

The owner of a rotary mower will easily improve front lawns and stockpile grass for the winter. A small model for a power tiller is handy for clearing areas around fruit trees and seedbeds.

Rotary mowers are produced in our country, as well as abroad. Among the largest and most popular models are mowers for power tillers “Neva”, “Zarya”, “Mole”, “Favorit”. The models differ in the number of mowing parts and cutting height adjustment. For cutting grass for feeding animals you can use models with a cutting height up to 20 cm, lawn mowers with a cutting height of 5 cm are good for domestic use.

Aggregated with power tillers “Favorit”, “Mole”, “Neva” rotary mower in several ways:

Rotary mowers are divided into types according to the way they cut the grass:

  • For mowing grass and laying in a straight row. Suitable for mowing grass for hay.
  • Grass mulching. Mowed grass quickly decomposes, suitable for lawns.

Choosing a model for your motorblock “Neva”, “Salut”, “Zorya”, “Favorit”, “Mole” it is recommended to consider the following factors:

rotary, mower, power, tiller, km-0
  • Landscape Features.
  • What do you intend to buy (to mow forage for the livestock or to level out your front lawn)?
  • Weight of mower (important for transportation, as large model is difficult to transport).
  • Productivity (the smallest mower with low power is enough for a small lawn).
  • How you cut the grass (models that mulch grass forage are not suitable for making hay for the livestock).

Proper mounting of mower on a single axle tractor

A newly purchased product must be properly installed on the machine to provide the desired performance and quality. Let’s look at the approximate order of assembly and installation using the rotor version as an example:

  • Check the delivery set (from model to model the set may differ, but, as a rule, it is a drive belt, frame, socket, fasteners, rotor cover, hydraulic hose, support skids, hydraulic cylinder, drive belt tension system, rotors with blades, spare parts and accessories);

Mount the frame to the mounts of the power harvester so that it makes 45 degrees with the vertical plane and so that the slotted parts look up;

rotary, mower, power, tiller, km-0

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Mount the rotors on the frame so that the blades are at the bottom. It is important that they are fully seated on the spline;

Attach the rotor cover to the same slot;

Fix them in place with the cotter pins and nuts provided;

Mount the tensioning system by taking out the cotter pin and unscrewing the lock nut on the pulley. The next step is to carefully knock out the pulley so that the key is not lost. When the system is properly installed, its handle will point upwards and be secured with bolts from the ZIP;

Then on the frame with bolts from the spare parts and accessories we fix the skids so that their concave part looks inward;

Unfold the frame rings. they must be placed outside the frame of the power tiller. After that we finally connect the mower to the second one;

Put the drive belt on the pulley in the direction of travel. It is important that the single-axle tractor and mower remain coaxial;

Mount the hydraulic cylinder-hydraulic hose system (if it is intended to be connected to the power tiller).

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