How to switch gears on a power tiller oka

The design of the Oka motoblock

The small size of the design combined with a massive engine gives the OCA a big advantage over other agricultural machines making the single axle tractor very maneuverable and capable of high speed.

The main components of the mechanism are:

  • engine;
  • gearbox;
  • clutch;
  • Control instruments (steering column, steering wheel, control and gearshift levers);
  • wheels.

How to change gear on a Forte tiller

Alexey (Yashodhan) Some say as comes to 3000 rpm, you need to switch speed, others say the more you give rpm, the easier the car accelerates at the next speed t.It is advised to bring it to 4,000-4,500 rpm.what do you think about it?

Alexey (Yashodhan) I am within 2, 5-3 tonnes. RPM, depending on the flow.

Maxim (Collene) I got accustomed at driving school to change gear at speeds 20-30-50-80, I have been doing it since then.

Alexander (Adileh) I have never seen these ratios. As the saying goes: “since birth behind the wheel” :). The engine tells you. P.S. Gasoline engines like medium speed, from 2, 5 to 3 tonnes.

Alexey (Yashodhan) follow for the sake of interest, it is very interesting how someone spins up his engine.

Oleg (Azriel) “ZR” conducted an examination and found that the wear and tear of the engine is minimal in the range of 2000-3000 rpm. I drive about that way.

Maxim (Collene) it is not right to shift in gears (20-30-50-80).Every car has its own gear ratios and its own load on the engine and gearbox.I am in a quiet mode of driving keep the arrow at least 2c to 3c, and if you need a sharp acceleration in overtaking on the highway. then up to 4.I don’t rev it up to 3,000 rpm

Alexey (Yashodhan) and now about the dispute between drivers about the speed, it is as follows: some believe that you can not crank more than 3,000 rpm because of greater engine wear and overrun of gasoline. Others say that when you switch to higher speed at 3000 rpm, the car does not develop the necessary speed and because of this is the main load on the engine itself and gives less efficient acceleration dynamics.noticed that many cars with automatic transmissions shift after 3, 700-4, 200 rpm.really in those cars that I watched the engine power was from 120 hp.

Roman (Honour) How it is done on the factory treadmill :1st gear. from 0km/h to 15km/h 2nd gear. from 15km/h to 50km/h 3rd gear.Fifty to 80 km/hFour 4th gear 80 km/h to 90 km/h5 5th gear to the cutoff switch. I drive my car this way, it is smooth enough and economical in fuel consumption.

Alexey (Yashodhan) Isn’t the speed range too low for 4th gear??

Roman (Honour) 90 km/h in factory equipment is configured and the most economical mode.

Oleg (Azriel) Roman, at 70 on 5th car consumes less than at 90! But if we’re talking about optimum. Yes, better 90.

Pavel (Kaihohonu) Factory treadmill. Is it really the mode the manufacturer recommends for Logan?? I am like this: 20/40/60/80-90.

Daniil (Tomo) in the range of 2, 5-3 tons. revs

Alexander (Adileh) #10Roman FIN-12B Vikulin

You have a test bench, not an operating bench.His example is not correct.

For example, to achieve a result of 10 sec. 100 km/h, it is necessary to accelerate in 1 and 2 almost up to the cut-off, so that during gear shifting the rpm will not fall below 4,000 per second.Т.е. So the car is always going with the acceleration.You’ll get a hundred in that time before you reach 5th gear.

In general, the very formulation of the question is simply amazing.It all depends on your hurry.You’re in a hurry, you’re revving the engine, you’re looking at beautiful legs. you can drive 40 kilometers.h and in 5th gear. hundredths of a second.Advice. Listen to the engine.

By the way, the economical mode of the internal combustion engine. In 5th gear up to 110 km/h, a noticeable acceleration after 3500 rpm.

Oleg (Azriel) Alexander, the economical engine mode and the economical car mode. different things.

Andrey (Cypriana) again about the legs, for some reason I automatically look at the bottoms, here, and about the revolutions of course correct))))))))

Alexander (Adileh) #17 Oleg Mikhailov. translated into Russian.Eats less fuel for a certain distance. ))))))))

Oleg (Azriel) Alexander Orlov, like, 110 is more economical than 80? You’re wrong!

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How to change gears on your MotoGP

To install the new belt follow the reverse order. Later on it should be tightened, taking into account the necessary sag of 10-12 mm. Do not forget to check the alignment of the gearbox and motor friction wheels. Screw the fastening nuts on the motor diagonally.

When not in use, the belt should easily rotate on the drive shaft, but without jumping off it. To bring the belt in working position, depress the clutch lever and the cable lifts up the presser shaft and tightens the belt.

What’s the best single axle tractor?? Oka or Neva?

Several factors prompted me to take a full breakdown of these two power tillers. 1. Very often I am asked by buyers what is better to buy an Oka or a Neva? 2. What kind of single-axle tractor would you advise for a 20 hectare plot?? So I decided to paint the differences of this equipment and make conclusions at the end.

So, you have a plot of 10/20/30/40 acres of land, work in 90% of cases boils down to cultivation, plowing, mowing the grass, planting and digging potatoes, carrying loads. Snow removal, such as this winter in 2021. The other works, as a rule, have a more individual character. Therefore, we will take as a basis the list described above.

switch, gears, power, tiller

Since the site is not as small as, for example, a summer cottage (3-6 acres), but is not so great 50 acres to buy a single-axle tractor heavy class MTZ type. The medium-class belt-driven equipment with a weight of 90-100 kg comes to the rescue. If you have a very heavy soil, you should immediately pay attention to timeless and rigid gear reducer (UGRA). If you have a medium-heavy plot of land, it would be ideal for you to use either OKA or Neva power tillers. It just so happens that both motor blocks are referred to the MB class (it came to us from the USSR), so any designation of both Oka and Neva will start with this abbreviation: Oka MB-(product name), and accordingly Neva MB (1, 2, 23).

In the class of motor blocks MB weight of 90 kg. There is no other competitor to these two giants. There are copies, analogues, Chinese fakes, but the ancestor of the class and the only originals to this day remain the Kaluga plant Kadvi, and Krasny Octyabr. The reader may ask why this article does not include Mobil-K, Avangard and AGAT. But I first wrote, we are considering technique for the plots of 20 acres, and I recommend Mobil K and Avangard for plots of land up to 5 acres, Agat with its gear reducer up to 20 acres. But that’s another story.

Moto-blocks Oka, produced only one version, frame, gearbox chain, engine, steering wheel, wheels 4.00×10 or 19×78, a PTO pulley. The standard set includes: a single-axle tractor with wheels, 4 tillers 36 cm. diameter and axle extensions.

This means that, structurally, all motor units Oka do not differ, except for the power unit installed on them, the motors are installed in Chinese, American and Japanese brands with capacity from 6 to 9 liters.с.

As for Neva motor blocks, there are differences. Structurally, they do not differ much from the brand Oka, but the range of engines is wider, the technique is divided into classes MB-Compact, MB-1, MB-2 and MB-23. In addition to all this, Neva motoblocs have 2 types of gearboxes, the classic one and the in-house developed MultiAgro. But the range of engines is wider, from 6 to 12 hp.с. The brands are the same: Chinese, American and Japanese.

To begin with here is worth to understand the classes, because, at first glance it may seem that they are different power tillers, but it is not so. We won’t speak about MB compact, as this series is not in demand in Belarus, that’s why we do not bring it. As for the MB-1, MB-2 and MB-23, they are absolutely identical, the only difference is the engine they are equipped with.

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All power tillers Neva does not differ from each other, neither visually, nor when working with different implements. And the weight of machines in series differs only because of the weight of the power unit.

The Oka and the Neva, which is equipped with the gearbox MultiAgro, cannot compete with each other at all. Neither in price, nor in technology, nor in the number of gears and all those benefits that the Neva is equipped with technological gearbox MultiAgro. In my opinion, buying a Neva with a classic gearbox makes no sense at all, but more about that later.

So we’ll be comparing each other today? And we will compare Oka and Neva with classic gearbox. We will take the most inexpensive models as a basis for comparison:

Neva MB2-BS (CR950) and OKA MB-1D2M10

All comparative information will also be valid for models with motors up to 9 liters.с.

Both power tillers are similar as two twin brothers, in weight, motors, functionality, but each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, you should understand. That when working on your own plot, on both power tillers you will never know the difference. They are so identical that the differences lie only in certain nuances of operation, now we will deal with.

Engine. Both power tillers have engines that are made in China, even though they have different roots. Lifan 168-2 engine capacity of 6.5 л.с. Purebred factory Chinese (once got access to technology Honda and is installed on half of the agricultural equipment around the world), on the Neva motoblock is installed motor American brand BriggsStratton (CR950), which is also produced in China and has a capacity of 6.5 л.с. I want to draw your attention that this motor does not belong to the range of professional, so the claimed life is 1100 moto / h, exactly the same parameters are claimed in the power plant brand Lifan 168-2, which is aggregated on a tractor single axle Oka.

Conclusion: Buying a motor block with an American motor (CR950) has no logic and makes no sense at all. First, this engine is more expensive due to its name. Secondly, it has exactly no advantages over Lifan neither in quality, nor in maintainability and availability of spare parts. The classical set of details: the carburetor, the starter, filters and expendables on Lifan will cost 3-4 times cheaper than on BriggsStratton.

Gearbox. The Neva motor-blocks with the classical reducer have a gear-chain reducer, the OKA motor-blocks have a chain (mechanical) two-speed reducer. I think there is no need to talk about the reliability of both units, because chain reducers of Oka motor-blocks can serve more than 15 years and still be in perfect condition, well, firstly, because it is technologically more simple scheme, and secondly the construction has been rolled back more than one decade. But also to say that the gearbox of the motor-block Neva is bad, it does not rotate, it is simply complicated, requires more highly skilled and expensive service, and in the case of repair it can result in a serious loss of finances.

GEARBOX. Both tractors have two forward gears and one reverse gear. Speed characteristics of both motor-blocks at reduced speed are about 3,5 km/h, at increased speed. about 9 km/h. However, unlike the OKA power tiller, the Neva has the possibility to shift the belt to the pulley of a different diameter, and thus reduce the speed characteristics of the power tiller. That it is impossible to make on a motor-block Oka, to lower speed characteristics, you will need to buy a separate pulley and if necessary to deal exactly with the replacement of the pulley, the procedure like a 5-minute, but not as easy as in the motor-block Neva.

Wheels. Quality rubber tires for the wheels are 4.0 to 4.0″ in size and are fitted to power tillage implements.00 x 10, or 4.5 х 10, on OKA you can find Chinese tires 19х78 in addition to the standard ones. The quality of the latter wheels is not so good, but they are wider and look more powerful. The problem with Chinese-made wheels is that they freeze in the cold and become plastic, so exploitation in winter time is difficult.

Another small advantage of the Neva motor-block is the possibility of adjusting the steering wheel both vertically and horizontally. Unfortunately, the Oka motor blocks have the possibility to regulate the steering wheel only in vertical position. This function should not be considered a significant disadvantage, as 99% of consumers never use the steering wheel turning to the side. This option is fun, but useless.

Unlocking the wheel. Well, the most important point is why customers are attracted to Neva technique and they believe that this is the most important factor when choosing equipment. This is the so-called left wheel release function on Neva power tillers. In this article I would like to dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s. What is this function for? It makes it easier for everyone to turn the machine as intended. Both axles are blocked, you for example plow a garden, at the end of plowing a single axle tractor enters a free area, you squeeze the handle to unlock the left wheel, the left wheel stops its rotation, and the right one continues, respectively, you make an arc to the left side behind the tractor. Naturally, with this format, this U-turn is not carried out as you would like on the spot, you have to overcome a decent radius with the power tiller. Once again I want to draw attention to the fact that to use this function, you need to have a place behind the site, at least 2 meters free, it is not the differential release, it is exclusively the wheel release, so it can not turn on the spot. Another significant disadvantage of this option, due to the complexity of the design, the failure of this function. The weakest point of the whole Neva motoblock. And the most important is that presence of fence at the end of the plot completely deprives you of the possibility to use this function.

What about OKA? The Oka motor-block has a simple and very reliable gearbox, to implement such a complicated mechanism is to cast doubt on the reliability of the whole system. That is why OKA power tillers have 2 jokers in a deck of sixes for such an occasion. The first one is the possibility of switching between forward and reverse without shifting gears. It is a specially developed clutch system, unique and used only in OKA power units. It works according to the following principle:

On OKA power tillers you engage the lower gear, clamp the upper lever and the single axle tractor starts to move forward. Let us imagine that you work with cutters. As soon as you reach the end of the plot, if you have a free space, you drive beyond the cultivation, if you hit a fence you stop, and in both cases you release the lever forward and the single axle tractor stops. Then you have a lower lever, if you clamp it, the single-axle tractor will start to move backward, and you can easily turn the technique. With OKA planer there is no need to cut off the front gear, engage the back, then again the front as on other power tillers. Everything is done in one gear, forward and backward, just by clamping the different levers on the handlebars of the tractor unit. But if you hit a fence with your Neva, you will have to release the clutch, engage reverse gear (which is not so easy), clutch backwards, release the clutch again, engage first, forward, then back again and so on until you turn the machine around. The second bonus for owners of OKA power tiller is differential extensions. The design is extremely simple, differential extensions are installed instead of the standard ones, free running is incorporated in the design, and the single-axle tractor can be turned practically on the spot. And because this machine is not heavy, it actually turns with one finger.

So based on all of the above, the following conclusions can be made:

, The Neva MB2-BS (CR950) single axle tractor is priced at 1,920. And that’s a 28% difference, for the difference you can buy a huge mountain of attachments.

Name Neva MB2-BS (CR950) single-axle tractor single axle tractor OKA MB-1D2M10
Motor BS (CR950) Lifan 168F-2
Power 6.5 л.с. 6.5 л.с.
Motoresource 1,100 moto/hours 1100 moto/h
Gearbox cheater-chained Chain, mechanical 2-speed
Number of crusts 21 22
Speed characteristics 3-9 km/h 3-9 km/h
Wheels 4.00×10 or 4.5х10 4.00×10 or 4.5×10 or 19×78
Differential Left wheel release Differential extensions
Rearward shifting Required Not required
Rating Score Rating
Reliable motor
Cost of engine maintenance
Cost of parts
Reliability of the gearbox
Convenience of gear shifting
General appearance
Overall Assessment 43 points 49 points
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All MB series power tillers can work with the full cycle of attachments. There are no such units that would work with Neva power tillers, but do not work with OKA power tillers and exactly the contrary. Most of the production companies in Russia make attachments for these two brands of power tillers and accordingly their copies and imitations. And since the technique has been produced for more than the first decade, and not even the second, attachments for a series of MB is the most extensive and most common in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine. Output shafts on both blocks have a diameter of 30 mm. Most ground shoes are made for 30 mm diameter round shafts. Arable, two pole, three lane, different height and width, 390, 400, 430, 425, 500, 600 etc.д.

Passive attachments: plows, tillers, rippers, potato tillers, different types of hitches for attachments, skidders, ridgers, potato planters from different manufacturers, single, double row riders, shovels, moldboard for snow removal and much more.

Active attachments: 3 types of rotary mowers, vibratory potato digger, snowplows, adapters, trailers, saws, pumps, woodchopper, branch chippers, brushes, forage crushers, etc.д.

What is the conclusion from all the material I wrote, you can do.

  • If you have decided to buy a single-axle tractor MB class with classic gearbox, want to get all the features and access to a full range of attachments, it is better to take a closer look at the technique OKA, it’s cheaper, more reliable, easier to service and operate., at the same time, it is not inferior to Neva in any way.
  • If your soul, seek to buy the Neva, in my opinion it makes sense to buy only the gearbox MultiAgro. Although the price is biting, but you get a number of significant advantages, which can not compete with the single-axle tractor Oka:

The structure of the Moto-Block

All existing Oka power tillers have the following structure:

  • gasoline engine;
  • rigid frame;
  • Adjustable steering boom with rubberized handles;
  • transmission (reinforced chain reducer, V-belt transmission, mechanical gearbox, clutch, PTO drive)
  • undercarriage (wheel drive);
  • gas tank;
  • filters (oil and air);
  • ignition system;
  • inertial starter.

The kit can include soil tillers and hitch.

Depending on the modification, power tillers “Oka” can be equipped with different engines:

  • single-axle tractor Oka MB-1D1(2, 3)M9 is equipped with a carburetor engine Honda (Honda GX-200), with a capacity of 6.5 horsepower.
  • MB-1D1 (2, 3) M10 models have a gasoline power plant Lifan (Lifan168 F-2A), capacity of 6.5 liters. с.
  • The MB-1D1 (2, 3) M15 single-axle tractor was equipped with a native KADVI 168F-2A 6.5 л. с.
  • MB-1D1 (2, 3) M13 and M14 models have the Robin Subaru EX17 or EX21 engines with 6.0 and 7.0 liters of power. с. respectively.
  • MB-1D1 (2, 3)M and MB-1D1 (2, 3)M1 models are equipped with DM-1M and DM-1M1 engines, 8 l. с.

Power tiller clutch fitting.|Sifang,Aci power tiller clutch settings.

Common for all listed power units:

The ignition system is electronic, which includes: magneto, spark plugs, high-voltage wire.

It is necessary to start the engine correctly, according to the algorithm indicated in the instruction. If certain actions are not observed, there is a great risk of engine failure. We suggest watching a short video on how to start the single axle tractor Oka:

Gearbox structure

The motor gearbox transmits the torque from the engine to the wheel drive. Its design is as follows:

We propose to study the diagram of the reducer of the motorblock Oka in section:

What gearbox can be put on single axle tractor Oka?

It is best to use a collapsible chain reducer, which consists of a collapsible housing with bolted joints. Unlike a non-disassembled reducer, such a mechanism is easy to repair and will last more than a year. powerful equipment can be installed gear reducer, worm reducer in motoblocs is rarely practiced.

Design and principle of operation of a carburetor

Carburetors. gas distribution devices inherent in gasoline engines. The function of the carburetor is as follows:

We suggest reading the diagram of the carburetor for Oka:

The best in its price segment. single axle tractor OKA.

A single-axle tractor is a device that makes manual labor noticeably easier when using it on the farm for. The design of the power tiller is standard: engine, running gear, controls, gearbox and hitch for attachments. Such machinery is considered versatile and thanks to the attached equipment the single-axle tractor can plow, hill and loosen the ground. The technique is also capable of digging root crops, mowing grass, transporting various loads with a special cart, and in winter with a snow plow or a special shovel to remove snow. That is why power tillers are very popular in our country, because of their versatility. The first OKA models began to be produced in the 80s.

MB-1 OKA is an old-timer among power tillers. The roots of this power tiller go back to Soviet times, today, it is little different in design from the very first versions of power tillers. Generally, MB-1 motoblocs were among the first to be produced in Russia: the oldest are considered the Luch, Ural and many others, which were produced by defense plants at that time. These motor blocks were distinguished by a good quality of components. Just like everything that was made in the soviet union. Even now you can find the motor blocks of those times in excellent working condition. In the 90s, many defense plants have established production of motor blocks MB-1. All of them were structurally the same. As for nowadays MB-1 engine blocks don’t differ much from their predecessors.

But nowadays there are many copies of OKA MB-1 produced by Chinese factories, which copied this model very exactly and started to sell it in our country under different brands. In this article we will talk about the original MB-1 OKA engine block by Kadvi factory. Since our company PROmotoblok.By is the only direct importer of OKA machines in Belarus.

Of course, all MB-1 power tillers have both advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is simple design, which can be understood by almost everyone. High reliability and durability of all parts. Also this model has a feature in management, for which they choose a single axle tractor Oka. It is possible to control forward and reverse with the levers on the steering wheel without shifting gears on the tiller. To start moving, simply push the appropriate lever (forward or reverse) on the steering wheel. This feature saves time when changing gears between forward and reverse. Of the drawbacks can be noted high center of gravity, which makes a single-axle tractor is unstable when working, this issue is solved by installing extensions of the axles, which are included in the kit. Also, because of the simplicity of the clutch (belt), many people complain about the rapid depletion of the belts, but there are some features. If we take the quality of original motor block OKA, but not Chinese copies, then Russian single axle tractor will be by far better. While the of power tillers will be about the same. That’s why exactly MB-1 OKA is considered in this article, because it is the best of MB models, which are sold now on the market.

The single-axle tractor OKA consists of the following elements:

  • Import motor.
  • Mechanical, chain gearbox.
  • Clutch.
  • hitch.
  • Controls.
  • Wheels 4.00 x 10 and cutters.

Standard set of tractor oka includes: single-axle tractor, 4 tillers, 4 wheels.00×10, axle extensions, 2 extra wheel stops, extra front and reverse strap.

Not to get Chinese fake, you should buy this tractor from official representative, but if you’ve chosen any other seller, you may always define from the equipment if it’s Chinese fake or original.

The gearbox on the motor-block is chain-driven, the design of the gearbox is simple, consisting of the right and left halves of the body, chains, sprocket blocks, the output shaft and the shift shaft with a handle. To each of the halves of the gearbox are welded angles that hold the engine, steering wheel, hitch and elements of the V-belt transmission. Thereby forming a frame on the motoblock, to which all the elements of the structure are attached.

The metal in the original OKA is stronger, unlike Chinese fakes, which is confirmed by observations when comparing the original and the copy. The design of OKA power tiller is reliable and simple. In the Chinese counterparts MB-1, the gearbox is made with great economy and carelessness, the chains are pulled and the gearbox is constantly leaking oil, the output shafts on the gearbox over time broke in the holes in this traces the economy in the quality of the gearbox. The situation with the original MB-1 Oka is different. The quality of components is on a high level, the details are qualitative (factory-made) and if the technique is used properly, there will be no problems with it like with the Chinese counterparts. Gearbox life is much longer due to the use of high quality parts.

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Reducer has 2 gears. low and high. Due to the design of the clutch, the single-axle tractor moves forward and backward in each of these gears. Receives 2 reverse and 2 reverse gears. Gearbox is designed to change the transmission ratio and transfer rotation from the reducer pulley to the wheels or cultivator.

The clutch is belt driven. The design is simple but with a distinctive feature. Clutch consists of 2 belts forward and reverse. The tensioning brackets with rollers transfer rotation from the engine pulley to the motoblock gearbox when the belts are tensioned. The single axle tractor moves forward when the belt is tensioned in the forward direction. Nothing out of the ordinary on any power tiller. But due to the design of the belt tensioning mechanism, the belt tension on the pulley of the gearbox transmits reverse engine rotation, thereby the single-axle tractor begins to move backwards. You don’t have to shift gears on the tractor unit to reverse. Reverse and reverse are driven with the same gear, simplifying the design of the gearbox and making it even easier and faster to work with the tractor. The advantages of the belt clutch for me are its simple design and low maintenance costs.

Active attachments are less expensive than PTO with a disc clutch. The clutch design lets you change the traction and speed characteristics of your power tiller. You only need to change the engine or gearbox pulleys to a more suitable size depending on your preferences. It also enables a smoother start by pulling on the clutch lever with just a little more force. Little slippage of the belt on the pulleys. And the single-axle tractor starts moving a little smoother.

The gearbox output shafts are round and have a diameter of 30 mm. Wheels are installed 4.00×10. Tire manufacturer Petroshina. Comparing the tires of the Chinese manufacturer, which are installed on similar copies of the MB-1 motoblock. The Petroschina tires are excellent. Chinese tires are made of plastic and it is difficult to speak about quality. Many of these tires just burst after a few months of use. Weight is about 95 kg, the track without wheel extensions is 310 mm. Cutters of the power tiller are made of quality materials with a standard working width of 722 mm and have a diameter of 360 mm. Because of its design and the layout of the main components, the single-axle tractor has a high center of gravity. The situation helps to correct the use of extensions for the wheels, which give the power tiller extra stability, and when working with a cultivator it is better to buy additional sections of cutters.

What is the speed of a single axle tractor in different gears. The manual says the speed in first gear is 3.6 km/h, the second one is 9 km/h. Speed mode of the walking tractor is quite sufficient for operating it both with active attachments and when working with a cart. The clutch is designed for traction and the engine speed can be changed up or down by installing a different size pulley. Engines for MB OKA blocks are installed by various producers. The most affordable option is the single-axle tractor OKA-1D1M10 with a Lifan engine with 6.5 л.с. This is the simplest and most reliable engine for year-round use. Has high service life, easy to maintain. Except Lifan 6.5 л.с., You can choose OKA with Briggs Stratton engine, also with 6hp engine.5 л.с., but Oka with this engine costs a bit too much. Therefore, choosing a single-axle tractor OKA, it is better to look at Lifan, if the plot is up to 20 acres 6.5 л.с. will be more than enough, if you have more than 20 acres, or you have heavy soil and constantly carry heavy loads, it is necessary to look in the direction of OKA MB-1D2M16. This model comes with 19×7 wheels.008, а.Lifan engine has a capacity of 9 hp.с.

The hitch on the tiller is made of thick good metal. There is an adapter for active attachments at the front. The single-axle tractor OKA MB-1 for many years remains one of the popular power tillers in Russia and Belarus. There are pros and cons and distinctive features of such motoblock, because of which the single-axle tractor is interesting and different from other modern models.

Attached equipment for OKA tractor

Separately, I would like to talk about attachments. Since the range of functions of the OKA MB-1 power tiller allows to use any passive and active attachments, the list of works that can be performed on it is almost unlimited. As for the passive attachments: plow, ridgers, rippers, weeders, planters, potato weeders, it is possible to aggregate a passive potato tiller and potato planting machine, though it is better to use the latter through active connection, the effectiveness is better, all this attachments are connected through the original coupling to the tiller. Since only high quality metal is used in OKA, the mower can be connected to heavy implements. Active linkage is mounted on a special drawbar at the front of the walking tractor, connected by a belt drive. The list of such attachments is also unlimited. Rotary mower ZARYA, proven in the best way. Virtually all companies selling power tillers, offer the consumer, when buying a mower, choose the model Zarya for power tillers MB. The mower can cope with overgrown areas, where grass and bushes are higher than one meter, as well as for mowing the lawn. It is possible to connect an active potato harvester of the screen type to the OKA power tiller of any manufacturer. Snowplow. Shovel for snow removal, municipal brush, circular saw and much more. Includes 4 tillers, processing width of about 70 cm. The cutters are made of high-quality steel. One extra section per side can be purchased as an option. OKA single axle tractor, even with Lifan 6 engine.5 л.с., Easily operates with 6 tillers, so a working width of approx. 110 cm is possible.

Buy single axle tractor OKA from the official importer, our company PROmotoblok.Buy Oka tractor in different configurations. We offer 4 configurations:

The advantage of these configurations is that when buying from us, all additional attachments are included at cost. Т.е. you pay for a single-axle tractor, and everything else is included with a nude surcharge. Thus, we offer to buy a single axle tractor OKA on the most favorable conditions

Among other things, we are ready to arrange the purchase on credit, lease, installment, and you can buy a single-axle tractor by the card of Halva, Shopping Card, FUN-card, Turtle card, Smart-card, red card.

To buy a tractor by credit, lease, installments you need to work for at least 3 months at your last place of work, from documents you need only a passport. We can make a deal remotely: by phone, via Vber, chat on the site, etc.д.

And that’s not all. Delivery of motor-blocks OKA is free all over the country. If you decided to buy a single axle tractor in Belarus you do not need to go anywhere or pay for shipping, we deliver for free straight to your home.

Oka single axle tractor. operating instructions

Buying any Oka model, the first thing to do is to read the instruction manual for the motorized device, which has the following sections:

  • The design of the machine (and the structure of its component parts: gearbox, carburetor, etc.). д.).
  • Assembly of the motor block Oka, according to descriptions and diagrams.
  • Technical characteristics of the chosen model.
  • Instructions for the first start of the engine (Lifan, Honda or any other).
  • The order of the correct running-in of the power plant.
  • Maintenance.
  • Troubleshooting the Oka motor block.
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