How to tell a fake Makita 2470 rotary hammer

Peorator Makita HR2470 (differences from HR2470X15, HR2470FT) SDS-plus, 780W

Any self-respecting owner, builder and, above all, a man should have at his disposal a quality and reliable tool that will not let you down at the most crucial moment. One of the best manufacturers at present is considered to be Makita, which offers a huge range of various equipment. The manufacturer will delight you with a tool that is a must-have in the garage, country site, house, apartment. One of the most popular and sought-after offerings are peorators, without which no construction is complete.

Makita made its name back in 1915. The company began its rather difficult path by producing electric motors and powerful generators. Later it became a Japanese leader, a supplier of high quality electrical appliances of world renown. Since 1958 the firm is the first in the history, released the planer, working on electricity. Since then, the rapid development of Makita began.

Today, the company is engaged in the production of a wide variety of tools for gardening or construction. Depending on the model chosen, the product can run on gasoline or electricity. Makita products are now delivered to markets in America, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa. The product range numbers over 300 types. Production of components and accessories is another area of development.

Rating of the best models of Makita torches

The modern Makita torches are well known among professional builders. The tool draws attention with its reliability, high quality of construction, despite its overpriced price compared to many competitors. You can’t do without a good geared unit when dismantling various constructions, sites, laying electrical networks or plumbing. Makita lineup consists of more than 40 models, that is why the question about the best ones is rather urgent.

Makita HR2470 ft

Compact and easy to use. In comparison with other brand peers, the Makita HR2470 has an improved design and optimum functionality. It should be noted the use of a perfect electric motor, equipped with fundamentally new and durable brushes. In addition it should be noted and the installation of heavy-duty bearings, guaranteeing a long life of the product.

It is necessary to note the changes concerning the location of the reversing switch, which has been moved on the housing, allowing its use without problems in the course of work. The 2470 ft stands out with its polycarbonate-based plastic housing. Rubber ergonomic inserts provide a comfortable grip and virtually eliminates the possibility of the tool slipping out of your hands.

Among the disadvantages we can mention only the high price of the model, which is justified by its long-term use.

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The HR 2470 has improved the design of the percussion mechanism, which has become more reliable, quiet and powerful in its essence. Changes touched the length of the striker, the installation of tight gear seals that protect the gears and other elements of the mechanism from ingress of foreign particles, dust, debris, which can adversely affect the life of the tool. Approximate

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If the tool is purchased from an official representative, it is not recommended to disassemble it, as there is a risk of losing the possibility of warranty service.

In the stuffing of the original Makita electric screwdriver and the fake one, you can detect differences in the following details:

  • The switch. in the replica, it has the simplest design and sharp corners, similar to those installed on Chinese-made tools;
  • the motor. has some design differences. The original can also be identified by a laser marking. In the replica, the engraving of the motor is made by spraying and corresponds to the class of products installed on Chinese-made tools.

Fake tools can serve for a long period, provided that they are used with care. However, when buying an original Makita electric screwdriver, you can be confident in the reliability of the device, as well as receive warranty repairs if necessary.

What are the signs that the product in front of you a fake

People who have used an original Makita power tool before have no problem spotting a fake. Except that ordinary users can easily run into low-quality goods, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Price. Genuine Makita products can’t be cheap. If the price of the product is not decently low, then you are offered a fake.
  • Manufacturer and marking. The company has factories in different countries. China, Japan, Romania, UK. Also in the U.S. and Brazil, but we do not deliver products from these countries. Regardless of the country of manufacture, the quality of the tool is beyond doubt, it is very high. Always check the serial number. It should be different from similar models.
  • Build quality. The case must be free of defects or other flaws. Quality raw materials are used in the manufacturing process, so there should not be any unpleasant odors.

If you want to get a Makita branded power tool, contact our company. We are an official supplier, we sell tools in wholesale and retail, and our are guaranteed to please you.

Information label

This sticker is on the side of the unit. It contains information about the technical characteristics of the device, as well as the place of manufacture. Comparing the sticker on the original and fake rotary hammer, you can see the following discrepancies:

  • Different values for the current. 3.4 A in the original versus 3.7 A in the fake;
  • The voltage of the original unit is stated as 230-240V while the fake standard is. 220 В;
  • No EAC badge on fake sticker.

You may also notice that the original sticker has all the words written in Russian. The inscription “made in China” is also in Russian.

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On the fake sticker all the information is in English, as well as incomprehensible numbers in the 30’s / 60’s.

What you need to know not to buy a fake Makita torch

To avoid running into dishonest dealers and buying a fake, you need to familiarize yourself with our recommendations.

We recommend that you buy power tools of popular brands in specialized stores that provide all the necessary warranty documents upon purchase.

We do not recommend buying a set of tools from reputable companies. They don’t make such products. Kits often include angle grinder, peorator or drill and jigsaw, and it costs cheap.

We do not advise to chase after the cheapness! The low price of the tool should make you wonder if the product in front of you is a fake. Cheap does not mean quality.

Factory-made Makita torches often come with a carrying case for storage and transport.

Upon external inspection you can detect major defects that indicate that you have a fake. If you find external defects, do not continue to try to hope that there is a factory-made peorator inside.

How to tell the difference between a fake and an original Makita 2470 peorator

Information sticker

This sticker is located on the side of the device body. It contains information about the technical characteristics of the device, as well as the place of manufacture. Comparing the sticker on the original and fake peorator, you can notice the following inconsistencies:

  • different amperage value. 3.4 A in the original versus 3.7 A in the fake;
  • The voltage in the original device is stated as 230-240V, while the counterfeit has the standard 220V;
  • No EAC badge on the fake sticker.

By the way, read this article too: How to replace the thermal fuse

You may also notice that the words on the original sticker are all in Russian. There is an inscription “made in China” also in Russian.

The information on the stickers is very different

The fake sticker has all the information in English and incomprehensible numbers 30s/60s.

Pros and cons of the tool

This floor tiller is undoubtedly worthy of its class and justifies its intended use. The main advantages of the tool are as follows:

  • Varied operation modes for universal device quality. Easy and convenient switching.
  • Fully functional in reverse with equal speed and torque.
  • Good ergonomics, secure hold due to additional handle.
  • Effective dust removal system.

As a major drawback, users point out a sharp unpleasant smell of plastic, typical of many Chinese tools.

Alphabetic designation

Makita machines are made in various countries. Identified by a nameplate on the tool case or housing.

The “A” on the nameplate indicates that the tool was made in the USA. The letter D indicates the German manufacturer (Dolmar factories), the letter E indicates that the tool is made in Japan, the letter G. made in the UK.

tell, fake, makita, 2470, rotary, hammer

But there are also Chinese peorators made in China and marked with the letters Y or ( K but this is often a replica)

Makita 2450, 2470 made in Romania are marked with an R.

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The original Makita torch

In fairness it should be noted that Chinese peorators are made in Chinese factories owned by European manufacturers. The peorators are made on the same lines, from the same parts, by the same workers. The only difference: for the European customer the tools undergo double quality control. First they are checked at the factory, and then they are subjected to control after they arrive to the consumer’s country.

For third countries, including Russia, the peorators produced in Chinese factories do not even pass the factory inspection. But their quality is not reduced, but the price is reduced by almost 23 times. And such a tool is not considered a counterfeit.

If Chinese manufacturers can make Makita submachine guns under license with high quality, the same can not be said about Makita 2450, 2470 knockoffs.

By the way, it is worth mentioning the so-called illegally imported power tools. The most common way to spot illegally imported tools is the inscriptions on the nameplates attached to the Makita 2450, 2470.

Makita tile cutters nameplates for Russian and Asian consumers

The original inscription is made in China where the tool factory is actually located and is made under license

Here are the differences in the nameplates on the body of an original and a fake Makita torch

The decals on the fake and original

On Makita 2450, 2470 peorators, the power voltage of the tool is indicated by a single digit: 230 V. Also, it is obligatory to mark the peorator for the Russian consumer with a HCN mark, which is not present on the nameplates of tools not designed for Russian consumers. This is a sign of passing certification of the tool by the Russian authorities.

What you should know not to buy a counterfeit Makita torch

To avoid a dishonest seller and to avoid buying a fake you should read our recommendations.

We recommend to buy the power tools of popular brands in specialized stores that provide all necessary warranty documents at purchase.

We do not recommend buying sets of tools from well known companies. They do not make such products. Sets most often include an angle grinder, a rotary sander, or a drill and jigsaw, and thus are cheap.

We do not advise to chase a cheap price! The low price of the tool should make you wonder if it is a fake. Cheap. does not mean quality.

The factory-made Makita torches are often packed with carrying cases for storage and transportation.

tell, fake, makita, 2470, rotary, hammer

On external inspection you can detect major defects that tell you that this is a counterfeit. If you notice any external defects, do not keep hoping that there is a factory-made peorator inside.

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