How to tell the difference between a Chinese STIHL 180 and an original

Examples of fakes

STIHL product line includes tools for home and professional use, so the products are in constant demand. Experienced craftsmen know how to distinguish counterfeits of the most popular models from chainsaws in the original version.

The length of the fake saw may be 5-10 centimeters longer. Accordingly, the length of the packaging box is longer than the original length. No serial number label on the packaging.

Fakes of the STIHL 660 model can be distinguished by a faded body color, bulging oil and fuel tank caps, a sticker with the company logo instead of an engraved inscription. Another characteristic of fakes is that the air filter cover screw is on top, not on the back like the original.

STIHL 362 chain saws are often tampered with by unscrupulous manufacturers. The main signs of fakes:

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A full product quality warranty is assured by purchasing the chainsaw from an authorized dealer with a certificate.

Advantages and disadvantages

No documented operational faults in the tool design. In the critical reviews most often the price of the tool is mentioned, which in comparison with the popular saw of the 180th model is considerably higher.

For the more advanced MS 230 C-EB version, this figure rose to 18900.

STIHL chain saws made in China

Only high-quality tool can trouble-free work over a long period of time. STIHL chain saws are no exception. This company has long been considered one of the leading players in the world market of chain saws, which, in turn, was the main reason for the mass spread of counterfeit. What is the Chinese STIHL, how to quickly distinguish a fake and which is still better to choose. here are the main points that we look at in this article.

STIHL MS-180 gasoline chainsaw has for many years held high positions in the ranking of chainsaws in Ukraine. Superior build quality and tool reliability. Here are the main reasons why users are so in love with the STIHL. But nothing lasts forever. and the STIHL 180 needs a bit of work just like all machines. You can buy parts for STIHL 180 without prepayment in our online store.

STIHL Original Parts 180

One stumbling block for many years has been the issue of original parts. The problem is that STIHL itself does not sell spare parts. In fact, when you find an original spare part. Either it comes from a scrap of a new chain saw, or you are just cheated.

The first step is to find out if scrap parts are worth the money? For example, the piston with rings and the finger on the STIHL 180 from the disassembly is about 1300-1500 UAH while the Chinese equivalent is 10 times cheaper. And I remind you that no one gives a warranty on parts. Because of this price difference we offer to buy STIHL 180 parts from China and save.

The surprising thing is that the user is still afraid of Chinese goods, thinking that it is a piece of junk, although this is not the case for a long time. Needless to say, 99 out of 100 companies place their factories in China and it often happens that, for example, a Belarusian or American company, tool assembly is carried out in China.

In spite of the enormous price tag. We also sell popular original parts such as:

Buy original spare parts STIHL 180 you can without prepayment with delivery anywhere in Ukraine.

Along with expensive original spare parts the market of similar parts from other popular companies is developing. Let’s be honest. Everyone wants to make a profit, so many well-known companies have started to produce spare parts for STIHL 180 chain saws. The most popular STIHL 180 parts brands:

STIHL 180 spare parts catalog

As you may have noticed. Our spare parts catalog for the STIHL 180 is quite comprehensive. The fact is that back in 2014 our store specialized in the sale of spare parts for STIHL, as well as the repair of these chainsaws. During this time we have managed to put together an almost perfect catalog of the top brands. We didn’t look for the cheapest. We were looking for quality parts, even if a little more expensive. Our job is to make sure your chain saw lasted the longest with our parts and that you will come back only to us in the future 🙂

Как отличить копию STIHL 180 от ОРИГИНАЛА

To make choosing parts more convenient we’ve made filters so you can sort your spare parts by manufacturer and type. The catalog is really extensive, so you can’t get lost in it. Just choose the type of part you need from the list.

STIHL 180 Accessories

We know STIHL chainsaws by heart, not by word of mouth. we know the difference between original tires and Chinese copies of even the best quality tires! You can buy genuine STIHL guide bar chains in our online store. Also we have great analogues with lower prices. To find a tire and chain on the STIHL 180. Contact our sales manager and he will tell you the difference. After all, you can put side by side three sets of tire chain and for the average user they will look almost the same, although in fact they will be completely different products, and the price will be 400-1400 hryvnia.

Our store has a wide range of tires and chains for the STIHL 180, but the top choices are. these are the following kits:

These sets can be divided into types: household, semi-professional and professional. The price of such kits also varies considerably.

Popular STIHL 180 parts

As with any tool. The STIHL 180 has its weak points. The most popular parts of course for the STIHL 180 are the engine. Often, problems with the engine arise from the fact that the saw has been operated for a long time without oil, on bare gasoline, respectively there are fouling and scuffing in the cylinder block. If you use a low-quality spark plug. it can melt the top of the piston.

In second place is the carburetor. We recommend buying a quality spark plug Zama carburetor for STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw. Yes it is a little more expensive, but I remind you that Zama. It is a factory in China which is owned by STIHL and we can be assured of the quality of these carburetors.

And it closes the top three STIHL 180 chain. STIHL chains are of very high quality and in 9 out of 10 cases they break down because of nails in the wood or because of improper use and care of the chain.

Buy STIHL MS-180 parts

We are well versed in spare parts for the STIHL 180. In our catalog we have collected the top brands that combine high quality and low price. We ship all over Ukraine and do not require prepayment! Pay for your order after you satisfied yourself with the quality of your product! For regular customers we always have promotions and discounts!

How to distinguish between a Chinese STIHL and a German-made tool

Each model has a number of features, but there are signs that allow you to quickly identify the country of manufacture, in particular the serial number. If it begins with the number 8, the country of manufacture is China. German tools are marked with a serial number that begins with the number 1.

It is worth noting that STIHL also has production facilities in America and Brazil. The serial numbers from these countries start with 2 and 5 (USA) and 3 (Brazil).

The serial number must be the same on the chain saw and the box, regardless of country of manufacture. If this is not the case, it is most definitely a fake.


The STIHL Professional MC 660 is very well equipped, making everyday work in the hardest forestry conditions easier. The saw is fitted with:

    The HD2 filter for maximum filtration and longer intervals between cleanings;

STIHL has other professional-level chainsaws, such as these include: MS 270, MS 360, MS 661, MS 880.

Is it worth it to buy a counterfeit?

To buy a Chinese fake is possible only when a chainsaw is needed for a few days or when a consumer is sure to get a “lucky ticket” and his purchase, built of unknown materials will serve him without a problem for many years. In all other cases such purchase will cause a constant headache because of constant adjustments, regular malfunctions, unexpected breakdowns and too short lifespan.

STIHL brand name chain saws made in China are for people who buy them for the home use. But a real German STIHL is the choice of professionals in the field of logging or wooden housing construction.

STIHL MS 180 chainsaw Overview

STIHL was founded in 1926. In 1971. STIHL becomes the world’s top-selling chain saw brand. Today it is represented in more than 160 countries and has production facilities in more than 30 locations, primarily in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the USA and China. The relocation of production to China reduced costs and allowed the company to expand its sales geography, while assembly quality was improved with the latest equipment in the brand-new 40,000 m2 factory! The main reason for transferring the assembly of MS170, MS180, MS230 and MS250 was to prohibit the production and sale of finished products whose environmental standard is lower than Euro 5. The new STIHL facility for the assembly of hobby chain saws is located in Shandong province in China. Qingdao. Total area of 39,000 square meters, the number of employees more than 700.

STIHL MS 180 chainsaw has been on the market for over 20 years and is the best chainsaw for home, country, hunting and outdoor activities, but its analogues are much inferior in quality, weight, ease of operation, maintenance. What chainsaw to choose is not necessary here, millions of reviews, videos speak for themselves, no less important factor in the choice is the availability of service, spare parts, consumables, for the company STIHL the most important is to take care of the customer, so it was possible to buy the product to service it in the future.

Popularly saw is called “lopper” because it is most convenient to cut small trees, limbs, level bushes and shape trees. New design available since 2015, only the outer shell has changed, the engine part and fuel system remain unchanged. Our store and service has not received back under warranty any STIHL MS 180 chain saw since 2015, and the rest of the model range is assembled Made By STIHL in China, it says only about the high quality of assembly and manufacturing parts!

Specifications STIHL MS 180

  • Power 1,5 kW/2,0 liters.с.;
  • Weight: 3.9 kg (without fuel, oil, chain and tire)
  • Sound pressure level, dB(A): 100
  • Sound power level, dB(A): 112;
  • Working volume: 31.8 cc
  • Piston diameter: 38 mm.
  • Ring Diameter: 1.2mm. (2pc.)
  • Maximum power is reached at 9000 rpm;
  • Busbar: 35 cm;
  • Chain pitch: 3/8″
  • Bar groove width: 1.3 mm.
  • Number of links: 50
  • Chain markings: 63PM, 63PS, 63PMX

There are two versions of the saw: the standard and the restyled, comfort version of the STIHL MS 180 C-BE. The second one differs from the first one in that it has the advantage of an easier start-up. The ErgoStart is qualified by the letter E in the model name, a very important element for inexperienced chain saw users, for women or elderly people, after injuries, operations on the hands, etc.e, what is meant by?! The new, non-lighter starting motor requires physical effort with a brisk pull of the starter rope at the same pace without pauses, otherwise the engine will overfill and it would be difficult to restart without consulting a specialist. Chainsaw MS 180 C-BE can not be filled, instead of you piston pushes the return spring of the starter, this is what it looks like in the diagram, position 0 is the “heart” ErgoStart. facilitating the start.

We talked about the ErgoStart system, now what the letter B means?

B is a quick chain adjuster, as the name implies, does not affect the start of the saw at all, but gives the advantage of working without key use, tensioning the chain, clamping the chain cover. All this can be done without a wrench. Used on more expensive models, electric and cordless saws, the diagram shows the system of this quick-acting device

Advantages and disadvantages of the STIHL MS 180

  • The compensator on the carburettor ensures smoother running of the engine and more even fuel consumption.
  • Chain can be tensioned from the side without having to be disassembled.
  • Easy, quick access to air filter for cleaning.
  • Low kickback tendency. tool penetrates the wood quite easily. In the unlikely event of a kickback, the special brake whose handle is located at the top of the housing prevents the chain from jumping back. Increased safety for the user.
  • Intelligent handle gripping system. One hand is very comfortable to press both buttons to start the movement of the saw, and the top handle with its comfortable polymer coating is perfectly designed for the human anatomy.
  • Outstanding durability, the basis of the STIHL chain saw’s popularity (the STIHL MS 180 is never taken out for warranty repairs, and regular servicing is usually carried out after 5 to 10 years of use).
  • Price/performance ratio not only among the STIHL chainsaws, but also among all the chain saws in the world.
  • Minimal tool failures, breakdowns are almost unheard of in the operation recommended by the manufacturer.
  • No warranty issues.
  • Light weight and maneuverability in operation
  • Suitable for any task in the household, and even in commerce it has its own niche.
  • With an easy start it’s a godsend, perfect for the elderly, women, and just for comfort.
  • 10 years or more on native piston in minimal operating conditions.
  • Perpetual crankshaft.
  • Beautiful design, quality liner material.

Minor flaws according to customer reviews and our opinion:

tell, difference, chinese, stihl
  • Quick chain tensioning system (no special tool) comes as an accessory.
  • When comparing the MS 170, 171, 180, 181, 181 C-BE, 211 and 211 C-BE models, it is worth mentioning that the vibration level (left/right, m/s 2 ) is the highest among all models (despite the anti-vibration system installed): 6.6/7.8 (other models have levels between 3.5/3.0 and 5.2/5.5).
  • The easy starter is only available as an option on the 181 C-BE and 211 C-BE models; the 180 model is available as an option. option.
  • Frequent maintenance of the air filter, which has to be changed once a year (we consider this an advantage)
  • Sensitive to bad fuel and blunt chains (we consider this an advantage)

The combination of these features makes it the best-selling chainsaw in the world and Ukraine for home and garden use.

How to spot a fake (overview)

  • The original STIHL chainsaw only has a sticker with the STIHL logo on the brake handle.
  • STIHL lettering and model must be embossed, not stamped, in the original, recognizable company lettering.
  • The serial number should be on the package (box), under the exhaust system (laser engraving) and on the back of the saw, indicating the model. All three must match. The number on the exhaust system is a part number; it has nothing to do with the serial number
  • All nuts with the first letter of the STIHL logo: “S”.
  • The color of the body is Stilev orange.
  • The master sprocket has a stamped logo, in the right font. The color of the sprocket is a nice silver metal, the fakes have a darker metal.
  • Branded bar: only one large hole and no holes near the sprocket (it requires no additional lubrication, and the Chinese STIHL MS 180 knockoffs may come with an additional lubrication hole). The rivets (4 pieces) on the tire are the color of the tire itself. The engraving on the bar to the left of the large lettering should be completely legible.
  • You can tell a fake (and know whose assembly it is) by the chain: the original product will have STIHL written on each link and the letter C. Although now learned to fake it.

Hood (filter cover) hood lock is opened only with the key, pictured locks open and closed, to date, fake in the new design is not on the market, but remained in the old design in a huge quantity, sold under the guise of U.S. assembly or Polish.

Handlebar frame, safety decals are only required in these colors and order. Convex part of the STIHL logo is stamped below the handle.

STIHL logo on the petrol and oil tank covers

The filter housing has the STIHL logo badge and lettering itself on it

The silencer has the STIHL logo and badge and of course part number 11301400615, under the silencer on the crankcase there is a unique serial number with nine (9) digits, starting with 81, There is a obligatory label under the serial number with the item number, the model name, the bar code and a duplicate serial number (both must match) and the last engraved MADE BY STIHL IN CHINA

Top of the ignition module is filled with brown dielectric resin, the wires are yellow-green and black. There is a factory-assembled stamp on the engine.

The nuts bear the mark (S) of the STIHL logo

Side chain tensioner, convex part of the logo with the letter (R) indicating the trademark on the cover. Exactly the same marking on the tire as in the photo.

There’s a blue factory-assembled stamp under the cover on the crankcase.

To sum it up!

If you’re looking for a STIHL chainsaw MS 180 original and not “something cheaper” you should know that there is a single price in the official dealer network, the sites of dealers are different in name but one common unifying is the price of products and also a certificate of the official dealer which is available in the store or online. Buying something cheaper and not in official store you will automatically be deprived of warranty, and when your saw begins to “surprise” do not hurry to write bad reviews about the saw, maybe you have from the original was only appearance As Baron Rothschild said “I’m not so rich as to buy cheap things”. Good shopping to you!

Why buy STIHL 180 chain saw parts at Yurix. The right step

We won’t praise our company, but only advise the possible customer information from our customers. The parts for Stihl180 chain saw and other saws modifications can be purchased at YURIKS: 1) Buy it in our store. Thus you have an opportunity to choose between a quality for big money and an analogue. for less money in the catalog is immediately visible and not difficult to navigate; 2) We have direct contacts with the owners of the brand, so the parts we have directly, without intermediaries, which affects the price and makes it as low as possible. 3) We send any order with the ability to pay upon receipt at the post office, or pay by card. So you save on shipping. 4) In traditional (offline) stores there is not always everything in stock, in the online store “JURIX” is very convenient to view everything in a few clicks to make sure of availability, and what is not in. you can always wait, or check by phone the date of arrival-appearance in the warehouse. 5) Do not worry if you have a rare model, or on the site parts for it can not be found, our consultants will guide you through the process, will help with the selection, as well as possible breakdowns that led to replacement parts, not once it was confirmed in practice.

And if you need STIHL 210, 230, 250 spare parts, just click on the link, and read more.

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