How to tell the difference between a Chinese STIHL and an original

Is it worth it to buy a counterfeit?

You may buy a Chinese fake only if you need the chainsaw for several days or if you are sure that you will get the “lucky ticket” and your purchase will serve you for a long time, assembled from unexplainable materials. In all other cases, such an acquisition will cause a constant headache due to constant adjustments, regular malfunctions, unexpected breakdowns and too short a service life.

STIHL brand chain saw of Chinese construction will suit those consumers who buy this tool for home use. Genuine German STIHL chainsaws are the choice of professionals in logging and wood construction.

Basic configuration

Manufacture and assembly: USA. The country of origin of the copies is usually China, more rarely Poland. Price of the original model, recommended by the official representative of STIHL in Ukraine. 17699 UAH for a model with a bus length of 40 cm, 17839. for models with a bus length of 45 cm. It is not known exactly how much a copy costs, but the approximate range of STIHL counterfeit chain saws is two to three times cheaper than the original.

How to tell the difference between a genuine and a Chinese STIHL

Be careful! You have to pay a lot more for a seemingly successful purchase, because counterfeit STIHL chain saws not only have a lower price, but also a longer service life, higher productivity and, above all, lower safety. This article is an attempt to show you how not to be badly cheated.

Recently a lot of products of dubious quality have appeared in Ukraine, either very similar to STIHL products, or even impudently using the name of the world famous company. The counterfeit of this quality is source of serious danger. Below we will try to tell you how not to become a victim of counterfeit products.

Purpose and specifications

The STIHL MC 660 is the chainsaw for professionals. Its price immediately lets you know that it is designed for those who make money with it, t.к. it is ridiculously high compared to home care chainsaws. But don’t think the STIHL 660 isn’t worth the price tag it’s selling for. Buyers pay for quality, high horsepower, long service life, reliability and quiet operation.

The STIHL 660 is no longer in production anymore.к. It has been replaced by the more modern STIHL 661, but you can still buy it from an authorized dealer.

Оригинальная шина Stihl и подделка как отличить(Original Stihl guide bar and fake)

The purpose of this chainsaw is specific, t.к. its power allows to cut big trees trunks, work on mobile sawmills like “Logosol” or “Murka.

Below is a video of using the 660th Stihl model in a mobile sawmill.

The chainsaw has a power output of 7.1 liters.с., Weighs more than seven kilograms. Due to its high weight and power, this model is not suitable for delimbing or construction work, but rather for felling and crosscutting.

As standard the chain saw is delivered without a sawing attachment, which means the customer can choose the necessary bar length and chain design.

How to distinguish genuine STIHL chainsaws from fakes

But this is not the case. some sellers are trying to sell a fake product under the guise of the original. The price and quality difference is enormous.

If previously a fake chainsaw had a primitive appearance, not even remotely similar to the original, now the copies are as close to the original devices as possible.

For this article, an original and a fake STIHL MS 170/180 chain saw were compared. To be sure that you are buying an original chainsaw, pay attention to the following details of the device.

The original STIHL saw (right) and a fake

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Where to find a STIHL German chainsaw?

Nowadays it is possible to buy a chainsaw of this trade mark in every building hypermarket. In this case, the range will be quite large, because the tool is in demand. You can buy these chainsaws a little cheaper in online stores. True, there is a high probability that it will be a saw made in China.

You can buy a “pure STIHL” brand name with the coveted “Made in Germany” label only from authorized dealers.

Interesting facts

The above mentioned features of counterfeit and original “STIHL” saws allow you to choose the right tool without overpaying for a “leftist” copy. But there is one more subjective aspect, by which you can additionally make sure that you buy exactly the original of German manufacture. Related to this factor is that German manufacturers use a peculiar marketing policy. For example, if a product is sold at a fixed price in a particular city or country, its price should be identical in other places where original products of that brand are sold.

Technical features of the STIHL 660

The professional STIHL ms 660 is well-equipped to make everyday work in tough forestry conditions easier. On the saw are installed:

  • HD2 filter. for maximum filtration and longer periods between cleanings;
  • A decompression valve that reduces stress when starting the engine;
  • Heated carburetor, for cold weather operation;
  • additional toothed stop;
  • saw chain brake cover nuts that cannot be lost.
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