How to thin STIHL chain saw oil

Poor oil supply for STIHL 180 chain. STIHL chain saw does not lubricate the chain

The pump has a special regulation system for dispensing. Chainsaw chain lubrication is continuous while the chain saw is in operation. That is why chainsaws have a long service life.

The chain requires a constant supply of lubricant. It has to be pumped continuously. This is required by the design of the device. When the chain saw is in operation, oil leaves the bar groove and is instantly absorbed by the sawdust.

Chain lubrication is therefore automatic. Some chainsaws are fitted with a system that regulates the exact amount of lubricant to be applied. The cheapest units are equipped with a hand pump, which operates from a drive located on the handle.

Diagram for checking the chain lubrication system.

A special oil has been developed for good chain lubrication. After work, it decomposes quickly, so there is no disturbance to the environmental system. You can also use a brand of oil:

Transmission lubricant is absolutely not suitable for operation. In winter, it freezes, resulting in a clogged oil system, you have to clean it completely.

Chain lubrication requires special attention in winter. thickens in extreme cold and resembles petroleum jelly. For winter work, therefore, chainsaws must be lubricated with a special winter oil, which is a thinner consistency.

It is not always possible to buy such lubricant. To solve the problem, diesel fuel is mixed with oil, the viscosity is lowered. However, if the previously filled oil remains in the crankcase, then the addition of diluted oil will not give a positive effect, the system channels will remain clogged. There is only one way out. warming up the chain saw in a warm room.

If the chain oil is not very frozen, you can try to melt it by running the saw at low idle speed.

Chainsaw Specifications

Each chainsaw has three basic elements that keep it running. These include a 2-cylinder carburetor engine and two tanks. One tank is filled with fuel mix, the other with oil to lubricate the chain. The fuel tank has a capacity of 0.25 liters, which allows you to work without stopping for 45-55 minutes. Oil volume is about half the volume of the oil pump. With this volume ratio the contents of both tanks run out almost at the same time.

No oil pump system is used in 2-stroke engines, so STIHL chain saws need to add oil to the gasoline to lubricate the shaft, piston and other working parts. Attempts to work on one gasoline or failure to comply with the proportions specified in the instructions for the composition of the fuel and lubricant mixture of the two components, lead to a breakdown of the tool.

Proportion of petrol and oil

Only a small amount of oil is required for normal engine operation. Its amount is always determined as a percentage, because the saw’s gas tank may have different capacities. Also, many operators prepare the mixture with a small reserve, especially if serious work is to be done. One tank of modern tools is rarely enough for more than 1 cubic meter of firewood.

This is a standard due to the high quality of modern engines. Characteristic of most modern saws made in Germany, Switzerland, USA, Japan, Italy. In a word, all saws made not more than 10 years ago by world famous brands. Husqvarna, STIHL, Oleo-Mac, Makita, ECHO and others. will require exactly this proportion.You can learn about it from the manual.

However, many saws of purely Chinese manufacture are also influenced by improved machining and assembly techniques. For example, many domestic brands of saws assembled in the Celestial Empire also run on a 1:50 mix. For example, on recent Zubr models, a label with a marking of the ratio appeared as a cardboard flag right on the handle of the starter cord, apparently for those who do not like to look at the instructions.

This ratio is often called the “running-in ratio. This means that after buying a new saw you have to fill the fuel tank with a more enriched oil mix. At this time, the moving parts of the cylinder-piston group are lapped, in the process requiring a higher ratio than normal. After burning a couple of tanks or three in a gentle mode, you can go to the manufacturer’s recommended ratio.

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Also, the 1/40 ratio is common with some manufacturers, such as in Partner chain saws. Considering that there is a little more oil here than in the previous variant, a little overrun will not hurt any engine. When using high-quality fuel and lubricant, there is another issue. the price of quite expensive consumables.

Today it is considered outdated. Widely used in domestic chainsaws of old design like Druzhba or Ural. Today it can still be found in some Chinese chainsaws of “newname” class or branded by retail chains. However, every year the number of such products is decreasing and makes the most budget and low-quality niche of gasoline tools. Besides, for such products it does not matter how expensive and high quality oil is in the gas tank. the engine life is unscrupulously low anyway.

Rules of preparing the fuel mixture

If you wish it is possible to create the mixture in your own hands. It is recommended to do this before the direct use of the chainsaw. Storage of the already prepared substance for more than 10 days leads to the fact that a chemical bond begins to form between the additives, which reduces the service life of the engine. Before putting the chain saw into storage for a long time, experts recommend draining the fuel and letting the rest run dry.

The proportions should be chosen in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer of the device itself. Depending on the model and its technical characteristics the ratio may vary from 1:20 to 1:100 and more.

It is strictly forbidden when mixing the active elements to use waste oil or oil that is not designed for the work of a two-stroke motor.

How the mixing is done

Also quite a lot of attention should be paid to the direct process of mixing the used components. As a rule, the fuel mixture is prepared in the volume that will be enough for 3-4 refueling of the used device. It is possible to conduct the mixing procedure only if the measuring cup is used.

Among the peculiarities of the issue under consideration, the following points should be noted:

  • Some chainsaw manufacturers come with a measuring cup with markings for fuel and oil.
  • If you don’t have a special container you can use a canister or a dry bottle. Dosage is convenient if a needleless syringe is used.

After adding all the ingredients in the same container, you can proceed to the direct mixing of the components. To do this, the container is closed with a lid, then shaken to obtain a homogeneous substance.

Working proportions of fuel mixture

As previously noted, the proportions of the ratio of oil and gasoline for a chainsaw can vary significantly, largely depending on the features of the design itself. An example of mixing can be called the proportions 40:1 and 50:1. Such a ratio ensures quality lubrication of the internal elements of the installed engine.

In some cases, the concentration of the lubricant may be adjusted upward to provide more efficient lubrication. An example is the case when a new tool is being machined. In addition, it is also possible to increase the cooling capacity of the construction by adding a large quantity of oil to the mixture. Specialists recommend that the oil concentration be increased by no more than 20% of the usual amount.

Practice shows that in most cases the sawyer himself has to adjust the oil concentration in the fuel according to the specifics of the work he is doing. This is due to the fact that as the structure wears, serious breakdowns may occur. Sawing can be performed for a long period of time with normal performance.

thin, stihl, chain

Measuring containers

Various containers with markings can be used as measuring containers. Ratio control is simplified with the use of a proprietary container included in the package.

It is worth considering that measuring utensils are included in the factory set of even budget models. However, an ordinary syringe of a larger capacity also works well.

Recommendations for storage

It is not recommended to save time and mix the composition directly in the tank of a chainsaw. This is due to the fact that it will be quite difficult to achieve the desired result. Suggestions for storage are as follows:

  • The mixture may be stored for a maximum of 2 weeks. Storage time is reduced to 10 days as the ambient temperature increases.
  • In some cases in order to save money a previously prepared and outdated mixture is added to a new one. However, its concentration should not exceed 10%.

In order to prolong the work of the fuel system it is recommended to filter the composition through the material represented by fibers.

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How to dilute

STIHL fuel mix for STIHL saws is prepared by mixing high-octane gasoline and 2-stroke engine oil. The proportion of oil and gasoline for chainsaws is as follows: if the power of the unit does not exceed 1.5 kW, the ratio will be 1:40 (t. е. 25 ml of oil for 1 liter of petrol), and for powers above this value. 1:50 (20 ml for 1 liter).

Dilute STIHL chain saw gasoline in a separate fuel can, and under no circumstances fill the STIHL fuel tank with gasoline separately. These engines do not have an oil pump and there is no possibility of installing one, so only ready fuel is poured into the tank. there are even special canisters for sale with two necks, to dilute the mixture more conveniently, but you can add oil to gasoline for chain saws in an ordinary canister as well.

It is better to observe the gasoline filling ratio as precisely as possible: excessive oil will create a deposit on the spark plugs and pistons, and provoke detonation during combustion. This can shorten the life of the engine. In addition, the user of the saw in this case is forced to inhale exhaust gases with unburned fractions. However, excessive amounts of gasoline can damage the pistons through lack of lubrication.

To dilute gasoline, it is recommended to use special tools. a measuring container for gasoline, a dispenser of lubricant, a syringe, a canister for preparing the mixture and a watering can for filling the tank of the saw. All of these accessories are available from authorized STIHL dealers and dealers.

If you do not have special measuring tools, some people recommend you use a plastic bottle: fill a half-liter container full of petrol with a cap full of oil (from the same bottle). You get an approximate output ratio of 1:50.

It is better to calculate the amount of mixture for refueling in advance on the basis of the anticipated amount of work and the stated consumption of this engine. The tank volume in most chainsaws is about 0.5 liters, a 2 kW engine will consume about 1.2 liters per hour of work (more exact characteristics of the saw can be seen in the manual). There is therefore no point in adding more than 3 refills in a row.

Before preparing the mixture, it is advisable to thoroughly clean and dry the neck of the canister and the area around it in order to avoid the ingress of foreign matter: dust, water, etc. д. The same is done with the tank before refueling: the lid and the neck are cleaned of dust and clogged dirt, so that it does not get into the gas tank and then into the engine.

Oil for two-stroke chainsaw engines

Modern garden chain saws can be equipped with either a 2 or 4 stroke engine. The two types of engines differ slightly in the way they work and in the way the lubricant is used. Powerful chainsaws with 4-stroke internal combustion engines have an engine crank group lubricated by oil, which is in the crankcase of the factory engine during the active work of the gasoline tool. In the factory 2-cycle engines the lubricant comes from the gasoline directly to the cavity below the regular piston. that’s where the crank group is located, equipped with a pair of bushings and bearings that require continuous lubrication. That’s why you need to add motor oil to the gasoline you use for your factory 2-stroke engines.

Important Features of operation and installation of overhead single-girder cranes of supported and suspended design

In order to unmistakably choose a specific lubricant for the continuously rubbing parts of the chain saw engine, its owner should study the most important properties of the material:

  • the volume of ash produced. when gasoline is burned, exhaust fumes appear, and when oil is burned, ash and resin deposits appear. They accumulate on the walls of the cylinder and piston, making it difficult for it to move up and down unimpeded. Some manufacturers do not guarantee a sufficient combustion of lubricants, but branded products burn almost completely;
  • level of impurities. oils can contain not only useful additives, but also harmful substances. A quality lubricant is one that has the lowest percentage of harmful components;
  • anti-wear, corrosion protection and permanently lubricating. the oil is intended to leave a thin film on the engine’s rubbing parts to protect them from increased wear, heat and rust.

When developing lubricants to support the work of 2-stroke engines, manufacturers focus on two standards: 2T and TC-W3. Oil of the second type is used for operation in standard engines, equipped with liquid cooling. such engines are equipped with jet skis and boat engines. 2T oils are mainly used for the lubrication of engines with permanent air cooling. chain saws, trimmers and other types of household appliances.

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The most popular on the market among experienced gardeners and woodcutters are oils from the following brands:

Husqvarna. this Swedish manufacturer never economizes on quality. Straight proof of that is not only brand-name gardening equipment but also high-quality products for the lubrication of its parts. Oil of this brand. Husqvarna HP. contains a lot of additives intended to stabilize an internal combustion engine. This oil is made on a carefully prepared semi-synthetic basis and has substances that reliably protect the power unit from corrosion and increased wear. During continuous operation, the lubricant from the Swedish manufacturer burns almost completely, producing minimal ash;

  • STIHL is the best known brand for gardening equipment. The lubricants of this brand have a balanced proprietary formula that contains all the necessary additives. STIHL HP oils are capable of operating the saw in temperatures up to.10⁰C;
  • Partner. oils from this chainsaw manufacturer are compatible with all 2-stroke power units. They stand out for their enhanced lubrication properties, high levels of anti-corrosion and anti-wear additives, as well as the ability to operate stably at temperatures up to.15⁰C.

Choosing oil for 2-stroke chainsaw engines, it is important to pay attention to its shelf life. Gardeners should be alerted to the manufacturer’s Комментарии и мнения владельцев that its lubricants can have an operating life of 3-5 years or more. Because the additives in an oil have a tendency to evaporate and lose their essential working properties

As a rule, well known brands advise to use their lubricants for 6-12 months, because after this time the oil becomes worthless

Because the additives contained in the oil tend to evaporate and lose their main working properties. As a rule, well-known brands advise to use their lubricants for 6-12 months, because after this period the oil becomes worthless.

You need quality components

Practice proves that the quality of a properly mixed oil has an impact on the service life, performance, and productivity of a power tool:

thin, stihl, chain
  • It is not recommended to use components that have expired their shelf life.
  • It is especially important for gasoline and oil components. do not use components derived from gas condensates, because the molecular structure contains harmful, for the internal combustion engine sodium and water.
  • Partial failure to meet international standards for AI-92. AI-95 grade is rich in detonation dampening additives.
thin, stihl, chain

The mentioned disadvantages limit in time the service life of manual chainsaws, the internal combustion engines of which work on complex fuel mixture consistencies.

STIHL chain saw: which gasoline oil to use?

Some equipment manufacturers also produce their own lubricants, adapted to each engine. STIHL also produces oil exclusively for their machines. It is equipped with special additives, which can compensate the quality of fuel, improving the lubrication and cleaning of the fuel mixture. It should be noted that Husqvarna HP oil is universal and can be used for any chainsaw. It can be used at a temperature not lower than.10 degrees Celsius.

Also for two-stroke engines the following brands are used: Sadko, Kraissmann, Oleo-mac Prosint. When using a STIHL chain saw, how much oil per gallon of gasoline to fill? The ratio will be 25 ml of additive per liter of fuel. Remember that there are oils for chains and motors. They are designed for different purposes and are not interchangeable. The use of chain oil for the preparation of the fuel and lubricant mixture leads to tool breakdown.

What happens if you don’t take into account the recommendations

An inexperienced person does not know about how to dilute gasoline with oil, how to choose the right fuel, what proportion of gasoline to use, and many other nuances. Often such ignorance leads to a large number of problems in the operation of machinery:

  • Increased fuel consumption;
  • defects in the machine and its components;
  • the appearance of extraneous noises;
  • Severe toxic exhaust and t.д.

Therefore, experts recommend adhering to tips related to all aspects of the equipment, from how to choose the right fuel to how to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw.

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