How to tuck the line for the trimmer in the trimmer for the grassforest

Changing the line in the trimmer

Soon it will be time to mow your lawn or near your home. Most of them use gasoline grass trimmers (brushcutters). They use a kapron line for the trimmer as the cutting unit. It rotates at high speed and is excellent for cutting thin grass.While working, it naturally wears out and after a while the lawnmower reel becomes empty. But this is not a problem, it can be supplemented with a new one. If you bought a grass trimmer with a primed line, then you naturally do not know how to tuck a new line for the trimmer into the spool. I will show you how to do it and prepare your tool for the new season in this master class.

Changing the line in the trimmer

If there is a summer cottage or a large plot of land near your individual house or cottage, then you need to use a lawnmower for easy cleaning of grass and weeds. In case you are thinking of choosing an electric lawn mower or a gasoline mower, click here and you will find comparative characteristics of different models.

Over time, the trimmer line on the mower wears out and needs to be replaced. you can do it yourself. You need to choose this polyethylene filament depending on the model of the mower. You should also watch out for other parts of the machine, here for example you can find information about Craftsman lawn mower blades, which also wear out and can lead to irreversible consequences.

The design of the spool that the trimmer line is inserted into is very simple. But it is different depending on whether the spool works with one or two tendrils of thread. It is important to observe safety precautions when changing the line in the spool.

Winding a double line

Usually the spool is divided lengthwise into 2 parts by an ongoing partition. It is necessary to take the line for the trimmer from the coil and wind it in one half to measure the capacity at the selected cord diameter. Wind it back so much that the cord does not protrude. As soon as half is full, you need to wind the line for the trimmer back, remembering the used meterage. The cord should be cut to a length exactly 2 times longer than was placed on the half of the spool.

Reaching the end you need to fix the ends of the fishing line in the special opposite notches on the edge of the spool. Since one of them is longer, the free tails on the output are almost the same.

Now you need to insert the spool into the base with the spring. The line ends are threaded through the holes in the mowing head. They are pulled up to release from the grip of the slots on the spool. After putting the cover back on and the head is ready to use.

Coil Removal and Disassembly

The grass trimmer head consists of a shroud, a spring (not every model has one), a bobbin with cord, and a cover. Before proceeding to disassemble the reel of the electric unit, be sure to unplug the grass trimmer. Disassembly method depends on the mounting of the mowing head. First option:

  • To remove the cover on the inside of the head, press the latches on both sides of the head.
  • Remove the cover, under which you will see the bobbin. remove it from the housing. Some trimmer reels have a spring under the bobbin, which you should also carefully remove.
  • Once you remove the bobbin, you will see a screw in the center of the housing. Unscrew it with a screwdriver.
  • After removing the fasteners, take the body of the part and, rocking it in different directions, remove the gearbox from the shaft.

In the second option, the grass trimmer head is screwed on the gear shaft. To remove it, you need to fix the shaft. For this purpose, such devices have a hole, through which a thin screwdriver or a metal rod is inserted. Quick instruction:

  • Insert a screwdriver into the hole and lock the shaft.
  • Take hold of the head body and start twisting it. Do this in a clockwise direction, t. к. Left-hand thread on shaft.
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winding the line on the spool

Each trimmer manufacturer recommends a trimmer line or cord of a certain diameter. a spool is made for it. It can be from 1.2 to 4 mm: you need to look at the manual, which sizes of fishing line are allowed for your tool. For example, in many trimmers the maximum value is 3 mm (recommended for hard grass). you can’t install a thicker cord. A fine trimmer line with a diameter of 1.2 to 1.6 mm is suitable for mowing young, soft vegetation. Also when choosing, pay attention to the structure of the cord: round is the strongest and suitable for coarse grass, shaped. for soft, twisted or notched. for thin stems. Depending on what kind of grass grows on the site. lawn or weeds, buy the appropriate consumables. The length of the coil can be from several tens to several hundreds of meters, and its price depends on this. The amount of work to be done should be taken into account. If the grass trimmer is used in a private household, there is no need to buy a roll of more than 100 m.

Important to know! Buy only original grass trimmer line recommended by the trimmer manufacturer. It is made of quality materials and is durable. it will cut the grass perfectly and not wear out so quickly.

For one threading of the line in the bobbin you need a length of 2 to 4 m, depending on the thickness of the line and the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you wind more line, it will be difficult to move it and you may have trouble pulling the new ends out as you go along. Coil up the necessary amount and cut with a knife.

Useful tip: Place a piece of filament in water for 30 minutes so that it becomes more elastic and stronger.

To insert the trimmer line into the trimmer head, you must remove it from the tool. Depending on the design, this can be done by pushing on the catches or unscrewing the knob. Pay attention to the direction of the thread. right or left. and depending on this turn the drum. Usually, the direction of rotation is indicated by an arrow on the trimmer head body. Wearing gloves for this operation is recommended. no slipping of the fingers and no dirty hands.

Disassembling the trimmer head

The line for the trimmer is wound on the bobbin, which is hidden in the body of the trimmer head. To reach it you need to disassemble the element. The case has snap-lock fasteners so you can easily remove the case cover by pushing on them. Sometimes you can disassemble it by unscrewing the case.

Be careful! Note the order in which the elements are installed and the location of the spring and fixing screw inside the head. Stack all parts neatly in one place so you won’t lose anything and have no problems reassembling.

Trimmer heads are differentiated by structure, type of spool and how the line is pulled. Once you disassemble the housing you will see the bobbin and determine what type it belongs to. There are products with a border in the middle which divides the reel into a top and bottom part for each end of the line. For products without a separating lip, the line is wound solidly. To make the process clearer we suggest using the table below.

Winding lines on different types of spools

With a separating bead

Without a separating edge

We’ve described how to wind the line for the trimmer into the grass trimmer spool with two tendrils. This is the most common option. But there are other methods. For example, if the mowing head has a single strand, the filament is wound without folding the line for the trimmer. Rotate in the direction indicated on the bobbin case and temporarily fix the free end of the cord in the slot on the case. For trimmers with four tendrils the consumable material is four short pieces, which are inserted one by one into the holes of the already assembled head.

Hint: When winding the line, be careful not to overtighten it so that it does not sit too tight in the reel. It is necessary to ensure its free movement for subsequent pulling.

Assembling the trimmer head

After the line for the trimmer is wound on the bobbin, it is necessary to assemble the body. Position the spool so that the ends of the fishing line can be pulled into the output holes of the trimmer head. Slots in the bobbin, where they were temporarily inserted, will prevent them from slipping out. If you don’t have any of these slots, use your fingers to hold the ends when you place the spool in the housing. After pulling the loose ends into the outlet holes, close the cover and secure it with latches or screws. Place the mowing head on the grass trimmer and pull the line ends to the proper length so that they don’t touch the guard as you work. Done! You can now start to work!

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Thus, theoretically knowing the algorithm for changing the line in the trimmer head, you can easily and quickly cope with this task. The main thing is not to hurry and before the first replacement carefully examine the design of the bobbin. If you have trouble disassembling the housing, you can always refer to the instruction manual, which will always specify the locking mechanisms. This will help to prevent damage through negligence. Buy fishing line for trimmer and other consumables for trimmer you can in our online store.

How to remove the spool from the grass trimmer and remove the line for the trimmer

Initially, before you can tuck the trimmer fishing line into the grass trimmer spool, you need to remove it from there. A reel or spool is a device that is located inside the mowing head, reel, or drum. There are different kinds of heads (depending on the manufacturers), but the principle of changing the line on the spool is the same in all. First of all, let’s understand how to remove the head from the tool, as well as how to get the reel with the fishing line out of it.

This is interesting! Changing the rigging can be done directly on the tool, but if you are doing it for the first time, it is still recommended to remove the head, and learn the detailed process of winding. After you’ve mastered the technology, you can do the replacement work on your trimmer or gasoline-powered brushcutter.

The instructions on how to unwind the manual head on the trimmer are as follows:

This process is not difficult, and as you understand it is not necessary to dismantle the entire head, if you know how to perform the replacement. When dismantling, take into account such nuances:

Knowing how to disassemble the reel, you should continue to figure out the process of replacing the grass trimmer line. The video below shows a detailed process of how to open the grass trimmer reel and disassemble it.

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Winding the line on the grass trimmer

Measured and careful removal of the bobbin from the grass trimmer reel allows you to go directly to the winding of the line. The design features of the head, the number and location of fixing holes dictate the sequence of actions when performing this operation, as well as determine the methods used. Today there are several varieties of spools, depending on the number of fishing line tendrils and methods of threading it:

Grass trimmer reel with one tendril

Many owners and experts note the ease of operating and refueling a single-head reel. Depending on the manufacturer, the length of line to be reeled in varies from 2 to 5 meters. In the head the end of the line is inserted in a special technological groove or hole, and winding is done in the opposite direction to the working rotation of the bobbin. Most spools have arrow marks on the outside of the housing, which indicate the direction of travel of the grass trimmer reel.

After winding you need to leave the free end 15-30 cm to increase the centrifugal force, which is decisive when extracting the trimmer line in automatic and semi-automatic spools. We put the left end through the working hole of the spool and assemble the head.

Trimmer head with two tendrils

After removing the bobbin from the spool body, determine the number of spooling thread grooves (1 or 2). There is no fundamental difference between single-groove and double-groove spools, but there are operating problems with careless spooling into a twin-groove. Because neighboring lines are likely to become entangled, it may be impossible to retrieve new lines once the line wires are worn out.

Regardless of the number of streams, you take a line for the trimmer with a length of 1.5 to 3 meters. Winding needs to be performed in the opposite direction of the head’s rotation, because winding during the motion will lead to the fact that the line for the trimmer won’t be extracted from the bobbin. Once the line for the trimmer is tucked into the grass trimmer reel the loose ends (15-30 cm) are threaded into the special holes. Then you assemble the trimmer head in the reverse order of disassembly and check its functionality. Do not worry if the ends of the two tendrils are very different in size, because when starting the grass trimmer, the blade installed on the protection will cut off the excess.

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Grass trimmer head with automatic line threading

Some models on the market have a spool with an automatic winding mechanism. All you have to do is to correctly prime and lock the ends in the head and the tool will wind the bobbin by itself when you put it in working order. Incorrect winding of fishing line in a grass trimmer with such a head is almost impossible, since the spool itself determines the position of the tendrils. The advantages of the automatic grass trimmer head include the ease of threading, and the disadvantages. frequent damage to the mechanism due to the complexity of design and high cost.

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How to insert a line into a grass trimmer for a trimmer?

Filling the mowing spool with cutting filament for the grass trimmer is not a difficult task, but beginner gardeners will have to practice a little to be able to quickly insert the cord into the existing household grass trimmer in the future.

There are only a few ways to thread a grass trimmer’s mowing head. The first method is the easiest and most suitable for beginner gardeners.

In this case the cord is inserted into the spool in this sequence:

  • First you need to unwind about 6 m of line from the total spool for grass trimmer, and then cut the resulting segment in half. The result should be two strands, each 3 m long;
  • Then, at one end of the first segment will need to make a kind of hook, and insert it into one of the through holes located at the top of the bobbin;
  • Next, begin winding the line on the bobbin in the direction indicated by the arrow. During winding, you need to make sure that the line for the trimmer lies evenly on the surface of the bobbin, and does not extend beyond its upper section. It is not necessary to wind up the segment to the end, about 15 cm of thread should remain in the hands;
  • The remaining loose end of the wound cord will need to be inserted into one of the notches located at the top of the bobbin;
  • Then the same procedure should be done with the second piece of fishing line. It will be necessary to wind it on the lower section of the bobbin;
  • As in the first case, it is not necessary to wind the line for trimmer on the lower section up to the end. The remaining piece of thread must be inserted in the second slot of the bobbin.

After you have finished, you must install the spool on the grass trimmer and start it. To check if the string is securely fastened, you need to press the throttle lever all the way down so that the engine reaches maximum revolutions. If the line for the trimmer does not fly out of the head, it means that the line for the trimmer is held securely, and it will not fly out of the mowing spool while mowing the grass.


Working with such equipment as grass trimmers requires caution and attention. Compliance with safety measures during work is mandatory for beginners and experienced craftsmen. It happens so that self-confident mowers lose vigilance, make irreparable mistakes and get seriously injured. Therefore, it is important when working with the machine

  • Close the coil cover with all latches.
  • Don’t wind more fishing line than it’s supposed to: it’s hard to unwind later.
  • After filling up the reel, be sure to check the tool before mowing.
  • Choose a quality material that is suitable for the particular trimmer.

No need to try to mow coarse grass with thick stems with a fishing line. There are steel discs for this. Only wear protective clothing. Wear safety glasses and appropriate footwear.

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