How to unscrew a Phillips screw without a screwdriver

What can be used instead of a very small screwdriver?

Another option is to use a toothbrush. Melt one end of it with a lighter, then immediately insert it into the recess on the screw head. After waiting a little to allow the melted plastic to solidify, turn the brush counterclockwise. Of course it doesn’t help if the screw is screwed too tight.

If you don’t have a flat-blade screwdriver, you can use any flat object to remove the screw. Use a plastic card, like a bank card. Insert the card into the cavity and turn it counterclockwise.

How to unscrew a slugged screw?

Unfortunately, there is no almost universal solution. And each method presented is good for its own situation. So everything is learned by comparison and applied to the particular individual situation and screw.

You will need a piece of heavy rubber. This can be a piece of medical tape, a piece of bicycle inner tube, etc.п. The denser and stiffer the material, the more torque you can create.Take a screwdriver that is as similar to the groove of the screw as possible.

Put a tourniquet under the screwdriver or bit and insert it all into the slugged head. Then with simultaneous pressure and rotary motion try to unscrew the screw.

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What can you use instead of a Phillips screwdriver?

First, you need to carefully examine the screw. If one groove is longer than the second, the unscrewing process is much easier.

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Otherwise there is a high probability of grooves grinding which can damage the whole item. You can replace the Phillips screwdriver in the following ways.

  • Coin of any denomination. The main thing is that its edge fits into the recess of the screw. Coin should simply be inserted into the screw and rotated counterclockwise.
  • If the screw is loose, insert your fingernail into the slot and twist it in the same way you would twist a screwdriver.
  • Insert the flat tip of a knife into the slot and unscrew the screw. Here you need to be careful, because a low-quality knife can bend, break, and the screw will remain in place.
  • A compact disc is a great way to replace a screwdriver. But this analogue is only good for screws that are loose. Otherwise the disk will break.
  • If the slots are too narrow, you can extend them with a metal hacksaw, and then use whatever method is most comfortable for unscrewing.
  • If you have a flathead screwdriver of appropriate size, use it.
  • Melt the handle of the toothbrush and then insert it into the slot of the screw. Once the plastic has hardened, you can safely remove it. But this method will not be effective if the screw is screwed too tight.

Ways to remove a screw without a screwdriver

Let’s look at the most effective ways depending on the particular type of slot. Let’s start with the Phillips head.

Option No1. The Phillips head slot

The first thing to note is that some screws can have one depression on the head longer than the other. If it is, work only with a larger tooth pit to make it easier. We should also add that the edges of these recesses can be chipped, and therefore you should work carefully, otherwise you can ruin the product.

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What is the name of the working part of the screwdriver?

The slot of a screwdriver, whose working part in the cross section is made in the shape of a square, is known as a square slot. Another name for this variant is SQUARE HEAD. Less common is the SQUARE TEMPER RESISTANT, a square with a hole in the center for a guide.

Let’s assume that the flat on the screw or screw remains, but the slot is torn off, as many craftsmen say, “ripped off”, rolled. A screwdriver or drill just comes off such a fastener. The easiest way to work around this problem is to use a piece of rubber or any rubberized material.

What kinds of screwdrivers there are?

Square The slot of a screwdriver, which has a working part in the shape of a square in its cross section, is known as the square slot. Another name for this variant is SQUARE HEAD. Less common is SQUARE TEMPER RESISTANT. a square with a hole in the center for a guide.

What to open a very small screw?

Tape it shut, then find a small screwdriver and screw it in. A box cutter is perfect for that. Buy a screwdriver for your glasses. optics.

  • Heat and cool
  • Find the right tool
  • Knock on the head of the bolt or screw with a hammer and an impact screwdriver
  • Use a penetrating rust dissolver or lubricant
  • Drill out the screw
  • Solder or weld a screwdriver or hex to a screw.
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