How to unscrew the disc on an angle grinder without a wrench

How to change a disc on an angle grinder with a key?

Use a drill or a keyless angle grinder to turn the blade on the angle grinder without the key, first switch it to jackhammer mode. As a working tool, a suitable auger is used, most often 6 millimeters.

To begin with, let’s answer a frequent question: “In which direction the nut on the angle grinder unscrews?”Remember! Unscrew it in the direction of the disc rotation.

Heating of the fixing flange

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to replace a cutting wheel on an angle grinder when there is no special wrench nearby. The locking nut should be heated with a construction hair dryer, a gas torch, or by pressing it hard against a wooden block. Once the flange is hot enough, it can be quite easily unscrewed with a hand protected by a welding glove. However, this method has one drawback: there is a risk of damaging the plastic body of the angle grinder.

Heating the nut by pressing the running angle grinder against a wooden log

What causes the problem?

And so when the process of tightening the locking flange is complete, we have an out-of-state situation on our face. It will be affected by factors such as:

  • The disc is oversized.
  • Very high power of power tools.
  • Rotor dimensions.
  • Sudden increase in cutting depth, t.е. The resistance increases.

In this case, you should remove the disk from the angle grinder, but it can be very difficult to do. Additional measures have to be taken here.

Why is the lug nut getting tight??

Depending on the brand and diameter of the disc, the angle grinder has a speed of 6,000 to 12,000 rpm. When the rotating disc is suddenly in contact with the surface to be machined, the following rapid processes occur.The cutting wheel, when it hits the material, encounters high resistance and slows down slightly, but the rotor of the electric motor continues to rotate with the same momentum and literally screws the thread of the spindle into the retainer nut, pressing it into the cutting wheel. It’s not going to be easy to unscrew, especially with the original wrench.

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There are different ways to get rid of this defect. Not all of them pass without a trace on the tool. Here we will look at one of them, which can be called auto thermal.

What a way out of the problem is suggested by experts and amateurs

What is a gasket made of newspaper. It is a paper washer according to the size of the nut. It is put on the mounted disc and a nut is screwed on top. This piece of paper has been a stumbling block because the Safety Inspectorate has always said that this solution is harmful.

The safety authorities feel the same way about the installation of gaskets made of any other material:

But there is a solution that does not contradict safety requirements and allows the normal installation and removal of the disc. This is a special nut, which consists of two elements. a nut and a pressure washer. Using such a nut does not require any padding, because with it the disk does not jam.

If you don’t have a special wrench handy, the handyman suggests doing without a wrench. This does not mean that you can do without a wrench at all, but use a “gas wrench” or other device. To do this, it is necessary to clamp the retainer, clamp the nut with a gas wrench and unscrew it. This way you can replace a jammed disc, but it is a very inconvenient operation for one person.

There are also suggestions to clamp the disk by hand and unscrew it that way. Maybe, but it is unlikely that you can change broken rims that way. It is better to use wrenches that are designed for removing and installing discs.

Some foreign manufacturers of power tools, such as Bosh, produce angle grinders with easily removable nuts. The socket and disc locks securely in place on the tool shaft and are easily and quickly removed for disc replacement.

Safety rules

In any work with an angle grinder, it is important to remember that this tool has an increased risk of injury. Accordingly, you must never let your guard down, even if you disconnect the cutter from the mains. When using auxiliary tools and materials to replace the disk, be careful with them as well. A locksmith tool can also cause noticeable injury.

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Angle grinder (angle grinder) or angle grinder has established itself as a very effective tool, with which you can perform a wide range of works. However, during its operation, safety precautions should be adhered to, since the speed of the discs is very high and can cause injury. Judging by numerous reviews, many home crafters have problems with disks, they often split, and the nuts, with which they are clamped, bite. This can be caused by human error or simply by a defect. In the end, it is impossible to use such an attachment for its intended purpose.

It would seem that there is nothing complicated about replacing the disk with a new one. Nevertheless, at this stage, the pipe cutter faces a problem. the attachment is tightly clamped by a fixing nut, which does not want to unscrew. How to remove a jammed disc from an angle grinder? What methods are used for this? What handy tools are available if the original key is lost? Learn how to remove a jammed disc from an angle grinder in this article.

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What causes the problem??

It is difficult to encounter this problem when rotating at idle speed. Especially when working with light and soft start tools. However, after increasing RPM and contact with the surface to be cut, the following happens:

  • When material resistance occurs, the wheel has a sharp decrease in angular velocity of rotation, it brakes.
  • The motor by inertia continues to run for a few moments at the same speed, dragging the gearbox and spindle.
  • The retainer nut is tightened more by inertia on the threads of the spindle head, thereby pressing the cutting disc in.

The tightening process of the locking flange is now complete. the abnormal situation is evident. The following factors influence its occurrence:

  • Large wheel size.
  • High tool power.
  • Massive rotor.
  • Dramatic increase in cutting depth, t.е. increased resistance.

In this case, removing the disc from the angle grinder can be very difficult. Additional measures are required.

Method 3. How to change the disc on an angle grinder without using a wrench

You can’t always find a special tool on hand. Therefore, in some cases, the maintenance of the angle grinder, associated with the replacement of the old disc with a new one, can be somewhat complicated.

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But other means come to the rescue, such as a gas wrench. We have already talked about it above, so let’s consider in more detail the specifics of its operation. To work with a pipe wrench or a gas wrench, you must spread it out as far as possible to encircle the flange.

The spindle must be held in place with a metal plate when the wrench is turned. this was also mentioned above. In most cases, the gas wrench helps. But there are situations where even it can not help.

It is worth trying the “tapping out” method in addition to the gas wrench. To do this:

  • Take a metal bar or a thin chisel;
  • Fix the spindle of the angle grinder as tightly and securely as possible;
  • the nut should be displaced by light tapping on the edge of the flange.

In this case, the blows must be performed in the right direction. The latter is equivalent to the direction of rotation of the disk in an angle grinder. Regarding safety, this method is characterized by an increased risk associated with damage to the flange mechanism. Therefore, this method should be used only if other methods do not help.

What to do so that this does not happen again?

In order to avoid getting into this situation again, you can put a plastic, paper or cardboard washer under the nut before clamping the new disc. And in such a case, the nut can always be unscrewed without any problems.

Cutting stones or discs are not always of good quality these days and breakage is therefore a frequent problem. Of course, the human factor of faulty operation can’t be ruled out. But now, if you find yourself in a similar story. you know what to do. See you later!

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