How to unscrew the nut on an angle grinder without a wrench

What are some ways to unscrew a tightened nut on an angle grinder?

When rotating at idle, it is difficult to encounter a similar problem. Especially when working with light circles and tools with soft start function. However, after increasing the RPM and making contact with the surface to be cut, the following happens:

  • When material resistance is encountered, the grinding wheel‘s angular rotation speed drops sharply, it slows down.
  • The motor continues to run for a few moments at the same rpm by inertia, dragging the gearbox and spindle behind it.
  • The retaining nut is tightened more by inertia on the threads of the spindle head, thereby pressing the cutting disc in.

That is all, the process of tightening of the fixing flange is finished. the emergency situation is evident. The following factors influence its occurrence:

  • Large wheel size.
  • High power tool.
  • Massive rotor.
  • A sharp increase in cutting depth, i.e.е. an increase in resistance.

In this case, it can be very difficult to remove the disc from the angle grinder. Additional measures have to be taken.

Heat on the locking flange

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to replace a cutting disc on an angle grinder when there is no special wrench nearby. The retaining nut must be heated with a construction hair dryer, a gas torch or by pressing it hard against a wooden block. Once the flange is hot enough, it can be pushed off quite easily with a hand protected by a welding glove. However, this method has one drawback: there is a risk of damaging the plastic body of the angle grinder.

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Types of faucet installations: flexible connection

This method of connection requires a flexible supply for faucets.

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In order to preserve the integrity of the coating of the mixer, it is better to wrap it with electrical tape.

Before you connect the faucet to the pipe, you must first shut off the hot and cold water supply. Next, having unscrewed the clamping nut and the fixing screw, you need to remove the old faucet and clean the place of installation. If the faucet can not be removed, then the joint between the device and the sink must be covered with a special chemical, which after a while will allow to remove the faucet.

To install the faucet, it is necessary to screw in an inlet in the form of two hoses, as well as a pin with a thread, on which actually will be fastened the faucet to the sink. Before you put the faucet in place, you need to put an o-ring with a rubber gasket on the hoses. This entire structure is inserted into the appropriate hole in the sink. It is more convenient to work with an assistant, who will support the mixer from above until it is completely fixed. For fixing and additional sealing of the system, a sealing ring is inserted from below, or a special gasket, and a clamping washer on the pin. The washer must be tightened firmly, and only then the mixer will hold itself.

After the faucet is mounted on the basin, the water supply is connected to the water supply with coupling nuts and adapters. It is important to orient yourself correctly and not to let the hoses kink or twist. The nuts are screwed on, first manually, then with wrenches, and to secure the connections wrap with rubber tape. After completing the work, be sure to check the correctness of the connection of hot and cold water, as well as the tightness of all connections. If there is a leak, it must be repaired. Turning on the water for the first time, you need to let it flow for about 5 minutes to make sure that the design does not fail.

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Mounting a faucet with a bend.

How to unscrew the nut on the angle grinder if jammed

Tried locking with a button, taking a standard wrench and pushing, pounding with a hammer. to no avail.

Took home, locked the button, tried to use a gas wrench. does not go, and that’s all, only scratched the nut. In this case, I remembered how often I heard about cases where the nut on the angle grinder unscrewed with great difficulty.

How to unscrew the nut on the angle grinder (angle grinder) if it is jammed

The first thing to do is to break to the ground what is left of the broken cutting disc.

This is done very simply, you only need to take pliers. At the same time use protective equipment. goggles and gloves, because metal splinters will fly.

The result should be the following:

Next, we find a piece of metal with a thickness less than the disk angle grinder.

Next, you need to turn on the angle grinder and use this piece to grind the rest of the disk between the nuts.

After everything is worn out, the nut is unscrewed inside, not even with a wrench, but with your hands.

This is how it’s done, in a very quick and easy way. And safe for the bearings of the angle grinder. Because if you can’t get it unscrewed many people start with a hammer and try to unscrew the nut by tapping on it.

What to do to prevent this from happening again

If you do not want to get in such a position, you can put a washer. made of plastic, paper or cardboard. under the nut before you clamp the new disc. In this case the nut will unscrew without any effort.

Nowadays it is not often possible to find a cutting stone or disc in good quality, so when it breaks, it often becomes a problem.

Naturally, the reason may also be misuse. But now you already know how to unscrew the nut on the angle grinder.

If there are any questions or you don’t understand something, you can look it all up at

How to unscrew the wheel nut of an angle grinder (angle grinder) if it is jammed

So, if you can not use a wrench, even if it is inserted and slightly struck with a hammer, then we start using something more serious.

The first thing you can try, but again, without fanaticism, is to take a rod, insert it into the holes in the nut and using a hammer, move the nut in the direction of its unscrewing. The main thing is not to break the button or tear the holes like here

The second thing that many people advise is to heat the nut. Warm up the nut. In the end it is a little bit, but physically it is still obliged to expand. Resizing may or may not help.

Do not pull to the extreme, until the stopper of the anti-rotation button or the button itself bursts. In this case, it is not the tool you unscrew that breaks, but often it is the body of the angle grinder.

The third way is the most effective, and oddly enough one of the safest for the most angle grinder. We break off the edges of the disk along the nut.

Then we use a thin metal plate or another disk (thinner), and maybe a second angle grinder with a disk. At the same time, the broken disk should be ground either by the plate or by the disk. We try to grind the disk not to damage the nuts fixing the disk as they will be needed. So sharpen the whole broken circle until it is ground down and the nut is unscrewed.

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If you will use a second disc or metal plate, it is better to insert them to hold in a vice. It is dangerous to hold such things with your hands. This method is the most effective!

How to remove it?

The discs, especially the ones designed for cutting, quickly “burn out” and must be replaced.

It would be worthwhile to remind you once again about the need to disconnect the “angle grinder” from the network. The work will be done with rapidly rotating parts, and it is better to protect yourself.

If you need to replace the worn disc, you must perform a few simple steps.

  • The disk is fixed on the spindle with a threaded nut. The set of any angle grinder has a special key, which horns have pins that cling to the flange holes.
  • The spindle is fixed with a special button, the cotter pin of which, when pressed, enters into the hole of the reducer, thus fixing it. Pressing the button with the right hand you need to unscrew the fastening nut with the wrench with the left hand at the same time. If the nut has moved out of place, it is unscrewed by hand. That’s all, now the disk can be removed.
  • There are cases when for some reason the wrench is not at hand. What to do? The easiest way out is to stop working. But this, as they say, is not our method. Unscrew the clamping nut of the “angle grinder” without a wrench is also possible. Often a pipe (gas) wrench is used for this. There is a device on such a key that loosens it. It is necessary to clamp the nut and, having fixed the reducer “angle grinder” with a button, move it out of place. Then it can be unscrewed by hand.
  • The nut has holes for its fixation with pins on the wrench horns, you can unscrew it by tapping with a hammer on a chisel or rod stuck in the hole.
  • Sometimes the nut can be unscrewed by simply tapping its edge with a hammer in the direction of the twist. However, in this case the flange can be damaged, especially the holes for the wrench pins, and then it may be impossible to use a spanner on such a nut.
  • A very good result is obtained by using a nail to make a wrench. The nail is better to choose a large, from 100 mm. Use the hammer and pliers to give the nail a U-shape. Use a hacksaw or a chisel to cut the nail point and the nail head. With such an improvised wrench you may try to unscrew the nut. It is possible to bend the ends of the spanner and turn it into a semblance of an open-end wrench, but this is more labor-intensive. It is also possible to insert a key, such as a hammer or other nail, into the arc formed by the bent nail.

How to unscrew a hub nut. the main 5 ways

To solve the problem, how to unscrew the hub nut, you need to determine how to dismantle. This can be done in one of two basic ways:

When unscrewing the hub nut, it is important to observe safety precautions. Under a high load, the car can move and injure the wrench. To prevent this from happening. use the stops

They fit under the wheels on both sides. Also you need to engage the parking brake. This ensures that the car body is held in position

To avoid this, we use a stopper. They are installed under the wheels on both sides. The parking brake must also be engaged. This will ensure that the car body is held in a given position.

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If the nut won’t unscrew, make a choice based on the following possible methods:


“Barbaric” variant

“Hot” method

“Delicate” work

Maximum torque

With chemicals

Description What tools are needed When to use
Provides for disassembly, subsequent replacement. Drill with metal drill bits (different diameters), chisel, hammer (small sledgehammer). To be used if there is no chance of unscrewing with conventional methods.
Heating of metal at joint. Burner. Bearings and hubs to be replaced.
Gently unscrew the stuck part by gradually increasing the force with a lever while tapping on the body. Tube socket wrench, heavy-duty screwdriver, hammer, extension tube, deep-duty grease. If necessary, perform the work as accurately as possible
Powerful wrench and a long tube allow a much higher force, thus increasing the chance of breaking the thread. Heavy-duty socket wrench, long tube. Sockets for slug nuts. Hydraulically or electrically powered wrench. Nut that is too stuck.
A soaked rag gradually removes the problem. Kerosene and/or mineral spirits, hammer, rags. If there is time to spare.

You can unscrew the stuck element quickly if you can provide leverage. It is installed on a ratchet with a small crowbar. You can use a piece of pipe of suitable diameter and a length of at least 1 meter.

How to remove without a wrench?

Angle grinder disc, judging by numerous reviews, can be dismantled with a large pipe wrench, which is more commonly referred to as a gas wrench. The first thing the craftsman has to do is to divide it up enough so that it can completely encircle the flange. When turning the open-end wrench with the flange clamped in it, the spindle is held in place by some metal object. According to feedback from home craftsmen, this method is considered very effective. If it did not help, then the nut specialists advise to “knock out” the metal rod or a thin chisel. The spindle is also secured in this way. The nut will move if you tap lightly on the flange near the edge. The blows should be performed in the direction of rotation of the disk. According to seasoned masters, this method is not safe. The fact that you can damage the flange, namely, the holes into which the pins of the horn wrench are inserted.

I hope my article today was helpful and clear. Now you know how to quickly and easily unscrew the jammed nut on the angle grinder. The most important thing is to be careful and not to give in to emotions. Better to think twice than buy a new power tool or spend money for repairs.

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Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев how often you have a nut clamping on the angle grinder?

How to avoid jamming?

To avoid trouble during the change of the head of the angle grinder, it is recommended to prepare for work in advance. To do this, you can insert a small spacer between the disc and the nut. You can use cardboard, a piece of linoleum or plastic as a material.

If the fastener constantly tightens too much, it is advisable to use a smaller diameter wheel. It is also important to keep the tool clean, timely treat the threads with oil, WD-40.

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