How to use a reel for a grass trimmer

Working in wet weather

If there is a need to mow with a trimmer in any weather, it should definitely be gasoline, as it is quite tolerant of wet weather. Although, according to the instructions, some manufacturers of such gasoline-powered equipment also prohibit working in the rain or on wet grass. When choosing a trimmer for grass, you should also pay attention to this.

The electric motor is the most vulnerable to moisture in cordless trimmers. Accordingly, if it is located on top, it is less likely to get moisture from the grass, but in rainy weather, they can not work either.

The most moisture-sensitive grass trimmers powered from the mains.

Usually from wet grass, water gets on the extension cord connectors, where an electric arc can arise that can ignite the insulating plastic or cause a short circuit. Such a defect is “corrected” by buying a new extension cord or replacing the plug, but getting moisture on the motor or the control circuit leads to an irreversible failure of the grass trimmer. over, working with such a tool in the rain is simply dangerous, because there is a high probability of electric shock.

Popular models

When choosing which reel is best for your grass trimmer, check out the list of heads that have already earned many good reviews from users.

Bosh K103

This head is a universal head. Weighs 300g. Mainly used in Hyundai and Makita trimmers. The line on this reel is especially durable and reliable, with moderate consumption even with heavy use. Screwing is done automatically. The base (core) is made of metal and is seldom easy to break. The head has a height of 67mm. A flat cap is used here, which lasts a long time. Mowing of soft and young grass is superb. There are rare reports that the cap does rub off, but they are extremely rare. The cover is made of durable plastic.

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Reel for EFCO3060

Affordable and not bad quality head. The line winding system is semi-automatic, hence the most convenient. Diameter of attachment 6.6mm. The quality of the material from which the line is made is good, strong. The coil is reliable in operation and lasts for a decent number of hours. Because of its thickness, the line is able to cut through even the densest of grass. Adapter in the thread reel. Special cup protects the entire head from damage. This model is suitable for so many models, including.ч. “Hyundai, Intertool etc.д.

Flymo 15

Semi-automatic line winding reel for universal use. The kit comes with a rather thin cup, in connection with which the consumption of the line may be increased. This fault, however, is more than compensated by the excellent cutting performance. The head is set at 74mm, and this is not a bad result. Spool uses only thin line. The core is fully metal. Mainly used for garden trimmer models from different manufacturers.

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EFCO 8100

Perhaps the best all-purpose coil for grass trimmers. Comes with special adapter for mounting on many models. Entirely automatic winding type. Mounted with a diameter of 6.2 m and a spool height of 76 mm. 1.3 mm line is used. Fastening is carried out with a screw method. The blade guard is very compact, made of special shockproof plastic, but the cup is missing at all. First of all, this model is designed for soft young grass, it probably won’t cope with years of tall grass.

How to install the coil on the grass trimmer?

The correct mounting of the cutting attachment not only determines the quality of cut, but also operator safety when operating the brushcutter.

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During the installation of the spool, it is necessary to adhere to the following order of actions:

  • First of all you need to fix the shaft of the brushcutter’s standard gearbox at a fixed place. To do this you need to align the hole in its housing and the drive disc;
  • Next, it will be necessary to install a metal clamping plate on the gearbox shaft;
  • Then on the shaft you need to screw in the head with the fishing line, rotating it, in this case, against the clock hand;
  • To remove the spool from the grass trimmer, you will need to perform all actions in reverse order.
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When installing and removing the brushcutter head in the field, you need to be as careful as possible so as not to lose small parts of the gearbox in the grass.

What are trimmers for grass and features of their use

the grass trimmer is perfect for mowing small or difficult areas, such as around hedges, between seedbeds, and along paths. Today, manufacturers produce a large variety of gasoline, electric and battery-powered models, which can be selected according to any requirements of owners.

As a cutting element of the grass trimmer is used fishing line. In the process of work, sooner or later its length will end, and then the owner will face the question of how to properly replace and fix the thread, tucked into the removable spool.

How to use the grass trimmer reel

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What are bobbins for?

The use of the lawnmower in everyday life has found widespread use, both in the home and in the professional sphere. An essential accessory is a spool for grass trimmer. This special device, designed for winding the line, is considered one of the most popular parts of the tool. Buy a grass trimmer reel conveniently and profitably on our website. We offer a wide range of quality products for the most popular power tool models. We want to warn you that despite the fact that all bobbins are supplied with fishing line inside, we recommend buying it in advance so as not to get into a misfortune at the most convenient time. How to do this in this category.

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Like any tool item, the grass trimmer spool should be replaced over time. This ensures optimal performance and long life of the mower. Before replacing the part with a new one, it’s important to choose the most suitable option.

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How to tuck the line in?

It is important to wind the line correctly on the bobbin. This should be done with the tool turned off. In the center, as a rule, there is a special clamp, in which one end of the used fishing line should be placed. The other end should protrude about 15 cm.

Today, manufacturers offer a large selection of reels for trimmers.

Types of spools for grass trimmer, depending on the method of filing the fishing line:

  • manual. when fully stopped, the line is fed mechanically;
  • semi-automatic. in the process of work it is necessary to touch the head to the ground, press a special button, from the open anchor mechanism extends the cord;
  • automatic. the line is fed by reducing the revolutions of the grass trimmer motor.

Most gardeners now can’t imagine a well-groomed lawn, park or garden without a grass trimmer

Its mobility and accessibility simplifies their work, ease of operation makes it possible for someone to operate this tool. The main element of such a device is the bobbin. Such a reel for grass trimmer is very practical and indispensable. It has a fishing line wound on it, and its elongated ends are used to cut the grass. It’s a consumable item. The grass trimmer reel for grass can easily cope with a small lawn or garden grass. It’s easy to work in hard-to-reach places, near fences and walls. But when working with bushes or weeds can damage the mechanism.

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Among these types of reels, the most consumer is the semi-automatic head, which is convenient in operation and affordable.

If you want to buy a grass trimmer reel, it is important to pay attention to the following points: first, the manufacturer (be careful with non-original models), second, technical specifications; third, the price.

Peculiarities of care for the grass trimmer reel

For the long life of such a product, owners need to carefully monitor the operation of the grass trimmer reel itself. After each use, you need to clean the coil from the stuffed grass, pour lubricating oil, do not allow overheating during mowing. But if, after all, a breakdown has occurred, contact a master, or do the repair yourself.

As you can see, grass trimmer reels for grass can be different in design and in the way the line is fed. So before you buy a spool for grass trimmer, carefully study all the components.

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How to make a reel for grass trimmer with your own hands

The grass trimmer reel mows the grass, but it also wears out and often needs to be replaced. Lately, power or electric lawn trimmers have become widespread. The main working element of such a garden tool is a spool with a line tucked inside. This is why it’s important to choose a quality item so as not to waste money, since the device is quite expensive. To reduce the cost of maintaining your brushcutter, you can learn how to fill the grass trimmer reel with wood yourself.

Often manufacturers of mechanized tools do not complete their products with a number of necessary or useful devices for work, offering to buy them separately (as an additional option). With a spool for brushcutter the case is different: as this is the main working element of the garden tool, they are equipped with all the trimmers for grass, but the quality of the spool of the grass mower kit leaves much to be desired.

The consumer has to buy the spool separately, this is done to increase sales and generate additional profits for the manufacturers.

Below are considered questions about what is a trimmer for grass, what spools there are and how to insert and fix the fishing line independently.

Classification of heads according to line feeding principle

Depending on the method of filament feeding, trimmer reels are divided into these types:

  • “Quick” heads. with these spools, new fishing line is spooled without disassembling the product. To do this, the tip of the fishing line must be slipped inside the spool and wrapped a couple of times around its surface. Once the desired amount of fishing line will be coiled, its excess part is cut off. Such a mowing head is quite convenient in operation and allows you to save time, especially if the trimmer is used by a beginner;
  • Heads collapsible type. by the name you can understand that in order to fill the spool with fishing line, it must be disassembled. Then a new fishing line is wound inside the spool, and then the grass trimmer head is installed on the base;
  • Semi-automatic heads. they include parts, bobbin, body and springs. Coils of this type are divided into one-section and two-section. In the first type products, the line is wound evenly on both sides. In two-section heads the foil is wound on the corresponding side separately. The second type reel is considered the most practical and reliable, because the cutting line will never get tangled or broken in it.
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