How to use a tornado cultivator. How to purchase a potato -cutter

What is a shovel of tornado: the principle of work, advantages, assembly and recommendations for mastering the cultivator

The tools are being improved over time: a sapka came to replace the hoe, the plow replaced Ralo. Today, a regular shovel is offered to be replaced by a tornado cultivator. It will greatly simplify agricultural work and increase labor productivity.

The design consists of three parts, easily assembled and disassembled. This makes it possible to easily transport the gun.

  • Central regulatory rod made of metal.
  • Turning handle.
  • The working part with sharp teeth turned counterclockwise around the rod. The teeth are made of special hardened steel, which does not require sharpening.

All components are attached to each other with two bolts and nuts.

The appointment of a potato.Cutter cultivator

The main purpose of the cultivator of the potato.Cutter tornado is the harvest of potatoes. The potato coder at times facilitates the work in the garden, removes the load from the back, allowing you to avoid tilts.

Important! In the process of working on a tornado potato.Packing, tests showed that the devices themselves, and the possibility of height adjustment, increase the efficiency of work while reducing labor costs simultaneously.

A hand.Made potato tutor is supplied in a special packaging in a disassembled form. The collapsible device is the advantage of the cultivator, which allows you to transport and store tornado even with a limited place.

As part of a set of a cultivator of a potato.Cutter, there are:

  • Working nozzle with steel teeth, which provide the depth of intake of 20 cm;
  • Handle that provides rotary movements;
  • Central rod that makes it possible to set up in height;
  • Bolts and nuts that provide fasteners.

The weight of the potato.Cutter cultivator is 2.5 kg. Material of the manufacture of potato.Cutting. Reliable steel covered on top with powder paint.

Warranty for the cultivator Potatel tornado. 1 year, estimated period of service potato.Bundle. Up to 7 years. Characteristics indicate the reliability and high quality of the potato.Cutter tornado.

The height of the potato.Cutter tool can be configured taking into account the growth of the one who will work with a manual cultivator. For this, 3 positions of potato.Cutting are provided, making convenient use of tornado those who are below 165 cm. And high, whose height is more than 175 cm.

Advice! Additional convenience of working with potato.Packing give neoprene layers to handles. They prevent the glide of the palms and the formation of corns. They cost about 200-300, they are not included.

Advantages of the use of potato.Cutting

Hand potato.Captain has many advantages:

  • The use of a potato.Cutter cultivator benefits the ground, saturating it with air, scaring it, and without violating the fertile layer.
  • Availability. You can order a potato.Cutter cultivator on the official website of the representative of the representative or purchased large megamarkets specializing in manual agricultural tools on the Web.
  • High quality materials used in a tornado potato.Cutter ensures the reliability of the tool. This will allow the use of potato.Drummer for many years without breakdowns.
  • Unloading of the spine. Working with a potato.Drummer Tornado does not require tilts of the body, allowing you to remove the load from the back and redistribute it on the abdominal press, arms, shoulders.
  • The collapsible design of the potato.Cutter makes it possible to store and transport the cultivator in a convenient compact form.
  • The convenience of potato.Cutting is one of the significant advantages. At the same time, the routine harvest of tubers passes much faster.

The lineup

When buying, it comes with a rotary handle, a rod with a regulator, a working part with teeth, two fasteners and nuts.

The lineup of the Tornado manual cultivator is represented by the line of the following innovations:

  • Manual cultivator “Tornado-Mini”.
  • Cartofelecore cultivator.
  • Super drill.
  • Sadovy pitchfork.
  • Miracle with a shovel “Tornado”
  • Manual cultivator with a lever-pedal.
  • Cultivator “Tornado” New.

The ringtrack-ringtone “Tornado-Mini” works on the principle of an older brother, only differs in the weight category-its mass reaches a little more than 500 g. When working, the rod is located vertically to the ground, the teeth enter the ground. The handle is made to the right by 50 degrees, then the tool is lifted and shaken away from the ground. With it, you can loosen the soil, leaving all the malicious weeds in the tool that simply lean back into the garbage container and the work continues further.

The peculiarities of the work of the Corneur cultivator are the depth of digging, which reaches up to 30 cm, in no way inferior to traditional digging with a shovel. This tool does not violate the fertile soil layer, helps to preserve microorganisms and moisture in it, and does not destroy beneficial worms. The most important advantage of this tool is its ability to improve the air regime

The advantages of this tool are the ability to create minimal efforts, uniformly distributing the load on the body and increase the working capacity of the gardener. A long handle of the tool with a regulator facilitates the loosening without tilting the back.

The small-sized Tornado-Mini will become an indispensable assistant to the gardener and will help maintain the beauty of the site without much stress and additional waste of funds for many years.

The leader of the snack was established by the Tornado Cartolator Cartephlecator, facilitating and accelerating the collection of harvesting in the fall. The principle of operation is to install the unit down vertically parallel to the potato bush and turn the handle around its axis. The teeth at the same time spirally enter the ground under the bush with a small soil lift and throw the tubers out. A huge number of reviews about this, truly wonderful, the instrument indicates the recognition of his gardeners as a useful assistant when harvesting potatoes, and a tool that made a pleasant and easy occupation.

Super Boor “Tornado” dig heavy loamy and virgin lands. The tool is equipped with an additional function of a lever-pedal, which helps to reduce the load on the spine at the time of raising the tool from the depth of the soil. The principle of operation is also quite simple and understandable. The working part of the cultivator is twisted like a corkscrew, in the ground and by pressing the pedal lift it from the soil. When working with this unique device for agricultural work, the load on the back, the muscles of the arms and legs are not felt at all at all. Any age categories of people, even elderly people freely cope with this tool.

The storm handle is made of metal, and for the working part, high.Strength steel was used, processed by the thermal method. Tool teeth work like a corkscrew. They easily and quickly drill the soil with any soil composition. The cultivator brings holes in the ground to a depth of one and a half meters with a well diameter of at least 250 mm. The low weight of the drill (less than 2.5 kg) allows the summer resident to perform drilling without much effort.

Manual cultivator for weeding. Types of manual cultivators

The use of a hand cultivator is necessary if you need to process flower beds, greenhouses, alpine slides, plots between bushes and trees in the country house. As intended, the device happens for the garden and for indoor plants. The following options are distinguished depending on the design features:

tornado, cultivator, purchase, potato, cutter

Hand cultivators for the garden have a lot of advantages. These include:

  • Simplicity of use;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Small dimensions;
  • Low weight;
  • Lack of need for maintenance, t.E. Lubrication, refueling with fuel;
  • Accuracy of weed cutting;
  • The possibility of processing hard.To.Reach and delicate places in the country;
  • Wide list of work performed;
  • A higher level of safety compared to motor and electrical appliances.

No manual units for giving and disadvantages are not deprived of. Their minuses are:

  • Low performance, so they are not suitable for completing tasks in large areas;
  • Obsolescence in comparison with modern self.Propelled units;
  • The need to replace the discs in rotation structures;
  • Low efficiency on solid soils, virgin lands;
  • The need to apply physical force, therefore, a lot of work may be required to process the site.


In another way, such a looser of the earth is called star. It works due to a small shaft with castes disks. The soil is captured by sharp teeth of the cutting mechanism, after which it is raised and turned out. So at the same time there is a digging with weeding. Additionally, the cultivator is equipped with an adjustable handle. The star structure is convenient for processing in hard.To.Reach places. Often the kit includes a nozzle-knife for weed grass.


This version of the manual cultivator is devoid of any mechanisms. The end of the device is complemented by 3-5 cloves with flat plates. They can crash deep into the soil. To loosen the ground, you need to pull the cultivator on yourself. If you lower the structure with force, then you can break through a dense crust that occurs after heavy rainfall or tamping. The looser can be of the usual size for a cottage or miniature with a short handle for indoor plants.


It has the appearance of a pole with curved in a spiral and oblong fingers-sups at the end. With such a cultivator, you can quickly and quickly remove the roots of weeds and other unnecessary plants on the site. It is also suitable for loosening the soil, digging pits for seedlings in it. Over, this type of device will not damage the structure of the soil, mixing the fertile composition. With it, you can give the site a beautiful and well.Groomed look.


Traditionally for digging potatoes, rural residents use pitchfork. A small modification of their design turns such a tool into a simple, but convenient manual cultivator. His pitchfps are bent at an angle of 30-50 degrees to the ground, and instead of the handle, a metal pipe has a horizontal handle. The potatoes are dug by sticking the cultivator into the soil near the bush, turning around the axis and tilting the handle until potato extraction.

Flat cutter

Using such a cultivator, you can cut the roots of weeds and make loosening. Such a device does not turn the upper layer over, so that the structure of the soil is not violated, but the yield increases. A manual plane cutter is several pointed flat knives or peaks that are fixed to vertical rods from reinforcement. When the peaks or knives move, can go to a depth of 10-20 cm, cutting the upper layer.

There were questions?

A miracle lopat, a cap-boat, so most often called a popular garden equipment, which more resembles with its appearance more like a pitchfork curved on the left side. In addition to the unusual form for garden fork, this inventory has a T-shaped handle and emphasis under the right leg. In the booklet to the manual cultivator “Tornado” it is indicated, it digs literally everything except Trin. Using it for the 3rd season, I can say that firm land after winter, if the soil has not been bred in advance in the fall, the Tornado will not pull. If the amateur gardener persists, then the connection (cultivator from 2 parts) may not withstand. Simply due to the load that will be transmitted to the bolt, the holes are deformed, and the handle will be wilted in different directions. In short, hesitate hard. I use it in two cases: I cultivate the earth under the beds and dig potatoes in the fall. For these two classes, Tornado is just suitable. In the beds processed by the cultivator, the earth will be soft and the grass after such a procedure on the beds will still be smaller. Potatoes dug by the cultivator will have less damage. The maximum that can happen to the tuber, puncture. An ordinary shovel cut in half. Despite the fact that the manual cultivator greatly resembles a pitchfork, it is unlikely that it will turn out to use it as a pitchfork. And the form and size for such work is inappropriate.

At the base of the handle (upper part) soft metal

tornado, cultivator, purchase, potato, cutter

Last year, I was sure that only a shovel is better than a shovel. Although, this device, called the Tornado manual cultivator, was already in our farm. Since it was not me who bought it, I reacted to this cultivator with prejudice, irony and sarcasm. But in vain In fact, the thing was just wonderful. Over, now, I can no longer imagine how to work on the site without this device. Summer residents, gardeners and just lovers to delve into the ground. Take a note, a cool thing

I have a big flower garden. After I bought a garden mini-tranado, work has been reduced many times, I get tired much less. I learned to loosen the ground between rows, it is convenient to work with fertilizers, I make the same size for seedlings the right size. I didn’t have time to fight weeds before, but now the site is clean. Last year, they decided to buy another Tornado shovel to Yulmart.RU. But apparently I came across a defective or, I think, fake some kind-her stalk broke down about a month later, on the bend, right near the annex

tornado, cultivator, purchase, potato, cutter

    I dig a bed in 10 minutes today! I really liked that the roots are welling well, and the back does not hurt at all. And this is important to me :)) I didn’t even take out arcs. It will crawl everywhere. I tried it on the virgin lands. It is difficult to twist (the pens are thin) Irina Plotnikova. G. Kirovsk. 61 years old
    My son is very pleased with Tornado. In half an hour everything will process and rest)) well, of course he is 41 flight boar))) Olga Kuznetsova. G. St. Petersburg. 59 years
    I use the tornado cultivator for two seasons. Compared to the shovel. Heaven and earth. The load is only on your hands, and you get tired much less than if Sergey Kondrashov digged with a shovel. G. Moscow. 64 years
    Now I don’t dig beds, but I loosen a cultivator “tornado”. Quickly, not difficult, soil layers do not turn over, as a result of which the microflora remains, weeds pull out with deep roots, it remains only to collect with a rake in a heap and demolish the composter! Svetlana Kurbatova (Kuchuk). G. Great Ustyug. 52 years

Features of operation and maintenance

The manual cultivator Tornado is the root of the device, the work on it is intuitive at first glance, and to adapt to the tool, it does not require much time and effort.

According to owners, working with the cultivator not only does not tire, but, on the contrary, brings a feeling of vigor, raises the mood that you can cope with hard work quickly and efficiently. After all, not everyone can stand in the garden with their backs bent in half in their hands, all day.

The maintenance of tornado cultivators is the minimum. To maintain the tool clean, use as intended. From real owners of tornado, you will not find negative reviews, on the contrary, only positive. And those who express doubts and show a prejudice to the instrument, there is nothing left, like manually with a shovel and a chopper, to master the virgin soil with great difficulty.

The instructions for the operation of the manual cultivator Tornado present information about the features of the work, safety precautions during the operation of the tool:


Reviews of a hand.Like minor cultivator among consumers are mostly positive. Among those who use the Tornado inventory are people of different ages who like to work on Earth.

Nikita, 43 years old

Potato Spiral Cutter Review | How to use potato spiral cutter | From Amazon | Unboxing

I asked me to order a manual cultivator of Mini, to whom I bought a standard tornado cultivator last year last year. It is convenient for him that you can set the height of the handle. For father, we set up mini by 93 cm. And I personally like that modern tools do not overstrain their backs, allow even the elderly to engage in the garden. I made the purchase on the official website, so more reliable.

Olga, 52 years old

Manual Spiral Twisted Potato Slicer Cutter

We decided to buy manual mini tornado with my husband, after we bought a summer house. After us, our neighbors bought the same convenient cornea. The cultivator tornado is reliable, and in the garden is not lost in the grass thanks to bright yellow color.

Arkady Semenovich, 64 years old

I am moving to the country for the summer. My plot is not large, I plant a little bit. Therefore, I do not need serious power tools for cultivating land. Nowhere to turn around with them. But compact manual looser, cornea (including mini) and other similar devices are very suitable for me. I advise you to buy an inventory on the official website. To be sure of the originality of products.

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