How to use a trimmer correctly

How to use a grass trimmer correctly?

Grass trimmer is a device, thanks to which you can perform many actions related to facial hair. It perfectly helps with beard trimming, eyebrow correction, nose and ear hair removal, and even in the bikini zone shows itself in the best light. But how to use such a device correctly, so that there is maximum efficiency?

trimmer, correctly

During shaving, you should take into account some peculiarities:

  • Grass trimmer should not slide on the skin, otherwise cuts will not be avoided. The device should move smoothly on the skin, but sliding here will play a disadvantage, unlike a razor.
  • Finding the right mowing head for every need is key for a comfortable and successful shave.
  • If your grass trimmer is not water-resistant, you should only shave on dry skin/hair. Ignoring this advice can be fatal to your shave, and will greatly diminish its efficiency, no matter the quality of the model itself.
  • When using the shaver or grooming tool to shave or groom your beard, keep it clean and hygienic. Washing your beard every day in the same way as the rest of your body is ideal.
  • You have to be careful, because the length of the extensions are different. If you cut your beard as short as possible, if a pimple accidentally pops under it, the blades of the device can easily cut it. If you have any misgivings, try the safer length shaver head first, and then switch to the shaver head after testing your skin for rashes.

Nozzles with a protective barrier, like fishnets, also work well. Even with forceful pressure on the skin, cuts can be avoided, but it is not advisable.

  • Using moisturizing creams will negate the usefulness of the device because of the aforementioned slip. It’s best to thoroughly wash your beard, mustache, etc. д., Allow it to dry well, and only after that should you start trimming or shaving your trimmer.
  • When washing your beard it is better to use soothing shampoos/conditioners. This will make the hair supple and it will be much easier to shave.
  • During shaving, you need to move slowly and always against the growth of the hair (again, unlike a razor). It often takes several passes of the grass trimmer over an area of skin to shave all hair clean.
  • Never forget to lubricate the head of the device with the oil that comes with it before shaving. Without it the chance of cutting is greatly increased and the effectiveness of the grass trimmer is rapidly diminished. It also reduces the longevity of the device. Blades and motor should always be lubricated, otherwise the life of the grass trimmer will be significantly reduced.
  • Always wash and clean your product after shaving with the included brush. Hair residue stuck in the blades is bad.

Tips for using the electric trimmer

Tip 1. Examine the area you are going to work. Look out for anything that might get in your way: brushwood, stones, sticks and small litter. Assess the terrain, look for pits and ravines and think about the best way to approach them with a mower. So you don’t have to rush around and stop working later. For the same purpose it is recommended to clean the area you want to mow from different foreign objects. They can be a hazard to you, others, or cause the grass trimmer to break.

Tip 2. Use only consumables recommended by the manufacturer. A desire to save money and purchase tools of dubious quality will eventually lead to even higher repair costs. This can be the reason for refusal of warranty. You’ll need to buy a new or more expensive trimmer. So it’s better not to take any chances.

Tip 3. Mow tall grass in stages. Cut it in steps from top to bottom. This prevents the clippings from winding directly on the trimmer head or between the head and the blade guard. So, you will avoid jamming the blade.

Tip #4. Watch the length of the line. The best performance is achieved with the most available. You don’t want to wait for the two short tips to stick out of the spool or have to straighten them to the outside all over again. On an average semi-automatic spool, the line is fed in 20mm at a time. Everything superfluous is cut by the special blade on the blade guard. You can tell when your trimmer line needs lengthening by the change in motor hum or a decrease in output.

Tip #5. Use only the trimmer line of the diameter recommended by the manufacturer. Forums on the Internet are filled with enthusiastic trimmer owners’ reports that they successfully cut 2 or even 3 sizes more line than allowed. And that it makes your work much more efficient. Do not trust these reports. Such a momentary victory and temporary increase in performance causes accelerated wear and tear of all motor and gearbox components due to constant overloading, and this leads to the failure of the entire grasshopper. A small line diameter would break off the ends of the line quickly, leading to large overruns.

Tip 6. If you want to make hay out of the grass use only knives or blades of hay. If you mow with a fishing line you end up with a fine blade of grass, not useful.

Tip 7. Move the brush slowly and carefully if you need to trim grass near young seedlings or on delicate surfaces, like glass, painted and lacquered walls and fences, or decorative garden ornaments. This is especially important if you use knives or blades. And even more so if the machine doesn’t have a limiting clip. Inconsiderate mowing may not only result in scratches or damage to objects but also damage to the cutting reel itself.

Tip 8. Wear protective clothing and personal protective equipment. Goggles are a must for this type of work (you can replace them with a visor). It is also advisable to use a respirator to protect against plant pollen, which is very allergenic. Wear earplugs or ear muffs, gloves and a heavy-duty jacket and pants. This protects you from excessive dust, excessive noise and the effects of mowing debris.

Tip 9. Adjust the machine to suit you. It won’t take you long, but it will make your work more comfortable and less fatiguing. Lengthen or shorten the clamping strap to make it more comfortable for your height. Adjust the angle of the handle. All this must be done before you start the machine.

Tip 10. Use the grass trimmer and its accessories only for their intended purpose. Do not try to use homemade attachments with this tool. Some models are factory-installed with additional attachments, in which case they can be used only. It is strictly forbidden to put a metal wire instead of a trimmer line. It’s extremely traumatic.

Tip 11. How fast, efficient and good you mow depends largely on your skill. And you’ll get better at it every time.

Instructions for using the grass trimmer for cutting hair

If this is your first time using a weed trimmer, don’t try anything too complicated. Trim hair or shave off excess hair. that’s your maximum for the first time. And don’t worry about cutting yourself. it’s next to impossible. In the future, when you have more experience using the grass trimmer, you will be able to do quite complex hairstyles with it.

Preparing to use a grass trimmer

There are a number of tips to follow before trimming with a grass trimmer. They may be obvious, but if you don’t follow them, you’ll run into a lot of problems. These are the recommendations:

  • it is important to choose the right attachment. Select it individually depending on the length of your hair;
  • Wash and dry the area you want to trim. Hair must be clean and completely dry for the device to work effectively;

The process of trimming with a trimmer

Of course, the trimming process will differ depending on the application. We will describe the instructions only for trimming hair on the head, because it is the most difficult process. When you have learned how to trim your head, you can trim other body parts easily if you have the right tools. It is recommended to cut in the following order.

    Start at the back of your head and move your hand gently to get rid of the excess hair. The direction of movement should be from bottom to top. The important thing is that your actions are not abrupt or chaotic, you don’t want to worry or be in a hurry. After running the trimmer down the back of your head, don’t forget to flick the hair into the sink. Continue the process until you have removed the required amount of hair.

Cleaning the grass trimmer after use

The procedure for cleaning a grass trimmer is not too easy, but it will not be difficult for you if you follow these instructions clearly:

    Remove the tools and put them in the sink. Then wash them with warm water to get rid of excess hair.

Grass trimmer storage tips

There is a good way to ensure that your trimmer lasts much longer:

  • Lubricate the clean grass trimmer with oil to get it on the blade and penetrate the moving parts;
  • Use a dry cloth to wipe off the excess oil;
  • Wrap the trimmer in a dry cloth or put it in a box.

A good solution is to store the grass trimmer in a carrying case or on special mounts, if they come with the device.

This way your grass trimmer will always work well and use all the resources of its engine. Storing it in a dry place will keep it from rusting on the blades.

Popular questions about the operation of garden gasoline trimmers

In this section we’ve answered a few frequently asked questions about petrol trimmers.

Why the lawnmower won’t start?

If you can’t start the power tool or it immediately stops, check the ignition by removing the spark plug. A dry spark plug shows that the problem is in the fuel system. Wet spark plug shows a problem with the ignition system. If you see soot on the candle, you need to clean it or replace it.

Another reason could be a clogged air filter. If it is dirty with oil, clean, wash and dry it.

Why does the lawnmower stop??

Depending on the exact moment at which the grass trimmer stalls, the causes may be different.

When you press the throttle

  • If the gasoline grass trimmer stalls when you press the gas, you need to check the air damper. If it is set in the closed position, it must be set in the open position.
  • Another option. a clogged filter.
  • The gasket between the cylinder and carburetor can also be damaged.
  • A cracked fuel hose will cause air leakage.

At idle speed

It can happen that the lawnmower stops after a while after it is started. Causes may include:

  • improperly adjusted carburetor;
  • The carburettor, filter or choke is dirty;
  • air in the carburetor system;
  • Fault in the ignition system;
  • A lack of gasoline.

Why does the lawnmower get hot??

  • One of the hotter parts is the reducer. If there isn’t enough lubrication in the mechanism, the gears will experience friction and get hot. This can also happen with new gearboxes where the gears have not yet been lapped. Operating temperature of the gear unit may be up to 60 °C.
  • Maximum use of the lawnmower is another reason for overheating. The tool should rest regularly.
  • There may not be enough oil in the fuel mixture. this will lead to oil starvation, increased friction and release a lot of heat during operation.
  • Cooling air holes in the gear unit may be contaminated.

lawnmower. what to replace the line for the trimmer?

If the line capacity is not enough to mow hard grass or shrubs, you can try installing a reinforced line for the trimmer. Another alternative is a disk with blades. Even young trees and tough undergrowth can be mowed with this tool.

Choosing a device to care for your beard

One of the main points in grooming your beard is choosing a quality device that will effectively trim hairs and keep the battery charged throughout the entire shaving session. Keep the following recommendations in mind when buying:

  • Choose a beard trimmer with stainless steel blades. They have a long lifespan and allow you to shave vegetation without pulling out.
  • It is good if your machine will have a sturdy waterproof case, which will allow you to clean it under running water.
  • Pay attention to the handle. it should fit comfortably in your hand and have rubberized inserts that will prevent it from slipping out.
  • The more nozzles come with, the more convenient it is to use the device when grooming your beard.

For more information on how to choose a beard grass trimmer, follow the link to our article with tips on selecting the device.

How the nose grass trimmer works

The main purpose of the nasal hairs is to trap dirt and dust from outside. They play a protective role, cleaning and warming the inhaled air before entering the respiratory tract. Their growth is considered a normal physiological phenomenon and does not require regular removal, but many people try to get rid of eyelashes (this is the correct name for nose hair) for aesthetic reasons or because of the banal physical discomfort.

Before we understand how the nose grass trimmer works, it should be noted that its closest “relative” is an ordinary clipper machine. In essence, they perform the same function. Both one and the other device trims unnecessary hairs without causing discomfort to the user. Grass trimmers can be not only for the nose, but also for the ears, beard, eyebrows, other parts of the body. Sometimes the same model can be used for different purposes with different attachments.

The principle of operation of the device is based on its introduction into the nostril and the subsequent turning inside. When started, it begins gently shaving hair with rotating and oscillating blades. During operation, the device does not cause any pain, because it does not pull out with the root, and cuts the vegetation. But for proper removal of hair from the nose or in the ears, it is important to find out in advance how to use the device, and clearly follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Rules of use

You need to follow the basic rules of shaving with a trimmer. Usually the procedure is as follows:

  • Lubrication. First, oil the head of the device. It must always get on the blades. If the instructions state that pre-lubrication is not required, these manipulations are carried out at the end of the procedure to clean the device.
  • Checking. Turn on the device for twenty seconds so that all the blades can lubricate evenly. Then turn it off, wipe the blades dry so that the cut vegetation does not stick to them.
  • The process. Shaving can be called the most responsible moment. The device is shaved from bottom to top. Usually, for best results, the smooth part of the device is placed against the skin so that the hairs shave off well.

The result depends on the model you choose. You can trim your beard to almost zero, or use the nozzles to trim to a specific length. The chin and neck can be shaved, but the slowest speed should be used in these areas. Move upwards from the Adam’s apple. Below the Adam’s apple, use the safety razor only.

If you want to shape the beard, then again, it all depends on the desired results:

  • For a rounded beard take a zero nozzle and start trimming to a specific beard type;
  • To get the “goatee” effect, shave your hair as much as you want, then use the shaving head to remove the remaining hair

There are many ways to use the trimmer for the grass, for each case you need to select your individual approach. Always go against the grain.

If it is necessary to shave the tendrils, the trimmer for grass without nozzles is used. You do it with a sharp part of the device. There are the same way as with the ordinary machine, for convenience, to pull back the skin and shave hairs under zero.

trimmers for the beard is not usually suitable for the bikini area, these devices have a significant difference in structure. In general, for the intimate area need to have a separate device (in connection with the rules of hygiene). Here the shaving is done in the same way as with the beard. To trim the remaining vegetation, you can start to drive the device in different directions. You can achieve the best effect, but you should remember about the risk of ingrown hairs.

Use the nose trimmer with extra care for the ears. Do not insert the clipper as far as it will go. a few millimeters will be enough for the nostrils. The main purpose is to get rid of protruding hairs, but not to shave them to zero. The same rules apply to the ear hairs.

There is a grass trimmer option for eyebrows. It looks similar to pens. The correction procedure is carried out on dry skin, for convenience it is pulled away by hand. Or you can also outline the trimmer correction line with a pencil beforehand, so as not to cut off unnecessary vegetation. But not more than twice a week.

How to Use a Trimmer?

Proper use of the device lies in the uncorrected adherence to the basic rules of trimmer shaving. If these conditions are respected, the rest of the shaving process is entirely up to the individual. The trimmer works like this:

Before you start the shaving process itself, you should lubricate the head of the device with oil. You can do this both horizontally, over the full length of the head, and vertically:

The main thing is to get the oil on the blades. Wipe off any excess oil with a soft, dry cloth. A few drops will be more than enough.

If the grass trimmer, according to the instructions, does not need to be lubricated before the direct shaving, it should be done after the end of work and cleaning of the device. For more details, please refer to the instructions of the device. к. They come in all shapes and sizes.

Then run the probe for 15-20 seconds to evenly coat the blades with oil. After turning off the trimmer for grass it is necessary to wipe the blades dry, so that the remaining oil does not stick to the trimmed hairs.

And now it’s time for the most responsible part. the shaving process trimmer. An important rule is to shave in the opposite direction to the hair growth, i.e. from bottom to top.

If you’re going for a goatee or a goatee-type beard, you should shave your cheeks. For best results, place the smooth part of the appliance against your skin, so you get the best shave. You shouldn’t use any attachments for that.

If you have a beard of a certain length, it is not right to start without attachments. You need to cut the hair in order, starting by using the nozzle (for long hair), gradually moving to shorter (, then ). You can shave parts of the skin free of hair completely without attachments (this includes removing the zero restrictor attachment). So you can achieve 5-hour bristle effects.

Depending on the grass trimmer model chosen, many different results can be achieved. Right down to the hairs that are barely touches. Alternatively, it can be used as a substitute for a razor if you’re happy with the results.

Contrary to popular myths, both chin and neck hairs should be trimmed. The main thing is to be as careful as possible with the device and use the first speed mode (slow). Move from the Adam’s apple upwards. The neck area below the Adam’s apple is shaved with a safety razor only.

Here everyone decides for himself what kind of beard he wants and how to achieve the desired result:

  • To give a rounded beard, use the zero nozzle and carefully trim the hair to suit your needs or beard type;
  • for the “goatee” effect, you should first shave the hair to the desired length, and then use the attachment to shave the hair, creating the outline of the desired beard (after the basic shaving of the remaining areas trimmer without attachments can trim the beard).

There are a lot of variations in using the grass trimmer. But it is impossible to describe each case and how to use the device more correctly in each of them. The rules of trimming (shaving against the growth of hair, etc.) should be followed. п.) remains the key. Otherwise, the owners of the device are free to decide how to shave.

If you want to shave a mustache, you should do it with a trimmer without attachments. Just smile slightly with your mouth closed and shave a straight line across the lip. This is done by a sharp part of the trimmer for grass (for convenience it would be better to hold the device upside down) from bottom to top:

Men and women can use the grass trimmer for the bikini area, but you should buy a suitable model in advance. Grass trimmers for beard will not work for the bikini area, as well as vice versa, due to the difference in the structure of the devices. And they have a slightly different purpose.

Contrary to common misconception, men’s hair is tougher only on the face. So the use of devices with high power is not justified in any way. The stiffness of the hair depends solely on the individual characteristics of each person’s body.

For the bikini zone it is better to have a separate trimmer for hygiene. Facial bacteria can cause an explosion of rashes if one device is used to move them to a lower body area. You can treat the head of the device with antiseptic, but it is still recommended to use the appropriate trimmer for grass, which is created specifically for the bikini area.

Shaving this area is carried out by the same rules as the beard. In this area, the hairs grow more chaotic than on the face, but the trimmer should still move against the main hair growth. But when trimming the remaining hairs, you can move the barbed wire in different directions. This will achieve a better trimming effect, but increases the likelihood of ingrown hairs.

Use a trimmer for the ears and nose should be with extreme care and not shovel deep. This is more about the nostrils. a couple of millimeters will suffice. When you press the trigger, the blades will begin to move at a slower speed, so the chance of a serious cut is reduced to zero. Nevertheless, you should observe safety precautions, because the main thing is to remove the protruding hairs, not to cut them out completely.

This video clearly shows how to get rid of hair in the nose with the trimmer for grass.

The grass trimmer for eyebrows is different from other models, and its appearance resembles an ordinary pen for writing. Т. к. this device is designed to correct eyebrows, not, for example, beards, then it should be used in a slightly different way.

One should perform the correction procedure only on dry skin and not more often than 2 times a week. Before you start working with the trimmer for grass is allowed to have any position, the main thing is that it was convenient to use it. When trimming hair the instrument should be moved from the skin towards the eyebrows, against their growth. To avoid accidentally cutting part of the eyebrow, you can pre-shape it with a pencil.

Holding the device in your hand, it is important not to forget to press the other hand on the skin and stretch it a little. so the correction process will be more effective and comfortable. If unwanted hairs of shorter length remain after the work is completed, you can change the nozzle and start the procedure again in an identical manner.

Grass trimmer for the nose and ears: reviews

My ex-boyfriend always asked him to remove hairiness on the ears, and in the nose himself twitched tweezers. And that’s a hell of a pain! Not being able to look at the anguish of my favorite, I bought him a trimmer for the grass. He was kidding at first, of course, saying that hair would grow stronger, and then he really liked this buzzing baby. No more torture. No painful sensations. Beauty!


Grass trimmer to cut hair in the nose and ears bought my husband (before I somehow did not think about buying it, t. к. I rarely do this procedure). I was the first who decided to try the purchase. I really liked it! It doesn’t hurt at all, it’s fast, efficient (although it buzzes a little loudly). My husband was also happy with the purchase. The grass trimmer is easy to clean. It works on one battery, which lasts for a long time.

Paraguay rules

For the nose it is perfect. Sometimes it tickles and makes me want to scratch a lot. But his work, after all, does!


I do not like using a trimmer for grass: the buzzing of the machine is unpleasant, and the feeling. In addition, I have not resorted to the advice described in this article, and bought the grass trimmer that most liked. In the end, the nozzle did not fit the size of my ears and nose. My brother, on the other hand, is completely happy with it. He’s been using it for a year and hasn’t complained once.

So I came to the conclusion that, despite the safety and convenience of this method, it can not suit everyone. Some people find it easier and nicer to use the old ways: to cut hair with scissors or pluck it with a pair of tweezers.

The grass trimmer is the safest, most comfortable, painless and practical way to remove hair from your nose and ears. Thanks to the large variety of models, you can choose a device to your liking and budget.

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