How to use a wood jigsaw. The choice of blades

How to cut a wood with an electrician

It’s no secret that things made manually are of particular value. Drinking wood with an electrician makes it possible to create something original. Such a thing can become a decoration for your home or an excellent souvenir for memory. Wood carving with an electrician makes it possible not only to create something interesting, but also to express yourself.

Learn to work on a stationary device is not the simplest task. But if you firmly decide to start making something with your own hands, then you need to familiarize yourself with the device of technology:

  • In order to control the process and create the right direction, the tool is equipped with a supporting plate.
  • To start sawing, you need to install a special file with small teeth. Depending on the type of work, it can be changed.
  • The carvings by an electrician is possible due to the fact that the device is equipped with an engine.

The power of the tool can vary from 200 to 900 watts. Much depends on what material you are going to saw.

In addition to standard configuration, many devices are equipped with backlight, high.Quality protection, jerking function or a sound plug of sound. All these additions are not necessary, but greatly simplify the work.

Basic skills of curly cutting

The main tool for sawing wood is a manual jigsaw consisting of an arcuate or P-shaped holder stretched between its ends of a metal saw and handle. Most of the files are flat and equipped with teeth on the one hand, but filamentary canvases with diamond spraying are also used.

Drinking a jigsaw does not seem to be such a complex and mysterious business as, for example, welding. So it is actually: the basic skills of figure cutting can be purchased in a few hours, destroying several plywoods and saws.

But in order to master the nuances of sawing a jigsaw on wood and start creating, it will take long evenings of shaking the skill. Openwork sawing requires an exact eye from his masters, a firm hand and a huge patience.

How to make a jigsaw saw directly

The process of sawing consists of several stages, list them.

  • Select the blade of the desired length, thickness and width. Correlate it with the size and material of the workpiece.
  • Choose and set up work move. Determine the need for a pendulum pass. If high speed is required, it is left. For the purity of the cut, it is turned off.
  • Choose and if necessary install additional equipment.
  • Prepare a workplace. A strong stable stand is required. It is desirable that its surface is even.
  • Plan a fishing line for a trimmer of sawing. It is best to use a black marker, it is clearly visible. This is done if you can leave traces. Otherwise, a simple pencil is used. It is easily erased by an eraser.
  • The workpiece is fixed on the stand. It should be firmly fixed, without the possibility of moving to the sides. If the part is not completely placed on the surface, supports are installed under the hanging part. Otherwise, it will interfere with sawing.
  • Draw a markup workpiece.

The cutting process is slightly different depending on the processed material. We will analyze how to cut a jigsaw correctly and evenly.


The turned on the electrician is placed on the surface of the part so that the front of the sole tightly adjacent to the base. Loose fit at the beginning of the saw can provoke a blow and strong vibration. As a result, the blade will move to the side. Well, if there is a “smooth start” function. Then the electric motor will smoothly gain momentum, which will exclude jerks. No need to put pressure on the tool, it must move itself. It will be slow, but for sure.

The user needs to control the ratio of the cutting and cutting points. Help can help in this lighting or laser beam, as well as blowing. Sawdust is blown away from markings, it should be clearly visible. You should not hope for additional equipment. Visual control of the process should be constant.

For the flat side of the sawing part it is advisable to use lateral emphasis. To saw wood along the fibers is best with a pendulum course on. This reduces the risk of file leaving the trajectory and increases the speed of work. Semi-finished products made of soft wood of large thickness, over 45-60 mm, sawing on a minimum longitudinal feed. This is how the risk of curvature of the cut plane decreases. With increased pressure, the inclined cut is obtained, which is undesirable.

Similarly work with glued products and solid wood, and in this case, the recommendations are fair for the lower workpiece thickness. In the process of sawing, cutting resistance may increase. This means that the cutting knot was dull and it must be replaced. Other signs of a blurry tool are a change in its color and heating.

Stages of work

Work on sawing a wood with a woods is held according to a certain scheme, several stages are observed.


We start by examination of plywood. It should be even, without knots and Zazubrin. It should be dry, without detachments and bloating.

Then create a sketch of work. Stencils are attached with tape or buttons to the surface. In the principles and ends of the lines, at key points and intersections make punctures. Complex drawings and patterns are transferred to the plywood through copying.

wood, jigsaw

When transferring the picture, the direction of the fibers should be taken into account. The propers should be perpendicular to them.

Drinking a manual jigsaw

Hand.Handed lobby is held by the handle, directly, placing the file perpendicular to the surface. When working, you should not be strongly pressed on the surface to the surface. Pressure should be minimal. Movements should be smooth, without effort. The tool is immersed down almost under its own weight. When the jigsaw moves up, sawdust is released, so you cannot bring the surface close to the face.

The basic concepts necessary to start work by a manual jigsaw.

Drinking an electrician

The work takes place according to certain rules:

  • The saw canvas is attached to the tool turned off;
  • Before work, the tool is set up. Choose the frequency and amplitude of the movement of the canvas;
  • Sketches are attached at eye level. The workplace should be equipped so that the hands and back do not flow during work;
  • Cut out the outline of the product;
  • The jigsaw is moved smoothly, without severe pressure and jerks;
  • For end.To.End cuts, the holes are performed with a drill and then insert a jigsaw file there;
  • For cuts at an angle, the lobby platform is shifted to the desired angle;
  • To cut the circle, turn off the pendulum move, drill a hole for a file and work with a circulo-end.

Features of sawing

The electric jigsaw easily copes with rectilinear sawing. Also, using the tool, you can perform various cuts at an angle and cut an oval or circle in the workpiece. The execution of each type of incision has its own characteristics.

Round and oval elements

The contour of the figure is applied to the prepared canvas. After that, using a drill in the workpiece, a hole is made in which the cutting element of the jigsaw is installed.

The cutting process begins and ends in a hole done. If you drill several holes, then the circle or oval can be cut in parts.


With this type of cut, the electric jigsaw copes the easiest way. The marking is made on the canvas, according to which the tool is smooth.

For direct sawing of the material, you can set the highest speed. Before starting work, it is recommended to fix the workpiece.

At an angle

Such a cut of the material is performed when preliminary installation of the sole under the required degree of slope. After fixing the required angle, the same actions are performed as with straightforward cutting.

Electrician work tips

Find out how to cut the electric lobby with electric drive will help our tips:

  • Stronger. Does not mean better. This applies to the pressure on the device during operation. Such a sawing style will lead to a breakdown of the tool. The correct use of an electrician is to strongly fix the device in the hand and direction of the saw in the right direction.
  • When processing thin sheets of metal, vibration occurs. To eliminate it, you need to reduce the speed of the saw and put a sheet of plywood under the metal. When sawing such a material, there is a large load on the jigsaw engine, so the device should be cut off periodically so that the motor cools down.
  • For a high.Quality and accurate saw, you need to fix the workpiece.
  • In order to avoid chips from the lower or upper side, for example, a laminated wood-based slab, it is necessary to choose the right saw or turn the plate correctly side. But if there is a need to get a cut without chips on both sides, then on top of the wood-based plate you need to put a small piece of the same plate, and start sawing. The chip will remain on additional material, and the desired plate will be with a clean cut.
  • So that chips do not appear, you can resort to such tricks: glue the tape according to the marking.
  • Speaking such fragile material as plastic, we recommend installing a saw with medium.Sized teeth, disconnect the pendulum mechanism and set the smallest speed of the saw.
  • In the event that it is necessary to cut a part with a closed contour, and it is impossible to start sawing from the edge, then a hole is drilled in a convenient place, the saw of the electric jigsaw is made in it and continue to work.
  • For cutting or non.Ferrous metals, the saw must be treated with machine oil.

We hope that our tips will help you, and in the event of additional questions about how to use the electric lobe, you can always watch the training video.

As it turned out, an electrician is an indispensable tool in everyday life, which even a beginner can cope with. And with the right approach and experience, you can not only perform straight sections, but also cut out various figure details for decor.

The specifics of using an electrician is associated with its universality. Cut the part “without complaints about quality” is very simple. Knowing the subtleties and special techniques of working with an electrician will allow the master to perform work not only quickly, but also of efficient.

And, of course, experience is important. No theory can replace it. We repeat here the advice that is given above: train on pieces of unnecessary material, try various nozzles, change the operating modes.

What is a wood jigsaw?

The jigsaw appeared during the development of overhead threads of thin plates of precious varieties of wood, which later received the name Intarsia. Luching saws were already known to humanity, and by analogy with them a jigsaw was created. A saw pulled into a wooden frame. Lights for a tree are wood, but the dimensions were reduced quite quickly, and the number of teeth is increased.

Manual jigsaw is a very popular device. Despite the existing shortcomings, which are associated with a low level of productivity, as well as the inability to solve a large number of tasks assigned to it, for example, sawing thick wood, accurate cutting and fitting of the edges, direct cut, this tool is very popular today. Probably the main reason for popularity is a low cost. Today for about 2-3 you can buy a good hand-lobby, and for 6-7. Professional tool.

The design of all manual jigsaws is similar. The main components of the parts are:

Jigsaw blades. Everything you need to know | top Tools

Several photos of a wood lobe is presented below.

There are two main types of canvases that differ in their shape and the location of the teeth:

  • Right with a direct double tooth. Using such a canvas, you can carry out a direct cut in a short time. Its length reaches 130 mm, while working length. About 85 mm. He copes with sawing perfectly, both wood and plastic
  • Spiral. Differs in a twisted shape and is ideal for creating a variety of circles and winding lines.

How much does a hand jigsaw cost?

The price of the instrument is determined by the manufacturer based on the possibilities of the jigsaw. For example, a wooden handle is simpler and safer than plastic, but a jigsaw with such a handle will cost more, since durable varieties of wood (pear, hornbeam, oak) are used to manufacture this part).

The price of a manual jigsaw for figured sawing also depends on the design of the clamping device. Aluminum lambs are easier, which positively affects the weight of the tool, but negatively. Its durability: over time, aluminum lambs on the nuts will begin to deform, and the quality of the clamp of the saw canvas will deteriorate. Hand.Made woods on wood, equipped with brass or steel clamping nuts, more reliable and durable.

How to Choose a Jigsaw Blade for Cutting Curves

The shape of the frame also contributes to the pricing. The rectangular frames reduce the cost of the jigsaw, and the square ones increase.

Thus, manual jigsaws are cheaper, adapted for domestic, and not for professional needs. Everything else will be determined by the characteristics of saw paintings.

Of the amateur options, the greatest confidence is used by manual lobbying of the production of brands FIT (price. From 300), professionals prefer goods from the brand of the bison or Stanley (price. From 900). It is worth noting that the profile market of manual jigsaws is full of products from little.Known firms (mainly Chinese), which are hidden behind the visually similar names of well.Known manufacturers of woodworking tools (for example, Stayer against Steyr).

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