How to use an electric motor from a trimmer for grass. Robny lock model


How to improve a trimmer for grass with your own hands for earthwork. Read on our site instructions on how to make ice car from a trimmer for grass.

Do not know how to correctly install the engine from the lawn mower on the bicycle? Then go to our site and watch useful for you.

Making a motor for a boat from motorcycles: diagrams and photos, additional elements for the boat engine (clamps, rowing screw)

DIY Snowman from a trimmer or motorcycle motorcade: manufacturing principle, manufacturing algorithm, photos, screws, rotor

How to make a boat motor with your own hands from a trimmer for grass?

To create a boat engine from a lawn mower, a direct rod is suitable. If the rod of a trimmer for the grass is curved, you will have to work on its improvement.

Algorithm occurs according to this algorithm:

  • First, remove the standard nut (in the drawing below it is indicated by the number 2). Do not throw it away and do not lose it, since it is impossible to replace the factory parts with ordinary nuts.
  • Spin the rest of the fasteners, pull out a deedwell and flexible shaft from the bar (in the drawing numbers 8 and 9).
  • Choose a new duralumin bar with a slightly smaller inner diameter. Gently place a bronze sleeve in it (in the drawing).
  • Cut the tread (part 0) to the required size and insert it into the bar.
  • If the external diameter of the rod is too large for the engine, set it.
  • Using a regular nut, fix the screw.
  • The shaft fastening to the motor occurs using adapters. There are no universal drawings for this detail, since different models of trimmers have their own design features. You can order this part in a lathe or make it independently from plywood. The design will be attached with 4 screws.

If there is no way to purchase a ready.Made set for remaking, which was mentioned earlier, the adjusting handle can be taken from a sports bicycle.

The screw can also be made independently from a piece of duralumin, using the drawing below:

A step is the distance from the blade to the horizontal surface. The angle of inclination is regulated by plots. To do this, the workpiece is pre.Heated.

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To refuel a motor from a trimmer for grass on a boat, use only high-quality fuel and lubricants. Dilute gasoline with oil in the corresponding proportion. The first 10 kilometers do not expose the engine with high loads. This will be the period of running. Depending on the engine power, a boat with such a motor can develop a speed of 5 to 8 km/h.

Below is a video that shows the work of such an unit::

The benefits of alteration of the trimmer for grass in the boat motor

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Engine power should be at least 0.7 kW. Ready.Made nozzles for alteration (prefix for mounting to the engine, a special adjustable handle with a muffler button, fastening) can be purchased. After installing them on a trimmer for the grass, it remains only to connect the gas cable to the engine and connect the wires with the silencer.

Mount mounts on a boat

The location of the boat engine is called a transom. This part should be strong and reliable. To correctly design the detail, carefully study the technical characteristics of the boat and motor, as the mines creates an additional load. Springs for an inflatable boat consists of:

The edges of waterproof plywood are treated with sandpaper. Loops for metal brackets are installed on the plate. Fasten arches bend with the help of a machine, you can do it manually. Rymes are made of plastic or bought in a store.

Motorized scooter from a lawn mower

Materials and tools for homemade:. Old scooter (can be made from scratch);- engine from the lawn mower;- bicycle wheels (go to spare parts);- bicycle chain;- metal pipes (found in an unnecessary chair);- cable for throttle control;- welding;- angular grinder ;- paint- tasting keys, screwdrivers and other.

Step one. A device for free movements of this homemade can be considered that the rear wheel here connects to the engine through a bicycle sleeve. This means that by gaining a certain speed and dropping the gas, you can roll by inertia. But this is very convenient, because it allows you to largely save fuel, as well as prevent the engine overheating.

In other similar options, torque is transmitted directly to the tire, which is not very professionally.

It all starts with the fact that you need to disassemble the rear wheel of the bicycle and remove the entire carriage assembly, cutting off the knitting needles. Next, you need to remove excess stars from it, since we do not need them, we need to leave only one. There should be a large asterisk on the wheel, and the engine is small. It is important to determine the speed of the engine rotation so that the scooter is not too fast.

As for the installation of a carriage, he will have to tinker here. It may be necessary to make some gaskets, bushings and so on to connect everything together.

Step two. Installation of a sprocket on engine gazonoks are different, the author needed one that is equipped with a centrifugal clutch. Otherwise, if it is not, it will be very difficult to use a scooter, because when a engine is established, it will immediately leave. And so the engine will work on idle without problems, and it will begin to move only with an increase in the speed of the crankshaft.

From the engine braid for grass, you need to cut off a piece of shaft, which goes to the knife, that is, the area behind the clutch. As a result, there will be a shaft to which the star is welded. The star needs to be carefully specified. Most likely you have to choose or make a sleeve.

Step third. The author’s scheme first made a wooden one to decide on the creation of a metal. The problem was that the fasteners of the new rear wheel did not fit the old frame.

Snowmobile or snowfall

Based on the trimmer motor for the grass, you can convert to a self.Propelled vehicle for movement along a snowy flat terrain or a simple snowbreaker (motorized sleigh) for steep descent from the mountain.

Self.Propelled guns. A frame structure, including:

The frame is made of welded spars, on which racks of 30×30 cm are welded and cross. A steel pipe with a diameter of 14 mm is taken as a drive shaft. Skiing-musculoskel. Moving the snowmobile occurs with a screw or chain transmission.

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What can be done from a trimmer for grass?

If there is an old unnecessary trimmer for grass in working condition, you can proceed with the manufacture of one of the technical devices. Use ready.Made drawings and connect your own imagination.

Crafts that can be made from motorcycles:

  • Boat motor. It is realistic to make it from the engine from a trimmer for grass, it is enough to pre.Prepare the desired tools and details. The finished device should not damage the swimming agent, and also be completely safe;
  • Snowman. Can be made according to many schemes. The simplest is to replace the knife with a home.Made impeller. The productivity of a home.Made snow removal depends on the number of blades;
  • Bour (summer, moto). The gasoline unit is much more complicated and powerful than electric. This is a screw that joins the drive of the installed motor. Neat holes in the surface are made by single.Speed and two.Speed boors (can be drilled with ice and soil). Such a handmade of a lawn mower is very relevant. Ledobur for fishing lovers is an expensive device, because the best option would be to remake an old unit. It is most difficult to fasten the working part with a trimmer, therefore it is worth using the recommendations of craftsmen;
  • Chainsaw. You need to use the old models of devices from which all elements are taken. The essence of homemade in the installation on the gasoline saw of the motorcosa motor;
  • Trimmer for grass for great / scooter (motorcycle bike). To create such a technique, you need to get a bicycle (can be old, but on the go), a chainsaw engine, a home.Made star, exhaust pipe, bracket, fuel tank, brake device on the rear wheel. The motor is attached by the bracket on the frame. The design itself is not very complicated;
  • Snowmobile. Motokosa engine is placed on a design with a ski. The motor is relatively low, because the finished technique will be able to transport only the slight weight. Such a homemade is suitable for a child.

List of Motokosa for Motokosa is quite large. In fact, you can install an engine from a trimmer for grass on various technical devices. It is important to pre.Assess the power of the lawn mower, what tasks the finished homemade unit can cope with.

We collect a simple and reliable lawn mower from the engine from the washer

Step one. Preparation of the basis first of all we will prepare the basis, for this you will need a piece of thick sheet steel. The base should not bend and the motor should be reliably fixed on it. Clean the base well and cut off the excess corner grinding. You also have to cut or drill a hole for the engine shaft and the protrusions of the case, if they are.

Step two. Modeling the engine shaft, we take a pulley from the engine shaft, if the engine is old, the pulleys can sit quite firmly, especially if the metal pulley. The author used the puller and heated the pulley with a gas burner to remove it.

electric, motor, trimmer, grass, lock

Removing the pulley, cut into the shaft a thread for a nut, which will hold the knife. It is better to do such a job together, one should keep the shaft with a divorce key. It is also necessary to choose a sleeve for the shaft, a suitable diameter tube is suitable.

Step third. The installation of the engine on the foundation installed the motor on the base is quite simple and reliable. With the help of welding, weld the mounting brackets of the engine to the base. If there are no such fasteners, we fasten the motor using bolts and nuts.

Step fourth. We knife a knife for a lawn mower, for this you will need a piece of a steel plate. Steel from the old manual saw is quite suitable, or you can try to adapt the circular disk on a large diameter tree. We pull the edges of the plate and drill a hole in the center under the shaft of the motor. Keep in mind that the hole should be clearly in the center, otherwise vibrations will occur.

Step fifth. We start the wheel for the wheel of the wheel, the author simply welded the wheels to the base. Wheels are suitable from a children’s bicycle, strollers, or even from a overall children’s toy. It is important to properly weld the wheels in order to get the necessary gap between the ground, do not forget about the shield.

The sixth step. We make a shield thyroidly around the knife so that stones and other dangerous items do not fly in you. The shield will also allow you to collect ground grass in grooves. The shield can be boiled from a steel plate of suitable thickness.

The seventh step. Hand and connection make a pen for a lawn mower, the author cooked it from a profile pipe. This approach is bad in that the design is heavy, and there is a danger of getting an electric shock. The pen can be made from a piece of the sewer pipe. We connect the cable with reliably insulation and business on the handle switch. Instead of a switch, you can adapt a fork with a socket.

How to Cut Grass with String Trimmer

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After that, the lawn mower will be ready to devour your grass. The home.Made is fine, the grass is mowing without problems and evenly. Of course, such a machine will not pull high vegetation, but it is quite possible to trim the lawns by homemade. The project can be considered successfully completed on this, I hope you liked the homework, and you have found useful thoughts for yourself. Good luck and creative inspiration, if you decide to repeat this, do not forget to share your ideas and homemade ones with us!

How to create a scooter with a motor from a motorcycle?

Not only a bicycle is supplemented by a engine, but also a scooter. The process of manufacturing homemade is relatively simple and does not require special efforts.

To create a motorcycle script, you need to get the following details:

  • Unnecessary self.Chat. It can be made with your own hands;
  • Motor from motorcycles;
  • Chain from a bicycle;
  • Bicycle wheels that will be taken to spare parts;
  • Metal pipes;
  • A cable that controls the throttle;
  • Welding apparatus;
  • Corner grinder;
  • Keys, screwdrivers and fasteners.

The process of creating a benzosamokat:

  • The specifics of a home.Made device in the rear wheel, which is connected to the motor through a bicycle sleeve. Therefore, if a certain speed is gained, you can simply roll by inertia. This is how the fuel mixture is saved and overheating of the power plant is prevented. The rear wheel of the bicycle is disassembled, the carriage is removed, the knitting needles are cut. Only one star is left. You need to determine the optimal speed. When connecting the carriage, gaskets, bushings and other devices may be needed;
  • The star is installed on the motor. You need to dwell on a gas tank with a centrifugal clutch. It allows you to use a scooter at idle, it will only move when the crankshaft will increase speed. Part of the shaft behind the clutch is cut off from the engine of the lawn mower, to which you need to weld the asterisk. It needs to be carefully specified, often with a sleeve;
  • The frame is welded from steel pipes. Under the motor is made from a steel plate. In its center, a hole for the coupling is cut out, four cuts are drilled to fix the engine;
  • Ready.Made elements are collected together. If everything is made correctly, there will be no problems with the collection of the structure;
  • Engine connection. The chain is pulled so that it does not fly. Before starting, the rear wheel is scroll through to check the central location of the stars. The ignition button and control cable are connected through the throttle. You can do without a button. The cable can be taken from the brake system is large or from the gear switch. The gear switch is disassembled until the throttle handle is obtained, which will spin freely.

Upon completion of the work, tests need to be carried out to evaluate the work of the motorcycle scene. There should not be any particular difficulties when creating motor vehicles. Homemade without complex electronic circuits, therefore, special skills and knowledge are not required.

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