How to use the electric booty boat makita properly. Preparation of an electric screwdriver for work

Adjusting electrical screwdriver. How to use an electric screwdriver

Use the tool only after performing all the necessary settings. To get started, you need to connect the device to the network or connect the battery to it. After that, you can turn on an electric screwdriver and perform the actions for which it is intended, that is, tighten or unscrew the fasteners. Compliance with operating rules allows you to extend the life of the tool and get a better result in a shorter time.It is strictly forbidden to set up the bits movement during the operation of an electric screwdriver.

It is necessary to ensure that moisture does not get to the tool or inside its body. It is strongly recommended to use the device only in sufficient lighting. In addition, if the tool is network, then the electric network should work without voltage drops.

The contact of electrical screwdriver and grounded objects is strictly prohibited. If this happens, then the master can hit the current. Do not allow overheating of the device due to prolonged continuous operation. If the screwdriver does not give rest, then it can burn. Instructions for the tool should be studied in detail before the start of its operation. Do not work with an electric screwdriver if any malfunctions are detected in it.

Thus, despite the simplicity of the design and the principle of operation of the device, not every beginner master knows how to use an electric screwdriver correctly to extend its service life. Compliance with some simple operating rules will ensure the safety of the master, the safety of the device and the excellent quality of the result.

The use of mechanized power tools in the farm greatly facilitates the life of home craftsmen and allows you to efficiently and in the minimum period to do many work. However, the key to long.Term functioning of electrical equipment, as well as the safety of the user, largely depends on the correct operation of mechanized equipment, which is desirable to know how to use its main types. Well, today we would like to reveal the features of the use of a common construction tool. An electric screwdriver.

How to use an electric screwdriver? It would seem that it could be easier. Installed a replaced tool in a clamping cartridge and forward, however, even when performing such tasks, certain requirements and recommendations should be followed.

Main characteristics

Power (NM). (Torque) torque of 2 types: hard and constant. Hard torque at 1.5-2 times more permanent. Hard moment. This is power at the time of starting the engine, when the starting currents are triggered, significantly exceeding direct currents and the engine necessary for starting the engine. The torque affects the diameter and length of the twisted screw, the diameter of the material and the density of the material. The greater the power, the more thick and long self.Tapping screws can be wrapped in a denser material.

Drill-electrical screwdriver (electric screwdriver) Electric screwdriver is designed to work with fasteners (for example, twisting, twisting of self-tapping screws) and drilling metal, wood, tiles, etc.P. Materials. Electric screwdriver can be drilled with brick and light concrete with an additional function of the “blow”.

Revolutions (rpm) affect the speed of drilling in different materials.

The battery charging time depends on the charger.

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The battery battery. The main component of the electric screwdriver. The cost of an electric screwdriver by approximately 70% depends on the cost of the battery. The battery is difficult to purchase separately in ordinary retail stores. When choosing an electric screwdriver, you should carefully consider the number of batteries that are included in the kit. Two batteries significantly increase the price, but this allows you to conduct uninterrupted operation. Also, the 2nd battery is a “reserve” in case of failure of the first, t.To. Each battery has a limited number of cycles. It is important that at the end of the charging the charger is automatically disconnected, otherwise the reload will lead to damage to the battery.

How to insert a bat

How to change the bat on an electric screwdriver and put it correctly, depends on the type of cartridge in the design of an electric screwdriver. There are 2 main types of the holder. Key and fast.Packed. The difference is the need for a special key that allows you to change the nozzle in the cartridge of the first type.

To fix the bat in the key holder of the equipment, the following actions are performed:

  • Take a key that resembles a rod with a lever and an mounted gear wheel in shape.
  • Introduced it into the groove on the cartridge, and the gear is planted on the teeth of the crowns.
  • Rotate the key to fist.
  • Insert the tail of the bits into the cartridge.
  • Klum with a key of fists, rotating it alternately in each groove in the opposite direction.

To fix the nozzle in a fast.Packed cartridge, the sponge is diluted manually, rotating the clutch counterclockwise. Insert the bat into the resulting hole. In this case, the holder’s coupling should be delayed in the opposite direction. In a one.Way cartridge, the procedure can be performed with one hand. If a two.Button option is installed, then the near sleeve is held with the right hand, and its left is rotated.

The correctness of the procedure is checked by turning on an electrical screwdriver in idle mode. If the nozzle fluctuates, then experts recommend extracting and squeezing it deeper.

How to use a drill-electrical screwdriver: important advice to a novice master

In principle, in the arsenal of each owner there should be a drill. Or a drill-electrical screwdriver. Because this is an indispensable assistant in solving complex household problems. However, this tool has a lot of adjustments. Which as a result scares novice users. To overcome fear, we suggest you get to know the drill better. And also study the basic principles of its use.

Direction of rotation

As a rule, the drill-electrical screwdriver is equipped with a switch setting the direction in which the drill should rotate. Over, this switch may look out on both sides of the tool:

  • If it looks out on one side, then the electric screwdriver rotates clockwise. And can drill or screw the screws and screws.
  • Когда переключатель выглядывает с другой стороны, инструмент вращается в обратном направлении и может выкручивать метизы.
  • If it is in an average position, the working body of the drill does not rotate.

Drill and its torque

On the “collar” of the drill near the cartridge, as a rule, a scale is applied. The numbers on it from 1 to 20 determine the force of rotation of the cartridge, that is, its torque. Meanings are selected in principle, depending on the complexity of the task. It is better to start work with small numbers.

To screw short screws into a product made of soft wood, for example, it is enough to apply small efforts. If the drill cannot overcome the resistance of the material, the twisting moment can be increased.

Some screwdrivers are equipped with an automatic sensor. He himself determines the power of resistance and gives out an appropriate effort.

Icons “drill” and “hammer”

If your drill is shocking, then on its case you can see the icons “drill” and “hammer”. If you just drill, for example, wood. Choose a “drill”. This will eliminate the scrolling of the cartridge with any effort. If you need to drill a concrete wall, put on a “hammer” to run the shock mechanism.

Rotational speed

To adjust the speed of rotation in the device, a switch is provided. He, as a rule, is located on top of the drill. With it, you can speed up the drill or slow down it. When installed on the number 1, it will spin slower. This position is suitable for:

  • Drilling deep holes of large diameter;
  • Screwing difficult screws;
  • Weakening of screws when they are twisted from solid wood.

In position 2, the drill force is less, but its speed is greater. It is especially suitable for light weakening of screws or for drilling shallow holes of small diameter.

Trigger drill

Trigger or, as it is also called, the start button is, in principle, a very simple organ. He launches the device or stops it. To do this, accordingly, you must click on it or release it.

However, with a trigger there is one nuance. Because in separate models by force of pressing the trigger you can change the speed of rotation.

Drill and its battery

The drill can have a removable battery. As a rule, it has an indicator showing the level of charge.

The procedure for replacing drills and bit

Drill and special nozzles for twisting screws, that is, bits, are inserted into the cartridge. You can clamp them either manually, that is, with a key, or automatically, that is, without a key. However, the latter, provided that the tool is equipped with a fast.Packed cartridge.

With an automatic clip method, you should slowly press the trigger, holding the cartridge with a free hand. Over, rotation should be closed clockwise. To extract a drill, you need to perform a similar action, launching rotation in the opposite direction.

To check the reliability of squeezing the drill in the cartridge, you need to press the trigger and carefully look at the drill. If it is clamped well, then its fluctuations will not be noticeable.

Varieties of nozzles for a drill

Drill without nozzles, in principle, is an empty place. One of the varieties of such nozzles is drill. They may be:

  • Spiral, designed to work with wooden, metal, plastic products. That is, such nozzles are universal;
  • With carbide tips used in the process of drilling particularly durable materials. For example, concrete, stone;
  • Feathers used to create large holes. And with their appearance they resemble oars.

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Nozzles can also be mixed. With their help, you can mix, for example, paints and various solutions.

The function of an electric screwdriver or electric screwdriver is endowed with a drill of other nozzles. Bats.

They are equipped with tips of various shapes. And are used to work with fasteners: screws, nuts, screws. They are inserted in one of two ways:

How to use screwdrivers: useful operating tips

After purchasing a screwdriver, follow simple recommendations regarding use. And then the tool will work for a long time and efficiently:

  • Before connecting and extracting the battery, turn off the screwdriver;
  • Do not bring the tool to overheating, take breaks;
  • Correctly adjust the coupling of torque adjustment;
  • After applying high speeds, install the minimum and upset the engine idle for a few minutes so that it cools down;
  • Check the cable of the network screwdriver, and the battery cord of the charger with the battery. If the tool or charger periodically loses the network, then the wire must be replaced;
  • Do not use screwdriver in the rain and snow. In a humid environment, you can only work under a canopy.

How to correctly change a drill or bat on an electric screwdriver

A cartridge is a node of an electric screwdriver in which a replaceable nozzle is installed: bit, drill or other. Installation is performed manually, automatically (without equipment) or with equipment in the form of a key. There are several types of cartridges.

How to correctly change a drill or bat on an electric screwdriver

The procedure for installing a change of nozzle is as follows:

The cams are compressed, for which the front coupling rotates counterclockwise. The nozzle is installed, the coupling is twisted back.

The nozzle is inserted or pulled out with a slight effort. Fixing the nozzle is performed by an attractive magnetic effect.

Most often used in screwdrivers with pneumatic drive. The head is executed in the direction of the opposite work direction. After installing the nozzle, the head is released, as a result of which the nozzle is fixed. In order to get it, you need to release the squeezing and holding of the head.

If the key is used for installation, then the process is as follows:

  • The spindle or engine is blocked, or the head with the nozzle is simply held by the hand;
  • By rotating the key installed in the groove, the cartridge is rotated before the tsang or the release of the nozzle;
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  • The cartridge closes with the key in the opposite direction.

Regardless of the type of cartridge, you should pay attention to the position of the nozzle after installation. You need to serve food and start rotating the cartridge. If the nozzle is incorrectly installed, a beating will appear. The phenomenon of moving the end of the nozzle to the direction of rotation. In this mode, the work will not be effective.

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Tips for women on working with electric screwdriver

Not always attach or unscrew the fasteners in the house, a man can. Interest on how to use an electric screwdriver often occurs in women. First of all, experts recommend choosing an easy and compact model.

Then you need to familiarize yourself with the instructions that describe how to twist the fasteners in materials of different densities with an electric screwdriver in order to achieve the desired result. Having studied the rules for setting, installing nozzles, a woman should not forget that the use of the unit requires physical strength. When working, it is better to hold the tool with both hands and be extremely attentive.

Do not forget about the safety rules:

  • Start work only after setting up the unit and install the correct nozzle;
  • Avoid the flow of fluid, sand, building dust and shavings inside the body;
  • Perform operations in the room with good illumination;
  • Periodically clean and lubricate the cartridge;
  • Put on work clothes and protective glasses.

If a woman plans to operate the tool often, then it is better to know in advance how to promote an electric screwdriver. This will ensure the proper care of the unit, exclude numerous breakdowns.

Device and principle of operation

Electric screwdriver can be used in various fields of activity and for various actions, for example, in everyday life, during the construction, assembly and disassembly of furniture, in different workshops and where many mounts are used. They can be drilled, thread, twist and unscrew the fasteners. Let’s get acquainted with the device and the principle of operation of such a mechanism.

All screwdrivers are divided into three types:

  • Working from a conventional network and called network;
  • Operating from a charged battery and borrowing battery;
  • Working both from the network and from the battery. The combined version.

All screwdrivers are very similar both in the external and internal structure. They consist of elements such as:

  • Frame;
  • Cartridge;
  • Power button;
  • Rotation switch;
  • Speed regulator;
  • Blocking button of turning on;
  • Tightening power regulator.

In some models there is additional illumination, and in some there is no one or another element. So, the models operating from the network have a power cord, while the batteries have a charge drive.

The power tool case consists of two parts and can be made of plastic or alloy of various metals, but this is much less common.

The principle of operation of all screwdrivers is similar to each other. The electric motor is brought into rotational movement using the consumed electricity, which transfers an effort using a gearbox and a shaft from the motor to the existing nozzle installed in the cartridge, and the nozzle already performs the process of drilling, screwing or twisting fasteners. In network screwdrivers, the engine uses an alternating voltage of the network of 200 V, and in the battery. A constant voltage from 3.5 V to 36 V.

Replacing the nozzle is also quite easy and simple. In this case, an electric screwdriver may have a fast.Packed cartridge or turnkey.

Change of nozzle with a fast.Packed cartridge:

  • First you need to choose a drill for the works that you plan to do, or the bat, given the size of the hat, the type of slot;
  • The cartridge is promoted counterclockwise;
  • Install the selected nozzle;
  • Rotating the cartridge sleeve in the direction of movement of the clockwise, there is a clip of nozzles.

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Change of nozzle with a turnkey cartridge:

  • Take the key and insert it into a special recess;
  • Spin the cartridge;
  • Insert a new nozzle;
  • Rotate the key in the direction of movement of the clockwise, fixing the nozzle.

Features of proper storage in order to increase the service life

Knowing how the screwdrivers of the network and battery type work, it remains to understand the question of how to care for them to extend the service life. Everything is as simple as the principle of operation of an electric screwdriver. The following recommendations are taken into account during storage:

  • Eliminate water entering the instrument
  • You can not miss and drop the device, since in addition to damage to the case, internal devices may come out of the system
  • Ensure regular patron lubrication to increase its service life
  • If different contaminants get inside, then before the subsequent use of the device, it should be disassembled and cleaned
  • You can not store the tool with completely batteries discharged
  • Store and operate the device in the temperature range at least.5 and no higher than 30 degrees
  • When drilling, cool the nozzle

Only if all of the above recommendations are observed, it is possible to provide prolonged use of the tool without breakdowns. The service life of the device also depends on the quality, since the cheap Chinese electric screwdriver will not be able to last a long time a priori, because in its production, components are used exceptionally low quality.

Summing up, it is worth noting that not only the master whose work is related to the operation of the device, but also beginners who use the tool for the first time, should know about how the electric screwdriver works. This will extend the service life of an electric screwdriver, and will also eliminate the need to pass the device to the service center, in case of faults.

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