How to wear a trimmer for grass for grass. How to mow a gas toss with a fishing line correctly

Trimmer care for grass: Rules and recommendations

A beautiful well.Groomed lawn, a neatly trimmed lawn. This is the result of using a trimmer for grass for grass. Using this tool, you can quickly put the site in order. Unlike the lawn mower, a small and maneuverable tool easily penetrates into hard.To.Reach places (around trees, near the fence, benches). Like any other technique, a trimmer for grass needs competent care and maintenance.

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The service life of the lawn mower depends on whether the user complies with the operating rules. All the information that may be required to the owner is posted in the leadership. Be sure to study this document before starting working with a trimmer. And in this article we will dwell on the consideration of the main issues regarding the use of the tool.

We get acquainted with the instrument

The question of how to properly mow a benzoca and a trimmer are asked mainly newcomers who recently acquired these tools. Before proceeding with the work, it is recommended to find out the design and device of the lawn mower. The main constructive elements of the tools under consideration include:

  • 2-stroke gasoline engine. There are tools with 4-stroke engines, the disadvantage of which is their great weight
  • Fuel tank. A container for storing diluted gasoline with butter
  • The gearbox is a transmitted mechanism through which the torque is transmitted from the engine shaft to the executive body
  • Starter. Device launching a gasoline engine
  • Rod. A rigid base connecting the engine with the working body

In addition to gasoline trimmers, manufacturers also produce electric and battery analogues. The main disadvantage of gasoline units compared to electrical and accumulative in their large mass. The weight of trimmers of gasoline type reaches 8-10 kg (4-stroke), which depends, first of all, on the power. To simplify the operation of the tool, manufacturers complement their units with special belts, which are also called unloading.

You need to know the design of the tool in order to learn how to work correctly. Unlike electrical and battery analogues, benzarimmers need to not only be able to mow grass, but also start the engine.

It is interesting!To launch an electric travic, you need to press the start button, and the start of the gasoline unit is carried out by using the starter.

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Preparation of a trimmer for grass for work

Preparation of a trimmer for grass for work begins with checking the condition of all parts and assembly according to the instructions. At the same time, you need to make sure that there is a lubricant in the gearbox, and in the crankcase of a four.Stroke gasoline trimmer for grass there is enough oil. Fuel, depending on what type of engine, two- or four-stroke, is a mixture of gasoline with special oil in a ratio of 40–50: 1 or, accordingly, pure gasoline. After the fuel tank is filled, it remains only to open the tap and the trimmer for the grass can be tried, not forgetting that before the start of the kosba, it is necessary to work at idle for 2-3 minutes.

With an electric battery tool, everything is simple. After checking the availability of lubricant, it is enough to insert a charged battery into the corresponding nest so that it is ready to work. If the tool is powered by a power grid, then you will need an extension cord to the expected haircut location. The wire must be placed outside the zone of the possible action of the trimmer knives for the grass.

The site should be maximally freed from foreign objects: glass, stones, wires, snags, etc. D. The presence of people is closer than 15 meters is also undesirable. Depending on the capabilities of a particular trimmer for grass and expected work, you need to select the appropriate cutting nozzle. You can use a mowing head with a fishing line for grass, metal knives for weeds or hay harvesting or a shrub saw. Powder should be planned to move, moving away from buildings and people.

Gasoline gas mowing gasoline with butter

Before mowing grass with a benzo.Leggos, it is necessary to season the tool with fuel. As fuel, gasoline with butter is used. However, take into account that mixing gasoline with oil is needed only for two.Stroke engines. Four.Stroke engines operate on pure gasoline, since their design has a separate container. Oil crankcase. There are no 2-stroke gas crankcases in the design of the 2-stroke gasolimers, so you need to pour exclusively gasoline with oil into the tank.

As gasoline, it is recommended to use AI-92 brand fuel. In order not to make a mistake in choosing, you need to read the instructions offered by the manufacturer. Often, most manufacturers recommend using the AI-92 brand fuel, and only some recommend filling AI-95.

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Gasoline must be diluted with a small one in a proportion of 1 to 25. This means that 40 ml of two.Stroke oil must be added per 1 liter of gasoline. However, not everything is so unambiguous here. The proportion 1 to 25 is universal, but each tool model has its own values. These values ​​are also indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions. Details about how to properly dilute gasoline with butter into a lawn mower is described here. After breeding gasoline with butter, pour a full tank, and start work.

It is interesting!If a four.Stroke lawn mower is refuel, then pure gasoline must be poured into the tank, and engine oil is added to the oil container to the maximum level.


Electric trimmer for grass. A good country option. In this category, two types of trimmers can be distinguished: network, battery. In terms of power, they are inferior to gasoline, but suitable for mowing a small household territory, cleaning paths, flower beds.

Network models are more productive and powerful. With their help, you can mow grass for several hours. At the same time, make sure that the device does not overheat, take breaks. The only drawback of a trimmer for grass is attachment to electricity.

How to mow grass with a trimmer with a metal knife

As the border of the mowing area moves, move the fuel and the bag.

If the grass was setting down: you need to hand the steering wheel forward and mow to the left with an inclination by the handles to the left (sector ~ 11 hours) and the right with the tilt for the handles to the right (sector ~ 1 hour), and do not rush!, to mow the grass cleanly and so as not to “dig” the earth.

During the mowing of grass (and turns), do not forget to look around!:

  • To notice the gesticulation of others, drown out the motor and remove the headphones,
  • So that closer than 15 m children, animals, spectators and assistants do not come up, t.To. When a metal knife in the grass collided with a motionless object, a trimmer for grass or a lawn mower (motorcycle) can be strongly thrown to the side or expanded back, and a trimmer for the grass rotates at a speed of up to 10,500 rpm. And he is able to cut off his hand or leg.Also, when the grass is mocking the trimmer from under the knife, various objects (crushed stone, glass, garbage) can fly out and ricochet).

How to mow grass with a trimmer (more about the mowing technique)

The engine revolutions when the trimmer mowed depending on the load on the engine. The thicker the grass and, of course, is heavier than the engine, the bolder you need to open the “hole” (throttle in the diffusor of the carburetor).

Work speed of the engine during the mowing of grass with a trimmer try to keep constant (slightly higher than medium). Or less gas. Only depending on the overall load on the engine. No need to completely discard gas (and immediately acceleration again) with each wave of braids for grass. And the clutch is not for long, and the edges on the drive shaft can “overtake”, and the overall wear of the trimmer for grass (motorcycles) increases sharply.

Before mowing grass, we find out the parameters of the site

(to know which knives to take, how much fuel and time are needed)

  • Grass density;
  • The hardness of the grass;
  • The splendor of the grass;
  • Wovenness of grass;
  • (The height and thickness of the grass are not important)
  • The boundaries of the site;
  • What irregularities (how to come in);
  • The presence of hidden obstacles (remember)
  • That not cut (bushes, flowers, seedlings).

To mow grass in the summer is a disaster, and not just homework how to use a trimmer. If your yard or site is strongly overgrown with grass, you can scare you, but this part of the article will help to figure out how to mow grass with a trimmer easier and less irritating.

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Safety precautions during work

Safety precautions when working with motorcycles are to fulfill the following requirements.

  • Do not use trimmers in the rain or with increased humidity.
  • People and animals should be at a distance of at least 15 m from the working device: trimming of grass, small garbage and stones fly out from under the cutting head at high speed and may injure.
  • It is better to put on the grass trimmer to a dense fabric that completely closes the arms and legs.
  • You need to work in protective glasses, gloves, headdress, closed shoes, special headphones or Berushas.

Important! You can’t stretch your hand or foot to the cutting head!

So, the use of manual vehicles for mowing grass allows you to maintain order on a small area. It is more convenient to use a mower in vast areas. In addition, a trimmer for grass is relevant when harvesting hay and restoring order in the territory: small herbal scraps can be mulched strawberries and other useful plants. You can clearly see the mowing process with this tool on the video.

Instructions and rules for safe working with a gas station. Trimmer

Owners of summer cottages and country houses are familiar with the problem of maintaining the personal territory in aesthetic form. A lot of effort is spent on mowing the grass and cutting the lawn. Automation of such processes help electrical and gasoline trimmers for grass.

Consider one of these devices closer.

Gasoline braid device device

  • 2x.Stroke engine;
  • Fuel tank;
  • Air filter;
  • Emphasis;
  • Starter;
  • Barbell;
  • Lever;
  • Protective casing;
  • Gearbox;

The weight of the entire device is about 8 kg, which is quite difficult to hold on the hands. Therefore, the unloading belt-rug belt with a protective pad and regulators is included with the scope of the scythe.

The grass braid is designed for mowing grass and small shrub in personal plots.

As you know, grass can be mowed in different ways. Folding it in rolls or simply rolling it out. In addition, the grass is different. Soft or rough, with thick stems, shrub.

Choose a suitable nozzle

In addition to its product, the manufacturer usually provides several mills (usually 3).

  • To work with soft grass as a cutting element, a fishing line for a trimmer is used, wound on a drum. Speed ​​of 9,000 revolutions per minute allows you to quickly process even a large lawn.
  • For more rough grass and thickets, one of the metal knives can be used, which differ among themselves by the number of cutting teeth.
  • For mowing thick shoots, reeds, young shrubs, a disk with 40 or 80 teeth is designed. Corn, dry weeds with thick stems, you can mow three- and four-lobed milling.
  • And in order to put beveled grass in the rolls, a knife with 8 blades is used and a special crest is attached to the braid itself.

And now more about how to install a cutter. The place of fastening of the cutter is called a gearbox. On it, first you need to fix the figure washer using a hexagonal key.

Then put on a knife, combining the holes in it with a protrusion of the puck. After that, you need to install the upper figure washer on the shaft and tighten everything with a nut.

Here you should pay attention to the fact that the thread on the shaft is left, so you need to tighten the nut (like screwing the mowing head) counterclockwise.

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To squeeze the nut to the stop will help the key, which is also in the delivery kit. You can replace the cutter by doing all the operations in the reverse order.

We season with a motorcycle

To refuel the chainsaws, not pure gasoline is used, but a working mixture that needs to be prepared in certain proportions.

It is better to mix components in a separate container, from which, using a funnel, then pour the mixture into a fuel tank.

After refueling braids for grass, you need to wipe the entire surface dry in places with traces of spilled liquid.

We get to work

Before starting work, you need to check all the mounts and, if necessary, squeeze them all the way. Put on a rug belt and tighten the adjusting tights.

Then install the braid on a solid flat surface and make sure that the milling cutter is not in contact with anything.

Then you need to set the handle of the throttle to the “OFF” position, and the switch on the handle to position “I”.

Holding the braid with his left hand in a fixed position, the right one must abruptly pull the starter cord.

The engine may not be started the first time, in this case, the attempt should be repeated.

If you need to start the braid immediately after stopping the engine, then you should not close the throttle before the start.

To begin the spitting process, it is necessary to fasten the lawn mower with a carbine to the unloading belt and, holding the trigger, start mowing, using the movement of braids for the grass “right and right” (when using a braid head-“on the left and right”).

On the handle of braids for grass next to the switch there is a button with which you can jam the trigger and work as a tool without unnecessary efforts.

In the work, it is imperative to follow the safety rules and dress according to the requirements. Glasses are used to protect the eyes, shoes in boots with non.Shaped soles, hands should protect gloves, and from the noise you can use the headphones.

So that the trimmer for the grass serves for a long time

To prepare a braid for grass for the winter period, it is necessary to remove fuel from the tank, start the engine and let it develop the rest of the mixture. After stopping, it is necessary to unscrew the candle and pour 20 cubes of oil into the cylinder, stretch the starter cord several times and tighten the candle in place.

In order for the lawn mower to work uninterruptedly the entire period of its operation, it is necessary to follow all the rules to work with this device. Here are the main ones:

  • Before work, carefully inspect the device for malfunctions with the fuel tank, mounts or mills;
  • Make sure a sufficient amount of working mixture in the fuel tank;
  • When starting, observe all precautions;
  • Perform the condition of the device only when the engine is turned off;
  • For refueling, use only high.Quality components in strictly recommended proportions;
  • Repair only in certified centers;
  • Do not mow in raw weather on slippery earth;
  • The duration of the scythe during the day should not exceed 2 hours;
  • Do not touch a candle and a high.Voltage cable during work;
  • Do not tolerate the braid in the included state;
  • In time, maintain all parts of a gasoline trimmer for grass. Air filter, ventilation system, gearbox, carburetor;

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Master class was conducted by Irina Shandruk specifically for BYDOM.Ru

How is a starter or a trimmer for grass?

Starter. The mechanism, as a rule, is unique and universal for lawn mowers, trimmers, gasoline and diesel generators. Equipping them even by car, motorcycle or scooter. Not a problem if your car has a free place to install it. It is not surprising that many Soviet cars and trucks were equipped with starting tools that vaguely resemble a double bent mountain.

The starting set consists of the following parts:

wear, trimmer, grass, fishing, line
  • Hook spring;
  • The cord is wound around the coil;
  • Return the spring;
  • Drive ratchet and the main spring;
  • Ratchet case;
  • Stop bolt.
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