How to wind the line correctly on a Huter grass trimmer

Huter GTH Easy Load line head

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The Huter GTH Easy Load line reel can be mounted on any grass trimmer with an M10 shaft diameter. Spool can be loaded with lines up to a maximum diameter of 2.4 mm. Reliable mechanism allows you to refill the line without disassembling the body in literally three movements:

Align the pointer arrow on the body with the line outlets;

Thread the line through the holes (approx. 3 to 5 meters) so that the two ends are even;

Use the handle to wind the line on the spool in a clockwise direction.

General characteristics
Type Trimmer head semi-automatic
Fixing M10x1.25 LH
Line diameter 2.4 mm
Additional features
Main barcode 4606059029878
The dimensions in the package 140х140х85 mm
Weight 0.5 kg

The manufacturer reserves the right to make design changes, change the appearance, color and configuration of the goods, as well as the place of production without notice to the consumer.

Gasoline grass trimmer Huter GGT-1300S. model benefits

This popular residential grass trimmer shows good results with regular maintenance on 5 to 15 acres. Model is equipped with a high-quality 1-cylinder gasoline engine with forged piston and chrome wear-resistant cylinder. In the manufacture of internal combustion engines uses proprietary technology to reduce fuel consumption without loss of engine power.

The torque is transmitted from the combustion engine to the gearbox via a hard disc shaft housed in a removable metal rod. The two-handed bicycle handle is mounted on a horizontal bar that can be moved up or down. All necessary buttons and switches are installed in the right handle.

The technical specifications of the mower include:

  • built-in engine power. 1,7 л. с. at 9500 r / min;
  • fuel tank. 0,7 л;
  • possible coverage during mowing line/blade. 43 / 25,5 cm;
  • maximum sound exposure. 96 dB;
  • weight. 6,8 kg.

How to properly wind the line on the grass trimmer Huter ANTIRUN.RU

It is necessary to say a little about the strengths of gasoline trimmers of the mentioned manufacturer. The main may be called the following:

  • The two-stroke motor has just over three horsepower, is air-cooled and electrically ignited;
  • Tank made of translucent plastic, which allows you to know exactly how much fuel has been consumed during operation;
  • The possibility for a person to work comfortably. this is obtained by having an ergonomic handle on the type of bicycle and a special mechanism to dampen various kinds of vibrations;
  • It uses a high quality cutting set in the form of a cutting blade and a line of the highest durability;
  • Here is also used a wide cutting grip. 25.5 cm, which makes it possible to mow grass, brush and other greenery perfectly and quickly;
  • Protective cover that protects people from grass clippings, pebbles and various debris;
  • Shoulder strap, which allows the operator to work for a long time and not feel sluggish;
  • Ease of maintenance and operation. the mechanism of operation and device models from Huter are very ordinary, that allows you to simply deal with their implementation, even a little-expert person;
  • Reliability. such a gasoline trimmer for grass can run for a long time without stopping, with all this heats up because of the peculiarities of the air cooling system;
  • The possibility of unimpeded movement around the site. taking into account that gasoline grass trimmers, unlike electronic, do not depend at all on the presence of a socket, which guarantees the freedom of movement.

At the same time, there are also a number of disadvantages, which can not fail to mention, namely:

How To Tips for Easy Restring of Weed Eater with 2 strings

  • Noise during operation. gasoline trimmers for grass not only from Huter, and in general enough to very vibrate and produce a strong noise, which makes uncomfortable working conditions;
  • Pollution of nature. models that run on fuel produce various types of exhaust gases during operation, which harm the environment;
  • The highest price. grass trimmers described the type have a higher price, due to the fact that have the highest performance and a good technical feature.

Lines for gasoline trimmers: types and tips for choosing

In this article we will talk about the characteristics (parameters) of the line for the grass trimmer, as well as give beginners tips on selecting such a unit. You will also learn how to insert and wind the line correctly on the lawnmower.

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Review: trimmer head Huter. One of the serious drawbacks of Huter trimmers.

Semi-automatic head with a fishing line for trimmers Huter ETH-1200 is delivered with a wound round line of 2 mm in thickness and 5 m in length.Weight of head 320g.The head has a bobbin with a fishing line and two metal holes through which the ends of the line are fed out to cut the grass when the grass trimmer head rotates quickly.Designed for Huter Get-1200SL electric trimmers.

When mowing grass, the line ends wear down and the length of the line decreases.Consequently, the cutting radius becomes smaller.You can restore the length of the line ends by lightly striking the button located in the center of the head, while the grass trimmer head is gaining momentum.

After that, there will be two ends of the line, the excess of which will be cut off when you rotate the trimmer blade for grass.

Sooner or later the line either breaks one of its cutting ends at the root and has to be refilled, or it runs out of line and has to be rewound.

In short, it is necessary to remove the head cap and take out a fishing line bobbin.Here begins the most interesting part.A similar situation is described in the fable of Ivan Andreevich Krylov “monkey and spectacles”:)

The thing is that the Huter trimmer head has a unique design.I’ve never seen such a thing in any other company.To open it to reload the line is not for the faint-hearted.

There’s no description of how to do it.The inscription on the back of the head housing in English “press to open” did not help.I pressed it, tried to turn the body in both directions.Nothing helped.

At last, having understood, that my brains are not enough for the first non-destructive opening of it, I put up with it and began to search for knowledgeable people.Helped a cheerful and friendly saleswoman in my village store selling power tools and accessories. Antonina, who showed me how to do it. Thank her for that!

As time has passed, I have, of course, forgotten this unique experience.Going to Antonina again was no longer comfortable.I had to use my brain and sort out the problem in detail.The Internet suggested a way to uproot the grass trimmer head cap.That did not suit at all.

From the video I found, I understood the structure of the head.It turned out that the lid is attached to four holders, fastened in the body sockets and locked with a latch.Having squeezed it with an appropriate flat-blade screwdriver and turning the housing clockwise, you can easily remove the cover and pull out the bobbin with the rest of the fishing line.

Filling the line is standard and is described in detail in the description of the grass trimmer.Also it is not easy, but it is possible to understand it.

When you use the head for a long time, there is a little soil, grass and dirt in it.For good measure, I cleaned the dirt out of the body and the outer parts of the head.

It is easy to assemble the head.It is necessary:- to tuck the ends of the fishing line into the corresponding holes in the case:

In the photo, among other things on the bobbin, you can see the slots for attaching a line of sizes from 1.6 to 2.6mm. For electric trimmers Huter Get-1200S a fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm is recommended, which is firmly fixed in the slots for the fishing line 2.4mm.

Next:- align the holders with the corresponding slots in the lid of the housing. simply by pressing on the back of the body with the inserted bobbin of fishing line. Click the latch of the cover latch. Turn the housing counterclockwise.

Gave me great satisfaction after I finally managed to take off the cap:)Feeling of victory over unruly and hostile to you Nature:)Like taming of the Clodt’s horses on the Anichkov Bridge in St. Petersburg.

To buy or not such a head for trimmers?Only if you want to fight with it when changing the line.In addition, the weight of this head is 15g above the weight of a similar head from the Patriot trimmers.How important it is. I don’t know.

The plastic is ordinary, I have not yet crumbled.But people complain about its brittleness. Can crumble if struck carelessly on the ground.

Actually, the thread in the head is standard left-handed M10x1.25 LH.Accordingly, and the head to a line with a diameter of 2 mm can be applied to the standard with the same thread, for example, from the grass trimmer Patriot.

Offers at various from different manufacturers on the market enough.From the most democratic to the most exorbitant for the automatic heads.You can choose the most suitable for you.

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What is better for mowing?? With a fishing line or knife?

Many users of such a beautiful device as a trimmer for grass, probably thought about how to choose the right consumables for it. It is of course the fishing line (special for trimmers) and special disks / blades (called differently), which, like the line, perform the function of mowing grass and small bushes.

You can buy a disc, because the diameter of the line is not suitable for your brushcutter model, or the disc has a different fitting diameter, so you can get the wrong disc or line, and the problem might arise at the stage of selecting the right one. So at this stage it is necessary to be careful and attentive.

And that this does not happen, you need to have in the garage or anywhere else (where is your trimmer for grass) to review its specifications. To do this you need to know the thickness of the line or the shape of the disc.

Also, when choosing a line or trimmer for the grass is worth paying attention not only to the characteristics of his trimmer for the grass, but also on what exactly you are going to mow. For example: for small bushes must purchase a disc, as fishing line will simply crumble into the branches and it will not lead to anything good. And for an ordinary mowing of low young grass is suitable line of small diameter, as it is best to cope with this situation, as a rule, it is the size 1.2, 1.6 or 2 mm.

Now let’s see what types of lines and discs are available in stores or markets.

The discs can have different shapes, from the usual circle to a three or four-pointed star. They are made of special steel (usually coated with diamond chips on top) so that the disc will last as long as possible. For example, Klettfix company discs are suitable for absolutely any type of trimmer (for electric and petrol trimmers) and cost up to 500 dollars apiece. And there are many shapes and variations to suit every taste.

Many people may notice that brushcutter blades are sometimes very soft and splinter when they hit rocks. You should not run straight to the service center and shout about low-quality goods. No, it is made specially to reduce the shock load on the engine and its transmission, that is, a part of the impact force takes over the disk, crumpling. Just like the crash test car cool foreign cars in a collision flattens like aluminum to save the driver and passengers, due to crumpling dampen the force of the impact.

The range of lines is much bigger than discs, because a disc can be used many times and a roll of line is enough for just a small clearing. Lines differ from each other in several factors.

One of these factors is the diameter. The diameter comes in all shapes and sizes, depending on what kind of grass you are going to mow. On the market, diameters from 1.2 to 4mm. Thinner lines are for low-powered trimmers, usually with a low-mounted engine. The classic 2mm variant is suitable for most gasoline and electric models. 2.4 mm for the more powerful. You can check the tool’s data sheet to see which diameter is right for you. Also at brand-name producers, different line diameters have different colors. Take, for example, STIHL blue 1.6 mm, 2 mm green, 2 mm orange.4mm. It’s easier for the user to see what kind of line to buy. He mowed with a green one, for example. That’s what he says in the store, but the salesman guesses that it needs 2 mm. And the sale took place. We have cut 5, 10, 15 and more meters from these reels.

And most importantly for sale line is available in bunches (small and large), and you can buy on a piece of so it is noticeably cheaper. So always ask if you can buy 15 meters of line in a reel.

The cheapest one is made of regular plastic. The line assortment for trimmers is supplemented daily due to high demand. For example ARNETOLI MOTOR adds new lines every day. And costs one coil of medium-diameter line about 60. A steeper line has all sorts of additives for strength, in particular they add aluminum particles. All this makes the trimmer cord last longer. Expensive lines are made of high-quality polypropylene, it is flexible and at the same time strong. Such a cord lasts several times longer than cheaper alternatives.

The cross section of the line is one of the most important points. Most often in stores you can see a round line, it is suitable for most of the works, the main thing is to choose the right diameter. For particularly difficult areas it is better to take a line with a sharp edge, either a 5-pointed star or a square. According to mower operators, a line with bevels cuts steeper, but also tears faster. Most often, such a line owners take trimmer without a knife for mowing area with thick weeds burdock and other crap. In fact, a edge line is a substitute for a disc.

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In order to clearly understand what sections of fishing line are available and what they are designed for, here is a helpful picture (it’s a STIHL brand):

Besides it you can see squares, triangles, even there are special notches on the line, all to increase mowing efficiency. But it’s not certain that the most expensive fishing line will do the job.

But the nuances of the section are such that different kind is designed for its specific task. Take a lawn for example, the grass is young, it only needs to be mowed, not completely cut down. And it’s important to us that it continues to grow. So you have to cut the tops cleanly and carefully. It is ideal to mow the top of the lawn with a line called a star. Whereas the square one is designed purely for impact loads to cut tough weed stems.

So we’ve already got the types of lines and discs. Now we need to find out what is better to buy, a fishing line or a disc. To begin with you have to decide what you are going to mow. For example, if you have very stubborn weeds in your yard, either a very thick fishing line or a disc of any shape will do (the shape of the disc has absolutely no effect on anything).

And if young grass is growing, the thinnest line you can find in stores or at the market will do. But for a beginner, it is necessary to buy a fishing line, as it is much easier to mow than the disk. And it’s safer, of course.

Many people just don’t know how to wind the fishing line on the reel, so they prefer the disc to the fishing line. But in fact, if you get the hang of it, you can reel in a few seconds. Nothing complicated really, just do it a couple of times and then it goes like clockwork.

Here is a video, which clearly shows the whole process of winding the line on the grass trimmer reel:

  • So, to wind a fishing line on a reel, it is necessary to open this very reel first. And this is done as follows: first, you need to find a special mount on the reel. Usually on new models it looks like a rectangle.
  • Now we need to slightly push this rectangle and at the same time scroll it counterclockwise.

How to replace string trimmer edger line

  • After that you need to take a special coil, which is located inside and find there a small depression in the form of a loop (it is in the middle of the coil). And then you need to take a certain length of line and fold it in half (for example, if you put 5 meters, you bend in the middle, you get 2 ends of 2.5 meters).


  • Now this loop has to be inserted into the loop on the spool and wound evenly. And when the line is already wound on this spool, you should now proceed to close the reel. To do this, insert the spool with the line wound on it and put it to one side of the reel.
  • Then put the ends of the line through the holes and close the reel. That’s all, you may consider that your drum is ready for work.

To put on a disk do not need long to bother, all you need is to put a disk on a nut, which screws to the drum and on top attach a washer. And after that, tighten the nut, but not clockwise, but counterclockwise, as all models of trimmers thread on the bolt is cut in the other side. It is not recommended to tighten too much, because by default, the threads go on tightening, like on an angle grinder.

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