How to work correctly with an electric screwdriver. Installation of a working tool on a perforator

Proper use of electric screwdriver

Electric screwdriver successfully replaced not only different types of screwdrivers, but also warden, hexagonal keys. This tool is also used instead of a drill. For builders with furniturers, the electric shuruvrustrot has become an indispensable assistant. For him and at home, there is constantly application. The assortment in the market is represented by a wide variety of models. Despite the prevalence of screwdrivers in various fields of activity, not all users, especially beginners, know how to operate it. Proper use, maintenance and storage of power tools will extend its service life to the maximum.

According to the power method, screwdrivers are divided into two varieties:

Recently there are also tools with a combined method of nutrition. They combine all the advantages of both varieties.

The external and internally device of network and battery models is almost the same. In general, the power tool consists of the following structural elements:

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  • Hulls;
  • Cartridge;
  • Turning buttons;
  • Switch of the direction of rotation of the electric motor (reverse);
  • Speed regulator (number of revolutions);
  • Buttons of turning on on;
  • A tightening power regulator (switch of torque).

The photo further presents the design of the electrical screwdriver of the battery type.

A number of models are additionally equipped with backlight, which is constructively implemented in different ways. Not every product has a speed control and button for turning on on. Network electric shuruvrusts have a power cord, and the battery has a charge drive instead of it.

The housing of power tools is most often made of plastic, much less often from alloys of different metals. For convenience, it usually consists of 2 halves. There are such main details inside the case:

The circuit of electrical connections depends on the model.

Electric shurubover can be equipped with cartridges of different types. The most widespread is the rapidly packed three.Cube version of this part. The cartridge also consists of separate parts that are presented in the following photo.

It should be taken into account that if the purpose of the electrical screwdriver is highly specialized, then this may make some constructive changes.

The principle of operation of both network and battery screwdrivers is the same. It lies in the fact that electric energy leads to rotation of the electric motor. Through the gearbox and the shaft, the force and speed to the nozzle fixed in the cartridge are transmitted from the motor. It already drills a hole or screws or twists fasteners. A feature of the process is that the electric motor in network models operates at a variable voltage of 220 V, and in battery ones. On a constant one, the value of which can be in the range from 3.5 v to 36 V 36 V.

For newbies

So, let’s start in the most simple case. With inexperienced users. Screwdrivers have such a thing as a torque regulator. It looks like a scale around the front by an electric screwdriver, which immediately behind the cartridge. It applied numbers from 1 to 10, 15, 20 or even more. In different models in different ways. And the last position on it is indicated as a drill. If you rotate this regulator and install it opposite a special mark so that there is one of the numbers next to it, then when a certain torque is reached, the cartridge will not rotate further, but it will begin to fade. If you put on a “drill”, then the electric screwdriver will try to twist with all his might, how much engine power allows it.

True, it is worth noting that in two.Speed screwdrivers at the second speed even in the “drill” position, if the torque reaches a certain value, then a protective system is triggered, which simply turns off the current supply. At the first speed, the electric screwdriver will also try to twist “to the last”.

And the beginner can start drilling or wrapping screws, for example, when the regulator of the moment is on one of the numbers, or an electric screwdriver is at the second speed (and it is recommended to drill on it).

The drill can squeeze quite strongly, and as a result, when you begin to free the drill or bat in the standard way (turning on the reverse, holding the cartridge and by pressing the start button), may just work either a torque limiter or a protective system.

Therefore, in such a situation, you just need to put an electric screwdriver at the first speed and the regulator of the moment put to the “drill” position. On single.Speed models, it is enough to only install the regulator of the moment on the position of the “drill”. Well, then again we get out in the standard way.

Screwing and twisting fasteners

Instructions for using the device are simple:

  • The tip of the nozzle is inserted into a screw of self.Tapping screw or screw, turn on the device.
  • To increase or decrease the speed of twisting, you should enhance or loosen the pressure on the start button.
  • When the self.Tapping screw is twisted, the power restriction mechanism will automatically work, after which the work will stop.
  • To unscrew the screw, the nozzle is placed in a slot, after installing the direction of direction of rotation of the nozzle in the opposite direction.

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Charging an electric screwdriver

The most important part of the operation of the tool, on which the duration of the device largely depends. How to charge the battery of an electric screwdriver depends on its type. The most common lithium-ion battery. Such a battery with compact dimensions is quickly charged and has no memory effect. The main disadvantage is the fast category in the cold and high price.

There are nickel-cadmium batteries in obsolete models. They are cheap, reliable, but have a memory effect. That is, if they are not completely discharged before charging, then the battery capacity will gradually decrease.

How much the battery needs to be charged depends on its type and capacity. The most quickly gain a charge of Li-Ion AKB. The battery of household electric screwdriver is charged within an hour. The same capacity Ni-CD AKB will be charged for 7 hours.

But how to find out that the electric screwdriver is charged? There is an indicator on the charger, for example, the Dewalt 572576-01 model, it is on the right. The red light is burning. The battery is charged, green. You can use. You can also focus on your own experience. By the time of charging and the nature of the work of an electric screwdriver, one can judge the charging of its battery.

If you have a model with a nickel-cadmium battery, then you should know how to rock the battery of an electric screwdriver, which will inevitably reduce its capacity after several years of operation. And if the tool is incorrectly operated, that is, not to bring the battery to full discharge before charging, then faster.

In order to restore the container, you need to know how to discharge the battery of an electric screwdriver correctly. And this means a smooth decrease in the charge by connecting a twelve voltage bulb with a capacity of 25 to it.40 W. After complete discharge, charge the battery to the eyeballs and then discharge again. Repeat the procedure at least 5 times. The capacity of such a procedure cannot be completely restored, but it is noticeable to increase the operation of the electric screwdriver quite.

How to use screwdrivers: useful operating tips

After purchasing a screwdriver, follow simple recommendations regarding use. And then the tool will work for a long time and efficiently:

  • Before connecting and extracting the battery, turn off the screwdriver;
  • Do not bring the tool to overheating, take breaks;
  • Correctly adjust the coupling of torque adjustment;
  • After applying high speeds, install the minimum and upset the engine idle for a few minutes so that it cools down;
  • Check the cable of the network screwdriver, and the battery cord of the charger with the battery. If the tool or charger periodically loses the network, then the wire must be replaced;
  • Do not use screwdriver in the rain and snow. In a humid environment, you can only work under a canopy.

Jammed the drill in the cartridge

When buying fasteners, make sure that it is rubberized. So you will injure your hands less when fixing the tool.

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The work of fast.And.Packed fasteners. The second most popular. Is possible without a key. It is enough to insert a drill and crank the lever, often this can be done

With one hand. Fixation of the drill, which is provided by this type of cartridge, is quite enough for most works, however, compared with the classic fastening version, it is inferior in reliability, and it is more expensive. The main advantage of fast.Fastened fastening is the speed of replacing the drill and the security of the process, since such a cartridge is deprived of teeth that can injure hands. The absence of a specialized key is also a significant advantage! Experienced builders know how easy it is to be lost, so very often you can see the key with wrap with tape or island to the wire.

True, this does not add convenience, but at least some confidence appears that the key will not have to be sought throughout the construction site. How to change a drill in an electric screwdriver? The scheme is absolutely identical. The cartridges of most drills are similar to fasteners in screwdrivers. Of course, the last tool cannot be a full.Fledged replacement of a high.Quality drill, if only because the fasteners are not provided for drills with a large diameter, and the turnover of an electric screwdriver, as a rule, is less.

How to correctly change a drill or bat on an electric screwdriver

A cartridge is a node of an electric screwdriver in which a replaceable nozzle is installed: bit, drill or other. Installation is performed manually, automatically (without equipment) or with equipment in the form of a key. There are several types of cartridges.

How to correctly change a drill or bat on an electric screwdriver

The procedure for installing a change of nozzle is as follows:

The cams are compressed, for which the front coupling rotates counterclockwise. The nozzle is installed, the coupling is twisted back.

The nozzle is inserted or pulled out with a slight effort. Fixing the nozzle is performed by an attractive magnetic effect.

Most often used in screwdrivers with pneumatic drive. The head is executed in the direction of the opposite work direction. After installing the nozzle, the head is released, as a result of which the nozzle is fixed. In order to get it, you need to release the squeezing and holding of the head.

If the key is used for installation, then the process is as follows:

  • The spindle or engine is blocked, or the head with the nozzle is simply held by the hand;
  • By rotating the key installed in the groove, the cartridge is rotated before the tsang or the release of the nozzle;
  • The cartridge closes with the key in the opposite direction.

Regardless of the type of cartridge, you should pay attention to the position of the nozzle after installation. You need to serve food and start rotating the cartridge. If the nozzle is incorrectly installed, a beating will appear. The phenomenon of moving the end of the nozzle to the direction of rotation. In this mode, the work will not be effective.

work, correctly, electric, screwdriver, installation, working

Change of nozzles

During home repairs or other operations, the master often has to perform a change of nozzle. So that this procedure does not delay the process, you need to know how to secure a bat, drill or screwdriver correctly in an electric screwdriver.

The equipment is fixed in a special element called a cartridge. The selected nozzle is pinched manually using a special key or automatically (without using the latter). The fastener method is determined by the type of cartridge.

Varieties of cartridges

Most models use a quick.Packed version of the equipment holder. To carry out the procedure with one hand, insert the nozzle between the open fists, and the other is slowly pressed on the trigger. In this case, the sleeve will rotate clockwise. In models with a key cartridge, the new equipment is inserted into the nest and rotated in the same direction until it stops.

To extract a drill or bit, the tool is switched to a reverse, fix the cartridge and press the Start button. At the same time, fists are unclenched, and the nozzle is easily extracted.

Make sure that the drill or bit is tightly clamped in the cartridge, you can turn on the tool in idle. With proper installation, the nozzle will not hesitate and deviate.

Operating advice, safety precautions

Tealemes for safe work with an electric screwdriver should get acquainted with safety precautions:

  • The use of batteries and chargers for them from third.Party manufacturers are prohibited.
  • Hair, elements of clothing, for example, sleeves, must be kept away from the rotating parts of the tool.
  • Mandatory use of personal protective equipment.
  • Do not drill the walls if cables run in the place. In the inevitable situations, the supply of electricity in case of damage to the wire is interrupted.
  • For storage, the rotation switch is transferred to the middle position.
  • The tool cannot be stored and used in a raw room, in the rain, snow.
  • When working, electric screwdriver is tightly held with both hands.
  • Working with a damaged tool is prohibited.

Details about how to properly use a battery battery with a starter, says a specialist.

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