How to work with a corner grinder on wood. Grinding: nozzles and process

Grinding corner grinding of various materials

To date, the corner grinder is a universal device with which all kinds of processing of materials can be performed. The corner grinder is used to align walls or floors, with its help you can clean or polish metal products. It is indispensable when performing repair work of the car. It is almost impossible to replace it where it is necessary to cut off, clean or polish parts made of any material. This article will consider the use of angular grinding grinding for grinding and polishing wood, metal, concrete and brick.

For those who are engaged in the construction of wooden houses, repair or manufacture of wooden furniture, it is important to be able to properly process wooden products. First of all, they are determined with the necessary tool. The most common and affordable is an angle grinding machine (angular grinder) or, as it is also called, corner grinder. This tool is in every house. With its help, you can do almost all the work on wood processing: to emphasize the logs, level, grind and polish.

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Nozzles for corner grinding grinder for wood

First of all, you need to know which nozzles are used for one or another operation.

  • During the construction of the log house, a disc is used to perform the draft of logs. The lamb. Working with such a nozzle, the tool should be held with two hands. Sometimes workers remove the casing, but then it is necessary to protect the face from a flying chip.
  • The pender disk is designed to remove the bark from logs. If necessary, they can be sawn by lumber. In this case, the disadvantage is a wide section and a large number of sawdust.
  • Financial processing is used when the grinding of a log house is needed. In this case, the disks with the application of the abrasive are used.
  • Crusts are used when it is necessary to align the surface.
  • End discs are used in the processing of ends, angles or oblique sections.
  • If you need grinding corner grinding of wood, floors of floors, processing of ends and edges, surface preparation before staining, apply petal nozzles and grinding circles.
  • To polish the boards with a corner grinder, circles are used from fine.Grained skin, felt or other material.

These are the main, but not all the nozzles used for an angle grinding machine. In order to polish the corner grinder, you need to know the main tricks. The logging of the log house is carried out using end nozzles. The device should be kept at a slight angle. Such a nozzle is easy to clean not only corners and connections, but you can also effectively clean the logs. Grind the beam in the same way.

Using corner grinder for artificial aging of a tree

Now the processing of a tree is very popular, which allows you to artificially aging it. This technique is called brashing.

Work is carried out by an angle grinding machine using a special set of bumps.

Extruder Screw CNC Milling Step 1 Roughing

When performing such an operation, the device should be moved along the fibers.

First, a nozzle with a steel pile is used. It performs selective removal of fibers, producing black beam processing. Before staining the workpiece, finish grinding is made using devices with copper or sisalem pile. Sometimes used universal abrasive. Polymer brush.

Grinding a wooden floor

When carrying out a major overhaul of the house, it is often necessary to grind a wooden floor. First of all, it is necessary to remove all the protrusions using appropriate devices. And only after that they produce finishing wood, using grinding circles with the necessary grain.

To correctly polish wooden products, you should know that there are many methods by which you can bring the workpiece to the desired state. Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. In order for the work to argue, you need to have a certain experience, and also do not forget about personal protective equipment.

Operations that can be performed using an angular grinder

Corner grinder is a multifunctional tool. The drive mechanism in it is an electric motor, which through the gearbox transfers the movement of the shaft with a replaceable nozzle fixed on it. The general view of the device is presented in the photo below.

On the market are models that differ in power and design:

Professional large corner grinder 230mm STERN AG230B

Powerful devices are powered by a three.Phase voltage of 380 V, and domestic voltage. From a single.Phase network 220 V. There are also low.Power battery models.

Corner grinding machine (angular grinder) can be made with different materials The following main types of work:

If you fix the corner grinder is motionless, then you can sharpen different tools on a circle: incisors, drills, knives, etc.

The corner grinder is designed to work with the following materials:

Corner grinder has become widespread both in everyday life and in industrial conditions. This is caused by their wide functionality, due to the following factors:

  • A large selection of various nozzles from different materials to perform various operations;
  • The possibility of fixed fixation using special fasteners;
  • The presence in some models of additional handles and several speed modes of operation.

In this case, you need to constantly remember that only special discs are used to process each material.

Safety precautions when working with corner grind

Flying sparks and heated metal sawdust can be a fire hazard, so there should not be flammable things around.

Sawing firewood with corner grinder

Drinking wood with corner grinders can be relatively safe. It provides for a rigid fastening of cutting equipment on a bed with guide elements. This will be stationary equipment for cutting, in which the corner grinder is securely recorded. Do.It.Yourself machine works on the principle of circular saws, where the processed material is supplied along the guides.

Firewood can be sawed with corner grinding, but you need to use the devices necessary to ensure safety. Suitable for working with wood are a jigsaw, circular saw, manual tool.

Is it possible to cut wood, experience and theory with a corner grinder

Corner grinder is a tool that will probably be found in the reserve of each stringing owner. However, not everything is just with this equipment. The device easily cuts metal, but does not fit at all to cut the tree. Over, even special discs that are sold in the store will not become salvation. They are very dangerous and can cost a master of life.

Still, we are talking about a universal tool for processing solid-state types of materials, but thanks to a combination of excellent functionality, ergonomics and performance, most masters try to use it even for work with soft preparations in the form of wood. Let’s talk about how much such a corner grinding machine justifies itself.

The advantages of using corner grinders for wood work

This electric device has a powerful engine, which makes it possible to easily cope with different breeds, which are usually used in production and domestic housing construction. Typically, we are talking about working with a beam, a board and even woodworking blanks. Believe me, even minimum power by 0.5-0.7 kW is enough to process standard lumber. But then another question immediately arises: “Is it possible to cut a tree or logs with a corner grinder?””.

Much will depend on the typical size of the nozzle, but to solve such a problem, the best option would be a chain saw. The corner grinder, in addition to her performance, was very able to justify herself in terms of functionality. Modern small.Sized models weigh quite a bit, but at the same time they have a large set of control systems and security systems. The operator can even independently individually configure the device to a certain depth of the cut, the number of revolutions, as well as the use of soft start and other possibilities.

Disadvantages of wood processing by means of an angular grinding machine

But the main arguments against the use of an angular grinding machine when working with material such as wood is safety. There are some ergonomic nuances that are associated with the inconvenience of the direction of the cut, but specialists from such sawing tactics often stop the risk of injury. Why sawing wood with corner grinders is life threatening? Compared to the same circular saw or electric jigsaw, the angular grinding machine is not equipped with a stop, or rather a device that will physically stop the cut when a critical point passes through.

In other words, when the landing zone or the center of the cutting disk approaches the surface of the workpiece, the likelihood of a hook and departure from the hands will begin to increase. Believe me, such things happen unexpectedly, as well as the direction of the rejection of the corner grinding machine. The second nuance is mostly associated with the nozzle itself. For example, it is strictly forbidden wheels with attack segments, because they can begin to collapse right during operation. But at the moment, manufacturers have taken care of the release of special equipment for servicing soft building materials.

What are circles for cutting wood

Despite the danger of using a corner grinder for cutting wood, manufacturers of the tool still produce saw discs for it.

Circular saws

The photo below shows a “dangerous” saw circle for an angular grinder, although its diameter corresponds to a protective grinder casing with a maximum working tool 180 mm. There are saws with attacks and smaller diameter.

work, corner, grinder, wood, grinding, nozzles

In the following photo you can see a less dangerous version of the circular saw. It provides for protection against jamming, and it is implemented due to a small divorce of teeth in different directions.

Chain saws

A saw disk made using a chain from a chainsaw reduces the risk of injuries when jaming a tool. This nozzle is designed in such a way that the chain fixed on the inner disk (basis) has a non.Fixed landing.

In the case of jamming the chain in the processed material, the base continues to rotate, and the tool does not tear out from the hands.

These chain disks for corner grinders have many modifications, and with their help you can cut branches in the garden, as well as use for black cutting of non.Weed boards.

In addition to cutting, the chain disk can be used as peeling, for example, to remove bark, as well as to cut cups in logs of log house and modeling.

Small dental saws

Also for corner grinder to increase the safety of working with wood, manufacturers of the tool produce cutting discs with a small number of teeth.

Anatomy of a ‘D’-bit on a Tool & Cutter grinder.

Little diameter discs can have 3 teeth, and large. 4, as shown in the next photo.

These wheels for corner grinding dishes remarkably cut wood along both along the fibers and across. In addition, with the help of a saw circle you can cut grooves, make various cuts and spikes in the workpiece. But when working with a corner grinder, one rule should be followed: it is necessary to install a cut.Out disk of such a diameter on an angular grinder, for the use of which it is designed by the manufacturer, that is, not exceed its size. Circles of smaller diameter can be placed.

Tungsten carbide disks

Carbid-wolframic wheels for corner grinders appeared on sale not so long ago and made a kind of revolution in the field of wood processing.

This universal disk has no teeth. Instead of the latter, segments are located around the circumference of the nozzle. A trimmed disk is similar to a diamond circle for cutting concrete. With the help of a carbide volframed circle for an angular grinder, you can very easily saw the wood of any hardness and viscosity. In addition, nails, screws and other metal inclusions that may be in the workpiece in his way are not afraid of him.

This is the safest wood circle for an angle grinding machine.

Its price is about 700 on the Internet, but if you take into account the possible consequences of the use of circular saws, then this is a low price for safety.

Difficulties when working with a corner grinder

We mentioned the inconsistency of the revolutions of the corner grinder and the circular saw, but users who have an angular grinder with speed adjustment can say that this factor was taken into account, and any saw wood disk is suitable for their tool.

Of course, by setting the number of revolutions of the output shaft of the corner grinder corresponding to the saw disk marking, they significantly reduce the risk of injury during operation, but do not eliminate it completely. The fault of this, first of all, the material itself, or rather its structure and heterogeneity.

Even in various places of the same trunk, the tree has different hardness, not to mention the inclusions of the viscous resin, the possible presence of metal, which ended up in the thickness of wood: from the pellets and bullets that fell into the tree during the hunt, to the wire grown into it, which was tied up with branches. Do not forget about the hitch present in almost all wood species.

When meeting with the obstacles listed, the saw disk is sharply inhibited and the angular grinder is simply pulled out of the hands by inertia, and when the solid area passes, it rushes forward with a vengeance.

When meeting with metal, it is likely to paint a carbide tooth, which can be captured by the following and with the speed of the bullet is thrown out. Well, if in the zone of action of the protective casing.

A person who decides to cut a tree is even more dangerous, because at the same time the corner grinder needs to be laid on the side, which makes the usual and convenient capture changes, which means that the grip weakens.

We categorically do not recommend cutting a tree with a corner grinding of a revolution that does not have revolutions, with saw discs for circular saws. But there are special disks for angular grinding facilities designed to work with wood.

Several personal recommendations on abrasive circles

3.1 in its own black list

Cutting yellow-blue circle of Lugaabraziv. Products of Luzhsky Abrasive Plant OJSC located in the city of Luga of the Leningrad Region.

The only advantage of the disk. The price is leveled by the phenomenal speed of its strength. It is more profitable to purchase more expensive with high.Quality abrasive and work in normal mode, and every 2 minutes to change one Lugaabraziv to another. In addition, there were discs with different thicknesses of cutting edge and imbalance, which gave terrible geometry in work.

By the way, here, in the photo of the fragment in the head of the person from this disk, and below we will talk about personal protective equipment and the case with the shield of the locksmith’s mask through the yellow. Blue disk Lugaababraziv. It remains unknown that people sawed and whether they were driving correctly, but I don’t want to check on their own once again.

Oddly enough, but on the tests of the Luga-Abrasive Extra, the circle shows quite decent cutting coefficients of the cut. In addition, other products of the Luga plant can deserve attention.

At one of the construction forums, I had to read good reviews about gray-black discs from the same manufacturer marked professional. I personally did not have to cut them, but the user who responded positively trusted.

The same plant produces very decent Hitachi discs. Apparently the quality control of the Japanese brand does not sleep.

3.2 My choice

Discs with which to work for pleasure. For the first time I tried quality discs in the work, when the shabashi was as part of the brigade on a contract at the German office. Since then, I have not even look towards cheap abrasives, which all construction stores are littered.

Regarding budget options, the price of European qualities is more than 10 times higher, but you will understand what you paid for if you hold in your hands:

By the way, expensive discs have a solid margin of strength and for example Bosh products, the video tests of which can be found on YouTube withstands double (!) the number of revolutions.

Circle.Grinding milling

Another operation that many experienced masters successfully perform with the help of this tool are milling. Milling. Unlike the milling cutter, it will not be possible to perform really high.Quality processing. However, make a groove, as well as cut a small part. It will turn out quite tolerable.

Again, this operation is dangerous. I have already written recommendations for general action using this tool, so follow them. Corner grinder requires a thick and high.Quality milling. Remember the possibility of using homemade nozzles immediately, give your choice to the old brand, insured from chips and faults.

Even when using all tips, a newcomer alone should not be taken for milling without a supervision of a more experienced master. As mentioned above, accidents are constantly happening with the masters of their craft, given the instrument instrumental.

work, corner, grinder, wood, grinding, nozzles
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