How to work with a end saw. The purpose of the end saw

End saw The principle of operation

I will tell the example of my saw Stanley STSM 1510. The principle of operation of end saws is very similar and understanding how to work on the example of one saw, you can safely work on others. By the way, at the end of the publication there will be a video review of this very saw, well, by the way, perhaps someone will be interested in what kind of instrument.

Ladies and gentlemen, do not forget about safety precautions. The power tool is an insidious and dangerous thing and only waits for its minute to pour a piece of finger. So, be sure to read the safety instructions that go in a set with the tool before starting work.

Part.Shaped (or pendulum) saw on wood or iron. This is an angle of the tree for cutting wood from the right angle. Already from the name it is clear that such a saw is needed to cut at the end, relatively speaking, if we are most often a circular saw, we work along the tree (fibers), then the purpose of the ending is to work across the material.

Conditionally end wood saws can be divided into two types: saws with a length and without a broach. The difference is that the first type of saw is built.In the mechanism, and if the usual ending saw is capable of cutting the workpiece of the very width as the size of its saw disk, then at the saw with the length, due to the long mechanism, this size increases, the size of the saw is obtained Disk size of the broach. Otherwise, these saws are absolutely similar.

And now from theory to practice, from simple to complex.

A trigger switch is located on the handle control handle, and by pressing its saw is launched. But it will not cut it until we click on the lever that blocks the defender.

That is, to start cutting, we need to clamp the trigger with your hand and squeeze the defender lock lever with your thumb.

Here, in principle, everything is simple, after the manipulations to launch it is enough to lower the saw down, on the workpiece, and the saw disk with a pleasant buzz will begin to cut the workpiece erupting chips.

When we cut with a regular angle of 90 degrees, then, in principle, the workpiece can be held with your hand. But still, if you are a beginner master and are still not familiar with the instrument, then I strongly advise you to use a clamp, which usually goes in a set with a saw.

For example, if I cut the workpieces different from the angle of 90 degrees or I need good cutting accuracy, then I also try to use the clamp. Remember how surgeons are: a securely recorded patient in anesthesia does not need.

The design of this saw (and all other saws that I saw) allows you to cut a tree at different angles. Over, as it is possible to twist the platform to the right or to the left, changing the angle of sawing, we can also cut the workpiece at an angle by tilting the saw itself (more precisely, it will be said to be the upper half). Let’s look at each way in more detail.

Change the angle of cutting the platform.

In order to change the cut angle, you need to unscrew the handle of the rotation lock, then holding down the rotation lock, we move the platform in the right direction. The most popular carpentry corners on my saw are highlighted separately.

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When we change the angle, the area of ​​the cut is increased, and to use the saw to use the saw is no longer as convenient as when a cut of 90 degrees, so that the clamp in this case is simply mandatory, otherwise the workpiece will move and we will not get a flat and high.Quality sawing.

When the workpiece is fixed we can saw.

How to work with a end saw

At one time, the repair and the system of work often have to be sawed at different angles. This can be done with the help of. However, the choice of angles here is very limited by the tool.

At least some angle with great accuracy, the cut is performed using a special end saw. With this unit, window frames, door and window boxes are made. How to choose a end saw so that it works excellently and for a long time? This will help the knowledge of certain technical features of the tool and its additional abilities.

The end of the end of the end of the end is used for the cut of wood blanks (inventions. ). However, from time to time it saw plastic, laminate and there is metal. This common hearing instrument is simple, with jewelry accuracy and at high speed, cuts material from this angle.

Image 1. The end saw is used to cut wooden blanks.

This ability has found its own skill use not only in construction, but also at the same time in the production of furniture. Similar tools are often used in the process of making windows from PVC.

The end saw consists of a motor equipped with a gearbox, and a working disk. They are installed because of the unit button. These are the main details and nodes. The main load during operation is experienced by a cutting disk (invent. 4). High.Quality super.Strength materials are used for its production.

The engine is used collector as it is also called asynchronous. Asynchronous emits less noise and serves even longer. Collector does not have these advantages, but does not ask for service and special attention to himself for himself. In most cases, it is located on the basis on the right side of the disk, when it is placed in the rear of the saw.

Image 4.5. For the production of the cutting disk, high.Quality super.Strength materials are used.

The rotation from the engine to the disk is transmitted by a means of toothed or belt transmission. Gear gear does not slip at the load. The belt emits less noise and vibration, extends the life of the motor. However, the belt itself is evenly worn and asks for a repeating shift. Sometimes with huge loads, it can simply fly off the pulleys.

The end saw can make additional functions. It will serve a sawing machine for sawing. Such saws are equipped with special sawing tables. The end of the saw at least any design is reliable and comfortable in the work of the inventory that allows you to make accurate cutting of materials at any angle.

How to choose a end saw so that it serves for a long time and properly? When selecting endings, the subsequent points should be taken into account:

In the process of choosing a end saw, it is recommended to use a tool with a disk, the diameter of which is 20 cm.

  • The purpose of the acquisition of the tool. For infrequent use, an end saw that performs standard functions is suitable. For more frequent and complex works, it is best to purchase a profile option.
  • Security. There is certainly a casing that completely closes the working disk. At one time he is removed. The saw should be equipped with an automatic shutdown system if the disk is stalled. The system of brisk and strong fixing the workpiece on the table is also obliged to become also. The most non.Hazard saws release offices: Corvette, Makita, Bosch, Dewalt, Metabo, Hitachi.
  • The overall dimensions and weight of the tool. A very languid saw will make it difficult to work. The operator will experience lethargy.
  • Ergonomicity. The end saw should provide the greatest amenities when performing work.
  • Working disc. It is recommended to choose a tool with a disc from 20 cm. Its greatest diameter is indicated in the annotation to the engine. Disks with thin cuts and wavy lines emit less noise. The landing hole is a diameter of 25 as it is also called 30 mm. Larger teeth will give a hard cut. They cannot be purely cutting laminated products, also blanks covered with expensive varnishes and paints. The processing of them requires a disk with small teeth. Small.Toothed disk can even cut duralumin blanks.
  • Width and depth of the performed cut.
  • The quality of the base and the rotary unit. Stronger stani are made of magnesium alloys and aluminum.
  • Additional illumination of the working area allows you to do work, provided that weakest illumination.
  • Some domestic manufacturers are equipped with an end system with an electric system, which supports the speed of the saw disk at unchanged values ​​regardless of the load.
  • DISCOUSE. The higher it is, the cleaner the cut. The function of adjusting the number of revolutions allows you to cut wood, plastic, aluminum, plexiglass, cement-brown materials.

The end of the Makita LS 1040 is a small.Sized size and a small weight equal to 11 kg.

Makita LS 1040. Prof. Differs in its own compactness and low weight (about 11 kg). Has a comfortable handle for carrying. The saw is armed with a engine developing up to 4600 rpm. Motor power 1650 watts. Recommended transverse of the working disk. 26 cm. You can saw blanks up to 13 cm wide. Sprinkles blanks up to 95 mm wide at an angle of 90 degrees, up to 67 mm at an angle of 45 degrees. For processing long blanks, the installation of special stops is provided in the holes of the duralumin.

The rotary mechanism is characterized by light moves, it is correctly stopped and fixed with a screw.Shaped mechanism. It has a special fixation with the corresponding click for installing angles 15, 22.5, 30, 45 degrees. The disk can tilt vertically to 45 degrees. The quality of the device is very higher, the cut is clear and unsuccessful.

The protective casing automatically exposes the cutting disk when lowering it to the workpiece. It is made of transparent material of the highest strength. There is a device for protecting the disk from jamming. The smooth start system accelerates the disk without jerking. He needs 4 seconds to set full speed. The end of this model is armed with an electrodynamic brake, which rapidly and smoothly stops the disk after turning off the motor. When replacing the disk, the shaft is stopped by a special latch. There is a bag for collecting dust. You can connect a vacuum cleaner.

Characteristics and types of equipment

Ending woodworking machines have a number of general characteristics. With their help, it is easy to choose an unit, which is best suited to the features of the process. These general characteristics include:

  • Electric motor power parameters;
  • The number of roller speeds and the possibility of adjustment;
  • Maximum and minimum diameter of the cutting disk;
  • Dimensions and indicators of the angles of rotation of saw nodes;
  • The distance between the table and the lower edge of the edge of the cutting teeth.

To connect the chips cleaning system, it is necessary that the supply pipe and the vacuum cleaner tube have the same diameter. This will relieve the need to fasten adapters.

So that the workpiece does not move during processing, it can be additionally fixed on the table with special clamps. The configuration and dimensions of the clamps are determined depending on the parameters of the desktop of the end machine and the maximum height of the processed workpiece.

By the nature of the movement of saw nodes, the machine for ending the boards may belong to one of the types listed below.

In a straightforward unit for the movement of the block, a hard console beam is adapted. The height of the console may vary depending on the size of the processed wood.

In the pendulum unit (CME), the disc unit is located on special pendants so that the finished processed beam has a segment arcuate ledge. This is achieved by lifting and lowering the cutter during the processing of the workpiece.

In the balancer end machine, the saw knot is attached under the table. The knife rises 10-12 times per minute using the pedal mechanism.

work, purpose

Finally, there is a stationary machine for ending. In it, the knife is deafly attached in the selected place of the surface of the table. Processing of the workpiece is carried out without changing its position on the table and the position of the cutting tool in relation to the lumber.

Parting saw: device, purpose and capabilities

The hand.Handed saw has a narrow purpose, and it is unlikely that you will succeed in dissolving the board with its help. Its tasks are slightly different. It can perform exclusively short cuts. With its help, you can cut the board in half, level its end or cut off the end of the board at a certain angle. Here, in principle, all that it can, but, believe me, is a lot. Another saw equipment with such tasks copes much worse. Oh yes, I completely forgot that besides wood, depending on the equipment used, the end saw can work with soft metals, plastic and, if necessary, with thin.Leaf iron, or rather with a profile made from it.

The end universal saw has a fairly complex design. It consists of two main nodes, which are by no means distinguished by the simplicity of the design. This is a bed on which a turning table and a movable cutting head with a powerful electric engine are fixed on it.

    Stanger with a turning table. As a rule, these two parts cannot do without each other. There is a guide on the bed itself, which provides a fixed position of the workpiece. The table for the end of the end can be rotated relative to the guide within 90 ° (45 ° V one side and 45 ° in the other direction), ensuring in this way a simple trim cut in any direction without reinstalling the part.

Cutting head. Installed directly on the turning table. It changes its location with it. For convenience in the side of the turning table, a graduated scale is applied on the bed. Combining the table label with a certain value of degrees, you can cut at any angle. And this is not all. The head itself, or rather its cutting part, can lean left and right, thereby providing an inclined cut. In most cases, this slope is performed in one or two fixed positions (30 ° and 45 ° in any direction). Also, some models can be equipped with a special long mechanism. The end saw with the length allows you to cut the workpieces of much larger width than its ordinary fellow.

What design does the end saw have

Types and differences of end saws.

It will be more correct to divide the end saws into two large categories. The first category is a saw in the usual design. And the second combined version. Below a large image of a combined end saw:

How can you notice this saw in the upper part has an additional sawing table. Therefore, this type of saw is called combined, as it combines additional the possibilities of a stationary circular saw. Given that such saws are more expensive than usual in 2.5-3 times, we do not advise considering them for purchase for private use. This is clearly more professional (and in our opinion is not always the most optimal) equipment. It is possible to have a regular end saw and separately inpatient circular.

Criteria for choosing ending with a length

In order for the acquisition to bring only benefits, and the money is not spent in vain, you need to decide before buying:

  • Why will the tool be needed. After all, a saw with a length is necessary when performing a professional wide workpiece. If a rare use is planned, you can limit yourself to a regular end of the household class.
  • With the size and weight of the saw. It is also recommended to clarify the maximum free course of the working head.
  • What is the diameter of the working discs. It is worth noting that you need to choose based on the diameter of 0.2 m (but no less).
  • How safe is the tool that is purchased.

Also important parameters are considered indicators of the depth and width of the cut.

Features of products with a length

Options with the function of the broach are professional equipment, differ in comparison with household varieties. They are convenient in terms of cutting long plates and pipes. The design of such devices is equipped with two rails located in parallel relative to each other. The cutting disk is planted on the rails themselves, it moves freely on them and has especially small teeth. This is no coincidence, since the smaller the teeth and more are their number, the lower the level of load on each of them.

The saw with the length is characterized by a thorough width of the cut of the part. Products of this type are heavier than other varieties. The speed of rotation of some modifications may exceed 3,000 revolutions per minute. Sometimes the model is equipped with an electronic adjustment of the speed of rotation of the saw disk. Such units allow you to get even and fast cut.

The presence of a long mechanism turns a regular saw into a machine convenient for the user. Often such structures are used to cut wide and long wood.

The device of the end saw

The device of the tool we consider due to its purpose in most models from different manufacturers is almost the same. There are only small nuances, for example, on the protective casings of the disk. But we will consider the device of the tool on the example of the Jet JMS-10L saw. It was such a device for a long time that was operated by our masters and never caused complaints in work.

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This saw does not belong to a professional tool and is not suitable for too frequent and long use, however, for its own needs and a small household repair, it is best suited. So, the device of the Jet JMS-10L end saw is as follows:

The cutting head of the saw is installed on the bed with the turning table. The cutting head consists of a collector type of input capacity of 1500 W and a power supply up to 230 V. The number of revolutions of the saw disk in this case is 4500 rpm. That is, as you can see completely a lot. The head has the ability to bend to the left or right. The saw table has the opportunity to turn towards the guide up to 90 degrees, 45 degrees in each direction. Which is very convenient when cutting blanks. There is no need to reinstall the part and interrupt the processing process. Read more about the characteristics we will write below.

The side of the turning table has a graduated scale for ease of work. Also in this model there is a lengthy mechanism. The standard equipment includes a system of clamping devices, movable inserts for large blanks, a bag of a vacuum cleaner, a measured scale, a light pointer and a saw carbide disk with 40 teeth.

We work at the end saw

When sawing wooden parts across the fibers, chips often remain. If the saw is good, then the shortcomings are not so noticeable, but in the manufacture of carpentry products for the house, each trifle is noticeable. And on the facade details of furniture, any error is unacceptable. The teeth of a universal saw do not cut the material, but cut down, acting as a number of small chisels. At the entrance of the saw to the material, the cut is clean, since the tied fibers do not allow chips to appear. But at the output of the teeth of the saw, chips tear out, sometimes quite significantly. This must be understood and paid attention to where the teeth of the saw are directed.

In some cases, the jigsaw is the only tool for cutting plywood. For example, when decorating premises, or cutting out figures. Furniture moisture.Resistant plywood material is good and is quite suitable for making furniture parts. But when sawing, the thawed, terrible edge is obtained, which has to be arranged on Fuganka and thoroughly tumble.

To reduce damage to the edges, it is advisable to prepare the material for work in advance. We mark the part of the dimensions and along the cut line cut the upper layer of the fibers with a sharp cutting line along the ruler. During operation, a jigsaw, the teeth of the saw erased the wood up, so it is necessary to cut along the cut line from the departure side. So that the edge of the marked part remains intact.

Another option involves holding chips with adhesive tape. After marking and drawing of sawdust, we seal the lines with adhesive tape. If the jigsaw saw is not intended for plywood, then the lines are sealed on both sides of the part. In order to accurately conduct a marking jigsaw, you will have to either draw a line with a pencil over the adhesive tape, or install a guide rail. How to cut a plywood without chips.

It seems the end of the disk saw is specially designed to saw the parts across the fibers. But at the same time, chips on the ends of the details can be very significant. Here is the same inconsistent, at the entrance of a saw into the wood array, the end of the end remains more or less clean, but at the exit, the chips break out.

First, always determine in advance where the details will have the visible, that is, the facade side. Accordingly, the marking and cut, do the facade side up.

The same applies to the edges of the part. If necessary, during the end, you can put the part on the edge and press to the guide. In this case, the facade side and lower edge will be cut cleaner.

I had to use the end machine quite a lot. And of course, a lot depends on the quality of the saw disk and the end. But not everyone has the opportunity to buy an expensive end saw, so you have to adapt somehow.

Another way of work that most masters use. When sawing on the end, squeeze the part between the catchy planks. In this case, you have to cut the part itself together with the pressing planks.

Just to get a completely clean end, you need to press from two, or even three sides. So rarely someone does, the lower layer and the far edge are more often closed, the one that is at the output of the saw.

A review of for end wood saws with a length: where it is profitable to buy and not be mistaken

The end of the end with a length can be bought not only in specialized stores, and the reason for this is the appearance of Internet resources engaged in sales in the global network. This is the easiest way to buy, because you can, without leaving home, with the help of any search engine (Yandex, Google, etc.D.) choose a model and seller. Convenience also lies in the fact that you can familiarize yourself with the reviews of users who have already bought a model you like, as well as contact them at the relevant forums and discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

The lack of purchases of this kind is that in the case of a breakdown or factory malfunction, it is extremely difficult to return the tool or repair it under the warranty.

Retail chains specializing in the sales of the tool is a reliable place to buy a end saw

A more reliable way is to contact a trading network or company engaged in the implementation of such a tool. In this case, the cost will be slightly higher, but when buying in this way you can always count on the repair or replacement of the device during the warranty period.

The table shows the cost of popular models of end saws with the length considered in this article, when implementing them through trade organizations.

The class of the device Model Price,
Domestic “Zubrov ZPT-255-1800 PLR” 13 500
“Einhell Th-SM 2131 Dual” 11,000
“Metabo KGS 216 M Lasercut” 18,000
“Hyundai M 2500-255s” 15 500
“Sturm MS5525S” 14,000
Professional “Metabo KGS 315 Plus” 55,000
“Bosch GCM 8 SJL Professional” 33 500
“Dewalt DWS 780” 57,000
“Makita LS 1216” 47,000
“Hitachi C10fsh” 61 000

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