How to work with Champion gas station.

The lawn mower Champion

The need to regularly mow troeds of weeds often occurs in each gardener. And hay harvesting for the winter for animals is required annually to a rural resident. The use of ordinary cobs for these purposes requires a huge amount of effort and time. Therefore, motorcycles were created, or trimmers for grass. They easily and quickly cut the grass at a suitable height, for which they won the love of gardeners. The Garden technique of Champion has gained the most popularity, namely the motorcycles of this brand.

Champion lawn mower. light garden technique with a convenient handle in the form of the letter U. The set of a trimmer head for grass with a knife, which has 3 blades. Also attached to the unit:

  • secant disk;
  • plastic cover to protect against the remains of grass;
  • backlight;
  • gloves to ensure hand protection;
  • glasses for the eye are sewn;
  • A set of tools for assembly and repair;
  • A special shoulder strap created for motorcycle champion.

Technical characteristics of the motorcycle champion:

  • engine power. 1.2 kW;
  • motor volume. 43 cm³;
  • mass-6-9 kg;
  • The width of the cut grass is 25 cm;
  • Field thickness. 1.6 mm;
  • shaft length. 1.35 m.

Important! The principle of operation of gasoline motorcycle is that on the back of the tool there is an internal combustion engine. The revolutions of the two.stroke engine along the shaft, which is located inside the hollow rod, are transmitted to a rotating disk, in turn, promoting the fishing line for a trimmer or a disk for cut. In principle, a braid for grass works as a lawn mower, only it does not have a grass collector.

Model Motokos Champion

CHAMPION Catalog consists of the following models:

  • T264-light gasoline braid for grass with U-shaped handles and low fuel costs;
  • T436. a braid for grass with an forged shaft and a straight bar, which is designed for small areas;
  • T445. model with a more comfortable handle and small weight.

Note! The manufacturer produces garden inventory with a gasoline engine and a gasoline handle. The models improve annually. So, one of the latter. T445. has a more powerful engine than T264.

What is a benzotrimer?

The lawn mower is a manual gasoline apparatus that mows grass with a rapidly rotating (3–9 thousand revolutions per minute) of a cutting tool of various types.

The engine is located in the rear of the device and is located behind the operator during operation, and the cutting tool is installed on the other side.

The operator independently selects the height and angle of inclination of this tool, which is why it is difficult to get an equally even cut surface, which is obtained after passage by a lawn mower, but it can use a benzotrimer for haircuts of inclined surfaces.

What does the lawn mower consist of?

This device consists of the following elements:

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  • engine;
  • clutch;
  • drive shaft;
  • lever;
  • conical gearbox;
  • cutting tool;
  • protection;
  • Suspension system.


Two- and four-stroke gasoline motors are installed on the lawnmands. Two-stroke engines have a higher power ratio and mass, however, they consume more fuel and are less reliable due to ineffective lubrication of crankshaft bearings.

They work on a mixture of gasoline and special oil, and this mixture is not only supplied to the cylinders, but also sprayed to the bearings for their lubrication.

Four.stroke engines are noticeably harder, but consume less fuel and much more reliable, because in them the crankshaft bearings lubricate the oil in the engine pallet. These motors work on pure gasoline, but every year new engine oil needs to be filled in them.

The volume of the combustion chamber, regardless of the type of engine, is 25-60 cm 3. What is comparable to the engine of a small scooter, and the power is in the range of 0.5–5 liters. With.

Also, a power unit of any type is equipped:

  • fuel tank;
  • the primer of the swing of fuel;
  • air damper to change the mode of operation;
  • manual starter;
  • carburetor;
  • control handle with a button to turn on the engine and a speed controller.

Fuel tank

The tank is made of transparent plastic so that at first glance you can estimate the amount of fuel mixture.

Pure gasoline for four.stroke engines and a mixture of fuel with special oil for two.stroke engines are poured into it.

Plastic is resistant to oil products and relatively high temperatures, and also tolerates nonsense without damage.

Inside the tank there is a fuel supply tube through which gasoline or fuel mixture enters the primer and carburetor.


The primer is designed to supply fuel to the carburetor before starting work, and after the engine has been started, the mixture from the tank is sucked by the discharge created by the engine.

It is a pump with an intake and exhaust valve, and an elastic rubber bulge as a piston is when pressed, gasoline from the primer enters the carburetor, and when they let go, the straightening bulge creates a discharge that sucks the mixture from the tank.

Air damper

The air damper limits the flow of air in the launch mode, so that the mixture of fuel and air in the motor cylinder is very re.enriched and is easier to ignite from a weak sparks.

After all, the power of the spark directly depends on the speed of rotation of the shaft, therefore, during the launch by a manual starter, 20–40 less than after reaching the working turnover.

However, after starting, the re.enriched mixture burns out inefficiently, so the rotation speed and power on the shaft are below the workers, in this regard, the air damper is opened, ensuring the normal supply of air.

Hand starter

A manual starter consists of several elements and allows you to spin the crankshaft of the engine to revolutions with the help of a rope handle to revolutions sufficient for the appearance of a spark. The ratchet provides the connection of a manual starter with the crankshaft of the engine at the time of launch, and after a set of revolutions disconnects the mechanism from the motor.


The carburetor mixes the air and a mixture of gasoline with oil in a certain proportion, the maximum corresponding to the engine operating mode.

Air damper (throttle), connected by a cable with a control handle, changes the amount of air supplied, however, in the working mode, the ratio of air and fuel is always the same and depends on the nozzle installed at the factory.

Air filter is installed above the carburetor, which sucks large dust and other particle dangerous for the engine. A fuel filter is installed in front of the carburetor, which scatters various pollution. On some models, the filter is installed in a tank or in front of a primer.

Management handle

The control handle is installed on the handle and fixed using the bolt, so if necessary, it can be removed. It is the main element with which the operator turns on or off the engine, and also regulates its revolutions depending on the load.


This mechanism turns off the shaft from the engine when the latter works at idle, which allows you to safely transfer the motorcycle to short distances without turning off the motor.

Georgians and clamping pads under the influence of centrifugal force strive outward, towards the cup surrounding them, but the power of the springs is enough so that no contact between them does not occur at the idle revolutions.

As the engine speed increases, the centrifugal force first forces them to touch the cup, and then presses them so much that they transmit the energy of the rotation of the crankshaft of the engine without loss.

Drive shaft

The drive shaft is an even steel bar installed inside a steel or aluminum tube on several bearings. This detail is one of the most important and most vulnerable, because if the shaft is at least a little deformed, then strong vibrations will occur during the operation of the mowal.

If the drive shaft initially has a curved shape, then inside it is not a rod, but a rope eveeled from steel wire (cable), which does not cause strong vibrations, but is unsuitable for transmitting a large torque.

Therefore, curved drives are put only on low.power devices, and their main advantage is the possibility of mowing grass right under their feet.

There are models with a detachable or flexible drive shaft. The detachable shaft noticeably reduces the size of the motorcycles occupied by transportation or storage, and the flexible shaft provides mowing of grass or cutting bushes in difficult conditions where it is difficult or even impossible to use a regular apparatus.

Instructions for Champion T523

3 1. Technical characteristics Model T256/ T256-2 T333/ T333-2/ T333S-2 T433/ T433-2/ T433S-2 T523/ T523-2/ T523S-2, kg (without a cutting head, with empty tank) 6.7 7.6 8.2/8 8.3/8 tank for fuel, ml 750 950 950 950 Fuel characteristics (mixture proportion) Specific fuel consumption, g/kWh

4 2. Introduction Dear user! Thank you for the purchase of Champion products. This manual provides the rules for operating a trimmer for Champion grass. Before starting work, carefully read the leadership. Operate the device in accordance with the rules and taking into account the requirements of security, and so

5 3. Safety, management and information signs are placed in the form of stickers, or applied relief on the case. Read the operating manual before starting work by unauthorized persons at a distance of closer than 15 m is prohibited from a warning! Carefully! Attention! Use without

6 4. The use of a trimmer for the grass is designed to mow lawns and lawns in compliance with all the requirements of the product operating manual. Any other use of this framework is considered to be not appropriate for the prescription. For the damage or injury to any

7 5. General safety rules carefully read this guide. Check out the trimmer before starting operation. Check out the work of governing bodies. Know what to do in emergency situations. Pay special attention to the information that is preceded by the following

8 10. Keep a trimmer for grass in a closed area inaccessible to children. eleven. Work in tight.fitting clothes. Do not wear wide clothes and jewelry, as they can fall into the moving parts of the device. 12. Put on strong protective gloves. Gloves reduce the transmission of vibration to your hands.

9 6. Safety requirements during operation Fire safety 1. Fuel is an easily ignited and explosive substance. Do not smoke, do not allow sparks and flame in the storage area of ​​fuel and when refueling the engine. 2. Do not refuel a hot engine. Before

10 5. Do not raise the cutting device above the level of the knees. In this case, a situation is possible when discarded items can fall into your person or eyes. 6. Always keep a safe distance regarding other people who work with you. 7. Follow special caution,

11 7. The main nodes and controls are 9 8 5 6 10 7 4 3 2 1 11 13 12 rice.1 Location of the main nodes and controls 1. 2. 3. four. 5. 6. 7. Shoot for grass rod (lower half) coupling connector trigger gas switch Starrering lever of gas trigger working handle 8. Suspension

12 8. Assembly Complement of a trimmer for grass is given in table 1. compound. TABLE 1. Complete trimmer for grass trimmer for grass Knife head Trimmer Trimmer Guide Key Key Keys Sleefrendary Tnen for the preparation of the fuel mixture 1 1 pc. 1 PC. 1 PC. 1 PC. 1 PC. 2 pcs. 1 PC. Install

13 Install the working handle on the bar as shown in rice.four. Before the final tightening of the bolts, adjust the handle in the height and angle of inclination of the handles, as you are more convenient for work. Installing a knife for the grass install a protective puck (a) rice to the gearbox.5. Install the grass knife for the gearbox

14 9. Preparation for work and operation Preparation for work before starting operation perform the following: Inspect the territory and delete the items that may be discarded by the device. Remember the places of barriers to get around them. Inspect the device before use. Perform the necessary

15 1. Pour half the gasoline prepared for operation into the container. 2. Add the required amount of recommended engine oil. 3. Close the capacity cover tightly. four. Shake the fuel mixture thoroughly in the container. 5. Slowly open the capacity cover to release air after

16 buras under the air filter housing a b d rice. 8 Location of manual fuel pump 4. Close the air damper. To do this, lift the damper lever up (rice.9). 1 Fig. 9 Location of the air damper 5. The ignition switch (a) set in position “I” rice.ten.

17 If the engine does not start, it is possible that you missed the first flash, and the candle was filled with fuel. In this case, the following actions must be performed: 1. Set the ignition switch to the “Stop” position. 2. Turn out and dry the spark plug. 3. Turn the trimmer for the grass with a candle hole

18 Table 3. Description of the types of work when working as a trimmer type of work description with this type of work, selective mowing of grass on a small section by moving the trimmer for grass in a straight line occurs. Carefully bring the trimmer for the grass to the place of the haircut (rice. 11 A). Reject the head (knife) a little to the side

19 a) haircut C) Removal of vegetation cover b) mowing d) processing borders rice. 11 Movement of a trimmer for grass The place of contact with the surface direction of discarding waste, follow the purity of the trimmer head during operation. The grass wound on a trimmer head can lead to heating and

20 replacing the cord in the trimmer head to replace the cord drown the engine of the trimmer for the grass. By pressing the latch (a) rice.13 simultaneously turn the head cover clockwise and remove it from the head of the head (rice.13). And remove the coil of the trimmer head and clean it from the residues of the cord. Inspect

21 10. Maintenance Types of work and maintenance time all work on maintenance of a trimmer for grass, except for the points listed in this maintenance and operation instructions, must be carried out in an authorized service center. The terms of technical

22 Visual control cleaning control lever functioning control control knife knife for cutting cord sharpening control Fuel filter Fuel tank cleaning gear lubricant inspection trimmer

23 Note! Do not pull the fuel hose completely from the tank. It is enough to pull out part of the filter hose. four. Separate the filter with twisting movement. 5. Install a new filter. Return the fuel hose to the tank. Make sure the filter lies at the bottom of the tank. 6. Set the fuel tank cover.


The maximum engine power is 6500

Overseas of the engine speed at maximum

Direction of rotation of the cutting part of the instrument-

Maximum rotation frequency of a knife (column./

Sound pressure level in dB in accordance

Technical characteristics can be changed without prior notice.

Graphic warnings, introduction

A trimmer for grass is a fast.cutting bench tool and in order to avoid an accident-

Dimo observe special precautions. Read this hand carefully-

water. Check out the rules for using the tool. Remember how to turn it off

tool and quickly lay the belt.

This symbol, accompanied by words, warning and danger-

But, should pay attention to the user to what one or another of him

the action or condition of the tool can cause serious

Read and remember the guidance.

Always use the means of protecting the organs of vision and hearing

Always turn off the engine and make sure that the cutting set-

work, champion

Ra is stopped before proceeding with cleaning, replacement or mood-

WARNING! Never change the design of a trimmer for grass. Not-

The correct use of any trimmer for grass can cause a-

Ryznoe or fatal injury!

Technical characteristics, descriptions and illustrations given in this instructions,-

they are renewed at the time of publication, but they can be changed without preliminary-

Tel notification. Illustrations can depict additional equipment and AK-

sesuars that are not included in the standard equipment.

Dear user!Thank you for the purchase of Champion products. This manual provides rules

operating champion tool. Before starting work, carefully read the management-

bore. Operate the tool in accordance with the rules and taking into account the requirements of security-

but also guided by common sense. Save the instructions, if necessary

Champion technique is constantly expanding new models. Products

Champion has a ergonomic structure that ensures its convenience-

a well.thought.out design, high power and performance.

In connection with changes in the technical characteristics of the leadership, it may

do not fully match the acquired tool. The manufacturer leaves for-

battle the right to make changes to the design of individual nodes and parts that do not worsen-

the honor of the product, without prior notice. Keep this in mind when studying the leadership

SPECIFICATIONS. 3VEVENTION. 4.use for its intended purpose. 4.comprehensive trimmer for grass. 5 general safety regulations. 6 fuel and oil. eight

Recommended fuel. 8 Preparation of the fuel mixture. eight

ENGINE STARTING. 10 launching a heated engine. 10 installation of the engine. ten

Using and maintenance of a trimmer for grass. 11th of cutting cord in a mowing head. 13.air filter. 15 fuel filter. 16 lights of ignition. 17

Maintenance and storage. eighteen

Service recommendations. 18 tables for maintenance. 18. 19


One.cylinder, two.stroke gasoline

Maximum engine power, kW 0.75 working engine volume, cm3

Number of engine speeds at maximum-

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Sound pressure level in dB in the corresponding-

Technical characteristics can be changed without prior notice.

Operating guide trimmer for grass gasoline t.

SPECIFICATIONS. 3VEVENTION. 4.use for its intended purpose. 4 general safety regulations. 5 fuel and oil. 7

Recommended fuel. 7 Preparation of the fuel mixture. 7

Commercence of a trimmer for grass. 8S.collar of trimmer for grass. 9 engineer. eleven

ENGINE STARTING. 11 Layout of a heated engine. 11 installation of the engine. eleven

Using and maintenance of a trimmer for grass. 12

Working with a mowing head. 13 work with a knife. 13

Replacing the cutting cord in a mowing head. 14.air filter. 16 fuel filter. 16 lights of ignition. 17

Gearbox. 18.technical service and storage. eighteen

Service recommendations. 18. 18 tables for maintenance. 19

Introduction, use as intended

Dear user!Thank you for the purchase of Champion products. In this manual, it-

den Rules for operating the Champion tool. Before starting work, read the leadership. Operate the tool in accordance with the rules and accounting of safety requirements, as well as guided by common sense. Save the instructions, if necessary, you can always contact it.

The Champion Garden Technology line is constantly expanding the new fashion-

Limi. Champion products are distinguished by an ergonomic design that ensures the convenience of its use, a well-thought-out design, high power and performance.

Due to changes in the technical characteristics of the hand-

water may not fully comply with the acquired tool. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design of the delicious nodes and parts that do not worsen the consumer properties of the product, without prior notice. Keep this in mind when reading the operating guide.


Technical characteristics of the device can be changed without preliminary notification.

Champion technique is constantly expanding new models. Champion products are characterized by an ergonomic structure that ensures the convenience of its use, a well.thought.out design, high power and performance. In connection with changes in the technical characteristics of the leadership, it may not fully comply with the acquired tool. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design of individual nodes and parts that do not worsen the quality of the product, without prior notice. Keep this in mind when studying the operating manual.

Use by purpose

The lawn mower is controlled by the operator running behind. The engine rotates the cutting knife that is located under the mowing housing. The knife raises the grass and performs its mowing. The height of the cut can be adjusted to give the lawn the desired appearance. Cut grass is either assembled in a container attached from the back for grass, or, as for some models of a mowing, can be used to be re.feeding the lawn. Re.use of cut grass is called “Mulching”.

Non.self.propelled models require an effort of pushing from the operator to move the mower. Self.propelled models have a rear wheel drive system to facilitate the mowing operation. The lawn mower is designed to care for lawns, for mowing grass on lawns with a flat surface, in compliance with all the requirements of the instructions for the operation of the product. The maximum height of mowing grass should be no more than 20 cm. Any other use that goes beyond these frames is considered to be not relevant to the prescription. For the result of this, the damage or injuries of any kind is responsible for the user working with the tool, and not the supplier and manufacturer.

Attention: the use of the lawn mower for any other purposes not provided for by this management is a violation of warranty services and stops the warranty of the supplier. The manufacturer and supplier are not responsible for the damage that arose as a result of the use of the lawn mower for other purposes.

work, champion

ATTENTION! It is forbidden to use the lawn mower as a drive device for another working tool or instrumental set.

General safety regulations

The design of the Champion lawn mower provides safety and reliability in operation, subject to all the requirements of the manufacturer’s instructions. Read and study this “guide” carefully before proceeding with the operation of a trimmer for grass. Know what to do in emergency situations. Otherwise, you can get an injury or damage equipment. Pay special attention to the information that the following headlines precede:

WARNING! Indicates a dangerous situation that, if it is not prevented, can lead to death or serious injuries.

CAREFULLY! Indicates a dangerous situation that, if it is not prevented, can lead to medium injuries.

ATTENTION! Denotes the likelihood of damage to the equipment with non.compliance with the instructions for the operation of the product.

Everyone working with a lawn mower for the first time should be instructed by the seller or specialist, how to handle the device properly. Minors are not allowed to work with a lawn mower. with the exception of persons over 16 years of age under the supervision of an experienced specialist. When working, do not allow the presence of children, strangers and animals in the working area. A safe working area should be at least 15 meters. The user with a lawn mower is responsible for the possibility of a danger that threatens other persons or their property!

The lawn mower is allowed to transfer or give for temporary use (rental) only to those persons who are well familiar with this model and are trained in handling it. while the instruction manual must be attached! Related, healthy people should work with the lawn mower, in good physical condition. To work with a lawn mower after drinking alcohol, drugs that reduce the ability to respond, or drugs are not allowed!

The lawn mower should be used only for mowing grass. The use of a device for other purposes is not allowed, as this can lead to accidents or damage to the device. Do not make any changes to the design of the lawn mower, as this may cause an accident or damage to the device. During work, always use goggles. Long hair must be removed under a headdress. It is necessary to put on clothes that cover the whole body, and do not wear jewelry that can fall into the moving parts of the mowing. It is necessary to put on dense, safe shoes on non.slip soles. Do not use any other cutting devices with this lawn mower, except for those recommended by the manufacturer, because it can cause serious injuries, or damage the mechanism.

Before you work, inspect the area for the mowing and delete all extraneous items that can damage the knife. Also remove all the small garbage, which can be discarded when spent. Check the lawn mower for the absence of untouched parts (nuts, bolts, screws, etc.P.). Repair or replace faulty parts to work.

Caution: Do not substitute your arms or legs under the knife while working. The risk of serious injury.

Always turn off the engine when moving to another site. Work with a working grass for mowing grass. When hitting a stone or other item, drown out the engine and check the condition of the knife and the knife mounting adapter. Do not use a damaged adapter, an unbalanced or blunt knife for work. Work a lawn mower only in daylight or good artificial lighting.

The location of the main parts and controls

Assembly of the lawn mower

Remove the lawn mower and components out of the box. Check the lawn mower for the lack of mechanical damage.

Install the handle in the working position and fix it with special locks (a) (rice.3). Check the installation of control cables, they should not be overthrown. Install the grass collector. To work with the possibility of side emission of grass, install a groove for the release of grass (rice.four).

Install the handle in the working position and fix it with special nuts (rice.2). Check the installation of the engine shutdown cable, it should not be pushed.

Set the starter’s handle in the guide bracket on the working handle (rice.5).

Champion T523-2 trimmer or “I want to be a check

I did not write on the blog for a long time, I decided to write about my new acquisition-the Champion T523-2 trimmer. Why is he to me? Mow grass in the country, more precisely, be an auxiliary to Stihl FS250. It should replace it MTD 990, who died with a collapsed knee. It was immediately interesting for me to compare the trimmer for grass for 100 and 300 at. e. In itself, trimmers for grass are very similar in terms of application. 1.9 mares of the champion, 2.2 Shtil.

Why Champion? I had such requirements. it is not difficult to find spare parts and not at the price of a cast.iron bridge (hello to the woodpeckers from MTD, where the crankshaft is 990 as this trimmer for the grass assembled and the piston rings of 4500), as well as a separate bar, which would be when it is easy to transport a trimmer for grass to another place of work. They are suitable for our Kaluga city realities Champion, Echo, Stihl and Husqvarna. Theoretically, there is SC on Huter and Patriot, but there are all sorts of small ipshniks, but the fate of which is still in the current (post) coronary realities.

Trimmer for grass in the family he is the 4th, the first was Stern GGT950B, which still lies in the form of a bunch of spare parts after the death of the ignition coil. Then the four.stroke MTD 990 was purchased, which died this year, then the Stihl FS250 was bought, now this champion. Kosim cottage about 27 acres about once every 2 weeks from May to September. So I have some experience in this matter.

Shpule under the fishing line for a trimmer I also saw this typical Chinese miracle in the photo. Those who write that the coil is normal-you have not used a normal coil, such as the Stihl Autocut 25-2 (the coil to the check, but it is not equipped with a reel) or echo z5 (redid it under the MTD 990, which has a native Spool is even worse than Chinese).

I didn’t even put my native spool to try, since I got a good removal from the MTD to the champion. I think it will suit other trimmers with a similar reel.

Mixing canists from Champion chainsaw 256-18 and Champion T523-2. Why is a trimmer for the grass not equipped with a normal canister like their own chainsaws?

For operating experience. a dioecious crankshaft solid advantage. How to determine a dive knee? Starter from the opposite part from the bar. What is a good dioxide? Typical death of one.Open. a broken neck of a connecting rod.

The air filter has one drawback. the case does not hold very well. I knocked it at the first meters of mowing. So you need to follow him.

The handle consists of two halves. How reliable it is, that question is still.

Strange duality here. Mini protection on the gearbox stands on 3 screws on the tops of the triangle, for a typical protection mount. But the fastening and protection of a la STIHL was made, and on a high console, which raises questions to the reliability of this design, in the calm the protection is screwed directly to the gearbox. I think they shortened here an ordinary Chinese gearbox, but they wanted something different for the flagship (whether they have larger?) models, and blinded the adapter.

The second question is. what kind of protection and plug under the lubricant under the pH screwdriver? The slot will break up over time and fig you will unscrew it. And nearby imbuses (hexagons) everywhere. Not even saving, which would be clear, but it is not clear that.

In the collection. Small tuning in the form of a pillow between the motor and suspension, a la mtd. Significantly reduces vibration.

Mannol and 92 gasoline oil from the shell gasoline mixed in a ratio of 40 to 1 mixed. Yes semi.synthetics, some can say that mineral water is enough. With normal work, I interfere in the region of 45 to 1, a little with a margin relatively recommended 50 to 1 but in this oil they work calmly from the Tsigan saw to the STIHL FS250 and without problems. And smokes little, even in mixtures 25: 1 and 20: 1. Played a couple of tanks for a pair of tanks in working mode. Well, the pros and cons of Champion T523-2.

Цена — триммер для травы за примерно 110 баксов (8050 в рублях). Косит он соответственно своим 1,9 кобылам. FS250 немного лучше, но там и 2.2 кобылы, но не в 3 раза (STIHL FS250 стоит в районе 300 у. е. или около 24 тыщ).

Шум — он относительно тихий, относительно дико воющей фски. В наушниках приятно бурчит, как дизелёк. Без — вой как вой. У чемпа объём больше и меньше рабочие обороты (40,2 против 51,7 см3 и около 12000 rpm против около 8000 оборотов)

Вес — фс250 вроде тоже не лёгкий триммер для травы и женщинам с ним трудно будет общаться, но этот ещё тяжелее его. Ощутимо так тяжелее.

Нагрев — обжечься как делать нечего. Греется до состояния “горячо как на балу у Сатаны” почти всё — сцепление и кожух двигателя горячие. У FS250 такого не наблюдается

Катушка — косить ей это себя не уважать. По сравнению с нормальными катушками это дно. Насчёт лески, косил эховской рыжей звёздочкой 2.4 с эховской Z5. Для штиля она тонковата, который её рвёт как делать нечего. Косит неплохо, можно попробовать поставить 2,7.

Вывод Годный агрегат за свои деньги, даже в сравнении с STIHL FS250, который сам по себе довольно требовательный агрегат в плане расходников. Но дьявол, как говориться, в деталях.

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