Husqvarna 128r stalls when you press the gas

Description and characteristics of the lawnmower 128R

Gasoline grass trimmer model 128R from Husqvarna is designed for small to medium-sized areas, it is also suitable for cutting grass near inaccessible places (flowerbeds, curbs). The tool is equipped with a two-stroke engine, the power of which is 0.8 kW or 1.1 L.с. Turning speed of Husqvarna 128R reaches 11000 rpm. The engine is equipped with E-Tech 2 technology, which significantly reduces the exhaust emissions of the trimmer. Its volume is 28 cm3.

To ensure that the tool switches on quickly even after long idle times, it has a built-in primer for fuel priming and a “Smart Start” system. Maximum cutting width is 45 cm. The Husqvarna 128R is a petrol grass trimmer with a straight boom and professional bicycle-style handles. It is much more controllable and allows for better control over the direction of the tool. Straight booms are more reliable than curved ones. To make transporting the mowers easier, the bike handles can be folded down.

Weight of the tool without fuel, mounted cutting parts and blade guard is 4,8 kg. Due to this the Husqvarna Gasoline Lawnmower 128R can be used for an extended period of time without interruption. The fuel tank of the gasoline grass trimmer is made of white plastic to make it easier to control the amount of remaining fuel in it. Gasoline tank has a capacity of 400 ml. To start the lawnmower, it is enough to pull the cord smoothly, because the necessary force to start the mower has been reduced by 40%.

  • 4-blade blade for tough, tall grass or bushes
  • Trimmer head (semi-automatic);
  • 2-shoulder belt clip;
  • wrench set;
  • bicycle handle;
  • Operation and maintenance manual;
  • protective hood
  • non-disassembly boom.

A fishing line is used to remove only fine grass.

Start button on Husqvarna mowers automatically returns to the home position so that it’s easier and quicker to turn the grass trimmer back on. The special blade for cutting the grass does not shred it, but tucks it into windrows. blade guard and grass trimmer for grass with fishing line use the same blade guard, no need to remove it when changing accessories.

Experts recommend using Husqvarna oil for two-stroke engines for trouble-free and long-lasting operation.

Husqvarna mowers can be repaired with your own hands, like changing a clogged air filter. Especially since it is located in a convenient and easily accessible place under the cover. You do not need tools to replace it. In the event of a breakdown, it is better to take the equipment to a service center, since ignorance of the principles of operation of individual parts can only make the situation worse.

Method of operation, Maintenance

Beware of thrown objects. Always wear safety glasses. Never lean over the guard. Rocks, debris, etc.д. Can catch in the eyes and cause vision loss or serious injury. Keep bystanders at a distance. Children, animals, spectators, and helpers should

Stand in a safe area outside a radius of 15 meters. If anyone comes any closer, stop the engine immediately. Never turn with the tool without first looking back and making sure no one is in the danger area.

The owner is responsible for performing all necessary maintenance in accordance with the owner’s manual. Carburetor

This Husqvarna product is designed and manufactured to lower emissions standards. Once the engine has used up 8-10 gallons of fuel, it is running-in. To ensure correct engine operation and minimize the emission of harmful substances in the exhaust gases, have the carburettor adjusted to the optimum operating point using a tachometer.

The clutch must be in place before starting the machine, otherwise the clutch can unscrew and cause injury to the operator.Operation

The carburettor controls the engine speed via the throttle. The carburettor mixes air and fuel mixture.

T screw controls throttle position at idle speed. Turning the screw clockwise increases idle speed, turning it counterclockwise reduces idle speed.

Basic carburetor adjustments are made during factory testing. Additional adjustments should only be carried out by qualified technicians.

If the cutting nozzle rotates while the engine is idling, turn the T screw counterclockwise until it stops.Recommended idle speed: See Technical Information.“Technical Specifications.”.Recommended maximum speed: See “Gasoline and engine oil” on page 54.“Technical Specifications”.Final idle speed adjustment T Adjust the idle speed with the idle speed screw T if necessary. First turn the screw T clockwise until the cutting equipment begins to rotate. Then turn

husqvarna, 128r, stalls, press

Chainsaw stalls on throttle, at idle or under load: causes and solutions

The operation of a two-stroke engine is based on the interaction of a carburetor and an ignition system to provide fuel, air, and spark to the combustion chamber. Failures of these components, as well as of the engine piston group itself, may lead to serious failures of the instrument. Unscheduled shutdown of a running engine. a frequent phenomenon associated with defects in the key components of the system. Fortunately, in 90% of cases, you can determine the source of the problem and restore the performance yourself, with basic skills and minimum monetary or time expenditures.

Checking the chainsaw’s major systems

If the chainsaw refuses to work properly, you need to make sure that all the conditions required for its normal operation are provided:

Then it is necessary to check successively functioning of all its components. First you need to perform a fuel tank check. If the cause is not the volume or quality of the fuel, the probable cause of the malfunction may be the spark plugs. The gap on the spark plug must not exceed 0.5 millimeter. If it is too small, it means that there is a deposit on the plugs. In that case, remove the spark plugs, clean them, replace them and try to start the machine. It is also a good idea to replace the spark plugs from time to time with new ones, even if they are in good condition.

Then check the condition of the fuel filter and carburetor. Cleaning the fuel filter yourself is an easy task, but the carburetor repair is best left to professionals.

Why does the chain saw start and then quit?

The chain saw starts and immediately shuts down, the reason for this behavior may be hidden in the carburetor. A faulty fuel pump or restricted-mounted nozzle can cause this behavior. If the chainsaw cannot be operated after starting, it requires a complete diagnosis at a service center.

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All of the above variants of incorrect engine operation have similar causes, which, depending on their neglect, can have different manifestations. For example, if there is very little air in the crankcase, the engine will run very smoothly, its power will drop a little, its peak rpm will increase a little, and it will get a little hotter. Moderate levels of air suction will cause the engine to idle and become very hot when running. Severe air intake, will make it impossible to operate the saw, it will start and immediately shut down.

Parallel to the visible manifestations of malfunctions, such as the chainsaw not working after starting, there will be processes going on inside the engine at the moment of its malfunctioning that will irreversibly lead the saw to the most severe consequences, such as melting of the piston, jamming of the crankshaft.

Adjusting the carburetor when the engine stalls at revolutions

If the check showed that the fuel supply system, muffler and spark plug are good, then you need to look for a breakdown in other places. Initially, do not rush to disassemble the cylinder-piston group or change the carburetor. It is recommended that you start with adjusting the carburetor. All chainsaws have special adjustment screws for this purpose. They are designed to adjust the idle speed, as well as to adjust the fuel supply at low and high rpm. A detailed description of how to adjust the carburetor of a chainsaw, described on the site.

Today we will consider the peculiarities of carburetor tuning at maximum rpm. To make sure that the chainsaw does not develop full power, you can use the tachometer. If you do not have a device, you can verify that the engine does not develop the maximum rpm by hearing. We are interested in the screw on the carburetor. Which is designed to adjust the high rpm. It is usually designated by the Latin letter “H”, which is short for the word “High” (high or large).

To adjust the high revolutions of the chainsaw will need to perform the following manipulations:

  • Screw the screw H in a clockwise direction up to the stop
  • Next, you need to loosen it by 1.25-1.5 turns
  • Start the machine and check that the RPM is working correctly

Adjustment is recommended to perform by the tachometer, but if it is not available, then you can check the maximum revolutions when the tool works under load.

This is interesting!If you often work with a chainsaw, you will need a tachometer, because it allows you to set the most efficient operation of the engine, which affects fuel consumption and power unit. After a trivial adjustment of the carburetor, you can fix the problem with the termination of the motor at higher revolutions. It should be noted that it is necessary to adjust the carburetor of a chainsaw regularly, depending on the frequency of operation of the tool. It is not difficult to do it yourself, but you can achieve an accurate setting in one case. if you use a tachometer.

Causes of weak grass trimmer revolutions

If users complain about the grass trimmer for grass, which does not gain revolutions, it means that at idle it works normally, but when you press the gas does not develop the necessary power. This can happen as a result of long idle time without activity. These problems are typical for gasoline machines, including Husqvarna 128r, STIHL FS 38 and Hitachi of different modifications.

Working with a trimmer, it is necessary to monitor its behavior all the time. the drop in revolutions and unusual noises signal about the problems in the unit. Sometimes you give the gas, and the grass trimmer floats. In such cases, the work should immediately suspend, let the mechanism cool down and begin to search for possible problems. They can be of a different nature, both technological plan, and external factors related to the conditions and characteristics of the operation of the machine.

External factors

Several factors that are not related to the mower’s malfunction have an effect on the mower’s reduced RPM:

  • contamination of the filter due to dirt and dust particles getting into it;
  • the use of low-quality fuel;
  • an incorrectly mixed mixture (relevant for trimmers with two-stroke gasoline engines)
  • contamination of the muffler screen with particles of vegetation, soil elements, and other objects.

In the second and third cases, formation of soot in the combustion chamber and clogging of the carburetor elements.

Technical problems

Technical problems with the lawnmower mostly have to do with the fuel and ignition system. You can fix them yourself.

  • When the hand-held mower will not start or stalls, the problem may be related to the spark plug. Dark soot indicates poor carburetor adjustment and low-quality gasoline.
  • The cause of malfunction of the grass trimmer may be a clogged fuel hose. Filters are also often clogged.
  • Another internal problem. the muffler is covered with soot. This causes the grass trimmer’s rpm to drop drastically. The solution is to clean the muffler.

Important! If the machine doesn’t run because of an engine failure, serious problems may arise. In this case, malfunctions that can be repaired with your own hands include only the destruction of piston rings. In case of more serious engine problems, if there is no warranty, you should be ready to go to a workshop.

the power unit stalls at high engine speeds because the electronic block does not perform as advertised. Failure is more common with low-cost chainsaws made in China.

Husqvarna 128R. Ремонт. Заводится и глохнет.

The cause of failure could be:

  • lack of fuel mixture in the float chamber due to a stuck valve;
  • a clogged fuel filter or a clogged breather valve in the fuel tank lid.

Power package also stalls at high engine speeds due to a clogged air intake filter. The same signs are characteristic of the situation when the chain saw started up in a standard mode and stalled during the warm-up phase.

Scope of application

The manufacturer recommends using the Husqvarna 240 9673260 01 for simple tasks. For example, it is work on the care of a garden plot or preparation of wood for individual heating. This model is also suitable for outdoor enthusiasts who need to make tables and benches from wood on trips, as well as to cut firewood for the fire.

Engine capacity of this saw model does not allow it to be used for daily work for eight hours a day. Simply put, if this saw works every day, the piston group will wear out rather quickly and will require repair.

To increase the service life of the piston group, only original Husqvarna oils should be used.

Repair of piston is rather expensive and for this reason, if there is a need to work with a saw every day, it is better to choose a chainsaw from a series of professional or semi-professional. Husqvarna chainsaw 240. domestic model.

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