Husqvarna 137 chainsaw chain lubrication

Oil tube chain lubrication chain saw Husqvarna 137, 142 (SABER)

This tube is used in Husqvarna 137, 142 chainsaw models.

Manufacturer: SABER

SABER products.Serbia is presented on Ukrainian market with wide range of quality spare parts for chain saws and brushcutters. In the assortment of the company. guide bars, chainsaw chain, drive sprockets, carburetors, crankshafts, bearings, piston groups, cutting string and thousands of other important parts. Technique that deserves special attention. chainsaws, brushcutters, motor-pumps, engines, generators, which has high performance and every year more and more popular among garden tools users. Thanks to modern materials and the use of proven innovative technologies SABER tools are reliable, comfortable and easy to use.The basic consumables for chainsaws are bars and chains. Last but not least their quality is important for tool operation.SABER guide bars are made of unique alloy that has high wear resistance and allows to have in assortment not only home but also professional guide bars. Chains are manufactured using the latest equipment, according to modern technologies. Quality of SABER bars has been verified by many tests both in home and forest conditions. And the moderate price allows competing with famous brands. Chain, bar, oil and grease by SABER will keep every tool working reliably and safely.Whereas for brushcutters the basic consumables are mowing line, mowing heads and blades. Saw trimmer blade by SABER is a product of cooperation with leading companies in the field.The line range is as follows (shape of cross-section). twisted square, star, square reinforced, triangular and string saw. Choice of line and line saw blade should be done with care, and the diameter chosen according to the requirements of the tool. SABER mowing line assortment allows to choose diameters from 2,0 mm to 3,3 mm. SABER Mowerheads are made of durable material that prolongs their working life. each model has its own unique type of mowing head connection. But SABER offer also universal blades that fit any brushcutter and that simplify the problem of choice for user. SABER brushcutter blades have a metal thickness of 1.6 mm. 2 mm, diameters from 225 to 355 mm. Manufacturing quality and originality to meet the needs of today’s users.Constructed in state-of-the-art factories with the most up-to-date equipment. Products undergo full test cycle, quality control is carried out by highly qualified specialists. The manufacturing process is fully automated, which allows you to receive high quality goods at an affordable price. In the manufacture of spare parts and other equipment specialists are responsible for the selection of materials and use only those that will ensure reliable use of the finished product.Every year the offer of SABER trademark grows, satisfying the requirements of the most demanding customers.

Our company is an official dealer of SABER brand products. Appropriate credentials of our company confirmed by official certificate.

SABER brand products became very popular in our country due to low production quality and low price of spare parts. Wide range of spare parts and consumables for chain saws and brushcutters allows to choose the tools you need for reliable use and high quality repair.

The high quality of SABER chain saws is worth mentioning. Being the expert in the sphere of quality spare parts SABER offers the most reliable equipment. Thanks to the optimization of supply, buyers get high quality tool at an affordable price.

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Oil pump

Serviceable chainsaw oil pump. One of the most important conditions for the operation of this unit. It is the oil pump that is responsible for supplying the chain with oil from the oil tank through the oil hose, lubricating it uniformly and thereby ensuring proper operation of the saw. When an oil pump fails the chain saw chain starts to wobble and the saw doesn’t make a straight cut. If this faulty condition continues, the chain and oil hose may rupture, causing damage to the chain saw as a whole.

To ensure that your chainsaw does not break down prematurely and is always in good working order, it should be inspected regularly. Particular attention should be paid to such parts as:

The chainsaw owner should be aware that all parts in the oil pump system are connected and need attention. For example, the amount of oil that reaches the chain depends on the number of revolutions of the machine’s drive screw. If this element breaks when the equipment is overloaded or wears out during long use, the oil pump begins to “malfunction,” which affects the chainsaw’s productivity. The main causes of oil pump failure can also include:

  • Regularly low oil level in the crankcase;
  • Use of low-quality oil;
  • a clogged oil filter;
  • a cracked oil hose;
  • clogged oil pump intake.

At the first sign of malfunction, the machine should be inspected and this can be done yourself. Buy all the necessary parts oil pump for a bargain price in the store “MotoZilla”.

Store “MotoZilla” specializes in the sale of equipment and accessories for it. We offer a wide range of spare parts for chain saws from different manufacturers. We work only with trusted suppliers and guarantee the quality of products offered to customers. If you need to quickly change the oil pump on your chainsaw and its components, then contact “MotoZilla”. We offer both mechanical and pneumatic oil pump. Our consultant is always ready to help the customer in selecting an oil pump for a specific model and quickly form an order. With us your equipment will always be in good condition!

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Husqvarna 137 chainsaw

Husqvarna 120 Mark II chain saw Lightweight and practical for home use, well-built, inexpensive. Gives you the power to get the job done when cutting logs, firewood, and pruning. Full details of the Husqvarna 120 Mark II

Husqvarna 135 Mark II chain saw Top of the line for home use, with more power. All-in-one chainsaw that gets the job done 35% faster than most of its competitors. Full details of the Husqvarna 135 Mark II

Husqvarna 435 II semi-professional chainsaw For demanding users and DIY jobs of any complexity. Professional-level design for greater operator comfort, ease of use and durability. Full details of the Husqvarna 435 II

The Husqvarna 137 chain saw was previously one of our most popular products for home use. Currently discontinued. We recommend to pay attention to the modern lineup of chain saws Husqvarna, where you can choose an analogue, whether it is a domestic or semi-professional chainsaw. Or maybe you need professional chain saws Husqvarna you will find full assortment of original Husqvarna chain saws at us.

Beware of imitations! The Husqvarna 137 chain saw has been discontinued and unfortunately there are a lot of imitations of this once popular chain saw on the chainsaw market. The quality of these fakes is very low and not within any limits, we recommend you to choose and buy original Husqvarna chainsaw at best price with us instead of wasting your money on low quality products. We are official Husqvarna dealer on Ukrainian market.

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Also here you can order and buy original Husqvarna 137 chain saw parts (for example carburetor). give us a call, we will advise and help you find the spare part you need.

The Husqvarna 137 is a lightweight, easy-to-use chainsaw for light-duty day-to-day use in the home.

Oil pump replacement Husqvarna 137

Like all Husqvarna saws it meets the highest standards of safety, ease of use and ergonomics, no less than professional saws.

Easy Start System. Spring-loaded starter mechanism and fuel pump (primer) that reduces the amount of jerking required to start.

Centrifugal air cleaning system for long filter cleaning intervals, smooth operation, and less wear and tear.

Vibration damping. Handles isolated from the motor by shock absorbers.

Curved front handle for a comfortable grip and natural working posture.

Dual-action chain brake, right hand guard and chain stopper for increased safety.

Narrow body, high center of gravity, and flat bottom make the Husqvarna chain saw exceptionally comfortable to operate.

Forged tripartite crankshaft forged for maximum service life and tough applications.

Evaluation parameters and applications

The high center of gravity of the tool, the narrow configuration and the flat bottom of the housing contribute to the slow accumulation of fatigue. The high reliability, power and versatility of the model is evidenced by the user rating received in the survey.

For a 10-point scale, the average score was 8.3.

The characteristics of the tool determine its use in a wide range of household chores, including:

  • firewood preparation;
  • preparing for the installation of building wood;
  • shaping the crowns of ornamental and fruit trees;
  • Self-service woodworking for interior design and landscaping.
husqvarna, chainsaw, chain, lubrication

The saw succesfully cuts single, standard, lengthwise, and diagonal cuts in hardwood, up to 30 cm in diameter. The compact design makes it possible to work in hard-to-reach places, which is especially valuable in construction techniques.

Since it is not always possible to turn to professionals for repair, users often wonder how to adjust the carburetor on a Husqvarna chain saw 137. It is worth noting that this component is calibrated by the manufacturer, but if the operating conditions were violated or improper intervention was made, malfunctions may follow. To make adjustments to the settings, you will need to follow the Husqvarna 137 chainsaw manual and perform the following manipulations:

  • Warm up the engine, then turn off the device for about ten, fifteen minutes.
  • Inspect and flush out the filter system.
  • Turn the low and high revolutions control screws clockwise until they reach the limit.
  • When the maximum is reached, turn them in the opposite direction, one and a half turns.
  • It will be necessary to turn on the engine at medium speed, in this state it will warm up for seven to ten minutes.
  • Turn the idle speed screw clockwise. You can release it when the motor begins to run stably.
  • The chain must be stationary at this point.
  • Check your chain saw at maximum rpm.
  • If you have problems with the gas pedal you may need to turn the L screw counterclockwise to adjust the RPM.
  • In the final part of the adjustment, the check is carried out at idling speed.

Repair the carburetor of a Husqvarna 137 chainsaw should be performed in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and using certified parts.

Operational advantages

The popularity of this model is largely based on affordable cost, easy maintenance, comfortable operation and high maintainability.

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Using the available range of spare parts, the owner can with their own hands perform a full repair of the product with minimal material cost and time.

The instruction manual attached to the kit contains useful information on the peculiarities of preparing the tool for the first and preceding start-ups, sequence of maintenance, troubleshooting technologies and troubleshooting of possible failures on your own.

The detailed description allows to specify the sequence of assembly when carrying out repair work of increased complexity.

The use of spare parts from the company’s repair fund gives the owner the opportunity to restore the performance of worn units and assemblies by almost 100%.

husqvarna, chainsaw, chain, lubrication

We choose Husqvarna oil pump together with on-line store BenzoZip

The Husqvarna oil pump ensures a constant and even flow of oil to the saw chain, the amount of which will directly depend on the chain’s rotational speed.

husqvarna, chainsaw, chain, lubrication

Technically it is provided as follows:

  • There are two openings in the oil pump housing. inlet and outlet. One is connected to the oil reservoir and the other to an oil gallery delivering pressurized lubricant to the chain cutters.
  • Oil movement from the tank to the chain is provided by plunger. It is a metal rod with a notch on one end and a plastic or steel gear on the other end.
  • When the engine is running, the plunger starts to rotate and the flattened part of the plunger sequentially opens and closes the inlet and outlet ports. Outlet valve is always closed when the inlet valve is open and vice versa. And because at the same time the flattening creates a reduced pressure first inside the oil pump and then at the oil inlet, the oil flows first into the oil pump and then into the oil duct. High rotation speed assures a steady flow of oil to the chain.
  • A pinion at the other end of the plunger synchronizes its speed with the engine speed. The gear is attached to the crankshaft through a special drive. This synchronizes the motor and the oil pump.
  • Husqvarna chain saw oil pump has a drive unit that is rigidly attached to the crankshaft. This causes the plunger to rotate even when the chainsaw is idling, providing a continuous flow of oil through the oil lines.

Some chain saw owners may have a reasonable question: “But why not to buy an oil pump for Husqvarna chain saw with a regulated oil flow, as it is arranged for Chinese gasoline saws?”.

  • It’s not always the owner who remembers to shut off the oil flow when idling, which isn’t so bad. It’s worse if it doesn’t remember to turn the oil flow back on and the chain runs dry.
  • Husqvarna has developed a proprietary technology to reduce oil consumption for cutting chain lubrication. So even with an unregulated Husqvarna oil pump you’ll use less oil than with a Chinese variable speed oil pump.

Another feature of the Husqvarna chainsaws is the plastic gear on the plunger. And it’s not a stupid whim to save a little money. It’s a smart calculation. Which will fail first. the plastic pinion or the hardened steel of the crankshaft?? And replacing the plastic gear will be an order of magnitude cheaper than replacing the crankshaft.

Also here you can order in retail or wholesale and cheaply buy with delivery oil pump STIHL 180. Our delivery area is all over Ukraine.

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