Husqvarna 262 chain saw which headset can be fitted

Guarantee of operational safety and easy start

Risks of injury in case of an emergency situation are minimized by the high-precision operation of the braking device, which activates with a small movement of the upper shield in the front direction.

Hand-operated starter with easy-start system, booster pump and advanced electronic ignition ensure the successful starting of the power unit in extremely cold and high ambient temperatures.

Experts describe the Husqvarna 142 saw as a fairly comfortable in operation, productive, reliable and durable household tool that meets the requirements of modern technical and operational standards.

A chainsaw for the home. Which one to choose?

A chainsaw is a useful, easy-to-use tool, which is difficult to do without for owners of summer homes and private houses. It is used for cutting firewood, pruning trees, building porches and arbors. When buying a chainsaw, it is important to choose a quality, comfortable and powerful enough tool that can last for many years. Next, let’s try to understand how to choose a chainsaw, and what factors you should pay more attention to when buying this tool.

When choosing a chainsaw, it is important to consider the technical characteristics of the device, as well as the peculiarities of its use.

  • Household. These appliances are designed for intermittent, short-term use. You can use them for example in the garden, for seasonal cutting of small amounts of wood, etc. These tools in this category have not much power and minimum functionality, but are reasonably priced, low in fuel consumption and light in weight. Handy to hold, handy to take into the woods, but not so handy for cutting thick logs. This tool can be used for no more than one hour a day.
  • Semi-professional. These devices can be used for more demanding applications. They can saw logs crosswise or even lengthways. Medium fuel consumption and average engine power. Usually used during construction and repair work or when large trees need to be cut down.
  • Professional. They are powerful, versatile models that can be used to clear large areas of brush. Professional products can be used, without turning off, for up to eight hours in a row, after which a half-hour break should be taken. It is not advisable to buy such models for dacha, because they are expensive and characterized by high fuel consumption.
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Thus, the best chainsaw for dacha. it is a model of domestic or semi-professional class. Such devices differ in a number of characteristics that should be considered when choosing a device.

Cutting speed. The speed of cutting the material is influenced by various factors: the design features of the device, the condition of its sawing part, etc. Modern manufacturers produce products, the chains of which have a similar configuration of teeth, so you should pay attention mainly to the steel grade. If you need a high output, good chainsaw, give preference to models whose chains are made from quality steel, otherwise you will have to interrupt your work often to sharpen the cutting part.

Protection against reverse impact. When working with a chainsaw there is a danger of backfire, which is manifested by bouncing of the device to the side of the person working with it. There are two types of backfire protection: either with an auxiliary shield or a special brake. Protection with a brake is more common.

Anti-vibration protection. When choosing a chainsaw, choose models with good vibration protection. Severe vibration during operation interferes with a clean cut and causes excessive fatigue in the hands of the person holding the tool. Lightweight household gadgets do not normally vibrate strongly. They have rubber pads that make them work better. On higher horsepower models, the fuel tank and engine should be spaced apart to distribute the weight evenly over the entire unit, thus reducing vibration. The overwhelming majority of professional models have an anti-vibration protection. Some semi-professional models have it, but the majority of domestic devices do not have this protection.

Models for women’s hands. Women sometimes have to do the work in the garden. If the home chainsaw you purchase will be used by a woman in the future, a low-powered amateur unit with low vibration and low weight will do for you. Women are unlikely to be able to hold a powerful professional model in their hands.

DVS position. When choosing a chain saw, pay attention also to the shape and position of its engine. The device, the engine of which extends horizontally, and even shifted relative to the axis of symmetry, you can not use for a long time, because the tool will always withdraw sideways. You constantly have to strain your hands because of this, and you also have to continually adjust the position of the chain when you are sawing to keep the cut from going sideways. In this regard, the best chainsaw is the one that has a longitudinal position of the engine, in the center of the axis of symmetry.

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Brand. Today, unfortunately, domestic manufacturers are inferior in this area to foreign manufacturers. The chainsaws made under the brands “Husqvarna” and “STIHL” have proven to be the best in long-term use. It is true that in terms of price these brands are also in the first place. But the higher cost in this case is justified by the good quality, although produced all in “one place”. Therefore, if you want to buy a really high-quality, reliable tool, you should consider models produced under these brands. The price-quality ratio for today’s brands. Hyundai, Al-Ko, Iron-Angel. The leader in the cheap segment is Vitals and Kentavr.

That’s basically all you need to know to choose a quality, household chainsaw.

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Husqvarna 450E chainsaw, I think the most reliable and practical saw of all. I spent eight years in the taiga, I caught the 262.They are reliable saws, too.

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Husqvarna chainsaw repair manuals and instructions. Contains complete Husqvarna 262XPH Husqvarna 268.

Here is a collection of Husqvarna chainsaw repair and service manuals. user manuals for chain saws, blueprints, data sheets, details, Husqvarna user manuals, in general all that may be useful to chain saw owners. All files are in PDF format and available for download directly from the site. If you do not have a program for viewing documents in PDF format, then it will be impossible to view the downloaded files, but that is not a problem, any search engine will give you a bunch of free programs that work in this format. Please note that full help documentation is not available for every model, but at least details or user manuals are available for many models of Husqvarna chain saw, there are links to download. Husqvarna chainsaw repair and service manual. All the documentation we could find for every chainsaw model has been gathered into one file, so when you have downloaded the file you have to read it completely, so you don’t miss any important information. To download a Husqvarna chainsaw manual, click on your model name listed: Husqvarna 36, 40, 41, 42, 45, 51, 55, 61, 242XP, 334T, 338XTP, 336, 339XP, 362XP, 365, 372XP, 375XP, 357G, 359G, 435, 435e, 440e

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Husqvarna 365H. Powerful, lightweight and very comfortable chainsaw with high handles. Designed for felling trees in deep snow at.

Husqvarna 137e chain saw Husqvarna 141 chain saw Husqvarna 235 e-series chain saw Husqvarna 262XPH chain saw.

To download a Husqvarna chainsaw manual, click on the name of your model in Download file ( Husqvarna 262XPH.pdf).

How a chainsaw carburetor works, what principle it uses

Modern car engines are no longer equipped with a carburetor. And meanwhile, in the past, almost every driver knew how to adjust it. Today chain saws with injector engines have already started to appear on sale, but carburetor models will retain the palm for a long time yet, because their cost is 5-15 times lower than that of the modern version.

The carburetor consists of several major parts:

How to understand Husqvarna Chainsaw model numbers. Bench Talk

  • aluminum housing;
  • The diffuser and the inlet air damper;
  • jets (valves for adjusting the fuel supply);
  • atomizer (it provides the injection);
  • fuel (float) chamber.

How a chainsaw carburetor works is quite simple. The fuel is fed continuously, and its amount is regulated by the nozzles. Air is sucked in through the air flap by means of the air rarefaction that is created by the piston. Fuel and air mix in the diffuser. It is this fuel/air mixture that enters the cylinder, making the engine run.

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