Husqvarna 372 xp how to tell a fake

Real characteristics of the Chinese Husqvarna 365 XP saw

One of the best versions of the Husqvarna saw has become a basis for the creation of technically imperfect and short-lived Chinese analogue, which became known as the Husqvarna 365XP.

China practices the sale of counterfeit, the price of which is significantly lower than the cost of the branded product.

The original is not difficult to distinguish from the most successful fake:

  • Husqvarna 365XP is notorious for its low-quality materials, particularly the plastic on the body and poor finishing of the crankcase and other structural parts;
  • A different colored logo and a distorted name like HusBvarna or Huschvarna
  • The sticker instead of the metal nameplate;
  • By the black color of plastic body parts, only dark gray materials are used on branded chainsaws.

The average cost of the Chinese counterfeit is 6-8 thousand less, but the savings do not compensate for the high cost of maintaining an imperfect tool in many respects in good technical condition.

In the licensed dealer network, the average This figure is characteristic of the basic range of professional-level branded chainsaws.


This model is suitable for professional felling of large diameter trees, crosscutting and longitudinal sawing of softwood and hardwood.

This is due to the modern characteristics of the tool, its innovative design and ingenious technical solutions. Operator comfort is increased by the use of an effective vibration damper and the reduction of operational noise to 103 dB and excellent balance.

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Design features and maintainability

Husqvarna 372 XP saw differs from similar models of other brands by a combination of modern design, easy and time-saving maintenance, high performance economy with an affordable price.

Repairability of this model is aided by its simple construction and inexpensive consumables. Spare parts are presented in a wide enough assortment, allowing to remove a fault or perform a complete repair of the tool with high quality and in a short time.

When operating the saw at a distance from service facilities, experienced sawyers practice adjustments, adjustments, and fairly complicated repairs with their own hands.

For homeowners of professional chainsaws, the instruction manual included will be an aid to getting the chainsaw ready for use, service and troubleshooting.

Husqvarna chain saws


Each “Husqvarna” 372 HP chainsaw manual is enclosed to the machine and contains the following information divided into sections:

  • The device of the chain saw, a description of the assembly of the unit.
  • Features of the 372 XP Pro Series.
  • Accessories.
  • Safety requirements.
  • How to use.
  • Preparing and starting a Husqvarna chainsaw.
  • Running-in period.
  • Maintenance.
  • Troubleshooting.


New Husqvarna 372xp chain saw

Getting ready and running

It is important to prepare the fuel mixture correctly. This is prepared with unleaded gasoline (90, 92, 93) and original engine oil designed for 2-stroke power units. 50/1 ratio (1 liter). fuel, 100 ml. oils).

The procedure for putting the chainsaw into operation is as follows:

  • Assembly, fitting, tensioning the chain.
  • Prepare mixture, fueling your chain saw.
  • Pour chain oil into a container of.
  • Starting up the power tool.
  • Checking idle speed, brakes, and lubrication of chain.

Running-in period

Run-in time. 10 hours. Its basic conditions:

Maintenance includes the following processes:

  • chain sharpening;
  • Inspection of the tire (replace if necessary);
  • candle maintenance;
  • Clean/replace filters;
  • Cleaning the tool after each use;
  • Adjustment work (carburetor, lubrication, etc.). д.);
  • gasoline saw filling up, oil refill.

Husqvarna 372 XP chainsaw


  • The mixture has run out, the quality of the mixture is poor;
  • carburetor settings are out of tune;
  • spark plug does not work;
  • ignition does not function;
  • Filters are dirty;
  • Worn piston.

A less refined way for a scammer to counterfeit a Husqvarna is to take any cheap, orange-colored saw and attach a nameplate with the word Husqvarna written in English, often with errors, and the model number. The worst thing about the scammers is that they give you the number of the actual saw.

than once I witnessed a situation when a person ordered a part for a saw, but could not “put it in there. And all because the inside of a fake saw is radically different from the original. Original parts are very expensive. Can you imagine how upset the person would have been? Who’s to blame again. the Toad.

If this same person had gone to a service center before ordering a part, they wouldn’t have had to spend money to buy the wrong part, but they would have had to pay for the work. Here is where the Toad woke up, pulled the string and that’s it: the brain is off, and greed does not allow to pay masters for work. Bottom line. money wasted twice.Below is a photo gallery of fakes

In conclusion it is a bit sad news. the quality of copying by the Chinese is constantly growing. Over time, it can be hard to tell the original from the fake.

The Husqvarna 555 chainsaw is designed with both professional work and for services that use chainsaws not full-time.

Husqvarna 555 has an updated design with optimal power for efficient operation. Husqvarna’s unique, patented X-Torq engine technology provides increased torque over a wider rpm range, uses up to 20% less fuel and produces up to 75% fewer emissions.

Husqvarna 555 chain saw has an AutoTune system for optimal engine performance and smooth, consistent operation, thanks to automatic electronic carburetor control. No more time-consuming carburetor adjustments. System provides settings for fuel mixture, different types of oil, and adjustments for altitude, humidity, temperature, and air filter conditions.

Air Injection centrifugal air cleaning system serves the chainsaw to reduce wear and tear and extend filter cleaning intervals.

Husqvarna 555 has a rugged engine crankcase that can withstand high RPMs and is designed for heavy-duty professional use, for long life.

The Husqvarna 555’s three-piece forged crankshaft is exceptionally strong and durable.

STIHL 180 How to spot a fake

Marking the direction of the swathGuel level indicatorFuel priming pumpChain brake activated by the force of inertia

Before you buy a chain saw, you should at least hold it in your hands. Check out the weight and the comfort. And if you get a chance to try it out.

Today we decided to examine the Husqvarna 435 chainsaw’s capabilities. Its big advantage is that it is the lowest-priced model in the Husqvarna series of all-purpose chainsaws. At the same time it is the lightest (4.2 kg), has a small cylinder volume (40.9 cm³) and less power than other chainsaws in the range (1.6 kW).

At first, a chainsaw doesn’t feel so light. But when you compare it to others (in our arsenal at home) it turns out that Husqvarna 435 is the lightest one indeed. And that means less work for the load. It has been proven that a woman can work with a chainsaw without fatigue. Assuming, of course, that the woman wants to do the sawing.

Cylinder head latches are a worthy solution. There are only three of them. I take the lid off in literally a second.

Quick and easy access to saw’s inner workings: Engine and gasoline pump.

husqvarna, tell, fake

Chain installation is standard.


This model replaces the well-liked 137.

Having slightly less power (1.4 kW), it has added 100 g in weight, has got a 40-centimeter saw bar and the main thing. a new engine, 20% more economical than its predecessor, with a higher torque and a wide speed range, which made working with this saw even more comfortable and slightly expanded its range of application.

True, its price has gone up a little bit and is now almost 11 thousand But if you recalculate to the current dollar exchange rate (and these saws are made in Sweden and the U.S.), then everything falls into place.

Professional chainsaws Husqvarna

Almost every user faces certain problems when choosing a chainsaw. The models, which are characterized by great power, also have a relatively large weight and uncomfortable external dimensions for working with the tool in hard-to-reach places. And maneuverable and light models do not have enough power to do more complicated work. That’s why we have to consider such an option as buying two chainsaws of different power at once. Of course, such solution is not always convenient, because it is necessary to bear double costs, both for purchase of tools and for their further chain saw Husqvarna This problem can be easily solved, and all thanks to the latest developments of Husqvarna company. Quite recently on the Ukrainian market appeared the models of chainsaws 562, 560 XP and 555 XP, that are perfectly capable to cope with the work of any difficulty. These chainsaws have been designed with all the wishes and demands of professional woodcutters in mind. The main advantage of the models is the lightness, simplicity and good maneuverability, thanks to these characteristics of the tool can continue to work for a long time and do not feel much fatigue.

This model is equipped with a high-quality X-Torq motor that is economical and reliable. Almost no environmental pollution or noise emissions during operation. This engine reduces fuel consumption by up to 20 percent and harmful emissions by up to 75 percent, thus meeting the latest safety requirements. torque at medium to low engine speeds and that’s why the wood sawing efficiency increases considerably.

It is also important to note the chainsaw’s RevBoost technology, which provides instant acceleration of the tool chain and thereby significantly increases productivity. Every user will appreciate this feature during delimbing.

These models are equipped with such a function as the AutoTune system, which is responsible for the automatic carburetor operation and also provides the necessary power during work. The system takes into account terrain, humidity, carburetor and air filter conditions, temperature, and fuel quality. Thanks to all this, the operator will not have to spend time on checking and adjusting the carburettor.

For even more comfort and convenience during operation it features Smart Start (quick start). The system makes starting Husqvarna 555, 560 and 562 XP models virtually instantaneous and effortless.

The Air Injection function has been developed with the professional purpose of the tool in mind. The LowVib system keeps the air filter virtually clean, prolonging the interval between cleanings. The efforts and time required for tool maintenance are noticeably reduced, resulting in a long service life of the chain saw.

over, the LowVib vibration damping system has been designed to reduce vibrations, which has a positive impact on the performance of the machine operator.

the latest technology and highest performance. the prerogative of this series of high-quality professional chain saws. Thanks to its modern design and the use of the most advanced and modern technology, this tool, which belongs to the professional class, can be handled without difficulty by absolutely any user. With Husqvarna chain saws you can get the job done in no time at all. The presented range of models of Husqvarna chain saws allows each customer to choose the model that fully meets his needs and wishes.

STIHL MS 180-14

A lightweight, compact and easy-to-use chainsaw at a price of just under 12,000. You have 2 horsepower (1500 watts) for everything from trimming shrubs to sawing down trees. This saw has enough power to cut firewood for a bathhouse and even to build a bathhouse, but probably not enough for professional needs. In order to make the saw serve you for a long time and to please its owner with effective and problem-free work, it is necessary to keep the chain sharpened, and to use only original oil from the producer.

Husqvarna 135

This handsaw is more expensive than the competitor above. at almost 14,000. But the 1,500 watt tool from Husqvarna also has its advantages. Thanks to the long 40-cm and productive internal combustion engine with a volume of 50.9 cubic centimeters, the manufacturer classifies this chainsaw as a professional tool. However, do not take such statements seriously: we clearly have a household chainsaw in front of us. Nevertheless, it has enough power for absolutely any domestic task with a lot of potential. It weighs relatively little (for a chainsaw), can work for a long time without stopping, giving high performance. In addition to the rather high price you should be prepared for the fact that this model’s weak point. the starter coil. Otherwise, it is a very worthy product that will give it a long and trouble-free life.

The essence is in the name

The model name is very similar to one of the original chainsaws. All the difference lies in a letter. XP (Chinese), SP (original). Genuine Husqvarna 365 chain saws come in only two versions: 365 SP, 365 H. In a pinch, the name can consist of digits only, without any letters.

Buying online in stores you have to be very vigilant. Some unscrupulous dealers lay out technical characteristics and photos of the original chainsaw, but in fact they sell just a Chinese fake. To avoid encountering such sellers, we recommend buying only in trusted online. stores.

Basic equipment: saw, guide bar, chain, instructions, special key

The whole point is in the name

The model name looks very much like one of the original chainsaws. All the difference is in one letter. XP (Chinese), SP (original). The original Husqvarna 365 chain saw comes in only two versions: 365 SP, 365 H. In a pinch, the name can only consist of numbers and no letters.

The chain saw has to be purchased in online stores, so it is better to be vigilant. Some unscrupulous sellers lay out technical specifications and photos of the original chainsaw, but in fact they sell just a Chinese fake. We recommend that you buy only from trusted online stores to avoid these types of dealers.

Standard equipment: saw, guide bar, chain, user manual, special key

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