Husqvarna benzotimmer’s head does not spin. Lubrication for gearbox of gasoline trimmer for grass

Why is the coil not spinning on the trimmer

Semi.automatic trimmer heads are considered the most popular in the market. A typical representative of the mechanisms of this type is a universal semi.automatic head, which is equipped with electric trimmers for grass and lawn mowers such well.known brands as Bosch, Huter, Husqvarna, etc. Its device is shown in the figure.

  • Corps (pos.6) with a lid (pos.1), equipped with special eyes (poses.5) through which the cutting cord is displayed;
  • Shpulya (pos.3), on which a fishing line for a trimmer is wound (pos.7);
  • a pressing spring (pos. four).

There are other simpler heads.

Replacing the ignition coil

The main sign that the ignition coil failed and the repair of the trimmers is required is the lack of sparks on the candles

It is very important in this breakdown not to rush with the replacement of the coil, in most cases the cause of the breakdown is the absence of contacts, in the switch button, which may have broken down, or if the problem is in the candle itself. It is required to check it, perhaps somewhere breaks the current or there are gaps or soot

If the trimmer engine for grass cannot develop the desired speed, it is likely that an air filter has closed or garbage in the engine itself is present. The solution to the problem is clear at once. to clean the engine and filter, in some cases it may be necessary to replace the filter.

The device is a trimmer head

Semi.automatic trimmer heads are considered the most popular in the market. A typical representative of the mechanisms of this type is a universal semi.automatic head, which is equipped with electric trimmers for grass and lawn mowers such well.known brands as Bosch, Huter, Husqvarna, etc. Its device is shown in the figure.

  • Corps (pos.6) with a lid (pos.1), equipped with special eyes (poses.5) through which the cutting cord is displayed;
  • Shpulya (pos.3), on which a fishing line for a trimmer is wound (pos.7);
  • a pressing spring (pos. four).

There are other simpler heads.

Characteristic malfunctions and their independent elimination

Naturally, during operation, the owners of the trimmers are faced with certain malfunctions of mowing heads. over, they are most often associated with certain difficulties in pulling (lengthening) of the cutting cord from the coil. The most common causes of the lack of fishing line is its “bite” between the turns or sticking.

If the string is not served

In this case, the cause of the defect is incorrect winding of the cutting cord. A trimmer fishing line can be wound with insufficient tension, which helps to cross the turns together and confuse the string. When the coil rotates, the cutting cord under the influence of the emerging centrifugal force is delayed, which in turn leads to the clamping of the free end of the fishing line between the turns. To eliminate this malfunction, you need to dismantle the coil, disassemble it and rewind the string so that the turns lie down in even rows, pressing tightly against each other.

If the string sticks together

Squeezing the turns of the fishing line directly in the mowing head can be caused:

Advice! To avoid sticking the cord inside the mowing head, experts recommend applying a thin layer of silicone lubricant after refueling the string to the coil. In addition, it is better not to use a fishing line for a trimmer of unknown manufacturers.

If, nevertheless, the user could not avoid sticking the fishing line, then to repair the trimmer coil for the grass, you need to remove and replace the existing cord with a better.

If there is too much string consumption

When using semi-automatic mowing heads, the user can detect the accelerated consumption of the cutting cord due to its spontaneous lengthening. As a rule, this happens due to the weakening of the spring installed inside the coil. You can eliminate the malfunction by putting several goals under the spring.

If the bobbin does not spin

The refusal to work the semi.automatic coil of the trimmer for the grass can also be caused by a frequent clash of its head with solid objects (dry branches, soil, stones, etc.). In this situation, there is a slight stretching of the fishing line, and then the rapid retraction of it inside the bobbin. Due to severe friction, the cord is heated, which can lead to sticking its turns to each other. To eliminate the defect, the string will need to be rewound.

If the string is served spontaneously

Spontaneous lengthening of the fishing line, followed by pruning its tips, may be caused by a violation of the order of assembly of the head after replacing the cutting cord. Often, users who do not have sufficient experience forget to install the pressing spring inside the head, which causes premature operation of the mechanism responsible for the supply of fishing line.

Dismantling the spit head

Starting to repair the head of the trimmer head for grass, the owner needs to protect yourself from injuries when randomly starting the engine, for which you must completely de.energize the electric garden tool or drown out the engine motorcycle engine. Most often, the owner of a trimmer for grass is faced with the need to replace the cutting cord. This process is started after the head is dismantled from the shaft. This must be done carefully to avoid damage it.

Important! The gearbox shaft, which is equipped with a trimmer for grass, has a left thread at the end, so the mowing head is taped clockwise when removing.

Dismantle the coil in the following order:

  • Having combined the holes available on the axis and washer, the mowing shaft is rigidly fixed by means of a screwdriver or a metal rod;
  • unscrew the executive mechanism, rotating its case clockwise.

Having removed the braid head, they begin to disassemble it, for which you need to carefully open the lid, which is most often attached specially provided for by plastic locks. To do this, squeeze the edges of the lid and at the same time drown in the hull of the latch.

Attention! If the trimmer for the grass is equipped with a semi.automatic head with a button at the bottom, then it needs to be opened by observing special caution, when removing the cover, a pressing spring can fly out and get lost.

Charging the string in the spool

To charge the fishing line for the trimmer correctly, it is necessary to act according to the instructions for the operation attached to the trimmer. As a rule, this operation is carried out as follows:

  • cut off the right amount of cord and fold it in half;
  • The resulting loop is inserted into one of the specially provided grooves (holes) of the spool;
  • Pulling the fishing line for the trimmer, they turn the spool counterclockwise several times, while the coats of the cord should be laid in dense layers (one to the other), avoiding overlap;
  • Having finished winding, the ends of the fishing line (about 20 cm) are left free, which are fixed in the grooves available on the sides of the spool;
  • mount the mechanism in their place, for which it is necessary to assemble it in the reverse order, returning to its original position all the available details (spring, washers, etc.), and install the coil with a string in the body of the head;
  • The free ends of the cord are passed through the existing eyes (holes), after which the body is closed with a lid, which is fixed with latches.

On this charge of the spitter head, the cord can be considered complete. The coil is screwed onto the shaft of a trimmer for the grass, having previously stiffly fix it. How to do this described above. You can check the performance of the head by mowing a small area of ​​the lawn.

Advice! In those cases when the owner of a trimmer for grass prefers to replace the failed head of the new one, experts recommend avoiding the acquisition of cheap non.original coils brought from China.

Removing and lubrication of the lower shaft of the lawn mower

To extract the shaft from the bottom of the bar, we initially remove the coil gearbox.

  • We unscrew the completely central fixing screw. On the back of the lower clamping screw, we turn the nut and unscrew the screw completely to disconnect the coil gearbox from the protective casing.
  • Weaken the upper clamping screw and remove the lower part of the bar from the coil gearbox body. We take out the lower shaft from the bar from the gearbox side.
  • Clean the shaft of pollution and grease it with a lubricant for a shred or lititol-24, not forgetting to clean and grease the coupling (sleeve) with slots in the gearbox.
  • We install the shaft in the bar, and the bar in the lower gearbox of the lawn mower and combine the hole on the bar with the hole for the central screw. We screw the central screw. Next, wrap the lower screw, clamp the lower part of the bar in the gearbox body with the upper and lower screws and tighten the nut on the back of the lower screw.
  • Add 20-30 ml of lubrication to the coil gearbox through a hole closed by a screw located in the photo on the right.

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In the instructions for the operation of a trimmer for grass gasoline PRorab 8405m, 8406M, it is recommended to lubricate the gearbox with solidol or its analogues, in extreme cases pour liquid engine oil. Excess oil will flow out, since the gearbox does not have sealing oil seals.

In the guide of the user of a trimmer for grass gasoline PRORAB 8402R, 8403R, 8405R, 8406R it is written that the use of motor oil for two.stroke engines is allowed as a lubricant for the gearbox. There are no mention of solidol and his analogues.

In order not to bother, lubricate the lower gearbox with your lawn mower with the same grease as the shaft of the bar or fill the engine oil.

Sometimes with intensive mowing of grass, a trimmer for grass begins to gingern and make unpleasant sounds, which indicate the lack of reducer lubrication. This node is considered the most loaded, and therefore wears out faster. If it is not lubricated in a timely manner, then soon the drive can jam!

If everything is in order with electrical equipment, then we check the carburetor.

Vacuum carburetors are put on trimmers for grass. When disassembling it, cleaning or washing, you need to be extremely careful. in no case do not disassemble the lower part of the carburetor where the primer is located. Air filter (it is visible if you remove the protective casing from the carburetor) should be washed with detergents. Best. for washing dishes. After drying, we put it back. Rinse the carburetor with clean gasoline and blow out all the holes by the pump. We also wash the filter of the gas pipeline, then we dry everything and collect everything. Usually, after all manipulations, the trimmer for the grass begins to work.

Thin cable instead of fishing line, whether it is worth placing it on a motorcycle?

This thought comes to mind almost everyone who had to pump out 10 acres overgrown with high grass. At first glance, the idea seems good. The cable is stronger than the fishing line, not so wear out. However, not all so simple.

Husqvarna‘s upper household gas station

Husqvarna 128 R is popular among home consumers for processing small areas. It has the following main technical characteristics:

  • two.stroke two.stroke gasoline unit with a 28 cm3 working volume;
  • engine power 0.8 kW or 1.1 liter C;
  • fuel tank with a volume of 0.4 liters with a fuel consumption of 507 liters per hour;
  • Direct non.removable rod with a diameter of 24 mm;
  • a bike-type bicycle handle with engine control details, increased ergonomics;
  • the presence of an anti.vibration system;
  • The cutting system consists of a blade of 2.4 mm wide and a metallic four.lobed knife;
  • cut width 25.5 cm of a knife and up to 40 cm of fishing line;
  • overall dimensions 286 × 244×1829 mm;
  • Weight 5.0 kg.

Husqvarna 128 R multifunctional gasoline machine, capable of easily and quickly change the cutting elements, created for convenient and productive work on the care of the garden and lawn. Safety in operation is ensured by the presence of a protective casing. This prevents random contact with cutting parts.

Husqvarna 128 R has a manual launch system. Smart start. The starting cord reduces the resistance by 40%. The “Start” button of the returned type. After pressing, he automatically returns to his previous position and is again ready for an easy beginning.

The development of Husqvarna 128 R was equipped with the latest E-Tesn 2 technology, which reduces exhaust gas emissions. This does not affect the engine power, but provides environmental friendliness with a low amount of exhaust gases.

The ergonomic of the handle and the convenience of holding the device is provided by the optimal angle of inclination and the anti.vibration system. This allows you to work for a long time with the Husqvarna gasoline pump, without feeling fatigue and discomfort.

Standard equipment for gasoline pumps

The standard version of the Husqvarna 128 R model belonging to the household class includes:

  • directly the lawn mower;
  • a backpack of fastening of the two shoulder type;
  • semi.automatic trimmer head T 25 with fishing line;
  • Knife with four metal blades grass.
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Husqvarna is the foundation and development of a well.known brand

Now the world.famous Husqvarna brand was founded in 1689 in the Swedish town of the same name. At the beginning of its many years of history, then a small enterprise specialized in the production of weapons for the Swedish army then.

In 1867, radical changes took place in the company’s work. In addition to the production of rifles and cartridges for them, the brand began the active development of sewing machines and wood furnaces. A little later, the company managed to establish the release of the first models of a hand.made garden tool.

Today the Swedish company specializes in the production of high.quality garden equipment. Among the products of the company there are different models of chainsaws, snowproofers, air vents, lawn mowers.

Against the background of the variety of Husqvarna products, electric and gasoline braids for grass are released. They combine high reliability, endurance, long life. Each trimmer for grass Husqvarna is able to withstand prolonged loads, which makes the Swedish technique a reliable assistant when leaving on large house sections.

How the mechanism works

Almost all tools and foreign tools are organized in the same way (Husqvarna, Makita, Shtil, Partner 350) and Chinese chainsaws, as well as domestic (friendship, Ural). Therefore, finding the reason why the device does not start and does not stop is not very difficult.

There are four elements in which problems may arise:

  • Fuel for which the carburetor is responsible;
  • Lubrication;
  • The air that enters the air filter;
  • Spark, the quality of which depends on the ignition unit.

All of them depend on each other and interact with each other. If any element works incorrectly, the saw stops working.

To begin with, all the tools are configured in different ways. Hot and cold. Two frequently used mechanisms are responsible for this process.

Do not forget to see what is written in the user guide. It says that when you turn on, you need to make sure that the emergency stop brake is recorded. But starting a saw with a brake is much more difficult, so sometimes it is better not to turn on the brake.

As you can see from the leadership, there is a fuel tank and engine inside the case, and outside. saw section (tire with a chain), handle and starter.

First we need to find out exactly how the tool does not start. For example, the saw begins, but immediately catches the eye or loses the power of work, the quality cuts.

Malfunctions and their elimination

Electric and gasoline trimmers have typical breakdowns and malfunctions. For devices running from an internal combustion engine, this is:

  • problems in the carburetor;
  • engine breakdown;
  • problems with the fuel system;
  • breakdown of the gearbox, starter, muffler;
  • blockages;
  • Air filter breakdown;
  • Problems with ignition coil.

Electric units have specific breakdowns:

Хускварна 128 R. клиент сам ремонтировал и принёс настроить. не развивает обороты. глохнет.

With simple problems, you can make a trimmer repair for grass with your own hands.

Why is a trimmer not starting for grass

The most common reason that the unit does not start is the use of poor.quality fuel. The choice of gas stamps below AI-92 can disable the lawnical mower. If high.quality fuel is used, you need to look for other reasons. To do this, carefully check all nodes and systems. The checks are subject to:

The device may not start after prolonged downtime. Before turning on a trimmer for grass, you need to study well the instructions for operation. The solution of many problems is indicated in it.

If it stalls when you press the gas

There are several reasons why a trimmer for grass stalls when gas is pressed:

  • The first reason is the dumping of the carburetor.
  • Fuel valve.
  • Fur valve blockage.
  • The weakening and sagging of the carburetor cable or sagging of the fuel intake hose.

So that the described problems with the lawn mower do not arise, you need to carefully monitor the condition of the device and its blocks. Timely cleaning, washing of the unit and spare parts allow you to increase its life.

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Starter breakdowns

The most difficult breakdown of the starter occurs when the rope is broken and winding it into the flywheel of the operating engine. As a result, the spring may burst and the pulley plunges. In this case, only a complete replacement of the spare part will help. This breakdown rarely occurs. often:

In this case, it is easy to fix the starter yourself. The manufacturer has prepared a instruction for this.


Caring for the motorcade gearbox consists in the timely lubrication of the unit. The absence of one can lead to rapid wear of the gear and jamming of the gearbox module.

The main malfunctions of the trimmer gearbox for grass:

Husqvarna | Adding Grease to Brushcutter Bevel Gear.

  • severe heating of the gear component due to the use of low-quality lubrication or its absence;
  • shaking of the shaft during the rotation of worn bearings;
  • staggering or flowering from the bar of the gear ratio as a result of damage to the case;
  • Lack of rotation of the output shaft with a knife due to wear on the teeth on the gears.

This happens due to the use of low-quality lubrication or its complete absence. Another reason for the failure of the gearbox is the operation of a trimmer for grass at the limit of its capabilities and the hit of foreign objects. To replace a faulty bearing, a gearbox is disassembled.

Features of the repair of electric models

Electric models of trimmers operating from the network have several main blocks:

Each electrimmer block has specific problems. In the mechanical part, they depend on the presence of a fishing line used as a cutting element. Reasons for the termination of work:

You can identify the problems of the electrical part of the electrocos using special tools:

To eliminate problems, a soldering lamp is needed.

  • a malfunction of the power cable;
  • problems with an outlet and fork;
  • the failure of the control handle;
  • combustion of the starter winding, engine replacement is required;
  • Contact breaks can be corrected independently using a soldering lamp.

Law out.handies malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

At least what type of benzos has a half bar, in which the binding cable between the motor shaft and the lower gearbox is placed, which transfers rotation to the tool with cutting inventory. In the highest part there is a carburetor and a motor, a gearbox and a working tool closed by a casing are placed on the bottom. In the middle part there is a transverse handle when the control buttons are placed. To unload the hands, there is an unloading belt holding the bar with a torso of the operator.

In the process of choosing a lawn mower, a device with a two.stroke engine is better than a four.stroke. Two.stroke engine is more maneuverable and easier to repair. With a four.stroke node below the level of vibration.

This follows, repair of the lawn mower is to eliminate defects;

  • the engine does not start;
  • The cutting mechanism does not develop;
  • the engine stalls;
  • the gearbox is heated;
  • a knock, powerful vibration of the bar is heard.

For now, eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to diagnose, find a non.working node.

Know the point of lubrication of the tool in principle. Unchanged care, cleaning the device after work will allow you to extend its service life. Before starting work, you need to tighten the fasteners, cook fuel and season the tank.

Electric trimmer for grass vibrates

Many mowing users noticed that some time after the start of the apparatus, it begins to vibrate very much. On some trimmers, mainly in models more expensive, an anti.vibration system was installed in the form of shock absorbers seized between the engine and the bar. But in some cases, even she does not save from strong vibration. The reason that strong vibration appears in the trimmer, there may be a small amount or complete absence of lubrication on a hard or flexible shaft located inside the rod of the apparatus.

Replacing the lubrication of the hard shaft is as follows:

  • unscrew the gearbox located at the bottom of the bar;
  • After removing the gearbox, you will see the end of the shaft, for which you need to pull to extract the part;
  • after extracting the shaft, it must be abundantly lubricated with a special lubricant “Shrus-4” or ordinary-“Litol-24”;
  • Apply a small amount of lubrication to the shaft and evenly smear it along the entire length of the part, including the slots at the ends of the rod (if they worked, the shaft will have to be replaced);
  • After lubrication, insert the shaft back into the bar and put the gearbox in the same place.

The lubrication of the flexible shaft is as follows:

  • unscrew and remove the mowing head;
  • remove the bar from the electric motor by unscrewing a couple of bolts;
  • Pull out a flexible cable from the bar;
  • Lubricate the cable with grease along the entire length.

This is done like this: first you need to lubricate the end of the cable, and then insert it into the bar, after which, as it moves into the pipe, you should apply grease to the part and evenly distribute it on the surface. Then insert a bar with a flexible shaft into an electric engine and fix it.

In the event that the lubricant did not help, and the vibration continues to appear, you will need to change the flexible shaft.

How to clean and store a tool?

During the operation of the lawn mower, monitor the state of the engine cooling system. The channels available in the starter housing, as well as the cylinder ribs, should always be clean. If you ignore this requirement and continue to operate the motorcycle, then you can disable the engine due to overheating.

Competent care of gasoline scythe during operation allows you to use it for several seasons in a row without serious repair

Before cleaning, let the engine cool down. Take a brush with a soft pile and clean the outer surface from dirt. Cleaning plastic parts is carried out by solvents, including kerosene, or special detergents.

After the summer season, the lawn mower should be prepared for long.term storage. To do this, the fuel mixture is drained from the tank. Then the engine is launched in order to develop fuel residues in a carburetor. The entire tool is well cleaned of pollution and sent to “hibernation”.

As you can see, it is possible to repair the malfunctions of the household lawn mowed on their own. Service services should be contacted in case of serious breakdowns. In this case, the cost of repairs with the price of a new lawn mower should be correlated. Perhaps it will be more advisable to buy a new tool.

The final moment of the instruction

Typically, the process of replacing fishing line on a trimmer of a particular model is popularly described by accompanying documentation. Another question is that this documentation is often supplied in a foreign language, since the notorious lawn mowers for the most part are imported products.

Meanwhile, there is a much simpler, more economical and healthy way for human health and nature. putting the lawns of an ordinary peasant oblique in order. Blory of braids for grass:

which is subsequently accompanied by abundantly growing greens, and not by the formation of dryness as a result of the work of a trimmer for grass.

Winding profiles (cones)

Different models of coils of the coils of fishing line on the rogue are applied in different ways. High.quality products use a cylindrical and conical winding method. The laid fishing line for a trimmer to profile forms a flat fishing line for a trimmer. With a cylindrical winding, this fishing line for a trimmer is straight, parallel to the spool, with conical. inclined.

The straight conical shape narrows to the front side of the spool, the opposite. expands. Straight cone reduces the friction of the fishing line. The reverse styling type reduces the likelihood of spontaneous fishing line.

There is a third type of winding. chaotic. Usually used in cheap Chinese fishing rods. And if such a winding can still be tolerated using a regular fishing line for a trimmer, then you should refuse to use in such a coil of the cord. Bad castings, “beard”, overlaps and confusion are provided. This leads to failures during fishing, and can also ruin the mood for every fisherman.

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