Huter lawn mower does not start the reasons pouring candles. The lawn mower is not started on a cold

Why floods the candle in a gas station?

Wet sparkling candle or flooded candle is the main feature of either a non.working candle, the absence of high voltage voltage on the electrodes of the candle, or re.enrichment of the fuel mixture supplied to the operating chamber of the engine of the engine of the lawn mower. The engine of the benzotrimmer was opened in stages.

  • You need to turn the trimmer for the grass and drive out the starter for the release of excess fuel.
  • Unscrew and take out a candle, blow it, cleaning it, and leave it to dry until half an hour.
  • We only screw the dry part back and try to start the mechanism.

Why not hot trimmer for grass is not started?

As a rule, if the trimmer for the grass does not start hot, then the problem lies in the carburetor or ignition system. As for the carburetor, the fuel mixture often boils in it or the air is necessary to pay attention to the fuel filter, it does not clog, and whether it passes the air well enough.

When maintaining a standard engine of the lawn mower and a small.volume engine, you must check and (or) replace the spark plugs: once a season; every 25 hours of use; If your lawn mower or external power equipment does not start.

How a two.stroke engine works: briefly, but it is important to know for a clear launch of a lawn mower

Lawn mowers are produced with two.stroke or four.stroke internal combustion engines. The difference in the design is significant, but each model starts on the general principle. I show on the example of the Chinese trimmer for Eco grass.

The engine is called two.stroke because the full.time cycle is two tacts: the stroke of the piston from the upper dead point of the VMT to the lower NMT. In this case, the launch occurs with the second achievement of the upper position.

Similarly, chainsaws, boat engines and gasoline tools of another similar technique work. Consider the procedure. We are supposed to figure it out.

To start a trimmer motor for grass, we pull the starter’s cord. Its stretching is spinning a crankshaft with a flywheel creating the moment of inertia. The rotation of the crankshaft shaft is converted into the reciprocating movement of the piston.

The two.stroke motor has 4 working cycles:

  • The first movement of the piston from the VMT to the NMT is accompanied by the injection of the fuel mixture (gasoline with butter and air), when the carburetor inlet valve opens under the influence of the created vacuum;
  • The movement of the piston from NMT to the VMT: the intake and exhaust valves are closed, and the working mixture is compressed in a sealed volume;
  • Both valves remain closed. At the upper dead point of the piston through the contacts, the spark slides through the contacts.There is an explosion of compressed gases. Its strength with an impulse throws the piston down and rotates the crankshaft through the connecting rod;
  • The force of inertia of the flywheel directs the piston from the NMT up: the exhaust valve opens and through it the combustion products are pushed into the exhaust pipe.

All stages are performed automatically, but they are prepared by a person with his actions. When making errors it is made, the benzotrimer does not start and may break.

I try to make out all these points in more detail.

Cycle: what mistakes of beginners lead to breakdown of the engine of the trimmer for grass and exclude its normal operation

6 common mistakes with fuel

The manufacturer in the instructions clearly indicates the brand of gasoline with an octane number, oil and their proportions.

The first three errors are that the user of motorcycles violates all or one of these requirements. The motor will most likely start and work, but its resource may decrease sharply.

A small amount of oil, like its absence, will lead to the fact that the walls of the cylinder will not grease normally, and the piston rings will scratch them, and not slide.

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Excess oil will simply burn, forming soot. She will pollute everything, including the piston and cylinder.

Failure gets into the valve, blocks their work, after which the motor will not start.

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Will have to disassemble and clean the carburetor, or even put a new. Of course, you can try to wash the piston and the cylinder: it may be possible to bring them into working condition, but it is better not to bring them to.

The fuel mixture must be prepared with high quality and in strict proportion. The repair of a spoiled engine is expensive, about 70% of the price for a new gasoline trimmer for grass.

For the preparation of high.quality fuel mixture, I have a special container with a factory division of divisions in a set of trimmer for grass. Gasoline is neatly poured into it to the level of 500 ml, and then the oil to the required label.

An alternative method is the preparation of a fuel mixture with filling gasoline into a calibrated container, for example, a liter canister or a plastic bottle to a label, and an oil additive with a medical syringe according to its divisions.

The dosage with a syringe is more convenient, is considered the most popular way.

I recommend filling gasoline through a funnel with a narrow neck that has a filter: a metal mesh. protection against small garbage.

The prepared mixture should be well shaken and mixed until a uniform color appears. Only after that it can be poured into the tank.

If the mixture does not blame, then it will remain in the tank, and through the carburetor will enter the combustion chamber in portions with different ratios of gasoline and oil.

Fractions of clots of oil clog a candle. The motor stops, stalls, does not start. This is the fourth mistake of beginners.

It should be borne in mind that gasoline is hazardous. The risk of fire exists. Therefore, it is necessary to fill the mixture at a safe distance from the buildings, and in the case of the strait, which often happens to eliminate the causes of a possible fire. Violation of fire fighting measures. error

After pouring the fuel into the gas tank, the latter closes with a screw plug and the lack of leaks is checked. The trimmer for the grass is raised up so that the gasoline fills the cork. There should be no subterations from under the lid or from the fuel hoses.

Lack of such a check. an error can cause a fire.

There is one technical cunning that can cause a benzotrimer motor is not started due to the cessation of fuel supply. If you look carefully at the center of the traffic jam, then a round hole is clearly visible.

We turned Motokosa. Gasoline filled the cork, but does not flow through the hole: there is a sapphone inside. He is working.

On the inside, its design is clearly visible: a valve system of plastic and rubber is built.

In the usual state, the valve is pressed to the hole and the fuel does not flow. Когда бензомотор работает, то топливная смесь расходуется через карбюратор. A vacuum is created in the tank. The vacuum opens the valve of the saapon, the pressure is restored.

You should know the two consequences of a malfunction of the sapuna:

  • Constantly open hole. fuel pours out of the tank during its inclinations (excess consumption and the probability of fire).
  • Contamination or sticking of the valve channel is the reason that the lawn mower does not start or stalls.

Check the soundtress is easy: you need to blow it in both directions.

All about the gas tank cover, including the repair of the saapun, is shown in the video of Bogdan Shabanov.

3 additional advice associated with limited chemical resistance of a mixture of gasoline with oil:

  • Do not create an excessive fuel supply. Use freshly prepared fuel mixture. In a maximum of a couple of weeks, she will lose her useful qualities;
  • Prepare as much fuel as it will go to one mowing during the day. At the end of the work, drain the rest from the gas tank and burn the last drops from the fuel canal with a neglected engine;
  • It is especially dangerous to leave the mixture in the gas tank for a long time. winter. In the spring, you will make sure that the engine does not start without cleaning the carburetor (gasoline evaporated, the oil thickened and glued the valve).

In more detail, the technology for eliminating these malfunctions shows in its video video “Chinese lawn mower is not started” Sergey Lesnik. Pay attention to the fuel filter.

To adjust the work of the carburetor allows a special screw, but it is not worth it to twist it without need: the factory adjustment is accurately exhibited. It is better for novice users to contact the service center.

Main reasons

As practice shows, gasoline trimmers for grass cease to start or function normally after winter, that is, long.term seasonal storage. Before subsequent attempts to launch the tool, a thorough diagnosis should be carried out in order to determine the source of problems. There are currently several of the most common causes of malfunction.

  • Initially, it is necessary to check the quality of the fuel. Savings in such cases may have extremely negative consequences. Experienced owners of Motokos and experts advise preparing a mixture, the volume of which will correspond to the upcoming work, since its surpluses quickly lose their qualities.
  • Trammers for grass of such eminent brands, such as, for example, Husgvarna, Makita, Stihl, are very sensitive to the fuel used. We are talking about fuel quality and octane number. Ensure suitable operating conditions and extend the life of the equipment will allow the refueling with high.quality gasoline.
  • At the time of the launch of an internal combustion engine, the lawn mower can stall due to the fact that it floods the spark plug. Often in such situations you have to deal with the need to configure the carburetor. It is worth noting that similar problems arise when a braid for grass stops starting on a hot.
  • Sometimes the tool cannot be launched, although the candle is wet, which in turn indicates the intake of the fuel mixture into the combustion chamber. As a rule, this is one of the symptoms that there is no spark. The reasons may be the absence of normal contact between candles and a high.voltage wire or drying out the threaded connection in the candle channel.
  • If there are no problems with a spark, and at the same time the candle itself remains dry, then most often this indicates that gasoline is not downloaded. There may be several reasons in this situation. This, in particular, is about the state of the fuel filter and carburetor.
  • ICE of braids for grass is not started or immediately after launch stops working, which can be due to clogging of an air filter that prevents the normal supply of air necessary to enrich the mixture.

In addition to all of the above, owners of trimmers have to deal with more serious troubles. One of these is the wear of the piston group. In such cases, to entrust professionals, which will significantly reduce expenses and extend the life of the tool.

The performance of the spark plugs

If there is a need to figure out why a trimmer for grass is not started, then the state of contacts of the installed candle should be checked. In this case, you can figure out why the lawn mowing engine does not occur. For high.quality diagnosis of the spark plug, you must definitely adhere to the following scheme:

If during the dismantling it was found that the candle was wet, then in a small combustion chamber there is a certain part of the fuel, from which you do not need to rush to get rid of. To eliminate the problem, it is necessary to dry and carefully clean the contacts. After the manipulations done, you should carefully connect the candle. You need to turn on the ignition and without unnecessary efforts pull the starter handle. If the device is regular, then there will be a constant and bright spark. Otherwise, you have to replace the candle.

If, after all the manipulations done, the engine of the lawn mower did not start, then the cause of the malfunction must be sought in a carburetor or heat supply. Otherwise, you will have to check the serviceability of the involved high.voltage wire.

Useful material from which you will learn how to get a capricious gasoline trimmer for grass that does not want to work!

The summer time has come, and in the personal plots habitually hidden the lawn mower. Great tool, powerful and mobile. Using a gasoline trimmer for grass and grass, you can mow, and get rid of a dried.up weed. However, there are cases that the lawn mower does not start, works with interruptions or without developing full power. Of course, no one is at work! And as they say, you twitch the laborer’s handle more than the mowing.

Difficulties with the launch do not only have the types of motorcycle, but also in new. How to be in this situation? There is only one way out. to listen to the advice of experts and take advantage of their practical experience!

How to store a lawn mower and exclude problems with its launch

Its launch depends on the correct approach to storing a trimmer for the grass. over, this applies not only to winter long.term storage. How to store a trimmer for gasoline grass in order to warn yourself against problems with the difficulty of starting it, it is necessary to take into account a number of the following recommendations:

  • Before you remove the tool in zipun for winter storage, you should drain the fuel from the tank. In addition, the remaining fuel is also required to remove, and this can be done by starting the engine, letting it work for a while until it stalls
  • Store the tool preferably in a dry room
  • Before starting the engine after a long pause for more than 2-3 months, you must first examine the candle electrodes, as well as check the main nodes-air filter, high-voltage wire, etc
  • When operating the tool, it must be borne in mind that overheating of the motor negatively affects the operational resource, so you need to take breaks when working, especially if a trimmer for grass with a two.stroke engine is used to work. Units with four.stroke engines are not only more powerful, but also more hardy
  • After winter, the first thing you need to do the following. pour a little oil into the candle hole, having previously moved the piston to the extreme dead point. This is necessary in order to lubricate the parts of the CPG when starting the engine, thereby excluding their quick wear

Only with the right approach to finding the reasons why the trimmer for grass does not start, you can independently find and eliminate the breakdown. over, for this you do not need to be a specialist at all, and to understand thoroughly in the design of gasoline units. Act in order in the sequence, which is presented in the material, and restore the performance of the lawn mower will be easier.


Features of the correct choice of chainsaws

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Cleaning the carburetor of the chainsaw and how to do it correctly

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Problems with rotation of the cutting canvas

Trimmer’s traction malfunction for grass

On all trimmers of gasoline, a centrifugal clutch is installed, the meaning of which is that the pads, when the speed is added, begin to travel and cling to the cup. The easiest way to check the clutch is to unscrew the bar from the motor, usually 4 bolts. If the pads are pulled, the clutch must be replaced, a metal rattle is heard. If your trimmer provides for a clutch and there is a constant rotation of the fishing line, then the spring is stretched.

Falf in the drive shaft and rod

The main thing to look is: slots on the shaft, connecting the gearbox and clutch cup. Also very often users do not properly insert the rods into the connection, on trimmers with collapsible rods. Be sure to check the integrity of the shaft. If the vibration is present, then plastic bushings are broken. Vibration is very harmful to the vascular apparatus. In order to avoid the melting of the bushings, they must be lubricated and allowed to relax to the mitch.

Ways to eliminate breakdowns

It is no secret that the best and most effective way of repairing is a prevention of possible malfunctions. As already noted, one of the key points is how correctly the gasoline-oil mixture is prepared. Its components should be gasoline at least AI-92 and high-quality motor oil. The proportions, taking into account the mixture, are indicated in the manual of the manufacturer, which is included in the supply of any gasoline trimmer for grass. As a rule, oil to gasoline is added using an ordinary medical syringe. In a similar way it is easiest to observe the appropriate proportions.

Quite often, when problems with the launch of motorcycles arise, the owners of the tool try to carry out repairs with their own hands. In the presence of the necessary knowledge and skills, this approach will significantly reduce operational expenses. First of all, it is worth checking the fuel system and, in particular, the filtering element. If clogging is detected, the filter will be easiest to replace with a new. If an air filter has become source of problems, then you can get out of a difficult situation even in the process of work with minor time costs. The following actions will need to be performed:

  • remove the filter element;
  • Directly in working conditions, you can rinse the filter used by gasoline;
  • When operating, braids for grass or at a summer cottage for cleaning use water and simple detergents;
  • After washing, the part is carefully rinsed and dried;
  • A completely dry filter should be lubricated with engine oil;
  • excess lubricants are removed by compressing the filter element with the hands;
  • The cleaned part is put in place and the plastic cover is attached with screws.

Read which side to put a disk on a trimmer for grass

If the described actions did not provide a positive result, then the next step will be the clearance adjustment using the corresponding carburetor screw. Many publications and videos posted in the open spaces of the World Wide Web are devoted to this topic. When trying to solve the problems under consideration, you can take several steps.

  • The trimmer for the grass is placed on the side so that the “air” is from above. This will allow the fuel mixture to enter the lower part of the carburetor. Often, attempts to launch the internal combustion engine are successful if you pre.dismantle the mentioned part and literally send a couple of drops of gasoline directly to the carburetor itself.
  • If, after all the described actions, the braid could not be brought into working condition, then the candle and, in particular, the presence of a spark should be paid attention to. In parallel, all fuel from the combustion chamber is completely removed.
  • Often, the owners of the benzos are in situations where the fuel and air filters are clean, the candles are good, the fuel mixture is fresh and high.quality, but the internal combustion engine does not show signs of life. In such cases, experienced experts recommend using universal and proven many years of practice by launching. It is necessary to transfer the air damper to a closed position and pull the starter handle once. After the damper, the engine is opened and the engine is launched 2-3 times. In the vast majority of cases, the result is a positive.

Problems may arise with the starter itself. Often there is a cliff of the cable and a breakdown of the handle. You can cope with such troubles yourself. In other cases, as a rule, the starter is replaced. It is worth noting that the Danish device can be purchased and installed with your own hands.

The light of the ignition during the launch of the ICE of the Trimmer for the grass can be filled with fuel. Even with a high.quality mixture and the presence of a good spark, it is unlikely that you can get a device. The most effective exit will be to extract a candle and dry it. In parallel, you can check this spare part for performance, when identifying malfunctions, replace it. This procedure includes a number of simple steps, namely:

  • drown out the device and wait for complete cooling of the power unit;
  • turn off the wire;
  • extract the candle itself;
  • examine the dismantled part;
  • make sure the presence of a gap (0.6 mm);
  • screw a new, working candle and tighten it.

In practice, many repair work related to the fact that the braid for the grass has stopped starting and which sooner or later has to face the operation of a household lawn mower, it is quite possible to cope on its own. But with serious malfunctions, it will be most rational to contact a specialized service. However, the key factor in such cases will be the ratio of the cost of repair and the price of a new trimmer for the grass.

Cleaning the soundtress

Often the engine of branded models of trimmers stalls as a result of clogging of the sapun. The main task of the designated component is the leveling of pressure in the fuel tank. In the case of contamination of the node, a vacuum appears here, which greatly complicates the supply of fuel. Removing a malfunction allows the cleaning of the cabin using an ordinary sewing needle.

The measured functioning of a trimmer for grass may be impaired as a result of laying dirt in the final channel or the formation of a blockage on a muffler grid. Such a disorder in most cases appears during the operation of the older generation trimmers. The issue is being solved by dismantling the anti.diploma mesh and its cleaning.

How to prevent sudden breakdowns during the operation of a trimmer for grass?

So that the unit is always in a multifunctional state, it is worth observing several ordinary rules:

  • Carry out timely, constant technical inspection of the main mechanical nodes of the device.
  • To refuel a trimmer for grass only with the latest fuel, the quality and origin of which is not caused by fluctuations.
  • Inspect after each use of the tool, whether oxides and soils have formed on the surface of parts of the ignition system.
  • Avoid the strong load of the trimmer for grass during work.

So that the unit remains in a working state, you need to correctly prepare it for storage in the winter period. First you should disassemble the tool one hundred percent, then perform washing and cleaning the components of the parts. It is also fundamentally to look around multifunctional blocks for damage, with the need to eliminate the deformation of parts, various distortions, gusts of materials.

Placing a trimmer for storage grass, it is worth filling the gearbox with a sufficient amount of oil. Then you need to clean the air filter, partly disassemble, blow and wash the unit engine. Having dried all the mechanisms, lubricate moving elements. To carry out the processing of the piston system with oils, you need to extract the spark plug for previously. The lawn mower will not start or start, but stalls. What is the reason? If there is no spark. Then it is necessary to move the piston to the extreme position, then pour an insignificant amount of oil into the candle hole and make a scroll of the crankshaft. If the gasoline trimmer for grass in the offseason is not planned to be stored in the house, it is recommended to tightly wrap the unit engine with an oiled rag. This will allow to avoid the development of corrosion on the surface of the fundamental nodes of the mechanism.

lawn, mower, does, start, reasons

The GAMPION BASS GAMPION NOT BECOME Video Video. Why is a trimmer not starting for grass gasoline? Reasons and them. Why the lawn mower or the lawn mower is not started. Prerequisites

The trimmer for the grass is very hot

Overheating of a trimmer for grass can occur for many reasons:

  • Gasoline has not the same octane number indicated in the instructions for the unit;
  • the proportions of gasoline and oil during the preparation of the fuel mixture are not observed;
  • A mixture of fuel with butter has long been prepared (the mixture cannot be stored for more than 2 weeks);
  • The trimmer for the grass works more than the time instructions;
  • A low.power trimmer for grass on thick and hard grass is used, the device works with overload and quickly heats up;
  • shifted towards the bar or the cassette lid clutched.

The latter happens if you install the mowing head inappropriate for this unit

, or when the axis shifts inside the bar. These changes make it difficult to rotate, the load on the engine increases, and it overheating.

lawn, mower, does, start, reasons

A large assortment of and components at affordable prices

The assortment of the Kosi Spit for Grass store has a huge selection of specialized products designed to perform work or support important functions of working tools. So, depending on the requests of the buyer, the online catalog offers to choose:

  • Tools:
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      accessories for gasoline cos;
  • original candles;
  • guide tire for a chainsaw of the required length;
  • knives for benzos;
  • files for the chain;
  • Lubrication for motorcycle and oil for nonsense of the desired consistency, depending on the nodes of use.

If necessary, a benzo.tool to buy online, each spare part is equipped with a link to the consumer basket, which simplifies the order process a lot. The manager’s phones that are able to answer questions are also available, to tell what spare parts are available now, how quickly the collection and delivery to the buyer are performed, and also help to choose the necessary elements and order them in the right amount. “Spit for grass” is a modern online store where you can buy spare parts for a chainsaw or lawn mower at an affordable cost.

Proper care for the chainsaw

There are no unnecessary phrases in the operating instructions, everything that is proposed is aimed at the operation of the lawn mower. Cleaning all parts after each cycle of work contributes to the light removal of not hardened residues and dirt. You need to clean only cooled nodes. This technique contributes to the quality of the air cooling of the engine and the gearbox.

For refueling, it is necessary to use fuel with oil recommended in the instructions. If you leave the combustible mixture in the fuel tank, the oil will float and dies on the damper when starting, worsening its adjustment. The mixture can give a sediment and score fuel supply in the carburetor.

When preserving equipment for the winter, make an audit, grease the gearbox and the piston system, wrap the entire saw in the oiled rags and store in a dry place.

lawn, mower, does, start, reasons

It is impossible, dangerous for the instrument and health of the mowing, use a metal cable instead of fishing line. It cuts more efficiently, but the load on the gearbox and the engine increases. A demolished piece of wire when separating flies at the speed of a bullet. Effective mowing can lead to a speedy wear of the piston group of the engine. For greater efficiency of the mowing, it is proposed to use the profile of the “Star” fishing line.

Rules for the operation and storage of a lawn mower

In order for the lawn mower to start well and continue to provide it with good storage and operation conditions:

  • During operation, carefully monitor the cooling system, carefully and in time, clean the channels in the case, as well as the ribs of the starter;
  • If necessary, use solvents, kerosene and other detergents for cleaning;
  • Do not clean the “hot” tool. let it cool;
  • Stactly comply with the requirements of the instructions for the operating mode, otherwise you can overheat the engine;
  • If you do not plan to use the lawn mower in the next month, the fuel mixture from it needs to be drained, t. to. Over time, it breaks up into heavy fractions, which will definitely clog the channels of the carburetor;
  • After draining the fuel, let the trimmer work at idle until it stalls, this will help to completely remove the rest of the working mixture.

Before winter storage, take the following steps:

  • completely disassemble the braid, rinse and clean all the details you can;
  • Inspect the details for damage, if necessary, eliminate distortions, impulses, bent and any other malfunctions;
  • Pour a sufficient amount of oil into the gearbox and clean the air filter;
  • You can partially disassemble the motor, rinse, blow and smear all the moving parts;
  • In order to lubricate the piston, you need to unscrew the candle, raise the piston with the outlet to the extreme dead point, pour a little oil into the candle hole and scroll the crankshaft a couple of times;
  • If you store the lawn mower not in the house, wrap the engine with an oiled rag.

Remember, careful compliance with the rules will allow you to forget that the lawn mower is bad for several seasons.

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