Hydraulic press for plastic bottles with their own hands

Design of the press: Features of existing devices

To create a significant force on a certain area, the design of the hydraulic press is used, you can buy such a unit in specialized stores. Such a device is an effective and simple device.

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The structure of the hydraulic press

If you decide to make such a construction according to the drawings, it is necessary to understand what it consists of:

  • The lower part or base is necessary for the stability of the structure. It looks like a platform and is made of solid metal. Metal corners and channels are suitable for this purpose;
  • stands are vertical parts of the structure. The height of the elements is calculated as the sum of the length of its rod, the height of the jack and the thickness of the fixed stop. Racks are made of steel angles welded to the base;
  • The fixed stop is fixed at the top of the columns. To make it uses the same angle as the racks;
  • the jack allows you to develop the necessary force. This element is fastened to the mobile end stop. It is driven by an electric drive or manual control;
  • The moving stop exerts the main pressure on the mechanism. Can be made of angles or strips of steel;
  • the return device is used to move the mobile stop to the normal position. The springs are used, the degree and length of which are calculated according to the parameters of the press.

How to make a simple design can be seen in the video below:

Vacuum press

When making a vacuum press with your own hands, it is worth considering that the device consists of a thermomodule, a table and a vacuum chamber. The latter is often rectangular in shape and made from rigid material.

Such a design has some features:

  • the machine has only manual operation;
  • Available materials are used for the work;
  • the speed of operation should not be inferior to the factory analogues.

The vacuum construction is assembled with these parts:

  • The frame is made of a thermomodule rail and a profiled tube. A welding machine and an electric drill are needed for the work;
  • The vacuum table is made of a pressing frame, clamps and a tub;
  • A water-ring pump is also needed.

The thermo-vacuum press is made in a similar way.

Thermovacuum unit

Press picker

Such a machine as a baler is installed as a trailed machine for power tillers. It is used on small farmers’ fields and on large farms. After the crop is cut with the mower, the thermal vacuum press is used to dry it. It forms rolls from the stalks, and after that the machine is used to produce baled bales.

Here are the advantages of using such a machine:

  • This way the drying time is shorter and the loss of the hay is minimized;
  • several times reduced labor costs;
  • the quality of hay during storage increases;
  • self-adjustment of the implement is possible.

The diagram shows a version of a roller arrangement

The most common variant is the roll mechanism. Spring tines allow you to collect a mass of grass. Each bale is then baled into bales. A mini-tractor can load up to 20 tons of straw in 20 days with this baler. Rolled structures have small dimensions.

The roll pressed variety makes briquettes in the form of a rectangle. Grass in swaths is picked up by the tines and deposited in the baling chamber. Dimensions can be adjusted by machinery. The bales are securely packed and tied with twine. The unit is then thrown into the field.

The windrower

You can also make a homemade version from walking beam and lumber. Large box made of boards and horizontal way of loading the hay. A rack or screw jack is used as a press. With such a device it is possible to bale straw and press it.

Bench Mounted Mechanical Press

The bench press can be operated by both automatic and manual traction. These machines are often made of solid steel.

With the help of a hand press are processed:

Compact table machine

The mechanical press is used to press out bearings and bushings, stamp and die small items. Such a machine saves time in manufacturing parts.

The hydraulic handheld unit makes the force with a hydraulic cylinder rod. This element contains a liquid that is compressed under pressure. The machine is used for compressing, deforming and joining parts.

Hole punching version is used for punching holes in sheets of different materials. Manual mechanical units are necessary for pressing tubular sleeves and cables.


Vibropress allows to reduce the time of construction works, as well as to reduce their cost. The machine is designed with three drives: hydraulic, mechanical and pneumatic. The unit is based on the vibropress technology.

Even if there is a manual and the necessary drawings the creation of a vibropress with their own hands may not work. This can occur due to incorrect calculations, inaccurate set-up and low productivity.

The structure of the vibropress

Press with electric drive

The hydraulic press with electric drive has a simple structure. Most often it consists of a thick angle and a channel. All elements are connected by thick bolts.

Particular attention should be paid to the frame of the machine, because it will be exposed to significant mechanical stress. Metal thickness must be sufficient.

Such a device is often used in production and industry. The force is performed by the work of an electric motor. The use of such a mechanism helps to reduce the time of many technological processes.

Electrically operated machine

Device for making tape from plastic bottles

If there are plastic bottles in the garage. it’s time to make a rope out of them. The material used in the production of the bottles is compressed at high temperatures. So later, self-made plastic tape will be very handy in the economy for firm connection of various nodes and parts.

To make such a device, you will need:

  • A small piece of plywood or a board;
  • metal washers;
  • A drill with a drill bit of the required diameter;
  • A paper blade (you can use a scrap blade);
  • 2 bolts with nuts and washers.

First, two washers are placed together roughly in the middle of the prepared base and the centers of the washers are marked. In these places are drilled two holes for the prepared bolts. On the reverse side we make small holes for the bolts so that they do not rotate and turn.

The process of cutting the strip on this machine is as follows. Place as many washers as we want to cut the thickness of the tape on the projecting side of the bolts. After that, we put the blade of a penknife on top of the washers and make an additional fixation by putting another layer of washers and tightening the nuts. Then the machine is fixed on a table or garage workbench with clamps.

Hydraulic Pet Bottle Baling Press Machine

Remove the bottom of the plastic bottle, cut a small strip of a given thickness and put the bottle under the knife. Pull out the band with one hand and hold the plastic bottle with the other. This manufacturing method produces about 25 linear meters of plastic tape from a two-liter bottle, which has excellent shrink properties.

Bottle press

You’re always faced with the problem of recycling plastic bottles. A variety of models of balers designed for the following purposes are at your service.

Mini series of balers for plastic recycling

GGP-4-12 mini, GGP-4-15 mini, GGP-6-9 mini, GGP-6-9c mini, also GGP-6-12 mini. all these models produce high quality recycling bottles.

This range of models is designed for installation in markets, stores, supermarkets, bars and other businesses with a moderate amount of waste.

The Mini balers simplify waste handling and storage, save on waste removal, and make efficient use of valuable warehouse space. Presses with pressing power of 8-15 tons and capacity up to 700 kg per work shift. A press pays for itself in 6-8 months.

Standard bottle presses

Machines are suitable for installation in rooms with low ceilings.

Standardized technical characteristics allow these presses to be used in various recycling streams, so they are purchased by small companies as well as quite powerful plants, factories for recycling.

Pressing force of the models of this line is 4-16 tons. Large selection of models for PET bottle waste recycling. These are GWP-10, GWP-10-1, GWP-11, GWP-11-2, GWP-14, GWP-16, GWP-16-2, GWP-17. Any machine pays for itself within 6 months.

The Profi line for PET bottles

There are many models in this category and all of them wrap plastic containers with maximum efficiency.

Such equipment is relevant for powerful industries and professional recyclers, hypermarkets, warehouse complexes and other enterprises with high ceilings and a relatively small area of the room. Bale weights in various models range from 100 to 750 kg.

This makes the most efficient use of warehouse space and waste hauling. Pressing force of 15 up to 45 tons gives a powerful increase in productivity. Profi series presses can pay for themselves in 1-3 months.

Two-chamber PET bottle baler

The only series that allows two baling chambers for simultaneous sorting and recycling. At the points receiving and sorting waste, such equipment brings substantial savings in time and effort.

Bale weight of different models ranges from 40 to 350 kg. Such an installation pays for itself in 3-6 months.

For recycling plastic packaging by double chamber baling press we advise to buy models PGP-9-d, PGP-10-d, PGP-11-d, PGP-12-M-d, PGP-12-MU-d, PGP-15-M-d, PGP-15-MU-d and PGP-16-d.

Mobile units for compacting bottle waste

These mobile units, fitted on trolleys or portable metal platforms, are indispensable for store chains, street parties, trash collecting services, etc.п. Models are suitable for buyers of raw materials at various points, t.к.

Machines of this type save time and fuel, recycling bottles on the road. Models are usually equipped with trailers and gasoline generators. The machines are powered by both mains and autonomous power sources. Operated by two employees. a driver and an operator.

The machines are efficient, productive and reliable and are easily dismantled if the need arises.

To reduce costs for storage and removal of bottle residues, as well as to obtain additional income from the sale of waste recyclers are advised to buy a mobile units such as MKU-TBO-1/2-12, MKU-TBO-2, MKU-TBO-3.

Precision mechanics for recycling plastic bottles

Except for models TM-6T, TM-6-T-M1 and TM-8T, all other presses of this line are successfully coping with pressing plastic bottles. Small-sized, high-performance and high-tech, easy to operate, working reliably even at subzero temperatures, the presses of TM series have found their owner in small businesses with a small flow of waste, in stores, cafes, bars.

The low weight of the bales makes it easy for these companies to do without mechanical loading equipment. According to tonnage equipment TM series is divided into mini, medium and professional, so you can choose the right press and for larger enterprises with small areas. For three weeks of work in one shift TM presses are able to recoup their cost.

Various lines of equipment of our company have different capacity, size, location conditions, so the buyer can make his choice, matching it to the type of production, the specifics of the working space, the capacity of the waste stream. The competent managers of “AMD Plast” will help you with this. We are ready to answer your questions and place orders on the telephone numbers listed above.

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