Installation of a cutter on the uniform tractor of Stanley. Description

SHENLI motor blocks. Instruction, maintenance and application instructions

Today, the heavy tractor of Shtesi 1800 is deservedly considered one of the best units in its class. The combination of German pedantry and Japanese quality in one product gave outstanding results. The joint production technique of Shtenli 1800 18 liters is characterized by incredible power, reliability and wide possibilities. The transfer of the production of the SHENLI 900 model to China has significantly reduced the price of finished products. To date, the motor blocks of Shtenli 500, 900, 1030, 1100, 1800 and 1900 have become more accessible to the consumer. The popularity of cars is steadily growing as people learn about the truly limitless potential of these units. As the reviews of the happy owners of the motor blocks of Shtenli 1800 Pro, the best agricultural equipment for working in a harsh climate is simply impossible. Possessing a fantastic power of 18 horsepower, the car copes with tasks that can only be for specialized technology at their own.

The technique enters the packaging container in a disassembled form. Motoboblock assembly is carried out by specialized stores. After that, the performance of the goods is being verified, the availability of technical and financial documentation. In order to verify the performance of the product, it is tested. The engine is launched, the headlight, clutch, correctness and clarity of gear shifts are checked. Before the potential buyer, the equipment is already set in the collected form.

The SHENLILI 1030 PRO Tractor has the following technical characteristics:

  • engine brand-Honda AMS-192 FB, gasoline, four-stroke;
  • working volume. 425 cm³;
  • Power. 18 liters.With;
  • speed. 3700 rpm;
  • cooling. air, forced type;
  • launch. manual, with the possibility of installing a battery and an electric starter;
  • transmission. cast.iron gear gearbox with disk clutch;
  • Power selection shaft. on the front side of the unit;
  • number of programs. 3 (2 front and 1 back);
  • maximum speed/backward speed. 16/4 km/h;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 6.0 l;
  • Tank capacity for motor oil. 1.3 l;
  • fuel consumption-1.2-1.5 l/h;
  • wheels. rubber pneumatic 6.00-12 with a powerful tread;
  • weight without additional options with full dressing. 182 kg;
  • Dimensions (length/height/width). 2300x1400x920 mm.

Shtenli 1100 Unoa tractor is able to loosen the heaviest soil to a depth of 35 cm. Plowing depth is regulated by a snap in a step of 50 mm. Capture width is 80-110 cm. When working with reduced transmission, overheating of the motor is excluded due to the presence of a special low.level oil sensor. When a critical temperature is achieved or a decrease in oil level, automation turns off the engine.

Shtetnley motoblocks

The manufacturer made sure that after buying and assembling the Unoa tractor Shtenli 1900 Pro could be used immediately to carry out agricultural and other works.

The basic set of the unit includes:

  • House with semi.sun and steering column. On all units, a composition for conservation is applied, preventing corrosion during transportation and storage.
  • Wheels in a lowered state. The wheels are packed in a separate container to ensure the safety and integrity.
  • Tretens for loosening soil. The tool is performed in modular form, fixed separately from the wheels. The shape of the milling is easy to penetrate the ground. Weeds along with roots are wound on the axis of the unit. The teeth of the milling plants are made of hardened steel by forging.
  • Universal coupling. Using this device, it provides an attach to the unit of almost all types of additional equipment, including domestic manufacturing.
  • Hood. Performs a protective function, closing the body of the unit for precipitation, garbage and dust. Prevents smoke and soot on the operator.
  • A set of tools. Its is enough to eliminate minor malfunctions to adjust the backlash and ignition, disassemble and assemble a single tractor, conduct current maintenance and small repair.
  • Farah. Works on a generator that provides a flat and strong glow, regardless of engine speed. Unlike most analogues, the headlights of the motoblocks are adjusted by vertical and horizontal.
  • Glove compartment. A small but functional box can be used not only for storing tools and consumables. You can put water, food and a set of replaced linen in it.

The technique is attached to operating instructions, a lubricant map, a technical description and a warranty card. Additional options are purchased separately as necessary. Prior to this, the equipment can be used as a motor cultivator.


STENLI 500 is equipped with a 211 cm3 engine with a volume of 211 cm. Fuel consumption is very modest, it is 0.7. 1.00 l/hour when working at maximum power. Gas tank volume 3.5 l.

The belt.type drive, the number of gears is 2 front, 1 back, which increases the maneuverability of the unit and the level of operator comfort when working with the soil. Cultivation width from 80 cm. up to 100 cm., depth. from 15 cm. up to 30 cm.

The modest dimensions of the motor block Shtenli 500 (139x80x107 cm.) and a removable control handle allow you to easily transport it in small cars.

The diameter of the milling plants supplied with the walk.behind tractor is 35.6 mm, the frequency of their rotation during operation is 399 rpm. For the convenience of the operator, the device is equipped with a transport wheel. On this wheel, the same.based tractor can be placed during storage or use it to transport the device in the site.

Basic equipment and attachment equipment

The basic equipment of the motor block of the STENLI 500:

  • Directly Tractor Stanley 500 (engine engineerkp);
  • support wheel (1 unit);
  • fasteners and tools for attaching cutters, handles, wheels;
  • Disassembled mills;
  • protective wings;
  • Instructions (which can also be downloaded in electronic form);
  • warranty coupon;
  • The coupling is universal.

Suitable hinged equipment for SHENLI 500:

  • Potato.coat is ordinary and conveyor;
  • soils;
  • hiller;
  • plow;
  • differential;
  • trailer;
  • cart;
  • Other types of equipment can also be connected to the walk.behind tractor (for example, from Neva or Salute cultivators).

Basic equipment and attachments

Basic equipment of the Stanley 500 motorcycle:

  • directly the pedestrian tractor Stanley 500 (engine gearbox);
  • support wheel (1 unit);
  • fasteners and tools for fastening mills, handles, wheels;
  • disassembled incisors;
  • protective wings;
  • instructions (which can also be loaded in electronic form);
  • warranty coupon;
  • Universal hook.
  • Potatoes are ordinary and conveyor;
  • tabs;
  • killer;
  • plow;
  • differential;
  • trailer;
  • truck;
  • Another equipment can also be connected to the engine (for example, from Neva or Salyut cultivators).

Maintenance and operation

The following conditions are distributed to Shtenli 500:

  • There is enough fuel in the tank, oil in oil tanks;
  • Flat running surface;
  • smooth switching;
  • There is no mood forward when working with incisors;
  • The soil must be prepared (unprocessed soil must be processed in three passes);
  • lack of large stones or branches in the soil.

When servicing the motor block “STENLY 500”:

  • Check the level of fuel, oil (type of oil. synthetic, semi.synthetic, tall, in the gearbox. gearbox for 4 stroke engines);
  • clean the body and grate of the engine from dirt;
  • monitor the condition of the drive belt, clutch cables, spark plugs, all filters (replacement, cleaning. on request);
  • Check the mounting of the screws before each launch;
  • Work with gloves, use ear plugs to reduce noise and vibration;
  • Annually conduct engine maintenance.

It is forbidden to operate the uniform tractor in the following cases:

  • when the slope of the soil is more than 15 degrees;
  • under rain;
  • if the power of the motor unit does not correspond to the degree of firmness of the soil;
  • with low fuel quality or inappropriate oil.

Keep caution when assembling the module. Any deviation in the design will lead to a violation of the balance of the axes, when working, the block will be rejected to the side

We also offer you a video that described in detail the process of assembling cutters for the engine:

Installation of incisors on a single tractor

It is best to install mills on the motor unit with Partner to avoid injuries, falls or damage to the block. Lift the tiller before installing. You can use tools at hand as support. If there are no such items nearby, break two boards nearby. Support the steering wheel with design. Make sure the motor unit is securely fixed. Then you can remove the wheels and replace the knives.

Home cutters for a walk.behind tractor

To create a cut for a walk.behind tractor with your own hands, you need to stock up on the following tools and blanks:

  • metal pipe (diameter of not more than 42 mm);
  • Harvesting for cutting cutting elements (any unnecessary spare parts or pieces of metal are suitable. For example, you can use old automobile springs);
  • welding;
  • Bulgarian.

Stanley 77 Dowel and Rod Cutter. Stuart Arts Episode 29

The cutting elements are adjusted to the desired size and sharpened as necessary. Then they must be welded to the pipe in the correct order.

Experts recommend not making cutters with a diameter of more than 50 cm, as this will reduce the risk of breakdown during operation. Below is a detailed drawing for the manufacture of slices:

When using cutters, do not forget about the precautions and rules of operation of the product. Incisors should be above the ground before they begin, and their immersion should be slow and even

Which mills are best suited for the motor unit?

Each type of cutter has its disadvantages and advantages

When choosing a cutter for the engine, its power and operating conditions should be taken into account

For example, a saber mill is very durable due to its design and material from which it is made. This type of cutter has knives and is made of high.carbon hardened steel. It has universal functionality, as it can work in any conditions and on different soils. In addition, the blades of this cutter are easier to repair. just install and fix a new cutting element.

Coal milling machines are also suitable for processing and processing heavy soils, but it will be difficult to overcome areas with turf or roots. The equipment is clogged and it works poorly. In addition, due to structural features, it is more often susceptible to breakdowns, and repair is usually done by welding, which requires more time and is a loss.

As you can see, each of the sets of milling is not devoid of advantages. When choosing, rely on the technical characteristics of your device and the features of future work.

You need to sharpen the incisors on the motor unit?

This question cannot be answered unambiguously. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the block, soil and conditions of use. For example, a heavy tractor with heavy incisors is not required to process heavy soils. You will not see a tangible effect from this procedure, just spend your time and energy.

For trimming a lighter pedestrian with small incisors, sharpening is a good option for improving the quality of work. But there are also disadvantages. Firstly, sharpening takes only a few hours, then the procedure will have to be repeated, and this is a long and long process. Secondly, pointed blades help to weed the roots of weeds, which, in turn, can only speed up their reproduction.

If you decide to sharpen the cutter, remove it from the power supply, clean it from the ground. Gently wipe each cutting element with sandpaper, so as not to damage them.

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The technical characteristics of Shtenli 1030 allow the use of this technique on any soil and at any time of the year.

Using SHENLI 1030, you can achieve maximum width of the Earth’s cultivation. 90 cm. Processing depth when working with cutters or plow. up to 30 cm.

SHENLI works in three modes: 2 passes forward, 1 ago. The volume of the gas tank is 6 liters. The launch is made manually.

The basic configuration includes the following elements:

  • Shtenli 1030 Unoa tractor in packed form;
  • rubber wheels;
  • mills;
  • universal type coupling;
  • User’s Manual;
  • A set of tools for assembling a walk.behind tractor;
  • Warranty coupon.

The timing of the warranty service of the device is 2 years. To extend the service life of the device and proper operation of the walk.behind tractor, assembly and runaway should be performed according to the instructions. Use a set of tools supplied along with the unit for assembly.

Follow the recommendations for the types of oil and fuel for the device. low.quality lubricant and combustible materials accelerate the wear of the engine and filters.

Preparation of the walk.behind tractor for running

Previously, you need to prepare the equipment for the first launch.

The specifics of the implementation of this process:

  • All bolts and fasteners are fixed and firmly fixed;
  • Brake and steering systems work properly. The steering is in a standard position;
  • Bearings and seals in normal condition, worn parts are replaced;
  • The level of oil is checked;
  • Guided by the instructions for use, you need to lubricate all the elements with oil (which requires it). The process must be performed very carefully, the oil should not be contaminated.

SHENLI 1900 Pro Series motor blocks. Review, characteristics, reviews of owners

Shtenli 1900 Pro Series is a heavy.class technique for any type of soil. With its help, the farmer will be able to easily carry out arable work on the virgin lands, as well as perform a full range of garden and summer cottages, for example, cultivation, milling, hilling, harrowing.

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The presence of a motor block of SHENLI. a shaft of power selection. expands the technical potential of the device, making the uniform tractor a truly universal assistant farmer. It is possible to connect to Shtenli 1900 mowing, snowman, chopper, garlic and other devices.

Shtenli 1900 Pro Series is equipped with a gasoline engine produced under the license of Honda Intek OHV-AMS-192-FB, the number of engine tactes-4. The power of this engine is 18 liters.With. Engine volume is 420 cm3. The fuel tank capacity is 6.5 liters at a flow rate of 1.3 l of gasoline per hour. To refuel this model of the walk-behind tractor, the manufacturer recommends using AI-92 gasoline. Speed ​​mode: 31 (1 back gear).

The basic equipment of the motor block Shtenli 1900 Pro Series:

  • SHENLI unoa tractor in packed form;
  • rubber wheels with a wide tread (wheels 7.00×12);
  • mills (32 knives, disassembled);
  • universal coupling that allows the accession of almost any domestic attachment equipment;
  • Farah, doing work in the evening more comfortable;
  • installation shields above the wheels;
  • a footboard for a stable position;
  • A set of tools. used during assembly;
  • warranty coupon;
  • Russian instructions of the user.

Instructions for the use of the motoroblock “Titan

The user management will help the newly.minted owner of the Titan Motoboblock to get acquainted with the units, learn to work on it and much more. The instructions describe in detail the following sections:

  • The device of the motor block “Titan”, its assembly.
  • Technical characteristics of the “Titan” motoblock selected modification.
  • Safety requirements.
  • Guidelines for the first launch of power plant,
  • Stages of maintenance.
  • Typical malfunctions of the “Titan” motoblock.

Playing of the walk.behind tractor “Titan”

The procedure is designed to prepare a motorized device for loads that occur during various agricultural work. The period of the begins immediately after the first launch of the power plant.

The up to 8 hours lasts, during this time, in conditions of small loads (gentle mode), the moving parts of the engine, gearbox and gearbox are rubbing. In the current period, the one.axic tractor “Titan” cannot be loaded, the power should not exceed ¾ of the engine power. During this period, it is necessary to check how the mechanisms work, how the speeds switch and t. D.

Motobobit maintenance “Titan”

This section consists of several stages:

  • Oil change:
  • For the transmission, 80W-90 GL-5 oils are used, which change every 100 hours worked;
  • Motor oils 10W-30 should be poured into the engine, which are replaced every 25 hours of operation.
  • Daily care “BC” and “after” operation:
  • Before starting work, check the level of oil and fuel, fasteners, tire pressure;
  • At the end of field work, the one.based tractor is cleaned of all types of pollution and lubricated.
  • Preservation of the Titan Motoboblock for Long.term storage:
  • drain of fuel and oils from the motor block;
  • cleaning from pollution;
  • Lubrication of all parts and nodes.
  • Planned inspections.

Typical malfunctions of the “Titan” motoblock

Motoblocks “Titan”, like all existing technology, periodically fail. The cause of breakdowns can be:

  • poor build quality;
  • improper care for the walk.behind tractor;
  • the wrong principle of work;
  • non.compliance with the rules of the instruction;
  • mechanical damage that occurs in contact with foreign objects and t. D.

Consider some malfunctions and causes of them, more fully, this information is submitted in the operating manual:


All Shtenli trademarks have a factory warranty, which is 2 years. Devices are equipped with a valve of decompression, which allows the machine to act in a light launch mode. In addition, units have a system, which reduces noise and vibration during the motor work.

In the basic configuration, motor blocks have reliable tires with a deep tread to facilitate movement along heavy ground or snow drifts. Motoblocks have a universal type of mount, which allows you to operate devices with a large number of trailed and suspension equipment.

The cutters included in the basic configuration have a protective shield that provides a reliable barrier from the effects of external factors that can damage the part. All engines using Shtenli technique are equipped with an automatic rotation frequency system, which excludes the likelihood of operating units at an too high speed not provided for this modification.

installation, cutter, uniform, tractor

As for the power plants, the machines have 5 bypass valves, thanks to which there is a more clear distribution of combustible materials, in addition, this allows you to remove unnecessary noises when moving devices.

Motobobes control handle can be adjusted in several positions, which increases comfort during operation.

Non.mounted equipment

SHENLI motor blocks can be used in conjunction with the original additional tool, as well as with the inventory from other brands. Original components are represented by plows, cummers, milling cutter and dirt.

But the equipment is also operated with several auxiliary details.

  • Adapter, carts and trailers. Equipment for transporting goods using motor blocks is divided into classes based on the power of the devices themselves. Therefore, for heavy equipment, the carrying capacity of the equipment can be half a ton, and for light devices. about 300 kg. Clutch adjustment occurs using a three.grinding connecting part, which is supplied together with the technique. The element is universal, therefore, compatible with most components from other manufacturers.
  • Mower. For agricultural devices, several types of this tool are offered, so motor blocks can work with rotary or disk mowing options. Inventory is selected based on the purpose of the machine itself.
installation, cutter, uniform, tractor

Units with VOM are compatible with all types of details. The latter option may require replacing discs during active operation.

  • Wheels and caterpillar consoles. Shtenli motor blocks in the basic configuration can be: 5×12, 4×12, 4×10, 4×8 and 6.5×12 cm. But if necessary, light and heavy equipment can be additionally equipped with more powerful wheels. As for the prefixes for motoblocks, their use is relevant in the winter, as well as with too moist soil. Such equipment is recommended by the manufacturer for machines, the mass of which will be more than 100 kg.
  • Cutters. In the factory configuration, German devices are supplied for implementation with collapsible details, which are made of high.quality steel. However, if desired, the equipment can be used with other variants of milling, the cutting of the cutter is performed manually.
  • Ground.spaces. This is a useful auxiliary equipment that allows you to increase the efficiency of soil processing. The main task of this element is to increase the clutch of the machine during operation with the surface of the earth.
  • Plow. German walk.behind tracts can be used for work with soil together with a single.body or double.body plow. The fixation of the tool to the technique is carried out in front when using a suitable fastener in the form of a bracket. The depth of land cultivation can be adjusted by the operator during the control of the machine.
  • Snowman and shovel-off. The version of this auxiliary equipment is selected based on the model and power of the walk.behind tractor. As a rule, more powerful units will be able to discard the snow over long distances.
  • Potato.cake and potato.resident. A universal type tool that can be installed on all devices of this brand without exception. The elements are mounted in the front of the walk.behind tractor. These tools completely exclude the use of manual labor during planting and harvesting root crops. Based on the configuration and model, the equipment can also be used with other options for hinged and trailer equipment.

Assembly of an active cutter

Due to the simple technology of creating this type of cutter is widely used. It has knives, as well as racks. this is a single element. For its manufacture, a whole piece of metal made of high.strength steel is used. The use of such units is considered safer, in comparison with goose legs, as well as less risk of human wound in the process of using them. Due to the sequential placement of cutting elements, they smoothly enter the ground, without blows. The manufacturing process until the pipe with the flange is completely similar to “caterpillar paws”.

It is worth considering in more detail how knives are made. First, a strip of metal after warming is bent so that the length of the resulting curved part is no more than 80 mm. After that, the fasteners are drilled, as well as cooling the workpiece. At the end, the element is subjected to hardening and mounted on the flange.

Self.manufacture of cutters for use on a walk.behind tractor requires the availability of tools and the ability to work with them. In addition, it is necessary to draw up drawings of the product created and clearly adhere to them. Any deviations in details can cause incorrect work of future “goose legs”.


The nozzle “Goose paws” is applicable for dense soil. It can be used on different modifications of motor cultivators due to the variability of the sleeve. It is easier to control these models in the process of work, but they are afraid of jerks and blows in the process of soil processing. Active analogues or factory products do not always cope with heavy soil. This is especially true for options with Chinese knives, where the quality of the metal leaves much to be desired. Not only will it be difficult for the user to keep the equipment in their hands, in addition, the load on the gearbox will significantly increase.

These cutters can be repaired by removing damaged elements and replacing them with new. In addition, there is a capture width latch here. At the request of the operator, you can put additional pairs of milling in a number.

If it is known in advance that the processing of complex soil is needed, here you will either have to select high.quality mills of manufacturers of Ukraine and Poland, or look for other modifications.

As for the spiral milling mills, called the “virgin”, this design is whole, which is done specifically to increase its strength characteristics during operation. That is why it withstands heavy loads. The only thing the user may not like is the slowness of the work. However, it is understandable: it will not work to accelerate on virgin soil, no matter how I would like.

If you want to buy just this option of milling, it is important to take into account its other drawback. during cultivation, the Earth will be pushed from the center to the edges. A shallow furrow will form from this, which may further demand the alignment of the land. Otherwise, spiral cutters are considered more reliable devices in comparison with other analogues. They are strong, reliable and durable. If you need high.quality soil processing in a complex area, they will become optimal to the gardener.

Comparison of milling plants awaits you in the next video.

Manufacturers of full.sized and compact agricultural machinery, trying to facilitate the work of farmers and small landowners, produce more and more perfect equipment. Recently, cultivators are in great demand among summer residents and owners of small land plots. The main working element of this type of agricultural machinery is mills of various types. In this regard, many faced many: it is possible and should they sharpen them. Let’s, together with the experts of the online journal Housechief in today’s review, will deal with this difficult issue.

The motor cultivator greatly facilitates the life of the owners of small land plots

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