Installation of blades on an interskol 110 planer


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How to set the knives on an Interskol electric planer

To set knives on an electric planer correctly, you need to follow one rule: the edge of the blade in the lower position should be at the same level with the back of the sole of the planer. To determine this, you need to arm yourself with a metal ruler and hold it against the back of the sole so that some piece of it is still over the knife.

First place the ruler on one side of the drum, then on the other.

After every application of the tool it is necessary to rotate the drum. If the knife touches the ruler, it means it protrudes too much, and if there is a gap between them, it means it is too much sunk. So you need to move the blade enough so that the drum can rotate freely, but at the same time there is no gap between the ruler and the edge of the blade.

How you move the knife depends on what kind of knife you have. There are narrow disposable knives and there are wide sharpenable ones. The narrow ones are adjusted with the available hexagonal adjusting bolts.

Wide blades usually have long slots through which you can slide the fixing bolts. They are loosened and then move the knife. And when the knife is in the right place, you tighten the bolts.

As you see there is nothing complicated, if you want to do it. Have a nice planing session!

Power planer Interskol P-110/1100M features, specifications, instructions, reviews

Electric planer Interskol P- 110/1100 M. the tool is intended for amateur and professional use. High quality of processed surfaces is guaranteed by high-speed rotation of the cutter, balanced center of gravity and mobile control.

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  • Features of the Interskol P- 110/1100 M Electric Grinder
  • Description of the electric grinder Interscol P- 110/1100 M
  • Technical characteristics of the Interskol P- 110/1100 M

Features of the Interskol P- 110/1100 M Electric Grinder

  • Model Interskol P- 110/1100 M is a modified exhibit of the previous Interskol P-102, P-102M series tools. The difference of the tool is in the increase of the planing width by 10 mm. For the joinery process it is a big plus. Small difference in width will essentially influence the quality of processing of sawn wood with the width of 100 mm, because exactly 10 mm will provide full planing, without the rests of untreated edge, it will reduce working time, will save the energy for the unnecessary repetition of passage.
  • The dimensions of the 110/1100 M electric saw have changed. Compared to the P-102 and P-102 M, the new model has been designed with larger, stronger structures and heavier weight.
  • Equipped with all the typical details of a professional model: the many castings, the long base and the high rotational speed. Machine handles rough, precise work with ease and productivity.
  • Increased motor power gives advantages when working and processing materials with problematic or rough, uneven textures. No need for extra effort on the part of the worker.
  • Additional enhancement of the electric slicer with classic blades made of high-speed steel. The special feature of this steel is its mechanical resistance to abrasion: the blade can be sharpened repeatedly, without reducing the cutting ability of the knife edge. A professional carpenter can easily adjust the tool after the next sharpening. The use of high-speed steel may at first glance seem expensive for an economy class tool. But compared to hard-alloy blades, cutting steel has a tool life 100-150% longer and doesn’t need constant sharpening and replacement.

Description of the Interskol P- 110/1100 M Electric Grinder

  • High-performance, high-powered motor defines the scope of the machine for volume production.
  • The base of the electric slicer is metal. This enables surfaces with irregular or sharp texture.
  • Planing width is greater than other Interskol models. Saves energy use, shortens process time.
  • High frequency rotation. The quality of the processed surface is increased and the productivity of the process is enlarged.
  • Locking system against unexpected start of the power planer. Increased protection for the operator. Compliance with safety regulations.
  • High-precision planing. The tolerance of errors was reduced, resulting in more efficient use of the machine.
  • Unique variable planing depth adjustment up to 3 mm. Allows use of the planer for finishing trims and bevels.
  • The blade is completely covered by the blade guard.
  • Possibility to use the electric planer with the blades upwards. Probability of using the machine in problematic planing cases, on awkward surfaces and from any position. Convenient use for large parts. No need to remove the workpiece and reset it for subsequent machining.
  • Ergonomic front handle. Extra comfort for the operator. less arm strain and fatigue.
  • Rear handle is insulated with special non-slip rubber. Additional protection against electric shock.
  • Scientifically designed and calculated balance and centering of the machine.
  • Compact ergonomic design. Convenient access to the machine from any angle.
  • Parallel fence included in the delivery set increases the functionality of the machine.
  • The stationary installation of the heavy tool is done with a special fixture included in the delivery set.

Technical specifications of the Interskol P- 110/1100 M

  • Rated power 1.1 kW.
  • Voltage 220 V, Frequency 50 Hz.
  • Idle speed 16 000 rpm.
  • Working width 110 mm.
  • Chip thickness from 0 to 3 mm.

Woodworking tool P 110 1100 M

This is a planer, with a cutting surface of 110 mm, which enables you to machine 100 mm wide shaped workpieces without jagged edges in one pass. Power consumption of the Interskol planer P 110 1100 M is 1,1 kW, the letter M means that the model is improved.

Changes have been made to the width of the blade. Its increase has doubled the productivity, because a typical timber is finished in one pass. The planer became heavier, and it gives the possibility to lie flat on the surface to be processed. Blades for Interskol planer 110 mm made of special steel lengthened working time until sharpening. A locking button on the tool is used.

Check the cleanliness of the work area before work. Remove all metal objects from the work area. Inspect used boards for nails before you start processing them. Wear safety glasses.

The tool works in different positions, even with the blades upward. This makes it comfortable to work on heavy and large constructions. The blades are perfectly centered, have a rubberized handle, which is considered to insulate the working.


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