Installation of the Chinese engine on the Ural single-axle tractor

With a Chinese engine

OEM domestic motor does not suit all owners of power tillers Ural. In search of a power solution at an affordable price, they turn their attention to Chinese products. Chinese manufacturers offer products that have a capacity of 10, 12, and more horsepower at a fairly low cost, affordable to almost every farmer.

Thanks to the more powerful Chinese engines the owner of the tiller has more opportunities for its modification according to his needs. For example, they are used as fairly powerful snow blowers.

Replacing the engine on the Ural motorblock on the Chinese one

Chinese engines are convenient for many owners of these units due to the simplicity of their installation. To replace the original domestic motor for the Ural products from the Celestial Empire are not necessary in any particular remodeling. It is enough to install additional crossbars.

Such crossbars made of metal are attached to the frame of the device, using welding or bolts. The first method is considered more reliable. You will also need to install homemade pulleys in the clutch. The reason for this is the increased crankshaft rotation speed of Chinese engines.

Китайский двигатель в Советский Урал! Разработка креплений и примерка карбюратора.

Ural single axle tractor. Operation manual, technical characteristics

Ural single-axle tractor with UMZ-5V engine has been serving faithfully for many years already to some of our readers. The equipment has proved itself well, and even after the purchase from the hands for a long time helps in the personal economy.

Manufacturer of power tillers Ural with UMZ-5V engine. OJSC Ufa Engine-Building Production Association. For 25 years the association has been producing means of small-scale mechanization. motor blocks. During this time 160 thousand motor blocks have been assembled at UMPO.

Official site of the power tiller manufacturer Agro.

In 1998 the company began production of a heavy power tiller Agros. more powerful and productive product with expanded range of functions and set of attachments. The production of the Ural trucks has been stopped.

The UMB-K Ural multi-purpose single-axle tractor is designed for various works on homestead plots, in gardens and orchards of individual and collective use.

With a power tiller complete with attached implements the tractor can cultivate and plow soil, hill and dig root crops, mow grass, transport loads, etc.д.

The single-axle tractor, complete with attached rotary cultivators, can cultivate all types of soil, including heavy, clayey, and stony soils.

The UMZ-5V engine can withstand heat and heavy loads, spare parts and consumables for it are not scarce.

Technical characteristics of the Ural power tiller with UMZ-5V engine

Name value
Engine type Universal, single axle
Gearbox oil TAD-17,TAP-15V, TEP-15, TSp-15K, TSp-14 according to GOST 23652-79
Gearbox oil volume, l 1,5
Dimensions, mm length, width, height


Operation manual single axle tractor Ural. download

Operation manual for the UMZ-5V engine for Ural engine block. download Here you can find a detailed description of the carburetor adjustment and ignition setting, as well as possible engine faults causes and ways to eliminate.

Ural single axle tractor. Overview, technical characteristics,

с 20.12.Starting a new project.I’ve been wanting to make something useful out of a power tiller for a long time, and here we go!Read !subscribe !It will be interesting.Photos until the initial, after a full assembly of all nodes and details will be photographed at all angles, that you could repeat this machine in your garage.

Single axle tractor will be used UralMotor Uzz-5V (Ufa) with built-in gearbox with 2 gears. On the first output we have 330 rpm.On the second 720.

Gearbox from power tiller with 2 gears.We get good slow-speed for dirt or snow removal, but we don’t lose speed.

Wheels r14 VAZ.Suspension elements VazKarkaz (frame). 40mm angle.Steering VAZ.

Four years on the site Description changed 3 years ago

Lifan 168f-2 engine installation on Ural single axle tractor

Production of power tillers Ural UMZ-5V was launched in 1990 and greatly facilitated the work of people on the plots up to 1 hectare. Since at that time there was not much choice of household agricultural equipment, the single-axle tractor was massively spread in this class.

Production was performed on a large scale, since the machine had gained great popularity. While not being very good-looking or having a wide range of functions, the single-axle tractor successfully coped with the task of transporting goods and cultivating the land.

In 1998 it was replaced by Agros, so the production of motor-block Ural was discontinued.

However, to this day, the Ural is in great demand on the secondary market due to the ease of maintenance and easy interchangeability of component parts. Assembly was carried out by the joint-stock company TsMPO, which was engaged in defense engine building and was located in Bashkiria. The price of such a machine on the aftermarket could be as high as 10,000.

The motorcycle “Ural” equipped with an engine Lifan and now he “burns” only 2 l/100 km

Nobody will doubt that the Soviet-Russian heavy motorcycle with a sidecar “Ural” of Irbitsky Motorcycle Plant. the real brutal man’s unit, capable to “tear and throw dirt” and forest roads.

Обзор как поставить китайский мотор на Урал или днепр

But it is often possible to hear from many owners, especially in the countryside, about the voracious character of the Ural engine, the consumption of which is sometimes comparable with some four-wheelers. The value of 9-10 liters per 100 kilometers can create big problems, if you drive far from civilization. Therefore, it is necessary to stock up on the obligatory (one or more) additional fuel cans. And in a long-lasting expedition in the woods every extra kilogram of luggage is like in a spaceship. worth its weight in gold.

installation, chinese, engine, ural, single-axle, tractor

And the price characteristic of operation of such motorcycles, as “Ural” and “Dnepr”, nobody removed from the agenda, especially today. Therefore, our many Russian “Kulibiny” does not cease to look for ways to modernize these legendary motorcycles. And you have before you another such project.

The main idea was to find an alternative to the voracious opposition engine in the form of a universal gasoline or diesel engine. The Internet is a lot of proposals with a variety of inexpensive Chinese motors for power tillers, which have a good resource, and most importantly. a moderate fuel consumption.

Of course, this kind of conversion, you can do only for yourself, so at least there was no one to punish for it then. And our “Kulibin”. inveterate fisherman, so the beauty of the authentic design of the motorcycle is not absolutely necessary to him.

The owner bought the engine Lifan from a power tiller 6.5 liters.с. The Ural engine was completely dismantled, and in its place was replaced by a motor-block engine, now working in conjunction with a gearbox from the “Dnepr”. A centrifugal clutch was installed on the engine shaft. The torque from the engine to the gearbox is transmitted by belt drive. The lower pulley is a pulley of the generator VAZ-2108.

As a result, the fuel consumption of such a motoblock is about 2 liters per hundred. But the top speed with such engine reaches quite decent for the needs of hunting and fishing 40 km/h.

Externally, of course, we received a real “motor freak”. Especially it kills the absence of full-fledged “Ural” gas tank. We should have kept it, at least for aesthetic reasons. But, apparently, the utility and functionality for such modifications is the main and most important!

Review of the range of power tillers Ural

The base of this motor-block is called Ural UMB K, on which the different engines are simply mounted.

It is made of high quality tempered iron, capable of withstanding heavy loads. Overall dimensions of the UMB K is 1730×690×1280 mm.

Двигатель FORZA 409E ставим на мотоблок Урал Умз5-б переделки��‍♂️��‍♂️��‍♂️

Ural UMZ 5V

The most popular model of power tillers is Ural UMZ 5B. This engine is made directly at the factory.

  • Power of this engine is 4.5 horsepower at 2000 rpm.
  • The working temperature of the engine is maintained due to the air cooling by means of a fan.
  • On the UMZ 5V power tiller there is a revolution limiter, which operates in automatic mode.

Feature of this model is unpretentious to fuel, it can easily perform work with gasoline AI-80. The fuel tank capacity is 6 liters, which is enough for 4-4,5 hours of autonomous work.

Weight of the Ural with UMZ 5V engine is 140 kg.

Ural ZID-4,5

This engine does not have any specific technical characteristics of the UMZ 5V. The only thing is that it is able to work with AI-72 fuel, but it affects the performance characteristics of the Ural tractor.

Cylinders and spark plugs begin to form a large amount of carbon deposits, RPM stability and power in general drops.

Ural ZID 4.5 were produced as an experimental model, which has not found widespread use.

Ural with Chinese engines

Recently, Chinese engines for small garden equipment are gaining in popularity. They are characterized by high performance, low cost and excellent quality.

The most popular manufacturer of such devices is Lifan, which is considered the analogue of the world-famous Honda. At the same time it costs many times less. In the forums there are a large number of videos about the process of converting the motor.

I put the engine Lifan 6.5 л.With a motorcycle Ural: the flow of 2 liters

I decided to replace the original motor on the motorcycle Urals motor Lifan capacity of 6.5 liters.с.

OEM motorcycles engine heavy class Ural and MT Dnepr, pretty voracious, given the cost of fuel, the owners of these techniques are often thought of replacing the engine for a more modern and economical.

As an alternative to a voracious motorcycle opposition motor, you can use a universal gasoline or diesel engine from a power tiller. At the moment, on sale appeared a lot of motor-block engines made in China, which are relatively inexpensive, have a good service life and, most importantly, moderate fuel consumption.

This article will talk about such a conversion. The owner of the Ural, inveterate fisherman, and for trips to fishing, he decided to re-equip his bike and replace the original engine Lifan capacity of 6.5 liters.с.

Ural engine was dismantled, and in its place was installed motor-block engine. Gearbox from MT Dnepr.

On the shaft of the engine, there is a centrifugal clutch. Torque from the engine to the gearbox, is transmitted by belt drive. The bottom pulley is a VAZ-2108 alternator pulley.

The ratio of the revolutions of the motor to the revolutions of the wheel:

Now, the fuel consumption is about 2 liters per hundred. The maximum speed with a motor of 40 km / h.

Given the fact that the motorcycle is used for travel on forest roads, such a speed of the owner is quite satisfied.

In this video, a small review of motorcycle Urals with engine Lifan:

UMZ 5b engine

UMZ-5B engine and its modification UMZ-5DU-B is a four-cycle single-cylinder air-cooled gasoline engine of internal combustion designed for installation on self-propelled agricultural machines as well as can be used on stationary machines for mechanization of various agricultural activities.

The engine has a two-stage gearbox with gear ratios of 1:6 and 1:2.91, changing the number of revolutions of the output shaft. Engine UMZ-5DU-B has respectively the same parameters as the engine UMZ-5B and differs in that it is equipped with a single-stage gear reducer with a gear ratio of 1:6 and a gear shaft without a ratchet.

The engine was installed on the motor blocks Ural, which many have remained and serve till now. It is difficult to find user manuals, that’s why we created this page for those who use power tillers Ural with UMZ-5A, B, UMZ-6A engines. You can download instructions from our site:

Operation manual for engine UMZ-5B for scooter Ural This manual was sent by the visitors of our site.

Technical characteristics of the UMZ-5A engine

Engine type carbureted four-stroke, single-cylinder
Cylinder diameter,mm 82
Piston stroke, mm 90
Working volume of cylinder, l 0.475
Compression ratio 6
Operating power, l.с 4.5
Maximum power (short-term) l.с 5
Fuel type automobile gasoline A-76
Candle A11 GOST 2043-74
Weight of dry engine,kg 562
Overall dimensions DxHxV,mm 610х490х678
Engine oil M-8B1,M-8A GOST 10541-78 at an ambient temperature of 10 ° C and below M-10B2. M-12B GOST 8581-78 at ambient temperatures of 10 ° C or higher
Valve timing valve position
Valve arrangement bottom, side, vertical
Cooling forced air

For more details on the characteristics of the UMZ-5A engine, please refer to the instructions above.

Most of the problems during work are related to the carburetor adjustment, so here is an excerpt from the instructions:

Adjustment of carburetor on low revolutions should be performed on warmed up engine with the following procedure:

1.Turn the idle speed screw on the side of the carburetor completely and then turn it 2.5 turns

Close the throttle of the carburetor to the stop and turning the screw, limiting the closing of the throttle, set it to the smallest opening at which the engine is able to operate steadily at low gas rpm.

By screwing the idle speed screw in and then out, find the position where the engine speed is greatest and the throttle plate does not move

When the engine is running smoothly, turn the throttle stop screw back to the lowest opening position

If after that the engine rpm will not increase while turning the idle speed screw, it means that the carburetor is adjusted for low rpm, if the engine rpm increases, the carburetor adjustment should be continued.

Setting the control lever and RPM regulator. Fig. 3.

Each time the control lever is repositioned, the cable tension must be readjusted, otherwise the RPM to which the RPM regulator has been set may change.

Proper tensioning of the cable is checked as follows: the control lever is placed in the highest position corresponding to the maximum spring tension, and therefore the maximum opening of the carburetor throttle and the maximum engine speed. In doing so, the intermediate lever must be turned until it is fully retracted and rest against the rib on the gearbox housing. If this is not the case, the cable tension must be changed by moving it in the clamp connector and achieve the above lever position

The nut clamping the spring washer on the control lever axle may loosen from the jolt and the control lever will not be held in the desired position. Adjust the nut so that the control lever can be moved by hand only

The rope in the cable clamp and the rope connection to the intermediate lever may be loose. When the control lever is moved to its highest position, the cable length will change and the intermediate lever will not touch the gearbox housing, which will prevent the engine from achieving its rated speed

The engines ZID were also mounted on the Ural power tillers, see the instruction manual for operating, care and storage of the engine ZID 4.5

Find a quality manual for the Ural single axle tractor is not possible. If you visited this page you might have the instruction manual for your Ural power tiller, please contact us or send us the manual for publication. Many visitors will thank you.

New engine running-in

Opinions are very much divided on this topic. Some people say to start the engine and run it at half throttle. Others suggest letting it idle, warming up the engine. In fact, you should do exactly as written in the instruction manual, because it is not stupid people, but those who develop the engine and calculate its capacity.

It usually takes a long time to run-in the engine, but if you do everything according to the manual, you shouldn’t have any problems, and even if you do, it’s important to remember that this is a new motor, which means that it is under warranty. It can be easily replaced with a new one or at least repaired.

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