Insulation tool for round cables

SK-53. Svyazkomplekt tool kit for installation and maintenance of cable lines

SK-53 Communication kit. Set of tools for construction, maintenance and repair of cable lines and electrical lines. Used to detect damage to a twisted pair, measuring electrical networks and electronic components, various installation and locksmith work, cutting cable, installing modular connectors, ribbing cable cross, assembly and disassembly of light and medium-sized constructions. Kit comes in a sturdy backpack organized for tools 34 x 44 x 16 cm.

Sviazkomplekt SK-53 kit includes:

  • Cable tester Softing CableMaster 600 with length determination, TDR method (PS-PD_CM600)
  • Multimeter professional Fluke (FLI-15B)
  • RJ-45, RJ11/12, RJ22 (JIC-UC-864) crimping tool for modular connectors
  • Impact tool for cross wire stripping KRONE (with scissors) (JIC-EPD-9KRONE)
  • Cable stripper with hook for outside insulation stripping 4.5. 25 mm (PT-1822)
  • Wire stripper, wire stripper, cutter, stainless steel, 0.8. 2.6 mm (GT-1916-SS)
  • Cable cutter for wire up to 12 mm diameter (PT-1175)
  • Forged diagonal cutters, 150 mm (ST-STHT0-74362)
  • Pliers, forged, 150 mm (ST-STHT0-74456)
  • Forged pliers, 150 mm (ST-STHT0-74363)
  • Plumbers’ Allen Wrench, 250 mm (ST-STHT0-74361)
  • Knife with extendable sectional blade, injection molded, metal (ST-0-10-018)
  • Mini hacksaw for metal, 150 mm (ST-0-15-218)
  • Hexagon socket wrenches, 1.5. 6 mm (ST-4-69-261)
  • Metal adjustable wrench with soft grip, 150 mm (ST-0-90-947)
  • 1/4″ sockets, 37-piece set (ST-STMT82672-0)
  • Combination wrench 8. 19 mm, 7-piece set (ST-STMT82842-0)
  • Screwdrivers up to 1000 V FatMax, Set 6 pieces (2.5х50; 3.5х75; 5.5×150; PH1x100; PH2x125; probe) (ST-0-65-441)
  • Screwdriver. Voltage tester 220-250 V (ST-STHT0-66121)
  • Tape measure 5 m, “True Zero” hook (ST-0-30-697)
  • Impact resistant head flashlight with waterproofing IPX4, Streamlight (SL-61000)
  • Stanley backpack for tools 34 x 44 x 16 cm, load up to 15 kg (ST-STST1-72335)

SvyazKomplekt original kits are assembled exclusively from the following professional tools and instruments: Greenlee, TEMPO, Klauke, Jonard Tools, Jensen, FIS, Pressmaster, Stanley, Streamlight, 3M, Grandway, Endura, Kabifix, Softing IT Networks, VIAVI. Substitutes of other manufacturers are not allowed. In case of absence of the basic component parts of the set equivalent substitutes can be used, similar on technical characteristics and only from producers (trade marks) from the above mentioned list.

Wire Stripper Tool

Super stripping tool JOKARI with wire stripper and wire stripper with blade, stripping tool with additional retractable blade strips outside insulation of cable from 8 to 13 mm, e.g. 7×15 or 5×2.5 mm stripping conductor: 0.2. 0.3. 0.8 mm, 1.5. 2.5. 4 JOKARI stripping blade inner blades and cutting blades. The Super is titanium nitride (TIN) coated. This coating is applied to the blades in a vacuum chamber using a PVD process at approximately 500°C. The reduction of the blade surface area and the TIN coating maximize the hardness of the material, allowing CIMCO to guarantee excellent cutting performance and durability of the knife. JOKARI. Super is a circular and longitudinal cable shear knife, the shear knife itself, and a retractable auxiliary knife.

Tor, Cable Stripping tool, from Pressmaster AB

Universal stripping tool JOKARI for stripping all common cables from 8 to 13mm Especially recommended for work in hard to reach places JOKARI stripping tool for all common flat and round cables up to 12mm wide, stripping wire and stranded conductors 0.75mm2. 1.5mm2. 2.5mm2.

JOKARI PC STRIP stripping tool for stripping data and control cables, communication cables, system cables, etc.д. Stripping: wires from 5.5 to 15 mm Stripping: wires from 0.2 to 4.0 mm2 or AWG 26. 11

Tool JOKARI stripping tool for insulation of power and back-up cables Special tool for stripping data and control cables, communication cables, system cables, etc.д. Stripping: cables from 5.5 to 15 mm Stripping: wires from 0.2 to 4.0 mm2 or AWG 26. 11

JOKARI tool for sheathing and stripping of rubber coated ASI cables For rapid and precise stripping of double core ASI cables with 12mm wide rubber coated profile outer insulation. Cutting blades designed for special wire shapes. No cutting depth adjustment required, side single blades for stripping insulation from both inner conductors (1.5 mm2)

Stripping tool ECONOMY for RG 58, RG 59, RG 62, RG 6 coaxial cables

DUO STRIPPER for stranded cables 4.28 mm and conductors 0.5 to 6 mm2

insulation, tool, cables

Stripping tool SAFETY STRIP for stranded and stranded conductors from 0,2 to 6 mm2, with protective insulation for work with voltage up to 1000 V, tested according to DIN EN 60900, automatic adjustment to the wire section, built-in linear stopper and latch for transport and storage.

POWER STRIP pliers for stripping

  • Wire stripper for flat cables with cross section from 0.75 to 2.5 mm2 and up to 12 mm maximum width
  • For insulation of round cables with a cross section from 0.5 to 16mm2 (AWG 20 to AWG 6); also for stripping the outer sheath of PVC cables (e.g. 3×1.5mm2).

Suitable for use with silicone and PTFE problematic insulations. Has integrated knives for cutting flexible wires up to 6 mm2 and solid wires up to 4 mm2.

Insulation tool

For stripping stranded and solid wires with a cross section of 0.08 0 6 mm2. Automatic setting of the correct wire cross section. Insulation length adjustable from 4. 18 mm. With integrated cable cutting blades.

Wiha 44620 cable sheathing tool for round cables

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Wiha 44620 Insulation tool for sheathing round cables

For precise and safe stripping.

In individual cardboard packaging.

insulation, tool, cables


Maximum cable OD, mm2: 6. 13

When stripping cables in damp rooms and round cables, access is often difficult because, for example, junction boxes and junction boxes are mostly under ceilings or in switch cabinets.

With the cable strip tool, even work in hard-to-reach areas is easy and straightforward.

With its rounded head and oblong ergonomically formed handle, it sits well in the hand and is very comfortable to work in hard-to-reach places.

Safe and reliable stripping of all common round cables up to 6 in diameter. 13 mm, and the cutting depth does not have to be adjusted manually.

In addition, the built-in length stop in the housing ensures particularly precise processing of cables with equal sheath thickness in serial production.

The clip-on clip guarantees safe storage and prevents tool damage.

Simplifies handling Enables sheath removal in hard to reach areas, e.g. in junction boxes.

Ergonomic shape Perfect handling due to ergonomically shaped handle.

Increases the efficiency of skinning all common cross-sections thanks to stepless adjustment.

FITTING: Double-opening casing removal tool with opening spring and lock. tool body ergonomically shaped for non-slip and safe work.

MATERIAL: Housing in fiberglass reinforced polyamide.

APPLICATION: Fine sheathing of round cables and cables in wet rooms with a diameter of 6 to 13 mm (e.g. NYM from 3 x 1,5 mm2 to 5 x 2,5 mm2) and in hard to reach places, e.g. in ceiling and wall area, junction boxes, junction boxes, cabinets, etc.д.

MANUFACTURED: Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH, Schonach/Germany

Strippers for wire stripping (stripping)

In Ukraine buy a stripper cheaper in the online store, with a discount on delivery or self-customization in Kiev. In the catalog you can choose and order budget Asko-Ukrem, but also the top manufacturer Jokari (produced in Germany). stripper price is proportional to quality, as evidenced by user reviews. Payment in cash and by card is possible upon receipt of goods, except for some items E.Next and EGI for pre-order. Check with manager for actual price.

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