Is it possible to cut a porcelain tile with an electrician. Processing of porcelain tile with glass cutter

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All about how to cut exactly an electrician

Electrician is a device for sawing various materials by reciprocating movement of a sawing canvas. The cutting element receives reciprocating movements from the electric motor vertically. So the cuts are performed in the workpiece. Some models are additionally equipped with a pendulum course, which allows the file to move not only up and down, but also forward and back. This accelerates the cutting process.

The design of the tool includes a bed, case and saw with a mechanism for its fastening. The bed is the basis on which the rest of the elements are fixed. Should be even, massive and durable. The accuracy of the direction of the cutting node depends on this, its vibration. All equipment components are located in the housing. It is made in two versions: with “ironing” or arched handle. The user selects the most convenient variety for himself.

The mechanism of fixing the cutting element “is responsible” for the reliability of fixation, the accuracy of the direction and the lack of backlash. Electrics are equipped with additional equipment that helps to perform an even section. This is a guide tire, lateral parallel emphasis, anti.Screed liner. Stop-zirkul will come in handy for cutting circles.

Cut the plate without chips

Porcelain tile belongs to the materials of increased strength. There are practically no pores in it, it does not absorb water and does not crumble. It is very difficult to even scratch it. Therefore, domestic masters have a question of how to cut a porcelain tile without chips and is it possible at all. I must admit that this is theoretically possible, but in practice it turns out very rarely. Often on the cut there are small chips that have to be polished.

To make them as few as possible, experienced masters advise you to follow such recommendations:

  • Cut the part from the upper part. Most chips on the material appear where the cutter leaves the plate.
  • The smaller the thickness of the chosen cutting disk for a grinder, the lower the probability of chips formation.
  • At the beginning of the cut line and at its end reduce the speed of the cutter.
  • Working with a mechanical tile cutter, pressing on the lever should be stronger than when cutting ordinary tiles.
  • Perform a cut slightly to the right of the intended line so that it remains on a cut fragment. Then it will be possible to remove unwanted chips with a grinding machine.

It is very important that the tool is of high quality and suitable for working with the selected material. Otherwise, getting a beautiful cut without chips is almost impossible. If they still appeared, which happens most often, should be polished defects. You can use the sandpaper or diamond sponge.

The best option is a grinder with a special nozzle. This is the so.Called turtle or a flexible diamond circle. They are distinguished by the diameter of particles of diamond sprayed. The turtle can only work with a grinder, the model of which provides for the possibility of regulating the number of revolutions. If it is above three thousand per minute, the nozzle can fly off the axis.

What disk to cut tiles

The tool for the tool is selected for a specific material. Several varieties of discs are suitable for cutting tiles.

Circles made of stone

Cutting element of significant thickness. Due to this, the cut is wide, the amount of dust during work increases. The main disadvantage is the rapid wear of the consumable. Over, if chips or other defects appear on it during work, the circle is immediately changed. Otherwise, it can collapse by damaging the processed part and causing harm to a person working with him. Stone discs are the cheapest.

Steel circles

Thin equipment with different processing. For solid materials, select steel with diamond spraying. Such a cutting device easily copes with the task, for a long time does not grind. For cutting, three varieties of steel disks are used.

The main methods of cutting

For cutting tiles use improvised tools or special equipment. Corner grinding machines, glass cutters or jigsaws are suitable for a small repair, for high.Quality cutting of blanks, manual or electrical tiles are used that provide increased performance. For shaped straight cutting, a hand.Lobby is used that does not throw a large amount of fine dust into the air.

Corner grinder

An electric angular grinding machine allows you to cut the tile with any strength, but requires the master of work with the tool with the tool. When the disk is rotated, fine dust forms, which enters the air, small fragments of tiles and glaze are abandoned.

Corner grinder allows you to cut tiles of any strength.

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The cutting fishing line for cutting is not of high quality, so the corner grinder is not used for cutting tiles designed to facing visible surfaces.

The tool can be used to cut the edges that will be hidden by a layer of cement, grout or plastic layout.


When using an electric jigsaw at home, you should follow the rules:

  • To cut ceramic tiles, a canvas with high hardness is required, designed to cut tiles or glass;
  • Low speeds should be maintained, with an increase in the speed of rotation, the quality of cutting worsens;
  • Cutting is carried out according to the tile turned downward downward, providing the protection of the glaze from damage to the sole;
  • If there is a pipe on the jigsaw, you should connect a construction vacuum cleaner that removes fine dust;
  • It is strictly forbidden to press the tool or cut with effort. The load leads to cracking of ceramics;
  • The tool is designed to work with wall tiles and will not be able to cut porcelain tiles or thick floor elements.

To perform internal cutouts, it is necessary to drill a hole into which the file is then inserted. When cutting blanks from the side of the end, it is enough to mark the surface. When using a jigsaw, the processed part is laid on a flat horizontal surface and fixed with a clamp.

When using an electric jigsaw, low speeds should be maintained.

Cutting is carried out by movement from themselves, controlling the direction of the line visible through the slot in the sole.

Glass cutter

Standard glass cutter is used to cut ceramics. A fishing line for a trimmer is applied on the front surface of the workpiece, and then the tool is extended, putting the effort. The slot on the glaze must be obtained from the first sunset, with the re.Use of the glass cutter, the fishing line for the trimmer of the fault will be inaccurate. To divide the workpiece into halves, the tiles are laid on a board with a flat edge, and then pressed on a hanging part. You can use a cylindrical mandrel, which is placed under the cutting line and evenly affect the hanging edges of the tile.

To remove a narrow edge with a width of 10-30 mm, pliers are used. When using the forceps, the fishing line for the trimmer is uneven, the tile will have to be cut with a grinding machine or grind with a file. Glass cutter is suitable only for straightforward cutting, it is impossible to perform a shaped cutting or hole. The tool is not used in the processing of ceramic tiles with a textured surface. It is also not suitable for cutting porcelain tiles. It is impossible to gently break the cut blank with your hands.

They are evenly influenced by the windshields with their hands.

There are several varieties of glass cutters:

  • Standard roller with a working element of tungsten or cobalt carbide. The video rotates on the metal axis, the tool is used for cutting glass, faora or tiles with a thickness of not more than 10 mm. There are models providing for the lubrication of the video with special compounds. The tool is characterized by an enlarged resource and is used for cutting blanks up to 12 mm thick.
  • Diamond, characterized by the material of the video. The increased hardness of the cutting edge allows you to improve the quality of the edges, the glass cutter is used to cut materials with a thickness of up to 6 mm. The disadvantage is the price of the device and interchangeable videos.


To cut ceramic tiles, a manual device is used, consisting of a cutting element, guides and a caliper with a lever. The workpiece is pre.Marked, and then laid on the desktop of the device. The handle allows you to stretch the cutting tip on the glaze, and the guides provide a straightforward movement. At the final stage, a fishing line for a trimmer of fault with a hemispherical protrusion is combined and affect the tile with a special paw. Elastic linings on the basis of the tool protect the workpiece from damage.

There are mechanical tiles with additional elements:

  • Measured ruler;
  • Transport for tile cutting at an angle;
  • Built.In device for drilling holes;
  • Caliper on ball bearings.

Mechanical tiles are used to cut the tiles. Electric drive equipment is used to accelerate the work process. Under the working surface is a tank of water, which removes fine dust and cools the cutting tool. The disk motor moves along the hard guide, ensuring the straightness of the cutting of the tile. Stops and clamps are provided. The equipment is designed to cut porcelain tile and floor tile up to 40 mm thick. The tool provides an even cut without chips, processed workpieces can be laid on the walls or without fitting.

There are electrical installations with a fixed engine, the workpiece moves along the guides with the table. Budget models are equipped with an engine with a lower location, the design has a working stove with a drop for a disk and stops for a tile. In the process, it is necessary to regularly replenish the supply of water, which is polluted by dust and sprayed when rotating the cutting tool.

Features of work with an electrician

Using a jigsaw, you can cut the tile not only around the perimeter, but also create smooth transition lines.

Lobzik is a universal tool that any master has. Therefore, in order to cut the tiles, there is no need to purchase special equipment. It is enough to buy the right file for work. With its help, you can cut ceramic tiles exactly. Experts recommend choosing an abrasive file. It allows you to make an accurate incision. In addition, this tool is necessary in order to make cuts on ceramics. So, for example, these manipulations are needed for openings for sockets, wires and switches.

Materials for the wall and floor can differ in thickness and density. Therefore, in order to cut the product correctly using an electrician, it is recommended to choose a ceramic tile of medium dimensions. Masters use a tool for wall covering. To work with floor materials, it is recommended to use other means. So, for example, cutting of ceramic tiles can be carried out using a corner grinder or special tile cutter. Therefore, before starting the main job, you need to choose the right tool.

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Features of sawing tiles with a jigsaw

The workplace should be stable with the maximum flat surface, and most of the tile was tightly pressed against it. The smallest segment should be located on weight, even if it is necessary for styling. To reduce vibrations, it is better to fix the tile with a pair-three clampin with rubberized clamps. In order to avoid scratches, a piece of cardboard or plastic can be glued to the metal sole of the jigsaw, on a double.Sided tape.

Cutting Ceramic Tile with a Glass Cutter_ITRK SUPPLY

When a special saw canvas is cooked, and the tile is quite moisturized, you can safely proceed to its processing. Cutting tiles with a jigsaw has certain features, and is somewhat different from the usual tree, metal, plastic and other elastic materials. First of all, you should not rush and try to speed up the slow process of the cut, by pressing on the jigsaw or increasing its revolutions, which should be located from minimal, to medium values. This approach will lead to the formation of serious chips, and a strong pressing of a working tool, can completely split the tile. Little pleasant, isted to translate valuable material, time and resource of a saw canvas.

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To reduce the likelihood of marriage, it is recommended to cut the tile at minimum speed, while producing the average pressure, sufficient to keep the working jigsaw on the line and direct it forward.

Cutting a porcelain tile with a corner grinder without chips is not so difficult to get normal quality, you need to have a good disk, powerful tool and a small preliminary practice. Even experienced masters resort to a trial sawing, as this allows you to determine the quality of the disk and the density of porcelain tile.

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Where to cut porcelain tiles

Oddly enough, but it is the smallest ceramic dust, which forms during cutting of artificial ceramic granite, turns into the main problem. At home, it is most convenient to cut the material directly at the place of its laying.

If you plan to cut tiles with a tile, then you can cut a porcelain tile in any suitable place for this place. The amount of shavings and dust in this case is a slight, but performance at home is relatively small.

For curly cutting or cutting quite thick porcelain tiles, you will have to use a corner grinder or a machine. You will have to work at home either in the courtyard of the house, or you will have to donate a bathroom or bathroom.

Creating holes in porcelain tack

Often, cutting operations are supplemented and drilling. To do this, you can use special drills, ring saws, and if you need to create holes of large diameters, you will need a powerful low.Cost drill. Knowing some principles of how to cut porcelain tiles at home will help in this procedure, but there are some nuances.

For example, drilling can only be carried out on the outside of the tiles of porcelain tiles, since on the reverse side the output of the working element will entail chip. In some cases, the use of a ballerinarian to create holes is also possible. This tool is good because it allows you to customize the incisors manually, so you can accurately adjust the opening parameters.

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