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An angular tree grinding machine, which is popularly called a corner grinder, is one of the most universal power tools. It can be used not only for metal, but also to perform various wood operations. Below we will consider several options on how an angular grinder for wood can be used.

May 5, 2022. Knyazevo, part 1⁠ ⁠

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This is the first object to which it was not possible to assemble the engineering material of one manufacturer. Of the main ones here we have three manufacturers. European Stout and Russian-Chinese Weser and Proqua.

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These agreements were clearly executed.

About mounted systems should tell the glory on the video myself, but this did not happen, so I took this burden on myself.

Saw a tree with a corner grinder

Compliance with safety regulations is the most important rule and the corresponding marked disk for working with wood will provide your work with an excellent result. When we saw firewood with a corner grinder, for a safe cut it is necessary to fix the corner grinder on the principle of the circular saw so that the angular grinder does not bounce under the feet. Such work is very unsafe, therefore, if there is an alternative, it is replaced, namely a jigsaw, the same manual tool, or a circular saw, it is better to apply them.

Pruning trees with corner grinders also requires special care and it is worth remembering that small branches corresponding to the disk can be sawn off for aesthetic appearance, but thicker volumes of work cannot be categorically cannot be performed on wood, especially by weight.

Cutting circles on corner grinding for wood materials

Operation Corner grinder paired with a cutting wood disk necessarily provides for compliance with safety precautions. Work should be carried out in special protective uniforms, and the sawing workpiece should be firmly fixed in a vice or clamp. It is important to hold the tool with two hands to exclude the likelihood of knocking it out of the hands. Preference should be given an angular grinder, which has a speed regulator.

Manufacturers produce discs for wood of four main species, which we learn in detail:

  • Circular or toothera. Appeared the very first, but did not gain wide popularity due to the possession of the effect of the reverse blow. The disk has an external (end) arrangement of large teeth. Manufacturers produce cutting wood wheels on a corner grinder with a maximum diameter of up to 180 mm. Teeth can be equipped with special attacks from carbide materials. Such circles, although the most common, is the most dangerous nozzle in action. If possible, refuse to use it. It should be noted that using such discs on corner grinder can only if the tool is used as a stationary circular saw
  • Chain. Have the appearance of a disk, only along an outer circle is a chain instead of teeth, as on a chainsaw. This type of nozzle is safer, and they can cut a medium.Density tinker massif. On circles of this type, the danger of jamming and the occurrence of a reverse blow is minimized. This is achieved due to the special design of the nozzle, which is similar to the tire of the chainsaw. The circle consists of two parts, and there is a groove on the end side. In this framework there is a saw chain moving due to the force of inertia. This design excludes the jamming of the disk, and thereby is a safer option compared to the first type. It is strictly contraindicated to saw wood with nails. The teeth at the same time quickly dull and fail
  • Universal. Received such a name due to the fact that it allows not only to saw wood, but also cut metal, as well as make grooves. A universal.Type nozzle has the form of a conventional steel disk, but with additional teeth in the amount of three pieces in the form of grooves. Teeth have firm metal attacks, which increases the service life of the cutting nozzle. The advantage of the universal cutting disk on the corner grinder lies in the fact that it is also safe, like a chain circle, and at the same time costs 2 times cheaper. It is produced by Graff, which is why it was called “Grafsky”
  • With carbide-wolframa edge-manufacturers do not stop there, and constantly improve manufactured products. Another type of cutting disk, which is completely similar to a nozzle for cutting concrete. The only difference is that on the end part of the circle there is a spray of tungsten carbide (diamond spraying is also found). The disk is equipped with slots with holes that serve to remove heat when working with dense materials, such as wood. Effective circles with carbide-wolframa edge, not only for cutting wood, but also other materials-plastic, metal, etc.P. Only such a nozzle for cutting one metal is better not to use, because it will quickly fail. A circle with sawing wood, in which there are nails, screws and other metal objects, copes well

Now it’s not difficult to choose saw wooden wheels for corner grinders, knowing what kind of them their species are. For housework, it is recommended to use a universal wood saw on wood or with a tungsten.Edge carbide. They are not only considered effective, but also safe. Circles with a saw chain are more expensive, but they are also safe when cutting wood with a corner grinder. The most dangerous are circles with teeth. It is recommended to use them only in situations when a stationary circular saw is made from a corner grinder.

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Features of using a wood disk

Unlike circular discs, a saw wooden pile disk for corner grinding. In this case, the probability that it can jam it when cutting a tree is minimal. If you use the discs from the circular, the chances of getting injury are very large.

When cutting a tree or wooden blanks, a saw disk for a corner grinder must be used the simplest protection products: gloves and a mask (or protective glasses).

It also makes sense to reduce speed in some situations if the angular grinding model used allows you to do this. A detailed review of which disk for a corner grinder is better to cut a tree, you can watch in the video on our website.

The principle of operation of the corner grinder

To understand whether you can cut a tree with a corner grinder or not, we’ll figure out how this tool works. An angular grinding machine is a power tool that is used for processing, grinding and cutting stone, granite, various types of metal, cement surfaces and others. Consists of several parts:

  • The case (often has a cylindrical shape).
  • Protective casing to ensure the safety of the master during operation.
  • Engine.
  • Reducer case.
  • Surprising coupling.
  • Clair clip nuts.
  • Back and off buttons to replace the disk.

Different models of grinding cars may have differences depending on the manufacturer and model, which in most cases are small. Due to the variety of nozzles, the tool is considered universal.

possible, tree

Eternal question: what to do

Indeed, what to do when it is necessary to polish more than one wooden handle of a file or hammer, but pickets made of wood for a fence around the entire perimeter of the site, and this can be 100 or more meters only of the perimeter, without taking into account the height of the fence. Do not buy a ribbon grind of a car, which is unknown when it is useful if it is generally useful.

possible, tree

In this case, we recall the possibility of the use of existing products, in particular angular grinding. As practice shows, the corner grinder for grinding wood is perfect, it is not for nothing that it is called an angle-grinding machine.

In total, thanks to this tool with a tree, the following manipulations can be carried out:

All these manipulations are subject to careful analysis.

Tree “Ninjas” cut down wrong tree


Nozzle for a corner grinder for working with a tree.

Immediately make a reservation, it is possible to cut a tree with a corner grinder, but whether there is such a need, there are nuances. Considering this issue, initially just answer yourself what kind of cut you need. And be sure to read our table.

Practical observation! We advise you to once again read the extreme column according to the additional capabilities of the corner grinding, or rather, by their absence. The fact is that although the tree is a fairly solid material, it has a fibrous structure that perceives only one direction of the saw.

possible, tree

The slightest changes in the angle lead to the fact that the fibers “explode”, chips, roughness and other defects appear. In addition, peeling and scattering of chips are possible, so a reminder of safety precautions will not be superfluous.

Grinding: than and how

Grinding wood with an angular grinding process- a process that has several possible scenarios. Therefore, in this section, an attempt was made to combine various options, this is a universal instructions for grinding, but you can only choose what exactly you need for you.

  • Step 1. Preparation of the surface for grinding. Very often, in sheds and garages there are old boards that contain traces of the previous staining, or the old paint with an outwardly chosen wooden fence has lost its presentation. In this case, you need to remove the old paint.

Corner grinder will just perfectly cope with this task. You will need a peeling nozzle, which is a bowl, along the perimeter of which twisted wires are located.

Note! There are several types of such nozzles, if the wires form thick harnesses. Balls, then they are designed to work with metal or concrete foundations and when used on wood can significantly damage the external fibers. It is clear that their use is undesirable.

  • Step 2. Rough grinding. The purpose of this step is to remove small fragments in the form of sticking fibers, the remnants of old paint, the lower layers of the bark from the wood surface. For this purpose, special circles are provided for the Bulgarians-grinding and polishing.

But it is better to take the universal foundations to which sandpaper is attached to varying degrees of granularity of an abrasive with internal foundations. Velcro. These circles at maximum revolutions of corner grinder are able to quickly eliminate all those defects that can be on a tree.

This step is universal for all types of preparatory work for painting: grinding a wooden floor with a corner grinder, grinding wooden staketin and terrace partitions, everything is carried out for a single template.

  • Step 3. Thin grinding. This step is more suitable for wooden products that carry both aesthetic and functional load. When using the nozzles, which have already been mentioned above, it is enough to install a circle from nulevka, here you have a thin grinding.

A little more practice! How to polish the tree with a corner grinder, has already been described. Do not try to use circles for cutting metal for grinding wood. Despite the fact that the circle itself is an abrasive, there is a high probability of its uncontrolled destruction with the departure of fragments and the injury of a working.

Here is the result of improper use.

Politing. As a separate view

Polishing and grinding are sisters twins, with the only difference being that the grinding is carried out by abrasive materials at high speeds, and tissue circles and small engine revolutions are needed for polishing.

Advice! With high speeds, the fabric during friction on the surface is heated enough, the price of this application is the thermal destruction of the varnish layer, which is clearly not desirable.

The main thing is to choose the right nozzle and turnover.

And in all other respects, complete similarity. Both processes are made with their own hands, using corner grinding and universal base.

Is it possible to cut a tree with a corner grinder

Well, in the literal sense, it is better to cut a tree with a hacksaw. But wood materials such as plywood and thin board are 2-3 cm, then yes, in this case, the angular grinder can be used for cutting. At the same time, we will consider the safety precautions below, and now the nuances regarding technical points.

To cut wood with a corner grinder, you will need such a wood disk as in the picture. It has special teeth, which provide a wide cut, sufficient to ensure that the disk of corner grind. And the instrument itself. Did not tear out of the hands. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to cut the trees with corner grinders, in the literal sense, and to the sawing of the wood itself, you should approach as carefully as possible.

Difficulties when working with a corner grinder

We mentioned the inconsistency of the revolutions of the corner grinder and the circular saw, but users who have an angular grinder with speed adjustment can say that this factor was taken into account, and any saw wood disk is suitable for their tool.

Of course, by setting the number of revolutions of the output shaft of the corner grinder corresponding to the saw disk marking, they significantly reduce the risk of injury during operation, but do not eliminate it completely. The fault of this, first of all, the material itself, or rather its structure and heterogeneity.

Even in various places of the same trunk, the tree has different hardness, not to mention the inclusions of the viscous resin, the possible presence of metal, which ended up in the thickness of wood: from the pellets and bullets that fell into the tree during the hunt, to the wire grown into it, which was tied up with branches. Do not forget about the hitch present in almost all wood species.

When meeting with the obstacles listed, the saw disk is sharply inhibited and the angular grinder is simply pulled out of the hands by inertia, and when the solid area passes, it rushes forward with a vengeance.

When meeting with metal, it is likely to paint a carbide tooth, which can be captured by the following and with the speed of the bullet is thrown out. Well, if in the zone of action of the protective casing.

A person who decides to cut a tree is even more dangerous, because at the same time the corner grinder needs to be laid on the side, which makes the usual and convenient capture changes, which means that the grip weakens.

We categorically do not recommend cutting a tree with a corner grinding of a revolution that does not have revolutions, with saw discs for circular saws. But there are special disks for angular grinding facilities designed to work with wood.

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