Is it possible to cut an enamel bath. Safety precautions when dismantling a bath

The secrets of dismantling a cast.iron bath without which it is better not to start work

Before repairing the bathroom, you need to prepare the room. Dismantling of a bath of cast iron is the main question that needs to be resolved. However, this process is quite time.consuming, so the removal of the plumbing product involves the implementation of several stages of work. In addition, the removal of a cast.iron bath is also an urgent problem in the process of repairing the bathroom.

The repair of the bathroom is not easy, because before you get a beautiful and updated bathroom, you will have to work hard. First you need to answer the question of how to remove and where to put an old cast.iron bath.

What are the options?

There are 2 main methods of work: there are 2 in total:

  • Dismantling with preservation of integrity:
      only the case itself (when it is not important to maintain the coating)
  • font enamels (when the bath is planned to be used further for its intended purpose, for example, after restoration)
  • destruction.

The first option is simpler in terms of dismantling itself, but causes big problems when taking out the product. After all, such a font weighs an average of about 100 kg.

This method should be used if you still decide to restore the coating or do something with your own hands from the body itself.You can breathe a new life into the old cast.iron bath. Craftsmen came up with many options for its alternative use: flower beds, ponds, garden furniture and much more.

How to Remove a Bathtub SAFELY!! (Step-by-Step).- by Home Repair Tutor

How to sink more literate a few centimeters of the horizontal part of the bath?

The bathtub is a little longer than the opening in the bath, I don’t want to stroke the wall, there is an option to saw off the corner grinder a few centimeters of the horizontal part of the bath.

-What to pay attention to during this operation?corner grind?How best to protect enamel coating from chips along the edge of the cut?How to protect the enamel coating of a bath from sparks?

So that the faulty enamel does not fly in all directions, swing the place of the cut with paper tape, but how to make it less jerk off. Sut the disk slowly and hope for a miracle

Conix wrote: Sparks enamel will definitely not hurt

Cut a bath a couple of times. Conveniently circular. I had F180x32, there are such discs for metal. Chips were approx. 5 mm. Everything closes with tiles.

Conix wrote: Sparks enamel will definitely not hurt

ZLNC wrote: The bath is a little longer than the opening in the bath,

I wonder how many centimeters are specifically? I have a bathtub 170, a set distance from the wall to wall 168. Last the wall (which shares the bathroom and toilet). no problem.

Picoblin wrote: Pass the wall (which shares the bathroom and toilet). no problem.

100% all the more so since it is not carrying. Once sawing an old bath in half in a corner grinding (did not go into the doorway) funny occupation.

Once there was very little.= Supervision =- the angle of the bath, so I probably did not notice such an effect. Now I’ll know! So you need to wrap the entire surface with wet rags.

You can stagnate a centimeter on the other side, it is faster, without sparks and chips, more beautiful

So that the enamel is less cooked, tape is glued at the site of the cut, and a cut is already done on the adhesive tape. The bathroom itself be sure to cover with a wet veil. But in general it is better to past the wall.

2zlnc stroobit wall. To disfigure the bath- perversion. In addition, the deeper the edge of the bathtub into the wall, the less likely the subsequent flow of water.

If we are not about 2-3 cm, but about the large values ​​of the inconsistency of sizes, change the bath.

Conix wrote: Sparks enamel will definitely not hurt

I would not be so categorical. I have sparks from corner grinders damaged the glass: they melted. And enamel. Not stronger: 🙁

mr.Pioneer wrote: Once I sawed the old bath in half in a corner grinder (did not go into the doorway) Funny occupation.

I hope you did not bring it to the bathroom and carried it out. If you still introduced, tell us how the halves were fastened.

mr.Pioneer wrote: Once I sawed the old bath in half in a corner grinder (did not go into the doorway) Funny occupation.

This is what the door was that the bath did not pass into it?

ZLNC wrote: Sprinkle the corner grinder several centimeters of the horizontal part of the bath.

I calmly sawed off my jigsaw. With olive, slowly. There were practically no chips.

corner grinder. Take 2 circles. different thicknesses. With a thick circle, cut the enamel to the metal on a low feed. Tape add to taste. Metal without fear cut a thin circle. Sparks, even fused (which is very rare), are removed without problems by household hydrochloric acid.

Picoblin wrote: Some barbarism. Drink the bath.

But is it possible to remove black dots from the sparks of the angular grinder on the glass with hydrochloric acid? He just sawed a metal rack from the grape arch in his yard, and sparks hit the double.glazed window. While I left it, then I thought to change it, but it may be possible to somehow do with some means. I understand that roughness can no longer be removed, but at least black spots somehow remove. H.S. Sorry if not in the subject.

Dried the corner grinding of chips is not large, the enamel melts during the cut. He drank cast iron. Only the place to process the saw after cutting from moisture. Take care of the eyes!

Old Master wrote: And enamel. Not stronger: 🙁

It’s not about hardness, but in the melting temperature and low thermal conductivity, but it does not differ much from the enamel from the glass. The result too.

GVK wrote: this is what door was, that the bath did not pass into it?

On the contrary, what kind of bath was! PS will soon become potted saucepan, pans and ducklings. Give.

And my neighbors even broke part of the aeronautic box to insert a wide sink into the opening. Fortunately they are from another entrance. If they blocked the ventilation at the same time, then the matter is already a jurisdiction.

And the conclusion is. No need to put a bath if it does not climb. Time now is not a soviet shortage. There are sizes.

Daimonn wrote: is it possible to remove black dots from the sparks of the angular grinder on the glass with hydrochloric acid?

Can. Only after processing thoroughly wash off this muck. Paints everything except glass in bright yellow color.

If you cut off a piece of bath, stiffness is not lost? For me, it is better to last in the wall. And left and right- centimeter.

Mikhalych wrote: For me, it is better to last in the wall. And left and right- centimeter.

ssolovov wrote: And the stiffness of the wall will not be lost?

possible, enamel, bath, safety, precautions, dismantling

And in the task what bath? Steel or cast iron? Or maybe acrylic?

The location of the cast.iron bathtub is sealed with tape (by the way, it is better than paper painting, transparent or on a metallic basis?), the rest of the bath is closed with a wet tarpaulin or blanket.

The bathtub is left a couple of centimeters more than necessary, respectively, the stroke of 2 cm is sawn in the wall, when installing the bath, it is at first inserted from above into this stroke, then it is lowered along the second wall (unstable) onto bags with the mixture (maybe you will recommend something else for holding /depreciation of baths when lowering?), then bags from under the bath are removed.

Is it possible to make a steel bath shorter, is it possible to cut off the side of the steel bath?

The steel bath is new, it is literally a couple of cm long than you need, whether it is possible to shorten it and cut off the side, or is not done so?

Comment on the chosen bonus Kim Jong.un [412k] 2 years ago

It is important to consider what thickness the metal was used in the manufacture of a steel bath.

Not expensive steel baths are made of relatively thin metal and a sort of some kind (although this is not entirely true, but in any case, the cut off the side can affect the stiffness) a string of stiffness.

If you cut it off, then the bathtub will be less rigid, the steel bath is not cast.iron, it is no longer rigorous.

Next, you need to consider how much shorter you need to make a bath and what sides you want to cut off, only on the short side, or both short and length.

My opinion, in the beginning you need to work out other options, for example, do not touch the bath, but make a strobe in the walls.

If you have not taken into account the thickness of the tile and the thickness of the glue under it and after facing the bath does not fall into place, then it is better to put the tile from the side of the bath, then eats at the beginning to install the bath and after that the walls of the walls are already made with tiles.

If we are talking about a new steel bath, then there are no problems with its replacement, that is, change the long bath to that which is suitable for the size of your room.

Cutting a steel bath (side) is the worst of the options, you can damage the enamel of the bathtub, at the site of the cut, the bath will begin to rust.

But if there is no other way out, then in principle it is a metal and it can be cut off.

cutting disk (circle) for metal 1.2 mm thick, angular grinder with a revolution regulator, speed below medium.

Before you cut it, make a clear (clearly visible) markup so that a fishing line for a trimmer is visible on which a cut is made.

possible, enamel, bath, safety, precautions, dismantling

And of course, without fail, the cut place should be primed with drying and painted.

Sawing a cast.iron bath

Before starting work, you should make sure that there are enough materials. To work with a cast.iron bathroom, metal disks are taken. over, 230 mm is much better than 125 mm. It is possible and smaller, of course, but then the work on sawing will be delayed. If the face, eyes and respiratory organs are closed, you can proceed.

It is worth starting with the sides and then go to the walls and bottom. Several discs may come in handy for sawing. It is worth preparing for the fact that if the bath is old, then you will need more time for work.

You should not rush with a harsh, you need to give a corner grinder to cool, because it can overheat and fail.

When the work will come to an end, it should be installed under the halves of the cut bathtub, so that the separated parts do not close and do not crush the disk. If after sawing the pieces of the bath will be free into the doorway, then the goal is achieved and cutting work can be stopped. If the resulting parts are impossible, due to their size or large weight, it is worth repeating the procedure, sawing the resulting pieces.

After that, they are guaranteed to go into the doorway, they can be carried through narrow corridors, while door jambs and furniture will not be harmed. Yes, and transporting a cast.iron bath in parts to a landfill or on a metal reception point will be much easier.

I cut it. Without water and the upper layer. more likely and slowly. It turned out quite normal.

If you saw, then only a file, so that the enamel is safe to save.

Do not cut it quickly for a very long time.why saw then.

Enamel, of course, will bounce. And except how to cut a bath, there are really no other options? Cut the niche in the wall, for example.

No one will give guarantees, since the enamel is applied to the “factory” But if you cut it only with water! or exactly the enamel will jump. But I propose if there is such an opportunity, of course, gnawing (but not with teeth) in the plaster of the wall these 2-3 cm. If there is no opportunity to tell the answer

For a long time somehow in hack, they stuffed a bath- 170, where there were 150- and nothing, the edges went into the wall

At the expense of water, you once tried to cut the corner grinding pipe in which water remained?. if not, then do not try in dirty spray everything will be in the radius of the walls :)) And in the worst case and the current may be, tfa you. piz ​​Well, in short, hit and not weakJust imagine water at 6000 rpm. !And a wet cutting disk cuts worse

And about the enamel, if it is of high quality, then it will not just burn and melts in the place of cuts such things with canvases on metal is naturally sawn by a power tool.

You cut the enamel with a diamond disk. 2. You saw a cut on a stainless steel only slowly so as not to overheat. 3. You processed places drank soil-enamel.

possible, enamel, bath, safety, precautions, dismantling

I sawed my cast-iron bath in half with one 125th disk (can’t endure all).

In any case, I would dress the headphones! By the way and neighbors too!

Freezing, it will easily split. I tell you like a metal scientist

Wait, the neighbors will immediately come to you. hack your door if you do not voluntarily open. And you are your Bulgarian, sledgehammer, and your head will be broken.

She split well with a sledgehammer. Only a lot will be a lot

The ears will dry out of the orator, from the corner grinder the dust dust- the sledgehammer remained. Wrap the bathtub outside the old blanket and hug ten times well.

Preparatory stage

Find out who is obliged to do the disposal of a large.sized cargo under an agreement with your management company. The fact is that you do not have the right to throw any bulky garbage and construction waste into a common container with household waste. An additional container may be installed in the courtyard of the house to dispose of such garbage in the courtyard of the house, which is made at the general meeting. Your management company can provide you with such a service private on a paid basis. If none of the listed options is not available to you, you will have to take the garbage yourself to a place specially designated for these purposes, most likely behind the city line.

Take all objects from the bathroom: washing machine, hinged cabinets and ebrids, mirrors, sink, toilet. in a word, everything is cleaned up.

Dismantle the old faucets. if you started a major overhaul, it makes sense to change all the plumbing at once. over, the service life of the mixers and in most cases is short.

Estimate whether the bath will pass in the door or will also need to be removed from the loops or even dismantle the entire door frame. Even if the bathtub fits into the passages in terms of dimensions, it must be taken into account that the bath may have even legs that can easily damage the doors. In most cases, it is easier to remove the door from the hinges for a short time than to buy a new one later. If you categorically do not want to do this, then try to protect the door coating from damage using any soft fabric or film.

Facade cladding with porcelain and clinker tiles: styling technology

In such conditions, paying for the dismantling and exporting of the bathroom is sometimes much easier than to do it on your own.


Since the bath will first need to be disconnected from the pipes, the master needs to get the following:

  • Divorce and ordinary keys.
  • Screwdrivers.
  • Pliers.
  • Hacksaw for metal and corner grinding.
  • Scrap.
  • Sledgehammer.

Due to the fact that gross physical work will be carried out, the master should worry about the means of protection. It is necessary to prepare special gloves and protective glasses.

Remove the enamel from the bath

Before pouring the surface with acrylic or painted with enamel, you need to correctly remove the old coating. This does not need any special skills or some complex tools. List of necessary materials and tools:

  • Pemolux or other similar detergent;
  • oxalic acid;
  • a skin or a grinding circle with a corner grinder or a drill;
  • acetone;
  • rubber gloves.

Before starting work, it is recommended to wash the entire room and the utensils located there so that the dust does not fall from it into a cleaned and painted bath until it dries. After cleaning, you can start work.

Instructions for removing enamel from the bath

When working with the tool, be careful: it is easy to “clean” the bath through the corner grinder or make a large dent on it, which cannot be made up.


At the very end, the cast.iron bathtub needs to be completely turned over. The bottom of the plumbing product should be directed upward. At this stage, the side sides are processed with a sledgehammer. As a result, the bath is divided into several pieces, which will then be convenient to take out. In addition, the bath can be divided into smaller pieces. To do this, you will have to work with a corner grinder. The method of gas cutting is considered quite effective.

Those who do not know how to break the cast.iron bath, professionals recommend that they adhere to safety precautions. Mostly this work is performed by two people. Since the procedure is involved in the corner grinder and sledgehammer, you can protect yourself from injuries if all actions are agreed upon.

Due to the fact that particles of broken cast iron can get into the face from strong strokes of sledgehammer, the plumbing product should be pre.covered with a burlap with a burlap. This will also be able to protect the bathroom itself. Dismantling speed and safety directly depend on the correct organization of labor.

HOW TO Remove PAINT FROM a PEELING BATHTUB | Step by Step Bathtub Stripping and Paint Removal WOW

During the repair in the bathroom, the question of updating the old plumbing often raises the question.

The first candidate for replacement is always a bath, especially if it is a cast.iron model that has been there since Soviet times.

After all, industry offers the consumer a wide selection of other, more modern materials: acrylic, quarrel, wood and even marble. Products from them are often more practical than Soviet cast iron. But, of course, he has his advantages.

But the question arises: how to dismantle and remove such a colossus? As they say. “break, do not build”. Let us consider in detail all the nuances of this labor.intensive process.

What are the options?

There are 2 main methods of work: there are 2 in total:

  • Dismantling with preservation of integrity:
  • only the case itself (when it is not important to maintain the coating)
  • font enamels (when the bath is planned to be used further for its intended purpose, for example, after restoration)
  • destruction.

The first option is simpler in terms of dismantling itself, but causes big problems when taking out the product. After all, such a font weighs an average of about 100 kg.

This method should be used if you still decide to restore the coating or do something with your own hands from the body itself.

You can breathe a new life into the old cast.iron bath. Craftsmen came up with many options for its alternative use: flower beds, ponds, garden furniture and much more.

Tips to rule

As with any metal, the methods of cutting cast iron are divided into thermal and mechanical. The choice of a specific tool depends on the design features. The equipment is given below, which cuts (or cuts) cast iron:

  • pipeline;
  • angle grinding machine;
  • chisel;
  • Kryzuvka for metal;
  • lobby
  • plasma installation;
  • Gas cutters.

Now it is worth evaluating cutting using these tools with cast iron objects.

How to cut a cast.iron bath

How to cut the edges of a cast.iron bath so that there are no enamel chips? Cast iron is very fragile and very heavy in cutting. Well, if it was impatient-an angular grinder with low (or regulator) speeds-a disk (thin 125-150) for metal (preferably Dewolt) and slowly.Cooling from a bottle of water I do not know such tenchnologies, chips will be in love. A grinding machine with adjustable turnover at the smallest ones drank part of the “shelves” at the bathtub, next to the rez, they smeared a silicone sealant and pulled off the rails, but the chips were still small in the seam.But they left.

How to cut a cast.iron bath? The other day he cut the old cast.iron bath in half. The enamel did not get and seemed to be cut off in a flat line. As for the fact that when cutting cast iron will heat up and the enamel will exfoliate The one who cut the thick cast iron knows that the cast iron is not so and just heat. How to approach business! I, first, count, only then I do. I don’t like to puzzle. Yes and whom to cut then? Acrilka. Fleet business. Steel. yes easily. Cast.iron. cut, but no less troubles than stroke

Is it possible to cut the edges of a cast.iron bath does not bury 1.5? Yes, you certainly may. You can probably cut it, but the cast iron is fragile and can burst. I think nothing good will work out. the enamel will crack. Cut the wall.

Sewerage in the Stalin House Switch is a zone of responsibility of the management company. If you have problems with her, they are eliminated free of charge regardless of the form of ownership of the apartment of cast.iron pipes in Stalin’s houses, if nothing has happened to them so far, there are several more We have 4 floors, they changed the 4th and 3rd floor together. over, the neighbor from the 2nd floor remained hanging pipes from the 3rd floor, but already empty, she did not want to bother with their dismantling. So you can agree, but what else you have.

One.pipe heating system.can the return go up or be down down? This is an apartment building or an hour? “Pipe-fool” is (among other things) a towel dryer. There are two types: when this dryer works, only in the heating period or is turned on sequentially with the mixer (t. e. So while heating hot water flows from the tap in stores.

How to align a cast.iron bath? Hockey washers, or something similar from the car shop, we just put metal plates (from the old welding was cut, you can have ceramic tiles), I worked at one time at the installation of baths. We put “ from Drings”. you understand what this is such a thing? Usually 1/2 ″. just the leg does not fall into the hole with the thread, but a little goes there,

A nut cracked on a pipe leading to the mixer in the bathroom. Judging by the photo “barrel” with internal carvings on both sides, you have to pull both on hot and cold water with a gas key, and put new ones, if you really “weld” in my opinion, so the eccentric of the mixer can be simply an ethsentric on which this nut is not worth can be welded to the pipe, how much the pipe is steel, and the eccentric is brass. And the coupling is also unlikely to be welded to the pipe, it is also most often or brass to the embassy,

I think because of the bathroom and how can you determine in absentia? For example, I had to decide on the spot, I put a bath instead of 150cm ahead of 140 cm across, and something fit, the arrival of the cast-iron bath along the edges. I had to spread all the pipes galvanized on the right instead of the bath I put the shower, then I also placed the washing room.

The bathtub was trimmed at 2cm promised that the liner would lie down, but aside the opposite plum did not lay there the void is normal? The void is usually poured with foam, it is not worth it to be. Tell me the dimensions of the void, if it is no more than five centimeters, then this is the norm and nothing happens to the depositor, but about the inserts that for the ignoramuses that do not love (I would say that hate) I will say their homeland. the liners began to be used in England at the end.

Tell me please! How to remove to remove a cast.iron pipe from such a cast.iron knee if there is cement. rejoice, oh most likely there is a sophisticated twine there. they always did a thin flat screwdriver in the Soviet Union, pierce the whole rope in a circle, it is useless, it will hang out completely, but neither For ideally, it would be better to disassemble all this crap to the knee next to the toilet and from there to make a normal pipe with plastic. But if such a “big” repair is not planned, then Walther Karl described well what to do. If “suddenly a tee.

I came across a bathroom with this, you mean the bath 170 to put 150 in the room and for this you want to cut cast.iron sides on the sides? Then you need a large corner grinder for at least 2 kW, there are three discs for her metal-stamps, protection on her eyes and not worth. It is easier to buy a new one. In principle, really, the corner grinder only sorely with a big cut to the Schur, they are golden! Short only the legs, put it without legs on a brick. and put it with tiles and the legs are pulled out can also a corner grinder, but it will be difficult to make a level.And try the level so that the water goes to the plum, and does not remain.

About repairs in the bath) start with the dismantling of the sink, bathroom. Then the wiring on the bath is the toilet then the walls are aligned, then the tile then the cabin of the shower then then the rest is rarity.damn it, but you need to start with full dismantling, all the fuck is now on sale there is a special primer for painted surfaces. After it you can immediately glue the tile, glued to death. Good repair. So you at the beginning of the bathroom make a specialist hire. it is better to pay once than then to constantly redo.

What adventures did you have when repairing an apartment?Describe in more detail. Made repairs-they-windows, wallpaper, floor. The floor was covered with carpet. Took off the old cast.iron battery, but did not put a new one. My wife wanted to paint the wall behind the battery. I gathered for a week. We come home after work. Near the doors of the neighbors. I open gastorbiters who made me repairs tied cops from the local ATC when the gasters went to the store. Well, these naive cops called me and offered to “agree” and redeem them

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