Is it possible to cut the slate with a jigsaw. What tools can be used for slate cutting

How to saw slate flat

You will not surprise anyone with roofing slate. This is the most familiar roofing material throughout the vast territory of the countries of the former Soviet Union. However, than and how to cut a flat or wave slate. Fairly fragile products. For the young generation often remains a mystery. We will try to make clarity to this question.

Today, in the wake of insanity on everything environmentally friendly, the slate is considered perhaps the most dangerous roofing material. How. In its composition is asbestos, a dangerous mineral! True, the majority absolutely does not imagine how exactly this substance affects, and in what quantity it contain different objects and things surrounding us. Keep in mind if you decide to get rid of everything that the asbestos contains, immediately throw the money! In their manufacture, asbestos are used to increase the life and strength of the bills.

However, seriously, asbestos for a person in the related state in which he is in the products is completely harmless. Slate on the roof of the house or barn does not create any dust, and if you are so worried about it, just paint it. Fortunately, today for these purposes, shifer paints have been developed, which have high adhesion to such surfaces.

The danger is asbestos dust, which occurs in the process of active actions. Sawing products, dismantling structures, grinding.

That is, the asbestos.Containing slate itself is no more dangerous than the same plastic roof, since the asbestos is connected by cement, but if you start to saw or grind it, then the dust that appeared, penetrating our lungs, can indeed cause chronic bronchitis and other troubles that are treated with a large labor. Having shutting the repair with the aim of getting rid of all asbestos.Cement structures, you just provoke the spread of such dust. It was not for nothing that in the USA at the peak of the campaign to combat asbestos at the state level it was made quite a sound decision. It is much safer to get along with asbestos than to fight it.

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Therefore, do not rush to get rid of everything asbestos.Containing. Use, as you used before. However, when performing any tasks, try to protect yourself. The easiest way to avoid dust falling into the lungs and eyes is to wear a respirator and protective glasses, as well as become from the leeward side before cutting the slate. If you have to work in a closed room, before cutting the slate, so wet it. From wet products during cutting, much less dust is released. In addition, it is much easier to cut products precisely after soaking. Therefore, experienced craftsmen in the place of cutting before cutting flat slate, damp rags are applied for several hours.

During cutting, send those present in the room to breathe air. Even the street could not be as harmful as asbestos.Cement dust. First of all, children should come out of the room-due to short stature, they inhale the air just at the level where the dust is most of all. And another important security measure, as they say, in the future. Never throw away the remains of building materials or construction garbage onto the road. Over time, cars will spread pieces of the same slate, and the air in hot weather will be filled with dust from msbestos.

Using an electrician

It should be noted right away that the electrician is far from the best power tool that should be used to cut the slate. However, if there is no other tool, for example, an angular grinder, then it can be used. When cutting slate, several rules should be strictly adhered to:

  • The cut of the material is carried out using a saw with small teeth.
  • During the processing of the roofing surface, the electrician should work at small speeds.

Before performing work on the line of the future cut, you should abundantly moisten the surface of the processed material with simple water. During the cutting of the sheet of slate, the power tool should be carried out strictly along the cutting line, without applying large physical efforts and pressure on it.

Electricity is suitable for cutting small volumes of roofing material and can be used in this case only as a temporary, forced measure.

This is due to the fact that the tool, due to its low power, is not designed to perform such work. In addition, the saw that is equipped with an electrician will not be able to withstand constant high pressure and quickly fail.

Use for cutting corner grinders with a diamond circle

Having at your disposal UDShM with a diamond circle, you can cut slate sheets along and along the waves. It is previously required to wet the material well by laying a very wet rags along the line and leaving them there for about three hours. The wet slate becomes more elastic, supple, dusting less.

Corner grinder equipped with a diamond circle, it is convenient to cut slate sheets in winter, laying them on the snow. Since the working part of the tool is in contact with the material from above, the main part of asbestos dust will settle in the snow and will not fly apart.

Branded corner grinder with a diamond circle

slate, tools, used, cutting

UDSHM with a diamond circle will help to cope with a sharp sheets in any direction, and will also polish their edges, making the material more resistant to destruction under the influence of atmospheric influences. With the help of a diamond circle, it is also convenient to cut off the corners of the sheets if it is planned to install them without shifting half a width.

Before starting independent work, it is recommended to watch the thematic video on how to correctly cut the slate sheet with an electric tool with a diamond circle.

How harmful the asbestos.Cement slate is harmful

Many heard that asbestos, respectively, asbestos.Cement slate, but almost no one knows what. So, it is not harmful to slate, but a mucous membrane, to be precise, inhalation of asbestos dust. Small particles can provoke tumors.

If you put on a good respirator and glasses, and even water the place of cut with water, then the risk of such dust entering the mucous membrane is negligible. And a swollen hysteria about the harm of asbestos as such is just one of the ways of unfair competition and nothing more. After all, even in the manufacture of money, asbestos is used.

slate, tools, used, cutting

An elementary vacuum cleaner for an angular grinder collects up to 70% of the dust.

Shifer pruning. How to cut flat slate?

Cutting flat slate is the fastest through the angular grinding and disk for stone. If you need to cut on a solid surface, which is extremely undesirable to damage, put a wooden rail under a sheet of slate, not far from the place where the cut. However, this option will help you out when you need to cut it near the edge. If you need to cut the sheet in the middle, then it is best to put the slate on a flat surface, which will not be scary to damage, for example, to the ground.

It is best to work with an assistant. While one person will cut, the second will constantly moisten the cut place with a thin stream of water from a hose or a bottle. If there is no assistant, then try to bring the hose to the place of the cut, so that the water spreads along the slate plane in the place where you will cut. In this case, you can avoid spraying asbestos dust, which will drain to the ground in the form of dirt. Its residues need to be washed off the tools and surface, since the dirt hardens when dried. With the help of the same corner grinder and diamond circle, you can not only cut, but also grinding the edges of the slate. Cutting a corner grinder is a very noisy event, so protective headphones will not hurt you at all.

What else can be cut by slate from power tools? Indeed, the corner grinder is not the only solution to the problem, an electrician or even a hacksaw with a small tooth is suitable. However, in this case, get ready for a long marathon. These tools are suitable only for small volumes of work. To facilitate the cut with an electrician, and even more a hacksaw, throw a wet rag in place and let it stand at least a couple of hours. Just do not get carried away. Remember that the sheets of moisture will become not only elastic, but also more fragile, so you should not press much. When working with an electrician, set the reduced spindle revolutions.

slate, tools, used, cutting

Types of slate

Among roofers, slate are called several types of materials, their individual technical parameters have a direct impact on the choice of the method and cutting tool.

We will consider the existing technologies of cutting all types of slate. At the same time, the practical experience of professional roofers, new tools and technological capabilities will be taken into account.

Cut with a corner grinder

The corner grinding of the USSR has been called an angle grinding machine that produced in the same name of the same name. It is better to saw the slate with this universal tool with an assistant, following this technology:

  • Gently take out a sheet of slate onto an open area and place it on two supports that will lift it above the surface of the earth to work more conveniently.
  • Determine the cut place and draw a fishing line for a trimmer by which you will cut. Moisten the place of the future cut with water abundantly. Firstly, the plasticity of the slate when getting wet increases, and secondly, less dangerous asbestos dust is formed.

Important! To cut the slate, use a corner grinder with a stone disk or a diamond circle. The first option is cheaper than the second. Nevertheless, the diamond nozzle allows you to fill the cuts in any direction or even grind the edges of the sheet.

Corner grinder

You should use a circle with diamond spraying. It must be taken into account that a lot of dust will form. The best way out is to work with a partner. One produces cutter cut, and the other water this place with water. This is also good because water will also prevent pollution of the diamond disk. So. The quality of the resulting cut will increase. In addition, a corner grinder then you can easily process all the irregularities at the edges of the resulting fragments. In winter, such work is best done right in the snow. Only a corner grinder will need to be pressed to the sheet from above.

Safety precautions

Safety precautions in any business are important. When working with slate, it should be remembered that the asbestos contained in it, a dangerous mineral of silicate class, irritates the respiratory tract, eyes. Many do not attach the proper importance to compliance with the simple rules, make smokers, inhaling air contaminated with dust, neglecting a real danger. And in vain.

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It is not difficult to protect yourself from the traumatic effects of asbestos dust, it is important to follow the following rules:

  • Cut only outdoors;
  • Wear a respirator moistened in water;
  • Protect your eyes with glasses;
  • Become from the leeward side so that the dust does not fall on you.

Working with power tools, corner grinders, circular saw and other devices that make piercing sharp sounds, use headphones.

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