Is it possible to drill with a left-handed electric screwdriver


Every self-respecting fisherman has in his arsenal of quality and reliable ice chisel. This device is essential in winter fishing conditions. One day someone had the idea to supplement this tool with a chainsaw to make holes easier and faster. But the ice drill progression did not stop there. a little later it was equipped with a special electric electric screwdriver.

All that is needed to connect these parts is a simple adapter, which is as thick as an electric tool cartridge.

Some companies-manufacturers already offer the choice of buyers upgraded tools, supplemented with an adapter. The result is a multi-functional drill with an impressive list of positive features.

Such a device as an electric ice pick electric screwdriver is in great demand among fishermen today. It is ideally suited for ice drilling, greatly simplifying this procedure and saving a lot of free time.

Before you go to a specialized store for the purchase of this device, you should understand what its pros and cons are.

Ice drill screwdrivers have the following advantages:

  • If you were able to find on sale suitable for all the characteristics of an electric electric screwdriver, then finalize a simple manual ice drill can be their own hands; to carry out such work does not take much time, and special education is not required;
  • electric tools are more convenient in matters of transportation, and in operation they win over simple mechanical and motorized devices; to break the ice drill with an electric electric screwdriver will be several times faster and easier, a lot of effort will not have to be made;
  • The modernized ice drill will be able to cope even with very thick ice, that cannot fail to please avid fishermen;
  • Many people think that a drill with an electric electric screwdriver works with unnecessary noise, spoiling the entire fishing trip; in fact, this opinion is erroneous, because such a device does not make unpleasant and loud noises, which is very important when fishing.

Exactly because of the above-listed distinctive features ice picks with electric electric screwdriver are so popular and in demand. They do not interfere with fishing, do not complicate it, but only simplify it.

With this device you can achieve good results and go home with a great catch. However, this tool has not only positive properties, but also negative ones.

They must also be taken into account if you plan to buy it.

  • electric electric screwdriver for the ice drill has a battery in its design. This detail “does not like” minus temperatures, which can not be avoided in winter fishing. Batteries poorly tolerate such conditions, because when the temperature drops, the reaction between the individual substances appreciably slows down. If at an index of.10 degrees the device will still cope with its main duties, then in a cracking frost it will need to be hidden in a closed
  • Working with an ice drill, equipped with an electric electric screwdriver, you will need to constantly monitor the reliability and tightness of the connection of components in the chuck, because the frost can be quite easy and in a short time to bring an electric screwdriver out of operation. After that it will either have to be repaired and spend money, or buy another tool, which will also lead to serious expenses.

Cordless Screwdriver or Cordless Drill?

It is worth noting that ice pick screwdrivers have slightly more pluses than minuses. Of course, much depends on your handling of such a tool and attentiveness. If you treat the described device carefully and accurately, do not give him a heavy load in severe frosts, then it is sure to serve for many years, and will not deliver problems.

The most powerful (18 volts)

Conventionally, all power tools are divided into 2 types. domestic and professional. And if for home use is suitable household, for drilling holes should buy only a high-quality professional electric screwdriver. Below is a rating of powerful models.

Bosch GSR 18 VE-EC 5.0Ah x2 L-BOXX

  • comfortable in the hand
  • powerful
  • does not get warm
  • rugged
  • fast charge of high-capacity battery
  • compact
  • bright accurate backlight
  • ergonomic

Bosch GSR 18 VE-EC 5 impact-free electric screwdriver.0Ah x2 L-BOXX has 25 torque settings of 75 Nm and two drilling speeds. Equipped with brushless motor, spindle lock and electronic overload protection. For safety, the power button has a lock. Impulse type battery charger guarantees quick recharging of the 5 Ah battery. Powerful and high-quality tool, the best electric electric screwdriver not only for winter fishing, but also for professional use.

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Makita DDF481RTE

The Makita DDF481RTE cordless electric screwdriver is a reliable member of the Makita line. Powerful brushless motor and maximum torque of up to 115 Nm increase the working life of the tool. Of the features of the model, the presence of a side rubberized handle with an extended rod and moisture-dustproof housing is positively noted.

How to choose an ice drill for an electric screwdriver

During winter fishing you will have to drill more than a dozen holes. And, if on the first one you will still be full of enthusiasm, then after the tenth one fatigue will take its toll. At such moments, the ice drill combined with an electric electric screwdriver comes to the rescue, which automates the drilling process. In this article, we will talk about how to choose an ice drill under an electric electric screwdriver and what characteristics of electric tools you should pay attention to.

In order to assemble an optimized tool for drilling holes you will need: an electric screwdriver, an adapter and an auger. The latter is connected to the power tool with an adapter and secured with a screw.

Necessary characteristics of an electric electric screwdriver for work on winter fishing

Imagine the challenges you would encounter with an electric screwdriver on a frozen body of water? After a little guesswork, the following three factors come to mind:

In order to work reliably in such conditions, it must meet certain requirements. Consider these requirements in relation to each factor separately.

Heavy-duty applications

You have to admit that the rotation of the auger in ice makes a electric electric screwdriver pretty tough. My tests showed that a machine with at least 60 Nm of torque could do the job. The same figure is confirmed by other fishermen who already drill holes with an electric electric screwdriver. That is why you have to rely on this value when buying.

But at this point it is necessary to make such a reservation: not all screwdrivers, which will be indicated torque over 60 Nm, will suit us. Among them, there are those with a high torque achieved through an impact mechanism. It is good for screwing nuts and bolts, but absolutely useless for ice drilling. Therefore, for winter fishing models, reaching a high torque through the impact will not work.

Note that there are other percussion mechanisms designed to simplify the drilling of bricks and other masonry materials. its presence will not have any negative impact on the use of an electric electric electric screwdriver with an ice drill.

Heavy loads also require that the electric electric screwdriver was of professional class, because only then can it last a long time. Professional tool is made by the following manufacturers:

Domestic class is not suitable, so all sorts of bisons, calibers, encors and other Chinese are not considered.

If you have ever drilled by hand before, you may remember that you sometimes got the auger jammed during that process. Now imagine what would happen if you were to get jammed while drilling with an electric screwdriver. your hands could break easily. In order to prevent this, the electric electric screwdriver must be equipped with an additional handle, which is mounted on the opposite side of the main handle. That way you can hold the machine with confidence, gripping it from both sides. This keeps your hands and arms in one piece.

Let’s summarize this part: heavy-duty requires a professional impact-free electric screwdriver with a torque of 60 Nm and higher. And for convenience and safety, you also need the extra handle included. we have taken the high load factor out of the equation, now come to the need for continuous work without recharging.

Features for extended periods of self-contained operation

On the pond no one will bring you a socket, so the operating time of an electric electric screwdriver will depend on the amount of stored charge. Charge capacity equals battery capacity and is measured in ampere hours. I think you know that for drilling the ice in the winter fishing better to buy an electric electric screwdriver with high-capacity batteries, and it is not less than 3 Ah. And you need to have at least two of them. Although, as I already wrote, we need a professional class device, but they always come with at least two batteries.

Buying an electric screwdriver with a 3 Ah battery, you can drill at least 100 holes, and if the 5 Ah, then 150-170. Although this figure, as mentioned above, is also dependent on the thickness of the ice.

Thus, when buying give preference to machines with as high-capacity batteries as possible. Now it’s time to move on to such a factor as cold.

Characteristics for working in cold conditions

This point is closely related to the previous one, because it is again about battery capacity, which becomes less at low temperatures. Therefore, such a condition again requires the purchase of an electric electric screwdriver with a high-capacity battery.

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Also at this point we should talk about the types of batteries. There are three of them:

There is an opinion that Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries do better in the cold than Li-Ion batteries. However, my tests show that modern lithium-ion batteries also do well in the cold.

And the next point on this point is that nickel-cadmium batteries have a capacity of no more than 2 Ah, and nickel-metal hydride batteries no more than 2.5 Ah. But lithium-ion batteries can also have 5 Ah. Based on the fact that we need to have more than 3 Ah, we discard the nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride types, especially since they are gradually being phased out as obsolete.

So, having considered the three main factors that will influence the work of an electric electric screwdriver in winter fishing conditions, we found out that we need a professional non-impact electric electric screwdriver with a torque of not less than 60 Nm, lithium-ion batteries from 3 Ah and an extra handle in the kit.

Which models meet these requirements?

The main problem of winter fishing. drilling holes. It can not be avoided, but it can be alleviated. For example, equipping your ice drill with an electric drive. Since there is no mains electricity on a fishing trip, it seems ideal to use a battery-powered electric screwdriver. It is not difficult to buy an adapter or even make one yourself. It is much more difficult to choose the right tool that can cope with such a difficult task. When choosing, you should pay attention to several factors:

You should also pay attention to additional options, such as the presence of a side handle, as well as the type of chuck and the motor used. Rotorless motors look the most interesting. They are reliable and have an increased efficiency, but the cost of such an electric electric screwdriver will be much more expensive.

But there are craftsmen who have learned how to make automated ice axes from domestic products. This work requires certain skills and knowledge. It is not enough to simply cut the angle grinder handle, you need to know how to connect the auger to the power tool, and most importantly. to choose the latter correctly, because a low-power model will not cope with the task. So, which electric electric screwdriver is better to choose for ice pick? Let’s try to understand, but first let’s make sure that it really needs to be done.

Here is a rating of popular models of screwdrivers 18 volts, under the ice drill, which may be of interest to the fisherman. Each has its own strengths, weaknesses, price. The choice should be made taking into account the desired characteristics, the available budget. Battery voltage for all units is 18V.

  • The Bosch GSR 18-2 is a compact tool, weighing no more than 2 kg. Torque. 80 Nm, battery. 3 Amp/hour. Nickel-cadmium battery, illuminated working area, handy carrying case.
  • Bosch GSR 18 VE-2-LI is a durable professional-grade tool, lithium-ion battery, 3 Amp/hour capacity (2 pieces are included). Fits well in the hand because of its rubberized ergonomic grip. Torsion 88 Nm, weight up to 2.5 kg. For maximum convenience during operation, the work area is backlit.
  • Makita 8414 DWAE. electric electric screwdriver profkacategory, the weight of the device is about 2.4 kg. Maximum torque of 65 Nm, capacity max 2 Amp/hour. Two batteries included, voltage is set at 12 V. Convenient carrying case for transportation.
  • The Makita 8434 DWFE is a cordless electric impact screwdriver, lightweight and compact (up to 2.5 kg). The maximum torque is 65 Nm, the battery capacity is in the region of 3 Amp/hour, the voltage is approximately 14.4 В. The device is productive, durable. Charging. nickel-metal hydride.
  • Hitachi DS18DSFL is an electric electric screwdriver with a relatively low torque of around 41 Nm. Type of battery. lithium-ion, capacity. 1.5 Ampere/hour. Weight reduced. 1.7 kg, a case is provided for transportation.

Before choosing, look at the reviews of all models, you can read the video reviews. This will allow you to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of each solution, to stop at the best option.

Purpose, designs, features of adapters

The use of the device involves a few simple steps:

  • The first thing to do is to cut the handle into two parts;
  • After that, fasten the pin inside the ice drill with two bolts;
  • To give the second end a hexagonal shape, you can use an angle grinder for such purposes;
  • Create a special handle for drilling. Often special polypropylene pipes are used for such purposes, which are fixed with a washer and a bolt. It is necessary for more comfortable drilling.

What adapter for the screwdriver is better to buy

Strange as it may seem, but for your ice drill you will need a special adapter, which would allow you to connect the axis of the drill and the drive shaft of the electric electric screwdriver itself. And this adapter must have a special handle, which you will hold with your left hand, and the handle of the electric screwdriver itself you will have in the other hand. It is also worth taking care of insurance. a special stopper that will not allow the ice drill to fall into the hole if it pops out of the chuck. Not every adapter is right for your drill. It is better to clarify this point in advance in the description to the device.

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Ulyanovsk Fishing Internet. Club

Some ways of winter fishing presuppose permanent movement of a fisherman in the water area and drilling a lot of holes. Even with well-sharpened blades, a day of fishing can be very exhausting, especially if you have to drill through thick ice cover. Partly to facilitate the situation can be an electric screwdriver for the ice drill, which allows you to practically effortless drilling holes and, accordingly, less fatigue and enjoy being on the pond. Ice pick tandem complete with a special adapter with a cordless electric electric screwdriver is an original solution that allows you to get a great automated tool for drilling holes in any thickness and structure of the ice cover with minimum effort. All a fisherman has to do is to fish and enjoy being at one with nature.

Today at the market of ice drills there are enough models of both imported and domestic production, ready to be used in combination with an electric screwdriver. Adapter is a must for any ice drill. It has to play the role of a connecting element between a screwdriver and a working auger. With the help of an adapter it is possible to transform usual manual ice axe into electric one, correctly calculating sizes and diameters of all components. However, it should be taken into account that it is highly desirable to use an auger of right rotation. First, most screwdrivers are not designed for long-term operation in reverse (left-hand rotation) mode, and drilling holes with a left-hand rotation auger can lead to rapid tool failure. Second, when rotating to the left side, the chuck can easily untwist and the auger will slip out of the clamp.

Popular and well-proven ice drills for 2018:

Rapala UR. Tonar Iceberg-euro, Mora Arctic Ice, Mora Nova System. Volzhanka Nero, Heinola SpeedRun

So what’s the best electric electric screwdriver to choose for an ice pick? Let’s try to figure it out.

Rating of best models

An electric ice pick electric screwdriver is a versatile and effective tool that makes winter fishing easier and more productive. Nowadays, many well-known brands produce such units. It is worth to consider a small rating of the most popular and high quality models.

possible, drill, electric, screwdriver

Hitachi DS18DSFL

Our small rating is opened by Hitachi DS18DSFL model. This is a perfectly balanced tool that has a wonderful and very comfortable rubberized handle. Voltage of this model is 18V. The Hitachi DS18DSFL is powered by a lithium-ion battery and weighs only 1.7 kg. Even if you use this device for a long time, your hand will not get tired. To make this tool easier to transport, it comes with a roomy case.

However, you should consider that the power level of this model (41Hm) will not be enough for drilling holes.

anglers that have to prepare them in the dark say that a backlight in the form of a good flashlight would be very useful for this screwdriver.

Makita 8434DWFE

It is a light and small electric screwdriver. Weighs only 2.5 kg. It runs on nickel-metal hydride batteries. The Makita 8434DWFE has a maximum torque of 70 Nm. It is also worth mentioning that this model is distinguished by its high-strength housing, which is difficult to damage or break.

possible, drill, electric, screwdriver

This tool has a quick-action chuck that is distinguished by its secure attachment. The Makita 8434DWFE electric screwdriver has a very handy side handle.

Bosch GSR18-2-LI Plus

This high-quality and rugged apparatus is ideal for ice drilling equipment. The Bosch GSR18-2-LI Plus is a professional tool that is powerful, but affordable. This model is characterized by the fact that it has a reliable protection of the electric motor from destructive overload, so you can safely talk about a long life of this attachment.

The Bosch GSR18-2-LI Plus weighs 1.1 kg. It has a lithium-ion battery. This model also has an addition in the form of a flashlight, which is ideal for illuminating the work area.

Metabo BS18 LTX Implus

This model of practical and reliable electric drill/driver for drilling holes is one of the analogues of the Makita DDF 441 RFE. It has a high capacity battery.

It can be used even in quite severe climatic conditions.

This piece is famous for its reliability, durability and trouble-free operation.

possible, drill, electric, screwdriver

The Metabo BS18 LTX Implus is available in stores from 20000

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