Is it possible to grind a tree with a corner grinder. We work on concrete

Grinding corner grinding of various materials

To date, the corner grinder is a universal device with which all kinds of processing of materials can be performed. The corner grinder is used to align walls or floors, with its help you can clean or polish metal products. It is indispensable when performing repair work of the car. It is almost impossible to replace it where it is necessary to cut off, clean or polish parts made of any material. This article will consider the use of angular grinding grinding for grinding and polishing wood, metal, concrete and brick.

For those who are engaged in the construction of wooden houses, repair or manufacture of wooden furniture, it is important to be able to properly process wooden products. First of all, they are determined with the necessary tool. The most common and affordable is an angle grinding machine (angular grinder) or, as it is also called, corner grinder. This tool is in every house. With its help, you can do almost all the work on wood processing: to emphasize the logs, level, grind and polish.

Nozzles for corner grinding grinder for wood

First of all, you need to know which nozzles are used for one or another operation.

  • During the construction of the log house, a disc is used to perform the draft of logs. The lamb. Working with such a nozzle, the tool should be held with two hands. Sometimes workers remove the casing, but then it is necessary to protect the face from a flying chip.
  • The pender disk is designed to remove the bark from logs. If necessary, they can be sawn by lumber. In this case, the disadvantage is a wide section and a large number of sawdust.
  • Financial processing is used when the grinding of a log house is needed. In this case, the disks with the application of the abrasive are used.
  • Crusts are used when it is necessary to align the surface.
  • End discs are used in the processing of ends, angles or oblique sections.
  • If you need grinding corner grinding of wood, floors of floors, processing of ends and edges, surface preparation before staining, apply petal nozzles and grinding circles.
  • To polish the boards with a corner grinder, circles are used from fine.Grained skin, felt or other material.

These are the main, but not all the nozzles used for an angle grinding machine. In order to polish the corner grinder, you need to know the main tricks. The logging of the log house is carried out using end nozzles. The device should be kept at a slight angle. Such a nozzle is easy to clean not only corners and connections, but you can also effectively clean the logs. Grind the beam in the same way.

Using corner grinder for artificial aging of a tree

Now the processing of a tree is very popular, which allows you to artificially aging it. This technique is called brashing.

Work is carried out by an angle grinding machine using a special set of bumps.

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When performing such an operation, the device should be moved along the fibers.

First, a nozzle with a steel pile is used. It performs selective removal of fibers, producing black beam processing. Before staining the workpiece, finish grinding is made using devices with copper or sisalem pile. Sometimes used universal abrasive. Polymer brush.

Grinding a wooden floor

When carrying out a major overhaul of the house, it is often necessary to grind a wooden floor. First of all, it is necessary to remove all the ledges using appropriate devices. And only after that they produce finishing wood, using grinding circles with the necessary grain.

To correctly polish wooden products, you should know that there are many methods by which you can bring the workpiece to the desired state. Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. In order for the work to argue, you need to have a certain experience, and also do not forget about personal protective equipment.

A little general information

Corner grinding machine or angular grinder, better known as angular grinding, is a universal tool for various tasks:

  • Rough and thin grinding of wood;
  • Polishing, cleaning surfaces;
  • Removal of the bark, drunk branches from trees;
  • Sprinking boards, wood-cutting stove, wood-fiber slab, logs.

Such a wealth of the tasks solved makes an angular grinder of the most versatile of all grinding machines. It is called the corner due to the fact that the axis of the engine and the working circle are located at right angles to each other, unlike cars with a direct location.

In this case, the corner grinder. The instrument precisely for periodic work at the house, small repair, replacement of the flooring. Drinking disks allow you to cut, undermine, polish the blanks. For regular work with a tree, streaming production with the aim of earnings, you need an instrument of professional category.

Surgery icing

Coniferous rocks, as you know, contain a large number of natural resins. On the one hand, this circumstance is an advantage, since resinity protects the tree from decay and mold formation. But on the other hand, the resin prevents a good clutch of paint with a tree, and when grinding, it is spread over the surface and spoils the type of wood. Therefore, before processing the needles of the corner grinder, it is necessary to remove the excess resin.

How to remove tar from a log before grinding? Solvents are suitable for this: acetone, white spite, turpentine, purified gasoline. You just need to apply the selected remedy to the wooden surface, and wash off the residues with warm water.

Choosing a grinding circle for wood

The most common accessories for Ushma, necessary for these purposes:

possible, grind, tree, corner, grinder
  • Ratips, reference. Is needed at the preparatory stage, when it is necessary to remove the old varnish, paint. The design of the disks involves the presence of a bristle made of metal.
  • Cordless. Have large abrasive particles. They will come in handy for the initial stage of processing.
  • End. Use on the edges of the workpieces, oblique cuts.
  • Petal. For the final sparing grinding, while the first three species. For more rude. It has the shape of a plate on which there are abrasive parts that are superimposed on each other. This location slows down the process of wear of the accessory.

Topic: how to choose a corner grinder for home use. 10 basic criteria

The use of corner grinders for grinding concrete

Using a corner grinder, you can clean not only the wooden elements of the house. It can be used when it is necessary to align with concrete products with your own hands. Most often, the concrete of concrete is performed with a corner grinder.

Before starting work, you should let the flooded floor be perceived by about two weeks: during this time, concrete will gain the necessary strength. Before grinding the concrete floor, its surface should be covered with a special composition, which, entering into a chemical reaction with calcium hydroxide, forms a minerally. Astringent. It is able to close the pores in concrete, which will allow greater strength to the material and resistance to moisture. The flooring is performed with diamond cups specially designed to grind concrete.

If you use cups with a granularity of 400 and above, you can get the perfect mirror surface.

How to choose a grinding machine for wood. Tips

Grinding wood is a time.Consuming process that can be greatly facilitated using suitable tools. For processing wood, tape, oscillation or eccentric, as well as deltoid.Shaped grinding machines are best suited.

The correct choice of the device depends on the type of work performed and on the features of the blanks: shape, size, grinding of angles and hard.To.Reach areas, type of coating, etc. D.

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Errors of independent grinding

Most home craftsmen polish the wooden house with a corner grinding of a household class, which is not convenient in operation, has a slight power, quickly overheating. The domestic purpose device is not able to make wood grinding at a good qualitative level.

Professional equipment is expensive, so not everyone is available. But even if you buy such a model, you need to be able to use it, otherwise with inept handling, high.Quality grinding will still not work. Many make a mistake working at high speeds, strongly pressing on the tool, which leads to damage to the surface.

The wrong choice of nozzles also does not lead to anything good. In the best case, the surface will simply be polished poorly, and in the worst, cases of injuries are not excluded.

Grinding wood using a grinder and manually, the choice of granularity of sandpaper

Wooden products at a certain stage almost always require alignment and grinding. In the course of such works, all traces of glue, protruding pile, irregularities, chips and other defects should be removed from the tree. Typically, wood is polished before applying to it a clutch, protective or decorative material (soil, paint, varnish, etc. D.).

The grinding process has many subtleties and pitfalls, which will not prevent you from knowing in advance, performing work at home.

Than and how to grind

The goal of grinding wood is to remove defects as quickly and effectively as possible, without leaving noticed deep scratches. To do this, you can use special tools. Now their price is not too high.

In free sale, you can find several varieties of grinding machines:

Not only abrasive circles, but also brushes can be installed on the corner grinder. So, for grinding wood, nylon brushes are actively used. They allow you to make the surface not only smooth, but also highlight the texture of the tree, choosing softer fibers. Such a process is called breasting.

For large surfaces made of wood and materials based on it (veneer, wood-bearing plate, wood-fiber slab, plywood), tape and flat-grinding apparatus are best suited.

Decorative products, furniture, toys, frames still prefer to grind manually, and this is not such a bad way-it allows you to effectively and without unnecessary expenses achieve a perfectly smooth surface. At least when working with your own hands, you will not need to think about where to get a grinder (ask a neighbor, purchase in a store, rent a deposit).

Ribbon type machine

The tape devices are called this due to the fact that the sandpaper here is made in the format of the tape and it continuously moves thanks to the rollers.

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This machine is designed for intermediate and black grinding.

But in order to achieve ideal smoothness and perfect finish (this is especially true for those involved in the manufacture of furniture), you will have to additionally use other grinding equipment.

You can install different types of sandpaper on a tape grinder. And, for example, when inserting sandpaper with fine grain, it is quite possible to achieve normal for carpentry, going for staining, result. And, say, to eliminate long scratches, you will have to carry out a stepped grinding, changing the granularity several times.

Ribbon grinding machine has excellent performance. But at the same time it should be recognized that the tape on it is in such a way that not all points and seizures of the surface of the board can properly process.

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Even with a significant width, the tape grinds mainly with its center. Parts of the tape behind and front are not used for this. They are in a slightly raised position, and their main function is to serve on moving roller mechanisms.

Another obvious drawback of strip equipment is a solid mass, to perform any actions with such machines on weight, processing vertical products, is quite difficult.

The tape devices for grinding wood and such a minus as high noise. Work without Berusha or headphones will not be too comfortable. And one more important point: if you leave the machine in one place in the process of work for a long time, a fairly noticeable fossa will appear.

Planning grinding machine

Even grinding large wooden products using a flat.Grinding machine occurs quite quickly. The key organ of the device is a flat, rather large slab (sole), to which the desired abrasive is attached. This design is famous for the almost complete absence of dead zones (that is, zones that cannot be reached with a machine and processed tolerably). Any angles are relatively easily polished.

The demand for flat grinds among wood masters is determined by their moderate price and accessibility of equipment. When choosing such a machine, it is worth paying attention to parameters such as the power of the motor (usually we are talking about indicators in the range from 150 to 300 watts), weight, amplitude and frequency of the cone of the sole.


Grinding wood manually, of course, requires large labor and physical efforts. But this method of grinding a priori is less aggressive and allows you to fully control the process. Even in hard.To.Reach places. In the corners and at complex curved bends. You can get a grinding of decent quality when choosing a manual method.

With the so.Called interlayer grinding of finishing coatings, the work manually does not have alternatives at all. Only it allows us to exclude the risk of damage to the already applied finishes. Manual processing (when compared with grinder) allows you to get the most even and smooth surface, although it takes several times more time.

Pads and sponges

The block is an extremely useful device for manual grinding, its presence and correct use allow you to accelerate the process. The block, as a rule, is a regular wooden block wrapped in sandpaper.

Its abrasive side should be outside, and the non-abrasive side should be attached to the bar with a large stapler or PVA.

In some household stores, ready.Made pads with sandpaper are sold, that is, you can not do it yourself, but just buy it.

For grinding wood, sponges made of foamed polyurethane are also used. It is more convenient to use them than sandpaper, since you can rinse them after work under water. Sponges and abrasive napkins are perfect for neat manual grinding of wood, allowing you to process the smallest details. They can also be polished a primed or lacquered tree.

Selection of sandpaper

Than is best grinding a tree? What kind of sandpaper to choose for their work? In fact, these are not so simple questions. Fasteners are made from different materials today:

Pomegranate is characterized by the fact that it grows faster than all other materials, but carefully polishes the tree. And silicon carbide, experts believe, is perfect for polishing the varnish and eliminating the particles of garbage and dust into it.

Procedure and organization of work

Since there should be a minimum of time between the grinding of logs or beams and processing, you need to process along the crown. You can start from above or below. There is no difference, but they are polished completely, then they cross the other. You can cover with impregnations and soils immediately after the processing of one wall is completed by removing the dust.

Questions often arise regarding how to do if there is a feas off or other dark spots on the wood. These are traces of fungi activities. They do not affect the quality and safety, but the appearance spoils pretty much.

Blue wood spoils the appearance

If you use light transparent paints for finishing, you will have to fight with color. For this there are special compositions for whitening wood. In this case, the procedure is this:

possible, grind, tree, corner, grinder

Then there is already processing by anti.Rifles, primers and finishing compounds.

This video presents the experience of a person who himself polished a log house from a log. He talks about some interesting details, so do not pity for 20 minutes.

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