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What’s the best way to cut the grass: different kinds of garden equipment and cutting tools

The owners of country plots always have work to do. For example, with the onset of warmth they are faced with the need to take care of the lawn, which requires mowing, cleaning and treatment. For the first procedure, quite a number of devices and units have been invented: they all help to cope with the task. However, many owners are very often interested in the question of what is the best way to mow the grass, what equipment and tools will be the most effective. The answer largely depends on the characteristics of the site, but to find the best option is within the power of every landowner.

Before we get into the best grass to mow with, you need to know the rules. Mow as the vegetation grows. This is most intensive in late spring, in late April and early May. Grass tends to grow stronger after the rains. Lawn mowing is advisable in the morning or evening when the weather is dry. The ideal condition is slightly moist soil.

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It is advisable to cut the grass immediately, since any plant parts left behind when the soil is damp may start to grow. Subsequently, the operation is repeated every 1-2 weeks, but the frequency of mowing depends more on the rate of growth of the grass. Hot weather is a reason to postpone mowing, as very low grass under the merciless rays of the sun will start to burn out. When cooler days arrive, mowing the lawn twice a month is sufficient. The last mowing takes place in October.

What types of technique can be used?

To care for the lawn, you can use a variety of devices and equipment. grass trimmers, lawn mowers, brush cutters, garden shears or pruners.

The choice of one or the other type of equipment depends on the size of the lawn, as well as its purpose.

Large golf courses, for example, require perfectly even grass-cutting so that the ball rolls smoothly over the surface. Therefore, such fields are usually mowed with a specially equipped tractor or lawnmower.

For smaller outdoor areas a lawn trimmer or lawn mower is the right choice. And in the absence of the necessary equipment on the farm, you can use a shrubbery cutter or shears.

A tractor with special equipment

Professional tractors are a tractor equipped with a drive with several gears, a hopper, reverse, different ways of throwing, as well as height adjustment. Such equipment is used not only for mowing grass, but also for scarifying (cleaning from moss), aeration (loosening the soil).

The advantages of tractors are:

  • good maneuverability on level ground;
  • the ability to quickly and easily work large areas;
  • multifunctionality, availability of different nozzles in the kit;
  • comfortable operation.
possible, grass, shrub, shear, working

Disadvantages include:


Secateurs are uncomplicated gardening devices in the form of scissors with sharp, wide blades and a handle on a spring. Although pruners are designed to trim trees, shrubs and weeds, they can be used to mow small lawns or areas that are difficult to access, if necessary.

The advantages of using secateurs can be named:

Disadvantage: labor-intensive mowing process when working with large lawns.


Lawn mower is a device on wheels, which can run on a gasoline engine, electricity or battery. Such devices are equipped with the function of adjusting the height of mowing the grass. This will require reducing or increasing the height of the cutting blades relative to the ground surface.

Cordless mechanisms are the most convenient and mobile, but they have a limited operating time. Electric ones can be used on small lawns, the size of which does not exceed the length of the power and carrying cable. Gasoline mowers are more often used for mowing large areas. soccer fields, stadiums, but they work louder than the previously listed models.

Also, lawn mowers are divided into self-propelled and non-self-propelled. The latter need to be pushed forward, while the latter can be followed by simply walking behind, holding the handles and determining the direction of travel.

Among the advantages of lawn mowers are:

  • Quick and easy mowing of large lawns.
  • High mowing quality. Spindle mowers are particularly smooth, so they are usually used to care for Golf courses, as the ball can only roll over perfectly cut grass.
  • Cutting height adjustment function.
  • Self-propelled models make it easy to move upwards if the lawn is on a slope.
  • Special collecting tank for grass clippings.
  • Some models offer a grass clippings shredding function.
  • High Cost.
  • Low cutting performance on hilly terrain.
  • Mowing in hard-to-reach places is not possible. near bushes, trees, curbs, under benches, in narrow places.


lawn mower is a petrol mower with a straight bar, bicycle handles, forged shaft and backpack shoulder straps. A heavy duty gearbox makes it possible to fit a blade or multitooth disc.

The devices are not only suitable for mowing small garden plots of up to 20 acres, but also for cutting several hectares of land.

  • Quick and easy mowing;
  • autonomous operation, mobility;
  • availability of additional attachments: mowing heads and knives, saw blades, special cutters.

The disadvantages of the units include:

grass trimmers

Grass trimmer. a hand-held tool for mowing lawn grass, made in the form of a rod, which has a handle, as well as a special spool and an electric motor. To activate the device, it is enough to plug it into the socket. For mowing large areas an extension cord with cord of necessary length is used.

Some trimmer models are equipped with a gasoline engine, which allows you to work without the use of cords and carriers.

Mowing Tips When Using A Zero Turn Mower

Depending on the model and manufacturer, grass trimmers can be:

  • Cordless. these devices are mobile, the battery capacity is usually enough for 1 hour of work.
  • With the upper location of the engine. has a high power, the appearance of such trimmers for grass reminiscent brushcutter, can work with a knife or a fishing line.
  • With the bottom-mounted motor. less powerful grass trimmers compared to the previous ones, can only work with a fishing line, are lightweight, convenient to work. However, problems can arise when working with large weeds, hard and wet grass.

The advantages of hedge trimmers are:

  • relatively low cost;
  • Ease of work in both open areas and hard-to-reach places, such as around flowerbeds, around borders and under benches.

What hedge trimmers are for?

Shrub shears are actively used for the care of bushes and “green” hedges. Indeed, this gardening tool allows you to provide care for garden trees, shrubs, helps in the formation of a well-groomed crown and giving the green plantings a refined and finished look. The shrub shear is equally at ease for the professional gardener and the occasional hobby gardener.

The range of applications for hedgetrimmers in the garden and in landscaping is quite extensive. With these you can easily reach the furthest branches that need to be trimmed (long-handled shrub shears are required for this) or shape shrubs to the desired geometry.

How to cut down bushes fast with a cordless shrub shear: 10 secrets

Take the Kärcher HGE 36-60 Battery Set (comes with battery and quick charger) as an example to learn how to cut shrubs.

1 Prepare the tool for operation. Kärcher 36 Volt cordless shrub shears are easy to fit: just snap on the battery, remove the hedge guard, fit the foliage extractor attachment, and you are ready to go.

2 Choose the right cutting mode with the 2-speed regulator. You can choose between maximum cutting speed and higher cutting force. The first method is useful for uncomplicated work on young and small shrubs and for shaping work, the second method for cutting thick branches and overgrown, crowded shrubs. Start at the bottom of your shrubs and work your way up to the top. Move the brush cutter slowly, evenly. Let the cutting action of the blades do the work.

3 Don’t try to cut too deep into the crown on your first pass; you may cut too many branches this way. Instead make several shallower cuts, about 6-10 cm at a time.

The Kärcher HGE 36-60 Battery Set has several swivel handle positions (0, 45 and 90 degrees, 180° maximum swivel angle), allowing you to conveniently carry out any job. e.g. cutting vertical surfaces of hedges, shaping decorative shrubs, creating smooth horizontal and sloping surfaces.

4 When cutting hedges, especially thuas, it is important to cut the sides of the hedge at an angle so that it is wider at the bottom and a little narrower at the top. This way sunlight can reach the lower branches and root system, which helps the plants in the hedge to become green and lush.

5 To trim the top of the hedge, hold the cordless hedge trimmer cutting bar perfectly straight and slowly move it from left to right, then right to left. These tools cut in both directions. Again, cut back a little at a time.

6 Small to medium-sized hedges can be trimmed to the desired height by eye. But for precise trimming long hedges it is best to stretch the trimmer’s nylon line between two wooden stakes to mark the final height of the hedge. Then run the hedge trimmer along the line so that the cut is even. The laser-cut and diamond-ground blades guarantee an exceptionally clean cut.

7 After the first few passes the gardener should usually switch the tool off and use a fan rake to pull out the cuttings and leaves. The HGE 36-60 Battery Set shrub shear makes work easy: it has a removable cutting head for cutting leaves. cuttings are not left in the crown, they are simply dumped on the ground. Stand back and inspect the plants. If necessary, make several finishing passes to trim shrubs and hedges to their final shape.

8 Separate branches by hand and look inside the bush for damaged branches. Cutting in thicker twigs is no problem at all thanks to the sawing function. Larger branches are handled by the Kärcher CNS 36-35 Battery chain saw.

9 Extended reach hedge trimmers provide a safe and easy way to cut tall plants. This special tool is a standard telescopic handled hedge trimmer. This is the easiest and safest way to cut high branches without having to climb a ladder.

Think in advance about how long a blade you need for the job. The Kärcher HGE 36-60 Battery Set has a blade length of 60 cm; on a single charge, the tool can cut 600 m; with the larger 5 Ah battery, it can cut up to 1200 m (not included). This is a great feature for standard hedges in the midlands.

10 See if it’s time to charge the tool. LCD display shows battery capacity, remaining run time and charge. Battery charges in 78 minutes to 100% and is shock- and waterproof.

The first time you use the hedge trimmer you will probably feel a little uncomfortable and unsure of how to cut, but don’t feel bad. After about an hour of use, you can feel the tool in your hands (the hedge trimmer is lightweight, only about 3 kg). Take your time and work at a relaxed pace.

The HGE 36-60 Battery Set shrub shear is designed for maximum cutting performance. With the 2.5 Ah battery, 85 minutes (included), but you can also purchase a 5 Ah battery to extend the operating time to 170 minutes. Soon you will be trimming shrubs and hedges professionally.

Pro tip: Do not mow hedges in early spring when birds are nesting in the crown of thuja trees.

What you can mow with a cordless trimmer

Small lawns and hard landscaping

Grass trimmers are ideal for places where a ride-on lawnmower would be impractical. Nice and formal lawn after mowing with a trimmer is still not perfectly smooth. But in small areas, a trimmer for the grass will be just indispensable.

Mowing corners

Lawns often have their own “reserved” areas which are difficult to reach with wheeled machines. They can be trimmed with a pair of garden shears, but a cordless grass trimmer is a great way to cut back your lawn.

Mowing the crowns of fruit trees, ornamental trees and shrubs

In places where there are many obstacles, it is difficult to work with a wheeled mower. You have to be very careful with tree trunks and bushes, otherwise you might damage the bark and lose the plant. Mowing with a trimmer is best in these places.

Hinged bracket on the Kärcher LTR 36-33 Battery trimmer will prevent accidental cutting of trees with the line, and the guard will protect you from flying grass or something that can get under the trimmer line and fly in your direction while the device is working because of the high rotation speed.

Overgrown areas with tall grass

In these areas, a wheeled mower is usually difficult to handle. It binds and tears tall grass. To mow overgrown areas cleanly and evenly, it is best to trim high grass to about 6-8 cm before tearing it up with a ride-on lawnmower.

High grass: What to mow with and what to consider

A task that might seem easy at first glance is far from easy. Ignorance can not only damage the tool and spoil the appearance of lawns, but also get injured. Let’s talk about electric, mechanical and manual tools that can be used to combat high vegetation, in order of their effectiveness.

Attaches to minitractors, motorcycles, and other farming vehicles. The equipment is powered by machinery engine. It effortlessly mows any thickness of grass, weeds, and even bushes with no human effort. But these agricultural gadgets are available only to large farmers. But the equipment can be rented if you have the skills to work with it.

Rating of the best models

The following models are most popular on the market.

Green Garden 3112A-1

The mechanical garden shears are fitted with 13.5 cm long steel blades that rotate on their axis by 180o. The safety of the device is ensured by a reliable double fuse. The handle is comfortably shaped and has a thermoplastic coating.

Bosch Isio Cordless Grass Shears with Telescopic Boom

Compact and lightweight Cordless Grass Shears with reliable anti-lock system for long-lasting operation without stopping. Grass can be cut approximately level with the ground. 3.6 V lithium-ion battery provides 50 minutes of autonomy on a single charge. Charging time is 3.5 hours. Telescopic handle can be adjusted to a height of 80 to 115 cm.

Worth 33 cm

The scissors belong to the budget segment and do an excellent job. Evenly and tidily cuts the grass over the entire length of the blade with its special mechanism.

  • High quality steel alloy blades;
  • Special non-stick coating of working parts;
  • easy screw adjustment of the blade hold-down.

Electric (electric) Oleo-Mac HC 605 E 57 cm

The tool is designed for light-duty applications. Safe operation is ensured by an automatic brake that immediately stops the movement of blades when the lever is released. The blades are laser-etched and diamond-ground. The back handle can be rotated to one and three positions for more flexible, comfortable operation.

[How To Mow A Lawn] Like A Pro. Lawn Mowing Tips For A Great Looking Lawn. Lawn Care Tips

Bosch Isio 12 cm cordless trimmer

The multi-purpose tool comes with blades for grass cutting and a shrub shear attachment. Lightweight and handy tool provides a maximum cutting thickness of 8 mm. These scissors are good for trimming grass between tall plants, along curbs and walls, and for cutting branches that are not too thick.

Average price 6000

How to choose the right tool?

Think about what you need to do first. If you don’t have long, uncut shrubs in your garden or yard, you probably don’t need a shrub trimmer. A good trimmer is good enough for you. If, in addition to lawn control, you also need to keep more complex landscaping in order, other options are worth considering.

In addition, productivity, ease of use, and tool safety are important. To choose the right machine, be sure to test whether you are comfortable holding the device in your hand or on your back, whether the handle is comfortable and whether the weight of the machine is suitable for comfortable operation. ergonomic are the handles, which can be adjusted in several directions, which saves your hands.

Top of the list devices

No Model Weight Power Mowing width Average cost
1 Bosch Art 26 SL WEEU 06008A5100 1.8 kg Electric, mains 26 cm 2600 р
2 AL-KO GTE 450 Comfort 2.8 kg Electric, mains 28 cm 5600 р
3 Greenworks G24LT30MK2 3.13 kg Electric, battery 30 cm 9000 р
4 KRÜGER ETK-2000 5 kg Electric, mains 38 cm 6000 р
5 Huter GGT-1900S 7 kg Gasoline 42 cm 8500 р

Optimal grass length depends on the type of lawn to be mowed. For example, in our climate it is not possible to cut a lawn to 1-2 cm as in Europe. Our lawns will quickly dry out or be hard. The optimal cutting height is 3 to 4 cm.

Mow ornamental lawns to 4-7 cm, or functional lawns for picnics and outdoor activities.

In dry and hot weather the grass is cut a little longer to keep the soil from drying out.

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