Is it possible to polish a car with an angle grinder

how to polish the body to “ideal” on your own.the technology from the professional beginners)))

hello to those who do not like to look for easy ways)))) I will try to explain in this blog as clearly as possible contact polishing car body.

as you know, with time the paintwork of your car becomes washed and scratched, no matter how carefully it is used.In this case, contact polishing can is not polishing different “turtles” and “tempo”, which lasts maximum a week, and the effect in such polishes I do not see.Contact polishing is divided into three types: under the wheel (when they just want to remove “cobwebs” on the paint or return the gloss and shine), under trailzik (when the body is very much washed away, but no scratches) and sandpaper (when there are scratches)

for example, a scratch like this can be removed without painting the part.step one.disassembly and wrapping, washing bitumen perfectly wash the car. When politovki need to remove the mirrors, wings, cover the bumper rubber on the windows and moldings (if they are in the so-called bumper structure or painted in the matte) because of the paste to wash them almost impossible.Bitumen is best washed off with gasoline

step two.sanding down the bodywork with sandpaper.I use 3M 2500 for dark colors and 3M 2000 for light colors

evenly, putting sandpaper on palm of your hand or die rub the part thoroughly and not get too carried away on the edges, because there is not much varnish and you can wipe off the varnish.on the sandpaper do not need to press at all, as it will not work as intended.


.wipe, dry, you should get the following

evenly matte workpiece without any visible scratches under the trayzik you polish the same way, from the hand with water, if you do not have a special machine I did this work in about half a day.I use 3M 3000, a soft base

it is also possible to add to the trajzik paste 4.just shhh))) this is my little professional secret))).wash the car well. step three.polishing machine and polishing paste take orange 3M wheel and put 3M paste 17 on it, rub evenly on the car, moistening the paste with plain water from a spray gun.while the paste is washing. it works and rubs.

no need to run around all over the part- took a piece of 40 by 40, rubbed, moved on to the next piece.wash well, take a blue 3M circle, rub the same, paste 6.again wash, rub paste preservative 7, black circle.ideally wash out all the paste on the car auto-shampoo, while the car is completely degreased, you can cover the chips on the body with a pencil or paint while the paint dries drink delicious coffee, or who prefers what))) rub the entire car with liquid wax, a soft rag.

enjoy the result))) and here is my work, polished my Mazda yesterday)))

Well, in general, if you do not understand what-write, answer all)))

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Good day ! Please advise for an old car dark color, no polish not painted, what is the best procedure for preparing and polishing cars, I want to try their own strength and means t.к. Myself serve a car completely want to update the paintwork of the German! If you do not mind to depict what kind of pastes, chemicals and tools will be needed for polishing ! In advance, very grateful to you and your work and success in your craft.I surfed the web sites and got confused only in the names of all the tools that I do not even know what is better and how ? Maybe the first time I’ll try my hands, then it will be easier to evaluate and select the materials for polishing cars !

What’s better to take before the paste 3-thousandth or trezak 3000?

Once polished the car all came out beautifully, after washing it has become dull as if underpainted, what is the reason why?

You have answered your own question-unpolished))

Hello and how to remove chips before polishing.paint a chip then varnish and then sandpaper or what?

Yes, with sandpaper, gently remove excess varnish)

Yes, with sandpaper, gently remove the excess varnish)

Hi! Please tell me what to do if you remove excess paint (in the underpainting) used 1500 on the wet, and left traces of it. After I went through 3m coarse paste, I do not know the number, but the traces of sandpaper remained. How do you get it off?? 2,000,2,500,3,000 consecutively?

Good afternoon. And if it leaves lap marks. Gallographs. what to remove them with?

Hello. And if there is residue from the lap. Gallographs. How to remove them?

It is necessary to make, black will burn hard) I polished, but without sandpaper, it was normal. but every time I wash scratches appeared again, and even the dog clawed me from the fender to the door, do you think remove it is possible?! They are not deep.

It’s doable.if the scratches are not up to the ground)

A couple of days ago bought my daughter her machine.I’ve tried the circuit and I’m satisfied with the results.Did.True, the angle grinder at 3 speed. a little heavy, after every 15 minutes, had a smoke, angle grinder was like boiling water (did not let her unscrew) Tell me and white pearl on the same scheme or there are nuances.Of course I’ll buy a polisher, I have one with a big wheel on which to put the covers.That’s a little off. And what’s the weakness with the finish (75) may be something I do wrong?

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The white pearlescent will work, it’s also under varnish.And such a machine as you do not work, I do not see the result of it.You should get a polishing machine that looks like an angle grinder.Angle grinder will not work because it has no gearbox and under load it will simply burn out

I can’t wait to try it, of course I’ll buy it, I have 4 cars and I like to do everything myself.Thank you.

417th is 50417 Perfect-it III, and 76th is 09376 Perfect-it III?!

Got it, thanks.cause I’m planning on polishing mine next week and applying glass

what kind of paste, 3M have two, 50077 Perfect-it III (lilac cap) and 09377 Perfect-it III (red cap)

It’s not blue, it’s lilac. If it’s blue, it’s not 77, it’s 83

Hi)about the polish is all clear, but what can you then cover the car after the 76th paste?to protect the varnish for the near future?

Hi)about the polish all clear, and then what you can cover the car after the 76 paste?to protect the varnish for a little while?

Usually wax protection is applied, but it’s better to put ceramic. Although not every car will do well.

“ceramic” is slang for the same as “turtle”. Means not paint, and any coating based on the so-called “liquid glass. It differs from the wax coatings with resistance, a powerful long-lasting hydrophobic and optical effect of “wet car”.

heavy wax, in general)))) got used to everything called by its name)))

There is no wax in it. It is a polymer. Something like varnish, but is not applied with a spray gun on the primed surface, but instead on a polished “to zero” is smeared with a sponge and wiped with a cloth until the beginning of polymerization.Advancement. It is not you with a bucket to sand )))) Please do not be offended. ))

In general, they are applied to the washed out paintwork to restore shine, not gloss it’s not like sanding buckets with a flashlight))))

))) You tell the manufacturer. This stuff shows any risk and any paint defect. That is why first of all it is polished “to zero”, degreased, the risk is controlled, the detected is removed, degreased again and then it is applied. It is not a lot of fuss, but with the right approach turns out the “bomb” which pleases the owner with its appearance for a year. But if you do it wrong, you’ll have to drive the car with glowing holograms for at least a year and wait until it comes off by itself, because this contamination can be removed either by acid or abrasive sandpaper.

I know what you mean, it just doesn’t show.I’ve seen my work that was done more than two years ago.It’s just a matter of technique

heavy wax, in general))))) got used to calling everything by its name)))

Hi) about the polish all clear, but what can then cover the car after the 76th paste?to protect the varnish for the near future?

preservative.3M also has it, that’s what it’s called.But I use a wax on the wet, after every wash

What’s a “wet wax” ? Isn’t that drying wax what you mean? ?

I don’t get it.Just put it on a wet car and rub it on with a soft cloth.The effect is better than the heavy polaros from which you get more trouble than the result and dilutions

Can I get a link to the product? ? I also want to. )

Thank you. We haven’t seen anything like that here. It is possible that there are analogues.

Tried it on his. It looks beautiful. The disadvantages are the silicone residue on the windows.

A very questionable technique, especially for beginners.Why use sandpaper on a surface that has no damage? I mean, it’s not a repair polish, and restorative, I admit local use, but not all over the body. it’s a waste of time and effort, a beginner can never knock down all the risk, 100% somewhere will remain. The pitch after that there will be no pitch at all, and if you do not sharpen it will be in some places and in some places not, the look of such a surface in any understandable person will not cause delight.The usual scratches from rags, twigs, etc.д. can be removed with polish without any problems.The 417 paste is designed primarily to work on freshly painted parts, for the restoration of the other pastes and 3M is not the leader here.But even if you take the 417, it is obligatory to use anti-hologram polish afterwards, cars in holograms look very strange.A lot of work done, that’s a plus, but don’t mislead people, it’s not that simple.

So it’s not a fact that the car is not in holograms. There is no photo with a flashlight.

A very doubtful technique, especially for beginners.Why use sandpaper on a surface that has no damage? What I mean is that it is not a repair polish but a restoration polish, I assume local use, but not on the whole body is a waste of time and effort, a beginner will never be able to remove all the risk, 100% somewhere will remain. There will be no rust after that, and if you don’t sharpen it, it will in some places and in other places not, the look of such a surface will not make any comprehensible person feel happy.The usual scratches from rags, twigs, etc.д. You can remove it with polish without any problems.417 paste is designed primarily to work on freshly painted parts, for the restoration of the other pastes and 3M is not the leader here.But even if you take 417, then after sure to use anti-hologram polish, Auto in the holograms look very creepy.Great amount of work done, a plus for that, but do not mislead people, everything is not so simple.

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well first of all 417 paste is combined, it rubs everything.For example, hard UHS lacquer after painting in the life of 417 not rubbed, at least 74.on the factory lacquers do not have problems with its work.and with holograms may be a problem only if the first paste does not wash the car well.Secondly, at the beginning of the article, I wrote that it is not necessary to get on the surface with minor damage sandpaper

What to pay attention to when choosing a wheel for polishing

Sometimes polishing nozzles already come with polishing liquids, but if the products are purchased separately you need to consider them:

  • The shape. There are two types of discs: flat grinding (in the form of a circle) and petal (cone-shaped). In order to polish as effectively as possible, it is better to buy products of several shapes.
  • Stiffness. This parameter directly depends on the type of polishing paste. If the fluid is used for bodywork restoration, harder polishing discs must be selected. To choose the right disc, just pay attention to its color: black discs are considered the softest, orange discs are medium hard and are suitable for all pastes, white discs are the hardest, so they are most often used to remove the most serious scratches.
  • Diameter. It is better to buy several discs of different diameters, so you can polish different parts of the car and hard-to-reach places more conveniently. For body polishing usually choose large discs, and for headlights the smallest.
  • Attachment type. Discs can be attached to the polisher or a regular drill in two ways: screwed on or fixed with Velcro. The latter option is considered universal, because you do not have to select the discs according to the diameter of the thread.

When choosing a nozzle for car polishing, it is necessary to pay most attention to the material of the sanding coating, because it will depend on it, and for what works more suitable wheel.

What to look for when selecting a polishing wheel

Sometimes polishing tips already come with polishing liquids, but if the products are purchased separately it is necessary to take them into account:

possible, polish, angle, grinder

When choosing a nozzle for polishing cars, you need to pay greatest attention to the material coating, because it will depend on what work better suited wheel.

Attachments for drill, electric screwdriver and angle grinder for car polishing. types and their choice

It is important for the car owner to monitor not only the technical condition of the car, but also the appearance of the. To put a car body in order it needs not only to be shampooed and waxed, but also polished beforehand. To polish the body of the car owners resort not only in order to give the car a presentable appearance, but also to protect the paint layer from destruction. polishing is done to remove minor scratches in the paintwork. The type of nozzle for polishing cars depends on obtaining quality results, so let’s understand their types and peculiarities of use.

Polishing angle grinder (advice to the layman).

Afternoon.1) there is a steel plate thickness of 3 mm;2) Metabo WEV 15-125 Quick angle grinder with a variable speed nozzle (2800-10000 rpm.).Can you advise a beginner how best to polish, what equipment and supplies are needed?Objective: to get the hang of it.

P.S. 05.05.2016. Got an angle grinder. Ahead of the test drive.

Grinding and polishing marble and granite with an angle grinder and turtles

Granite is a very hard material, and therefore its processing is also quite difficult, and without special tools even impossible. Of course, at home you are unlikely to encounter the need to grind or polish granite, because this natural stone is very expensive and they can afford something veneer only very wealthy people. For example, a polished granite tile 400400 mm in size costs about 1000. Of course, most often the granite is faced with a cemetery, when the monument is set and made a small laying granite. But again, it is very expensive. Nevertheless, if you suddenly needed to grind or polish granite, this article will be useful to you.

Polish Car. Remove Scratches with a Machine Buffer

By grinding we mean removing a small layer from the surface of the material. When I worked as an engraver for a memorial company, we often sanded granite as we made shaped monuments from rectangular granite slabs. For granite cutting is optimal cutting diamond disc on granite DISTAR Turbo Elite. Although you should not buy a professional drive for a one-time job, you can do with an ordinary diamond drive of household brands.

What to grind granite with? For this there are diamond cups, they come in different manufacturers, sizes and grits. You can read more here. diamond cups for grinding stone. In that article you can see a photo of the cups and see where they are used and their prices.

Most often for grinding granite use small cups with a diameter of 125-150 mm. Of the peculiarities of work worth noting that for grinding large surfaces need an angle grinder (angle grinder) with high power, preferably from 1200 watts. Grinding is performed at full power, without controlling the speed. It is not necessary to press the angle grinder too hard, the weight of the grinder is quite enough. When grinding a huge amount of fine dust and larger particles, so it is strictly mandatory to wear protective goggles and a respirator.

Ryobi Angle Grinder as a POLISHER?

Polishing is the next operation after grinding, when the surface is aligned and ready for polishing. To polish the granite we need a small angle grinder with adjustable speed (mandatory). I would recommend this one. Bosch GWS 850 CE angle grinder with variable speed. In general, the polishing of granite is very similar to polishing marble, even the nozzles are used exactly the same. AGSHK (diamond flexible grinding discs), they are also called “turtles. The difference is that much more tips are required to bring granite to a mirror finish. If marble polishing can be finished with 800 grit nozzle, the granite at the processing of its 800 grit nozzle does not even begin to shine, it is still matte. After 800, granite is polished with attachments 1500, 3000 and Buff.

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Also on a side note: How I changed the faucet in the bathroom

Only after you go over with these tools granite starts to shine like glass. Also for finishing finishing touches it is recommended to treat granite with some kind of polishing paste and felt wheel. As an option. a diamond polishing paste for glass polishing. Polishing is also conducted by an angle grinder with adjustable speed, it is better to set the speed not more than 2.

Well and start polishing nozzle 50, completely go through the place that we polish, remove all large scratches left after grinding with a diamond cup. Next, put nozzle 100 and repeat the entire process, remove all visible scratches. Next AGSHK is 200, then 400, 800, 1500, 3000 and Buff. Nevertheless, you can polish the granite up to the factory polished condition and even better, it all depends on your wish and time.

Polishing angle grinder

Even small scratches formed on the metal coating of the car, not aesthetically look and spoil the appearance of the whole car. You do not need to go to a repair shop to fix a simple defect, you can do it all at home. Polishing angle grinder today has become an available type of work for everyone. You do not need to have special experience in this work. It’s a solution that eliminates blemishes and saves some money. Polishing angle grinder itself raises some questions about the technology of the work, the cost of the grinding wheel and other information. For the working process should be taken when everything is fully prepared and thought out.

We polish the car with a drill or angle grinder (using nozzles)

Passers-by nod approvingly when they see a well-groomed car shining, and the owner feels proud and satisfied. That is why many vehicle owners carefully monitor the appearance of their iron “friend. Car body polishing is the very procedure which gives it a shine, as well as increased resistance to premature destruction of paintwork. Bought the nozzle on the drill for polishing the car, becomes a faithful assistant in achieving the above goals at home.

What material to choose a disk

Today on the market there is a wide range of nozzles for polishing cars, which help remove both small cracks and deep chips. Let’s look at them in detail.

Woolen discs

Discs of wool are the most popular because of their low cost and effectiveness. Such products are suitable for rough treatment of paintwork.

A rougher finish can be achieved with a polishing wheel made of twisted woolen yarn. These products are suitable for medium-depth cracks and small defects.

Abrasive discs

Circles made of abrasive materials are also considered hard, but unlike their woolen “counterparts”, they are more effective and, accordingly, the cost.

This is due to the special chemical composition of the coating of the polishing surface. often the abrasive layer is made of aluminum oxide, chromium and silicon.

Felt discs

Wheels, made of felt, are most often used for metal auto body parts. These products come in different types, depending on the level of wooliness of the polishing coating. For polishing, it is recommended to buy thick wool discs, which are the best to cope with the removal of quite deep scratches from colored metal surfaces. Felt discs are used less often.

Diameter of felt discs can range from 70 to 250 mm, and the width remains the same. 25 mm.

Vulcanite (rubber) discs

These discs remove a thin layer of paintwork, after which the surface has a mirror-like shine. For this reason, vulcanite discs are only used at the finishing stage of polishing, when coarser discs have already been used.

The polishing surface of the discs is made of vulcanized rubber with the addition of abrasive components.

As a rule, a rubber polishing wheel is used only on metal surfaces, at the final stage of restoration works.

Felt discs

Felt discs are used at the stage of the main works, after rough treatment, but before the final polishing.

Felt products cope with most varieties of damage and effectively “work” not only on metal surfaces, but also suitable for headlights, windows, bumpers and other body parts.

When using such a versatile product, one must take into account an important nuance. the disc should be periodically moistened in water. Then it is several times more effective.

Also suitable for virtually all polishing pastes which work together to remove scratches even faster.

Discs ZM

Discs of this type are used after the car parts have been coated with primer and varnish. Such products are the easiest to mount, and sometimes, even without grinders. By and large ZM is a cheap sink material for washing and dry polishing body parts of any material.

The most often used as a polishing layer in such disks is foam rubber. When choosing a foam rubber discs worth considering a nuance. the shallower will be the cells of the circle, the better it polishes lacquer.

Please note that the attachment to the car polishing drill will be less effective compared to the disk installed on the grinder (or as it is commonly called. angle grinder). Therefore, let’s consider some recommendations on the choice of specialized equipment.

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