Is it possible to store a trimmer for the grass vertically. Gasoline lawn mower

Is it possible to store a trimmer for grass in an upright position

A garden vacuum cleaner, which allows you to quickly collect vegetable garbage in a heap, should be stored in a dry, preferably heated room. So you greatly simplify the launch of the equipment after downtime. To prepare the air vent for wintering, you need:

  • It is enough to clean all the elements from pollution: it is enough to wipe the plastic parts and handles with a damp cloth or sponge; Apply a special composition or oil to protect against corrosion to the surface of metal parts;
  • If the tool works from the battery, it should be reloaded.

Some use a vacuum cleaner and in the winter. Blow snow from the porch or machine. But nevertheless, experts do not advise doing this: for 80-90%, blowers consist of plastic, which hardens in the cold, becomes too fragile and can easily crack and break down. Although, of course, weather weather is striking: if when.7 ° C can still be used, then when.20 ° C is definitely not worth the risk.

Varieties of trimmers with fishing line

There are quite a lot of them today, so everyone can make a choice based on their own needs. Battery trimmers for grass with fishing line are designed for people who want to work regardless of the power source, they are most popular. As an example, one can cite:

    – trimmer for the grass of battery. Has a telescopic bar, compact size and low weight, only 2.8 kilograms. A restrictive bracket is provided to prevent damage to beneficial plants;. A professional tool that can be able to cope even with a wet lawn. Additional attention deserves the possibility of regulating the head in order to work at an angle in hard.To.Reach places.

Gasoline trimmers for grass are more expensive, need regular refueling, but this pays off due to high power and the possibility of long.Term work on the site without linking to the power source:

    . Despite the low weight, it has an impressive power. Allows you to put green spaces in order, without having a harmful effect on them due to minimization of exhaust. As a cutting tool, a special knife for grass and a trimmer head of the TAPGO type are used, which works in a semi.Automatic mode.

Most modern trimmers can be equipped with a head with a fishing line additionally. There are four types of spin-trimmer heads:

  • Automatic heads automatically serve the thread when the throttle reaches a certain speed;
  • Semi.Automatic heads advance the string when you press the head of the spindle on the ground when the throttle is turned on;
  • Hand heads require you to turn off the trimmer for the grass before pulling or unwind the rope to advance it;
  • Heads with a fixed line do not ensure the promotion of strings. Instead, you use pre.Trimmed lines to replace.

Preparation Motokos for the season

Fuel preparation. At the first refueling, motorcycles are recommended to add a stabilizing additive to gasoline. If the unit is equipped with a 2-stroke engine, carefully prepare the mixture in the specified proportions. The supply of finished fuel should not exceed the monthly need, otherwise the liquid will lose its properties.

Preparation of the engine. After conservation, it is necessary to replace the spark plug. Clean the air filter and adjust the carburetor. Motokosa service will call to reduce fuel consumption. If a 4-stroke engine is installed on the trimmer, check the level and condition of the engine oil. When replacing lubrication, change the oil filter at the same time.

If you have a gasoline trimmer for grass, then at the first launch, let it work without load for 3-5 minutes. During this time, the oil is evenly distributed in the system, the details will fit together, the motor will begin to work stably.

Electric network and batteries are checked only for lubrication. The battery must be charged, and the cord is lengthened if there is a need.

Preparation of fishing line. The materials from which the fishing line for the trimmer is made is poorly tolerate temperature and humidity drops, so it is recommended to store this element in a dense bag with the addition of water. In the process of preparing a trimmer for grass for the season, soak the part in the water for several days. This will make a fishing line for a trimmer more elastic, eliminate fragility.

Preparation of nozzles. Nozzles must be cleaned, lubricated, examined for the presence of cracks, other defects. The cutting organs are pulled.

Preparation of units with four.Stroke engines

In this case, special attention should be paid to the gas tank.Ways to prepare this technique for winter:

A quick view of my lawn care equipment storage

  • Fill the gas tank with fuel with the addition of special additives. This is done so that the fuel does not relax during the storage. Using this method, you can be sure that with cold storage inside the gas tank, condensation will not form.
  • Empty the tank. Stopping in this method, it is necessary to process the internal surfaces of the gas tank, the intake manifold and cylinders with means of preventing oxidation. Before wintering, the collector oil should be drained to avoid the appearance of the sediment and the loss of its properties.

During the winter, wires and hoses can oxidize or lose their elasticity. To avoid this, it is recommended to use aerosols with wax and silicone in the composition. Their convenience is that after wintering there is no need to remove the coating from the surfaces before the commissioning of the equipment into operation.

To preserve the wheels and tires during long.Term storage, it is recommended to remove them from the equipment or install equipment on special stands. Additionally, do not forget about the temperature storage mode indicated by the manufacturer of rubber.

Rubber seals, oil seals and rings are most susceptible to temperature jumps and humidity changes. The main danger is moisture, which in the form of condensate penetrates into the mobile details of the technique, freezes into them, and, expanding, causes mechanical damage.

Low temperatures are safe for most gas technology models. The main thing is to take care of protecting the storage space from humidity.


Hoses, pistols for irrigation, droppers and other inventory for irrigation must be free from water residues. Ordinary hoses should not be left on the street: at minus temperatures, water will turn into ice. So the hose can become unusable. To preserve sprayers for the winter, you need:

Inspect all the mechanisms and check if there are tights of hoses, cliffs and damage to the spray houses;

Check the quality of the oil: it should not contain extraneous fluids and impurities;

Clean or replace all filters with new ones. In the houses of sprayers, pressure and absorbing.

For the winter, sprayers should be brought into a dry warm room.

Preparation of a chainsaw for long.Term storage in the video

With a trimmer, you need to be able to not only correctly contact, and correctly store owners of garden equipment often, without thinking about the properties of benzo- or electric ships, simply throw the tool into the pantry and locked them on the castle. Under such conditions, there is a chance that the trimmer for the grass will break. Let’s figure out how to store a trimmer for grass correctly.

If you put a trimmer for the grass in a cabinet in a summer house for a week. This is one thing, but the preparation of the tool for the “wintering” in the garden house is completely different. Before prolonged storage, the electrimmer is checked by all wires, and the entire gasoline and butter are drained in a benzotrimer. However, some, on the contrary, do not advise doing this, in order to avoid drying out the gaskets in the mechanism. In our opinion, gasoline should still be drained-both from the engine and from the carburetor, because after 2-3 weeks a precipitate can form in the liquid, and this will lead to damage to the lawnmill mechanism.

The best place for storage will be a dry above.Ground pantry or a loggia glazed with plastic. But any place is also suitable from open fire, isolated from large temperature changes, with normal humidity. If there are no options, and the humidity in the room is increased, it is worth covering the trimmer for the grass with moisture absorbers. This will save the device from freezing and icing. If you notice that the trimmer for the grass is frozen, it is worth moving it to another place, for example, to a wardrobe in a heated room. However, not every benzotrimer will fit in a wardrobe, this is more likely to refer to small portable and folding electric cos. Therefore, a benzotrimer can be moved with a light soul to a garage.

Do I need to prepare gasoline garden equipment for the winter period?

This question is in many aspects controversial. A considerable number of gardeners are of the opinion that branded garden equipment, when using high-quality fuel and lubricants, does not require preparation for winter storage. And in the spring, after the tops and pumping of gasoline or fuel mixture, without any problems will continue its work.

At the same time, the conditions for storing garden equipment are completely different. Someone can afford to store it in a warm room, and someone will lie in the whole winter in a humid and frosty shed. And the concept of “high-quality fuel-lubricants” we have a rather vague.

My opinion is this if you can avoid moisture (dew) when storing a gasoline engine, then the conservation of cylinders and elements of garden equipment for the winter is not required. It will be enough just to drain and develop the remaining gasoline or fuel mixture. The appearance of moisture can be avoided in several ways: store the engine at room temperature, or ensure high.Quality thermal insulation of the motor, for example, store in a dense box, upholstered in mineral wool.

Finding the Perfect Lawn Mower | Consumer Reports

Storage of lawn mowers in winter. Goals and objectives.

Proper storage of the lawn mower in the winter consists of several preparatory stages. The main of them: Preparing the motor motorcycles for long.Term storage in winter. It will prevent pressing the rings in the piston, relieve the consequences of the oil hardening, the condensation of moisture on the internal details of the motor with subsequent corrosion.

  • Clean the gasoline braid from dirt.
  • Pour gasoline or fuel mixture from garden technology and tighten the gas tank cover. I do not recommend, in the future, to use a merged mixture as a fuel for technology. How much can you store the fuel mixture for two.Stroke engines read here.
  • We start a lawn mower and wait until at idle revolutions the remains of gasoline in a carburetor, primer and fuel supply are developed. There are not a few residues and the garden will not work for a long time, before stopping, the engine will slightly increase the speed, due to the depletion of the fuel mixture.

Motokosa conservation. Engine cylinder processing.

  • Remove the oversight.
  • We unscrew the candle. Check the gap and its general condition.
  • Using the syringe, spray through the candle hole in the cylinder cavity 2-2.5 ml of oil, which is designed to manufacture the fuel mixture of your garden technology. You can use any anti.Naking, anti.Corrosion agent, ideally, a specialized tool for internal conservation of motor engineering engine.
  • Using a manual starter when the ignition is turned off several times, turn the piston.
  • We twist the candle.
  • We put on the overseer.

Attention. If you accidentally pour oil, and in the spring your garden technique will not want to start

First of all, unscrew and degrease the candle.

Preservation of the lawn mower. Processing the carburetor and cleaning the air filter.

  • Remove the air filter lid and the filter itself with a metal mesh, if this is provided by the design of garden equipment.
  • Open the throttle.
  • Inject the anti.Corrosion in the carburetor.
  • Rinse and dry air filter. Install it in place.

Preparation of the cutting knife of garden technology for long.Term storage.

  • Remove the knife.
  • Clean it from dirt.
  • We process it and seats with an anti.Corrosion agent. For savings, you can use any inexpensive machine oil, in t.H. And working out.

Preparation of a mowing coil with a fishing line for winter storage.

  • Remove the mowing head from garden equipment.
  • We disassemble and clean the remains of grass and dirt.
  • Wash a fishing line for a trimmer from a coil.
  • Store a fishing line for a trimmer in a wet place to avoid its drying out and brittle. For example, wrap in a bag with the addition of water.

Advice. If in the spring a spit line for a trimmer still boiled and became fragile, place it for several hours in water. She will partially restore her properties.

If there is time, then do not put off the reducer’s lubrication on the “future”.

Proper storage of the lawn mower during long.Term downtime, and even more so in the winter, the conservation of its engine and cutting tools will ensure its uninterrupted operation in the next season. In addition, there are many nerves and money, which, as you know, do not happen much.

How to preserve a chainsaw for the winter

Chainsaws. A tool that, unlike many, can be used in winter. At extremely low temperatures, it is not worth using it, but for high.Quality chainsaws, the threshold is minus ten degrees.

If you do not plan to use the tool in winter, you should take care of its quality storage, because it has not stable elements for cold.

If in winter you plan to use a saw, then it should be stored with a tanger filled with gasoline (gasoline should be of high quality). The main thing is to remember that after a couple of weeks of persistent frosts, gasoline in the tank will thicken and the use of a saw in this state can disable it. Store the tool in this case is in a warm room.

If you leave a chainsaw for a long wintering, the stages of preparation should be as follows:

  • It is necessary to clean the tank from fuel. This can be done by draining it, either by starting the work of the saw until full production. Next, to prevent the appearance of rust, the tank must be wiped dry.
  • Filters from fuel and oil tanks need to be removed, cleaned and dried or replaced with new ones, if necessary. A similar operation with an air filter.
  • The chain needs to be cleaned from the remaining waste of saw. After the chain, you need to lubricate and wrap the elements into the fabric, which was previously impregnated with oil. We store the details separately.
  • Store a saw in a dark room without dust and with low humidity.

The main details that need to be paid attention to in preparation for winter conservation. The engine and chain.

Conserving the STIHL motorcycle for the winter!

After the spring-autocosa, it is time to prepare it for winter storage, so that after winter it again successfully continues to work, then before storage it is worth taking into account some tips.

Here we have collected for you several valuable care tips:

Before storage, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the motorcycle (electrocos) of the remnants of dust, garbage and residues of mowed grass. Check whether all fasteners and fasteners are tightened.

Enough the fuel tank

Alt = “Identify the fuel tank» Width = “” Height = “” /fully empty the fuel tank and develop the remaining fuel that remained in the carburetor (to devote the carburetor, you need to work with a motorcycle at idle until the engine stops). Check the device for the lack of pollution and, if necessary, let it dry. Check the technical condition and, if necessary, rinse the fuel filter in the fuel.

Check the spark plug

Alt = »Check the spark plug» width = »» Height = »” /Eat a candle and inspect it. If the spark plug has “reddish” electrodes, then it is in order. If the spark plug looks different, then it must be cleaned or replaced. It is also recommended to check the brightness of the sparks issued candles. To do this, we put on the candle the supra.Light, and the lower part is in contact with the cylinder and, pulling behind the starting cable (note that the lever does not stand in the Stop (0) position, we observe the color of the spark. The working color of the spark is bright blue! If there is an orange, red or different from the required, then it is necessary to check the probe between the central and lateral electrodes (if necessary, reduce the gap or increase).

After checking the spark plug, take a 10 ml syringe and add such a volume of motor oil to the combustion chamber (to the cylinder). Then several times you need to pull the trigger cable so that the piston with rings evenly produces the oil on the walls of the cylinder.

Check the starting device for the presence of a creak. The appearance of a creak may indicate an abrasive hit between the turns of the return spring (located under the cable pulley). To eliminate, you need to remove the pulley and the return spring, then wipe these parts and places where they are installed well.

Check the metal tool

Alt = »Check the metal tool» width = »» Height = “” /Remove the metal knife and clean it. Also check for the lack of damage (cracks, chips) and apply anti.Corrosion protection. If necessary, you can give your metal knives to the specialized “service center” of the KHK company for sharpening and balancing.

Keep the cutting thread in a wet place

Alt = “Store the cutting thread in a wet place» Width = “» Height = “” /To preserve the cutting plastic string of elastic, take out a coil with a string from the cutting head and store it in a wet place. Two to three days before the start of the new season, put the string in the water-this will remain its flexibility and elasticity (this also applies to the knives of the trimmer head Stihl Polycut 6-3).

Saving space in suspended

Alt = “Savings of place in limbo» Width = “» Height = “”.

The entire lineup of the production of STIHL is presented in the “catalog” of the site. You can buy a motorcycle (trimmer for grass) in specialized stores of KHK at the price of a manufacturer. Quality certificates, guarantees are provided, service and repair are carried out. You can always get a free professional consultation on the operation and storage of tools from the company’s managers.

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