Jack for changing wheels on a power tiller

The principle of the car jack

The jack‘s physical force production is determined by its type. Depending on whether it works mechanically, pneumatically or hydraulically. There are more than a dozen varieties of jacks on the market, each of which has its own purpose. The most popular are the following:

jack, changing, wheels, power
  • Mechanical. The principle of operation is based on physical forces by moving a screw or other mechanism;
  • Pneumatic. works by pumping air inside the lifting device;
  • Hydraulic. their operating principle is based on pumping hydraulic fluid from one cavity to another.

Bottle jack 15t (230-460mm) T91504 TORIN

TORIN T91504 bottle jack can lift and hold up to 15 tons. Jack T91504 has a compact form and low weight, and a wide platform and grooved surface in contact with the body makes the work not only convenient, but also safe. The TORIN T91504 is only 230 mm high, with a maximum lifting height of 460 mm (outreach of the main piston rod. 150mm, height of unscrewed rod. 80mm). The jack is indispensable for changing wheels or for other repair work such as raising the vehicle. There is a special handle on the jack for easy carrying.


• Heat-treated stem allows easy adjustment of jack height and maximum lifting height. • Ribbed contact surface provides a large pick-up area and reliable traction. • Wide sturdy base provides stability and durability. All load points are strengthened, which increases durability and reliability.

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Selection Criteria

To begin, I recommend reading about the varieties of jacks, about which I wrote in this material. Here you will learn the types and features of lifting devices, and you can make certain conclusions for yourself.

No one disputes that even now you can go to the same Yandex Market or any other store, go to the jacks section and buy the first case with the device. But keep in mind that there are a lot of manufacturers and models. And not all of them are of good quality and characteristics.

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Film for tinting windows of the car: what is the best choice, what are the differences

There are a few basic criteria that allow you to intelligently approach the issue of buying a jack. If you know about them and pay attention to these criteria when choosing, you will not go wrong with your decision. Here the most significant points are the mechanism itself, seals, seams and metal. I propose to go through these elements separately to come to certain conclusions. Who knows, maybe soon you will be able to give advice to others.

How to Fitting jack in Power Tiller.

The mechanism

Hydraulic jacks can be of the toothed or gimbal type. If it is a gimbal, you have found the first significant sign of a high quality product. This assembly carries the brunt of the load, effort and wear.

Yes, you can choose a cheaper gearbox, but here you should be prepared for the following:

  • the mechanism does not hold, comes off due to increased loads;
  • toothed discs quickly wear down and the slip effect begins;
  • The device fills up with dirt;
  • Teeth begin to rust due to corrosion;
  • In the event of a breakdown, the device is subject to expensive repair;
  • Repair is similar in price to a new jack;
  • If used actively, it does not last more than 2-3 years.

That is why those who think on perspective or are engaged in car-repair professionally give preference to more expensive but reliable type of mechanism.

Glands and Seals

Although they are small in size, but can play an important role in the formation of a quality tool. Here you need to look at exactly what material the seals and glands are made of.

Here as well as at a choice of a tool kit, it is important to look at quality of materials.

Rubber is considered a classic, but it has dubious durability and wears out quickly. If you use a jack like this every day, the seals will simply wear out or tear.

Look also

If you choose seals on a polyurethane basis, you do absolutely wisely. Polyurethane was originally used as a substitute for the worn rubber when repairing the hydraulic jack. But gradually, manufacturers have realized that it is worthwhile to switch to the production of mechanisms using polyurethane at once, which is extremely profitable. That’s why customers now have a choice between classic rubber and more durable and long-lasting polyurethane.


Here we are talking about the protection of the main working part of the tool. In professional jacks, you can see how well the ram and working fluid are protected against the possible ingress of debris. On amateur models this is not so pronounced.

When the plunger moves up and down, dust, moisture, dirt, oil, etc. can penetrate the environment of the tool. All this negatively affects the condition of the device. Corrosion gradually forms, the oil itself changes its composition, and it no longer performs its function effectively. That is why it is of utmost importance to provide the best possible protection. And this one requires it.

There are jacks where there is no special protection. They’re cheaper, of course. Only after a few months of use you will need to repair and change the oil, since a contaminated jack simply does not hold. A simple repair kit might not work. Plus you will have to figure out how to pump new oil, etc.

jack, changing, wheels, power

Body and plug

There is a plug on the device that closes the hole used when changing the oil in the tool. It is better to choose stopping plugs made of metal, because they last longer and are more reliable than those made of plastic and rubber. Also, the metal is more effective in preventing accidental leakage of the working fluid (oil) when the jack is turned over.

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As for the housing, it largely affects the lifting characteristics of the hydraulic jack. For quality body is characterized by the use of metal thickness of 4-5 millimeters and the presence of accurate, flat seams, performed by automatic welding.


A jack is a special device for lifting various loads. The most common types of jacks are car jacks, which are used to perform a number of service work on car repairs. Most often they are needed for tire fitting and are widely used at service stations, car repair shops and garages when there is a need to raise the car for repairs or wheel replacement. There are jacks with manual or electric drive, hydraulic, screw, rack and pinion. They all have a different design. Hydraulic and screw-type hand-operated jacks are most often used for construction and repair work. Universal jacks are equally suitable for use in domestic conditions, at construction sites for repeated lifting of heavy structures and in everyday work with cars. The important technical characteristics of jacks are their dimensions, lifting capacity, lifting height and lifting height. The simplest devices are mechanical jacks. They are lifted solely by human power, as well as the mechanisms of the device itself. Often such tools are called manual jacks. They have a simple design and affordable cost, which makes such tools popular among builders and motorists. In the online store Amazin a wide range of jacks at a bargain price. All products meet high quality parameters, certified and have a guarantee from the manufacturer.

We offer to buy the jacks from the best manufacturers

It is necessary to buy jacks to facilitate the process of lifting loads during construction works, as well as repairs of vehicles. Tire repair shops mainly use hydraulic jacks. With their help you can easily lift a vehicle of any mass. This is because the hydraulic greatly increases the effort exerted by man. Such devices are considered the most productive, among them there are several types: for example, the jack jack is performed in the form of a small cart on wheels and equipped with a special handle. It is an indispensable helper when working on trucks. The so-called bottle jacks consist of an operating cylinder with a piston, a pump, a lever and a bypass valve. This type of jack has a high load capacity, but its operation requires a high pick-up height. Separately, you can select a telescopic jack, which has a similar design to the bottle jack and is equipped with several working rods. In our online store you can not only buy construction and car jacks, but also pick up all the necessary devices for power tools. In the online catalog are presented both household and professional jacks from leading manufacturers, you can order directly on the site, or contact our manager-consultant by phone.

Jack for the Mobil K power tiller (MBK0024136)

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To improve a single-axle tractor by attaching a jack, you need special equipment. a welder, an angle grinder and a drill. To make a scissor jack, you can modify a screw jack, or you can make a device from previously created parts.

The need to create a self-made jack is due to the fact that it is very inconvenient to change the wheels and cutters of the power tiller by yourself. You have to hold it with one hand and try to remove the wheel with the other, which is often difficult to remove. When it is difficult to work physically, the unit can fall, and in such a situation it is very easy to tear your back. Jack. it’s a convenient device for lifting the car, which can easily be made with your own hands from improvised materials.

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Features of lifting mechanisms (drives)

Modern jacks use several types of lifting mechanisms. With some you have to sweat to lift the car to unload the wheels. Others, on the contrary, you splurge once and enjoy easy work.

    Mechanical. there are glass jacks that are used to replace glass or hold smooth surfaces for a long time. Are available with one, two or three suction cups. Here the main force is a vacuum, due to which the suction cups hold the glass.

How to remove a tire yourself

Tyre replacement for motorists is quite an ordinary task. Car owners deal with this problem when changing from summer to winter tires, when replacing old tires with new, when damaged or punctured. As a rule, the installation of tires is performed by employees of the service station, but no one prevents you from learning to do this operation with your own hands. over, there may be situations when the ability to shoulder a tire with your own hands will be just necessary (an unforeseen situation on the highway away from the service station, in order to save money).

In general, the procedure is not complicated and with some skill it can be performed by any car owner. You must have a jack, a wheel wrench, mounting blades or a crowbar, a weighty hammer or a half-shammer. You also need to know certain secrets that will help you dismantle the tire with minimal effort in a short period of time.

Repair of hydraulic jack. with their own hands and without haste!

The illustration shows the components of a hydraulic elevator. The whole structure fits inside the reservoir with the working fluid. Lifting rod is fully recessed in the housing in the lowered position. The lever handle is removable, and in the transport position it does not take much space. That’s why this type of jack fits easily in the trunk of a car.

Capable of lifting a solid SUV (5 tons of force). no larger than a 0.7 liter wine bottle (including detached handle). One person can manage with such a jack.

  • Easy operation and maintenance;
  • High efficiency. up to 80%;
  • Low force on the working handle;
  • Smooth operation through the use of liquid;
  • Ability to control the height of the lift with precision;
  • High reliability due to the lack of rotating and hard rubbing parts;
  • Lifetime. except for the o-rings, the bottle jack has nothing to wear out;
  • Good safety factor in work. in case of breakage it is excluded sharp fall of the lifted object or throwing aside part of the tool
  • Wide range of applications, not limited to use in vehicles only.
  • The height of the jack body is almost equal to the height of the lift. This is typical for single-rod designs, the telescopic (multi-rod) variants do not have this disadvantage. This feature is partly compensated by the extension screw that unscrews from the piston rod.Because of this disadvantage, the initial lifting height starts at 20-25 cm. This limits the size of the application of the device;
  • Slowness. One cycle of the discharge pump provides a low lifting height. The higher the carrying capacity, the more handle movements you need to make to lift;
  • The inability to precisely control the height of lowering the load;
  • Only works in upright position. When tilted or horizontal, air will get into the hydraulic system and it will have to be pumped;
  • Large mass of the device, taking into account the working fluid;
  • High cost of the product.

For work with low initial heights (e.g. cars with a low footprint) use a rolling jack. It works by lever arrangement, and a hydraulic cylinder is used as a driving force, as in an ordinary bottle jack.

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