Lawn mower, how much oil to a liter of gasoline. How to dilute gasoline and oil for trimmer grass

How much oil per liter of gasoline for gasoline mower?

Lawn mower. as necessary for the country or garden-plot stock, as a single-axle tractor or chain saw. An unpretentious tool that only requires a high-quality fuel mixture and its own cleanliness. While there is usually no confusion about keeping the mower clean, some users occasionally have questions about the composition of the fuel. How to dilute gasoline with grass trimmer oil to keep it working effectively for as long as possible? What are the consequences of too much or not enough oil in the gasoline? The answers to these simple questions lie on the surface: you need to understand the role that lubricant plays when running a two-stroke engine.

Leftover unused fuel mixture needs a dark, dry corner where it can hold up to 2 months. In general, there are different expert opinions on the subject:

  • For mineral oils, the shelf life is 7-10 days, after which their lubricating properties are lost;
  • For semi-synthetic and synthetic brands, there is evidence that they keep from 30 days to 2 months.

After a longer period it is recommended to change the fuel to a fresher and newer one.

So the process is described in detail above, how to properly build a gas mixture for two-stroke mower engines. To avoid damage to the grass trimmer due to lack of oil or frequent cleaning and unstable operation due to excessive lubrication, read the hedge trimmer manual carefully and follow it.

Preparing the right fuel mixture

Before you start your mower’s new engine, you also have to mix the fuel right. As is known for two-stroke engines, it is prepared from special two-stroke oil and gasoline, taken in certain ratios. The proportions can be found in the instruction manual supplied with the tool or on the label of the lubricant. Check the manual for the recommended fuel and oil type.

Prepare fuel in small quantities, just enough for one cut of grass. Use special plastic canisters for fuel or separate glass or metal pots. It is best to fill with oil using a hypodermic syringe.

When getting ready to test drive a new lawn mower many people have problems with the preparation of fuel mixture. And the reason for that is the discrepancy in the tool manufacturer’s instructions and in the engine oil manufacturer’s instructions. The oil manufacturer’s manual recommends a mixing ratio of 1:25. The others recommend 1:50. Who to trust? What to do?

According to experts, if the manufacturers write the proportion 1:25 or 1:30 in the instructions to trimmers, then most likely it is either a cheap tool with poor cooling, or the manufacturer does not know what oil the consumer will add. But here we have to understand that the excess of lubricant is not the best way to affect the performance of grass trimmer. Excess oil does not burn out completely when the engine is running. It cokes, clogs the cylinder and piston.

What to do in this situation when running in a new tool? Ideally it is better to buy the oil that the mower manufacturer recommends. In the case of running-in engines, when there is no possibility to buy the recommended oil, it is better to buy a good Husqvarna two-stroke oil for the same-name gasoline tools. The oil is expensive, but it lasts for a long time. Mix it as written in the instructions on the can.

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Remember, it’s best to use the ratio given by the oil manufacturer. But it is better to find out by experiment if the oil ratio is correct or not. If at the proportion recommended by the manufacturer of the grass trimmer, the engine is dripping oil and there are visible leakages, then the proportion must be increased.

How many engine types are there

When choosing a trimmer for grass by type of motor, you should take into account some peculiarities. Aggregates with electric units have significant limitations associated with providing power to the motor. Diesel motors, as on motorblocks, taking into account the low revolutions for trimmers do not offer.

Take into account the peculiarities of the gasoline engines used:

  • Two-stroke cycle. Structurally simpler. The service is demanding on the quality of the working mixture. any deviations lead to a shortening of the engine life.
  • Four-stroke cycle. No need to maintain a specific ratio of gasoline and lawnmower oil. the mixture is mixed automatically and the working fluids are in two different containers. The product turns out to be more expensive, but it works quieter and the exhaust is cleaner.

Regardless of the type of gasoline engine selected, the selection of oil and gasoline is carried out strictly in accordance with the recommendations of individual manufacturers.

Rules for gasoline selection

Before you buy fuel for your brushcutter you should first read the manufacturer’s instructions. It specifies the grades and grades of fuel that can be used for a particular model of grass trimmer. In general, the choice of gasoline should be oriented on the brand A-92. To fill your brushcutter is suitable and A-95, although some experts do not recommend to take the fuel with this octane number. This is because at many gas stations in Russia such gasoline contains additives and solvents (such as alcohol). You have to be careful to choose only quality fuel from a certified fuel supplier to prolong the life of your brushcutter.

Oil choice for your lawnmower

You should choose air-cooled 2T oils for the engines of lawn trimmers. The oils have a displacement from 50 cm3 to 200 cm3. The first thing to pay attention to when buying oil is not the price, but the protective properties of the material, because a small savings can later become a real headache for the owner and, as a rule, a big expense.

Two-stroke lawnmower oil

The main factor determining the quality of oil for grass trimmer is the alkali number. That component in particular prevents oxidation of moving parts and slows down the destruction of parts. During use the oil gradually loses its alkalinity and becomes oxidized. The optimum level of acidity (Ph) should not be less than 8-9 units.

Viscosity oil for brushcutter also has a big impact on the process of working gasoline tool. This determines the ability to operate the weed trimmer at different temperatures. Summer oils, for example, become thicker even when the temperature falls only slightly. Since the lawnmower is used exclusively in the spring and autumn, an oil with a summer marking is an excellent choice.

The grass trimmer oil flash point must be above 225°C, otherwise the oil will burn out fast and the piston group will be subjected to intensive wear and tear.

What to pay attention to when choosing oil?

Modern brushcutter two-stroke engines are filled with a mixture of gasoline AI-92 and oil marked “2T”. Using fuel with a higher octane number will increase the flash point and, consequently, the burnout of the lubricant.

STIHL oil varieties

There is no doubt that the best oil for grass trimmer is the one recommended by the manufacturer, but the owner is not always able to buy the “proprietary” lubricant. Experts recommend Shell Helix Ultra, based on Pureplus technology, which improves the basic properties of the lubricant.

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STIHL HP Ultra, STIHL HP, STIHL HP S are the right oils for gasoline trimmers from the German manufacturer STIHL. A budget substitute can become the products of the company Vityaz, which by its properties is the most similar to the recommended material.

What gasoline is needed for the grass trimmer

The brand of gasoline that is suitable for a particular model of tool is usually specified in the manual. Ignoring the manufacturer’s recommendations and filling the tank with the wrong octane rating will eventually cause the machine to malfunction. STIHL STIHL grass trimmers are available with two and four-stroke engines. Their refuelling and maintenance are very different.

Two-stroke gasoline grass trimmers

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Two-stroke grass trimmers do not have a separate oil supply to lubricate moving parts. STIHL blowers and vacuum shredders are designed for hard landscaping and should not be filled with benzene or petrol. Remember that all oil must be specially formulated for two-stroke engines. Use of engine oil can damage the machine.

Two-stroke trimmers for grass should be fueled with gasoline AI-92. Of course, it will be able to run on gasoline with a higher octane number. But if you fill the tank with gasoline AI-95, the engine will overheat and run unevenly.

What kind of gasoline is needed for a grass trimmer

Mix the oil and gasoline in the right proportions. If the lubrication is too low, piston surfaces and cylinder walls will rattle, then the piston ring will fall apart and the engine will seize. Excess oil is not as critical, but it will also have unpleasant consequences. Sludge will form on the piston and the piston ring will get caked, resulting in a drop in power.

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As a rule, gasoline and oil proportions are given in the manual. A lot of manufacturers prescribe a 50:1 ratio. one part of oil is poured into 50 parts of fuel. That’s why there should be 20 ml of oil per liter of fuel. If the engine is worn out or the tool is under heavy load, the amount of oil can be increased to 25: 1, pouring 40 ml per liter of gasoline.

Four-stroke petrol grass trimmers

Grass trimmers with a four-stroke engine have a more advanced device. Gasoline and oil are poured into different containers from where they enter the engine. These models do not allow the use of lubricants for two-stroke engines.Gasoline for grass trimmer with this engine must be AI-92 or AI-95. Do not use fuel with a lower octane rating. this will cause the engine to run unstable.


    How and how much to fill?

    Filling the grass trimmer fuel tank is easy. You need to place the tank in such a way that the lid is on top. The amount of fuel depends on the grass trimmer model. This information is listed in the manual, also directly on the tank there is a mark.

    It is strictly forbidden to overfill the tank.

    This can cause fuel to overflow into the intake manifold and fuel filter, which can cause engine damage or fuel ignition.

    When filling the grass trimmer it is necessary to observe safety precautions:

    • Try to pour the liquid so it does not spill, you can use a watering can for this purpose;
    • If gasoline is still spilled, it must be wiped up immediately;
    • Start the trimmer for grass should be started after the tank with fuel will be put away in a safe and secure place, better at a distance of more than 10 meters;
    • if there are long intervals between operations, drain the remaining fuel.

    Proper proportion and adherence to mixing and filling techniques will help extend the life of the grass trimmer. In this case, it is recommended to choose only a quality product of the respective brand.

    Gasoline grass trimmers are ideal for the care of the site due to their mobility. These lawnmower models require periodic fuel changes. The choice of gasoline should be approached knowledgeably. Do not skimp too much on the purchase.

    How much oil to put in gasoline for a grass trimmer

    What kind of gasoline you need for your grass trimmer and how much oil to pour?

    Gasoline 92. And the oil percentage is written on the oil container and depends on its viscosity. Most often it is from 1 to 50 (20 grams of oil per liter of gasoline).

    I don’t know much about such things, only that I know that gasoline depends on the type of grass trimmer (that is, the instructions specify what brand of gasoline is needed and how much oil is needed), but I found a website.Forum where you have the data you need.

    We have a grass trimmer. It usually takes an aluminum canister and goes for 92 gasoline. How much oil to put in the trimmer’s manual or the trimmer itself. Look carefully at the grass trimmer you have. Should be the numbers 1:50, 1: 40,1: 20. This is the ratio of oil to gasoline.

    The gasoline needed for a grass trimmer is 92, but AI-95 is better. Better about everything written in the instructions. If they don’t, somewhere on the tanker should indicate the proportion in which to pour out the oil. There is a rule of thumb that it is better to fill up with oil than to refuel. 1:20 somewhere they write, but other trimmers have 1:40. Look closely at your grass trimmer.

    For each brand of grass trimmer you need to have a mixture of gasoline and in a certain proportion. Usually the instructions indicate what ratio would be optimal. Some manufacturers, like STIHL, make ready-to-use fuel mixtures for their products.

    Recommendations for storing the ready-to-use fuel mixture for the grass trimmer

    After filling up the grass trimmer, many people save the leftover mixture in the bottle until the next time. Sometimes this next time comes not soon, and stretches until next year. Do not keep the mixture ready for such a long time because the oil decomposes. After preparing the mixture, you must use it up within 1-2 weeks. You should also not keep the tool with the fuel mix in the tank for an extended period of time, as the effect will be similar. To prevent unforeseen circumstances, it is advisable to consider the following recommendations for storing a ready-to-use gasoline-oil mixture:

    • Prepare the fuel mixture in the amount that will be used. If you don’t know how much fuel to use, then it is better to prepare less
    • If fuel mixture remains in the tank of the grass trimmer (when the tool is hidden until the next season), it must be completely used up or drained
    • Before pouring the prepared mixture into the tank, stir it thoroughly
    • Store the ready mixture in a tightly closed container, and in a place restricted to sunlight

    If all recommendations are followed, the service life of the grass trimmer will be not less than the one specified in the instruction manual. The use of quality consumables paired with adherence to the recommendations for the grass trimmer mix will result in a long and efficient service of the gasoline tool.

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