Lawn mowers, what to look for

Which is better gasoline or electric??

Gasoline and electric mowers are the absolute leaders in sales. Consider the pros and cons of each type.

Gasoline mowers have more power and efficiency.

They are ideal for maintenance of large areas and are very maneuverable. and do not depend on a power source.

Gasoline units are most often self-propelled, which means that the owner only needs to hold the mower by the handles and control its movement. However, it is worth understanding that a high-performance machine will cost quite a lot.

Electric lawnmowers have different power from 300 to 1500 watts (depending on the installation of the engine). These devices are good for mowing small lawns without rocks or bumps.

Let’s compare some important characteristics of gasoline and electric models.

Specifications Gasoline Electric
Engine power up to 16 horsepower Up to 1100. 1500 W
Cutting height up to 9-10 cm up to 9-10 cm
Power supply and cable required no yes
Fuel consumption yes no
Air emissions yes no
Lawn area up to 6,000 sq.м. 100-900 kv.м.
Operating time limited only by fuel tank capacity Up to 15 minutes
Use in rainy weather yes no
Dimensions Large small
Weight 25-45 kg 10-25 kg
Type of control self-propelled non-self-propelled
Price 10-250 thous 4-70 thousand

Which lawn mower is best: petrol or electric??

This question should be based primarily on the anticipated use. For large areas and areas where there is no access to a power outlet, gasoline-powered machines are best suited. However, for all their high performance and maneuverability, it is worth being prepared for a number of operating peculiarities:

  • they are noisier,
  • They need gasoline, oil changes, and sometimes spark plugs,
  • You have to pull the cable with effort and work with a manual starter to start the lawn mower.

There are also models with an electric starter. They just need to press a button to start the engine, but they cost more.

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A good alternative to gasoline (in terms of convenience and maneuverability). cordless mowers. From one charge they work about 30-40 minutes, depending on the density of grass. Since their battery is removable, you can change it for a higher-capacity one, increasing the operating time to almost 2 hours. But you have to understand that the higher the capacity of the battery, the more expensive it is.

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For work in small cottage yards are well suited electric models. They are much quieter, start up with a flick of a button and are generally more “user friendly” to the untrained user, including the price issue. But they’re not without their drawbacks, either:

  • The power cord will get tangled in flowerbeds and ornamental bushes, obstructing maneuvering,
  • you have to make sure that it doesn’t get caught in the blade of the lawnmower,
  • Electric devices should not come into contact with water, that is, to mow after rain or dew is not only undesirable, but even dangerous.

How to choose a lawn mower

Remember what an English gardener answered when a visiting tourist asked how to get that neat front lawn? The son of misty Albion said nonchalantly: “You have to sow good grass and, when it grows up, cut it. Mow it again after a week. Next week again. And so for three hundred years. This is, as usual, only part of the joke. To get a beautiful lawn you really need to take care of it regularly. Fortunately there are better tools for this today than there were three hundred years ago. And if you came to our store to find out what to buy a lawn mower, this article is specially for you.

The choice of tools for lawn care is quite extensive. This family includes both lawn mowers and grass trimmers, designed to care for small lawns, or to handle areas inaccessible to full-size lawn mowers. On the choice of trimmers you can read in a separate article, here we will detail on how to choose the right lawn mower.

How to choose the best lawn mower for dacha: what types and characteristics there are?

Today we will find out with you how to choose a lawn mower to simplify and make the process of mowing the grass cover as effectively as possible, we will consider the main types and the most popular models of this miracle-technology, as well as orient where it can be bought.

Proper lawn care is impossible without a good tool. And given the fact that mowing the grass along with watering. is a regular measure to take care of vegetation, then the choice of lawn mower should be treated with due attention.

Selection criteria

Let’s consider the rules for selecting two types of lawnmowers. wheeled (electric) and trimmers (battery-operated and electric).

Main manufacturers

Buyers of electric lawn mowers are offered devices from different manufacturers. The most popular products of companies Bosch, Zubr, Gardena, Hammer, Makita, Kalibr, Greenworks. Do not ignore the products of other manufacturers. Enkor, Stavr, DAEWOO, Denzel, Patriot, etc. д.

The manufacturer. an important, but not the main criterion. No need to focus only on the manufacturer, because promoted brands are often overpriced.

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There are many examples when an inexpensive model is in great demand and works as well as expensive devices.

Type of cutting system

Electric lawnmowers are conventionally divided into two types:

  • Rotary. a steel blade is fixed on a vertical shaft that rotates during operation. It moves parallel to the surface of the ground and removes the grass with chopping motions. These devices cope with thick grass, but it is more difficult to achieve a perfect lawn.
  • Drum. more complex devices with several movable and one fixed blade. They are attached to the drum, which has a cylindrical shape. The grass is cut according to the scissor type. The movable part lifts the stems and then cuts them. Such models give the lawn a perfect appearance, but they are not suitable for removing tall grass.

The main difference between types is the power of the motor. As a rule, rotary models are more powerful. The additional difference is the number of wheels.


Electric lawnmowers are conditionally divided into three classes:

  • Household. devices designed for processing small areas. They are easy to use and low in price. Minus. limited resource.
  • Professional. electric lawn mowers for regular use and working large areas. Their peculiarity is the long lifetime, high quality parts, maintainability. The only disadvantage is the high price. Such devices are bought by state and private enterprises.
  • Semi-professional. something in between the domestic and professional class. This option suits people who need a reliable mower, but don’t want to pay more for professional machines.

When buying a model, you need to consider the area to be processed and the frequency of use of the mower. So, a domestic class device will be enough for 6 acres, but for larger areas, for example, up to 12 acres it is better to use semi-professional models.

Can be relocated

Electric lawnmowers differ in the type of movement. There are two options available:

  • Non-motorized. devices that are moved manually by “the operator. They are light, easy to use and store. The difficulty is in processing an area with many irregularities on the surface (rolls, bumps, bumps).
  • The self-propelled machine on wheels moves independently. The task of the “operator” is to set the right direction. A motor is used to rotate the blade and move the wheels of the machine. Unlike non-self-propelled electric mowers, self-propelled mowers have more weight and are suitable for larger areas.

When choosing between the self-propelled and non-propelled machines, you have to keep in mind the price. As a rule, self-propelled mowers belong to the professional class and cost more.

Grass ejection

An important point. how to remove the cut stems from under the machine. Three types are distinguished:

The second type is suitable for cleaning heavily overgrown areas. High stems do not get stuck on the way to the special container, they go straight out (to the side) and do not delay treatment of the lawn. The disadvantage is that after cleaning you will have to pass the area with a rake.

Some models include a mulching option, which involves shredding and throwing grass onto the work area. To perform such work, a motor with increased power is needed.

Experts assure the usefulness of such an option, because the stalks processed into chaff play the role of fertilizer for the lawn.

In practice, mulching is useful when mowing small stems. Otherwise, large chunks are thrown on the lawn, which do not decompose well.


When choosing an electric lawnmower, the main attention is paid to the power of the motor. Models with a motor from 300 to 3000 watts are sold on the market. This parameter determines the performance of the mower and electricity consumption.

Powerful devices heat up faster, so you need to look at the characteristics of the continuous operation time. As a rule, this parameter is equal to 0.5 h (enough for a small area).

The location of the electric motor depends on the power. With a parameter of 0.3 to 0.6 kW, the motor is on the bottom, and in other devices. on top.

When buying a lawn mower also takes into account:

On areas up to 400 sq. meters are suitable devices up to 0.9 kW. When working on lawns over an area of approximately 1200 sq. m., the grass catcher box should be between 25 and 80 litres. The grass catcher box is the best choice for an electric lawnmower with a capacity of up to 1.8 kW. Grassrooms with thick stems require a 2 kW grass catcher box.

Grass catcher box

The grass catcher box is a container for collecting grass clippings. How long the grass catcher box lasts depends on its capacity. You don’t need to remove the grass after mowing, which saves time.

The grass catcher box capacity must be chosen based on the location of the lawn. If it is near the house and is regularly mowed, there will be little grass, so you can do without the grass catcher box or settle for a small volume.

Another thing when it comes to a country house, where the grass overgrows. Grass catcher bag capacity should be 25 to 80 litres.

  • Hard. Such constructions are easier to turn to get rid of the accumulated grass.
  • Soft. With them it is more difficult to choose a mowing because of the compression of the sides, made of a fabric base.

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The hard ones are easier to handle. just rinse them off with water. A soft design gets clogged faster, in which case you need to use a vacuum cleaner or wash the product.


The wheels of the electric lawnmower can be wide or narrow. Their number also differs. from two to four.

If the area to be treated has a non-ideal relief with bumps and depressions, it is better to use a machine with wide wheels (it is easier to walk on the uneven surface) on bearings (more reliable).

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Working width

Working width (bevel). an indicator that depends on the size of the blade and deck used. The larger the dimensions, the wider the cleared strip after the passage of the electric lawnmower. Most of the models mow 30-40 cm. expensive machines capture up to 46 cm.

Mowers with wide mowing have an advantage in that they can mow lawns faster, but they are harder to control. If you buy a model with a smaller mowing width, you will have to work longer. This means that more time and electricity are needed to get the lawn in the right condition.

The advantage of such devices is the brightness and ease of operation. It is easier to mow around bushes and trees.

For lawns up to two acres, a mower with a working width of 30-34 cm is suitable. For large areas (up to 6 acres) the models with a bevel of about 40 cm are suitable.

Mowing height

Mowing height is a measure of the distance between the ground and the top of the grass after the electric lawnmower has passed. This parameter can be adjusted in the following ways:

  • Repositioning the axle in the deck into the desired hole. This is a structurally simple but inconvenient method of changing the height.
  • The use of a lever or button, changing the height of the wheels (individual adjustment for each wheel). This method is also not convenient.
  • Central height adjustment. The “driver” of the electric mower presses a lever or button (taking into account the system provided) to lower or lift the product.

convenient models with central regulation, but they are more expensive.

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There are two criteria to consider when examining the height of mowing:

  • The minimum parameter is about 2 mm (the grass is not cut lower);
  • Maximum mowing height is the upper limit that can be set for a particular mower model.

When working on lawns with foreign objects, the highest height is set to avoid that foreign objects get under the blade. After clearing the area of branches and other items, you can go over the area again with a lower treatment height.


An electric lawn mower, powered from the mains, comes with a cord and plug to plug into the socket. An extension cord should be used for convenience, allowing you to “service” a larger area. When choosing a carrier, consider the cross section of the supply cable. it must be able to withstand the power (current consumption) of the mower.

It is desirable to buy an adapter with a brightly colored wire (red, yellow), so that it is more visible on the grass.

  • Before starting work, the cord must be completely unwound to avoid chafing.
  • When mowing the grass, the cable must be behind the electric lawnmower (on the trimmed part).
  • The optimal solution is to put the cord on the shoulder, so that it is at a distance from the ground and will not be damaged by the knife of the device.

The maximum length of the cord does not exceed 20 meters.

The deck contains the blades of an electric lawnmower. Depending on the price it is made of plastic, steel and aluminum.

Models with an aluminum deck are the most expensive. Their advantage is durability and resistance to rust. Plastic decks are less reliable and fail faster.

Power Source

Electric lawn mowers come in two types:

  • Without a battery (powered only by 220 V);
  • with the battery. In the absence of voltage in the domestic network, the device works from a separate power source;
  • Universal. can operate from the mains and from the battery.

Battery capacity can vary from 1.6 to 6 Ah, and voltage from 12 to 82V;

The battery operated models are handy, but the choice must take capacity into account. If it is not enough to process the area, you will have to spend time recharging.

Ease of use is affected by the total weight of the device. Electric mowers with two wheels weigh about 13 kg. Easier to carry or move around the property. Products with four wheels have a mass of up to 40 kg.

They are more difficult to use, but this drawback is compensated by greater motor power and a wide choice of functions. It is up to the customer to decide whether to pay more attention to maneuverability or functionality.

Extra features

When choosing an electric lawnmower, you need to consider additional criteria:

  • Blade drive. Some models have a direct drive that connects the blade of grass directly to the motor. There is no belt drive. This design is simple and reliable.
  • Folding handles. Option allows you to reduce the size of the device and find a place to store it. It takes just a few minutes to assemble the machine and no tools are needed.
  • Self-Starter system. easy push-button start. After triggering, the spring flywheel unwinds and starts the motor.
  • 3 в 1. The function implies the possibility of three types of mowing the grass. with collection in a container, with throwing to the side or mulching.

When choosing a lawn mower, you need to take a comprehensive approach to evaluation and determine the purpose of the purchase. For the occasional mowing around the yard, a simpler, cheaper model is more suitable.

Electric lawn mowers with more power and features come in handy when regularly mowing larger areas.

What kind of lawn mowers there are?

Mechanical wheeled lawnmowers are easy to operate, no electricity or gasoline required, but they do require considerable muscle effort. They are environmentally friendly, quiet and allow adjustable cutting height. The cutting mechanism is a cylindrical blade with a wheel drive. Such a tool is good for the care of young lawns, as the low speed of the blade prevents pulling the grass with the immature root system.

The mechanical wheeled lawnmower

And petrol and electric lawnmowers we will consider below.

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What is the difference between self-propelled and non-self-propelled lawnmowers?

A non-propelled lawnmower has no drive system and no wheels. Therefore a certain amount of force is required to pull it forwards or backwards. Most of these models are lightweight (up to 20 kg) and low-power. Lawn mowers are used for cutting grass on areas not exceeding 800 square meters. м. Ideal for country houses.

The self-propelled lawnmower has a powerful engine that drives the blades and wheels. No force is needed to cut the grass, just guide the lawnmower. Some self-propelled models feature autonomous blade and motor disengagement. This mower comes in handy on difficult terrain. If you need to cross paths with gravel, this is the best option.

Self-propelled lawnmowers are: front-drive, rear-drive and four-wheel drive.

Front-drive mowers are more maneuverable. Choosing a self-propelled mower, pay attention to the diameter of the wheels, the larger it is, the easier it will be to move the mower on the site. It is also worth asking about the availability of spare wheels, and whether they are sold separately.

Lawn mowers with mechanical cylinders

They are powered by human muscles. The first mowers have a body on wheels with cutting blades inside. A distinction is made between the spindle mower and the hand lawnmower. The first ones have spindle blades, that are driven by energy transmitted by the wheels’ rotation when moving the mower. Spindle mowers can be contact (blades cross each other) and non-contact (there is a gap between the cutting elements). They all cut the grass as it is fed to the blade.Older users note that spindle mowers are worse for mowing the lawn: the same spots need to be passed several times.Manual mechanical lawn mowers have a rotating cylinder to which the blades are attached. This mower has adjustable elements, the grass is cut cleaner, and a manual mower is considered more durable than a spindle mower.

Advantages of all types of manual lawn mowers:

  • Autonomy. no need for wires, fuel, etc.д. The mower is always ready to use;
  • Simple mechanics. will serve you for years, and repairs are simple. Requires minimal maintenance;
  • Quiet. the absence of any engine makes grass cutting a very quiet process;
  • Environmentally friendly. no emissions.


  • are only effective for small lawns;
  • Not suitable for uneven hilly areas;
  • The quality of cut is lower than on mowers with an engine.

Electric mower. How to choose?

I want to share my experience with electric lawn mowers: a regular mower and a grass trimmer. As well as their pros and cons, and in my opinion. I’ll start with the regular one. I must say that we have a large lawn, so we have lawn mowers in 2003. Different terrain: there are flat areas, bumps and knots (apple orchard), weeds and nettles. Each new mower was more powerful than the previous one because the motor noticeably slows down the mowing speed when cutting dense grass. As a result, the grass, grown for a week, could not be mowed the first time (the same place had to be passed several times). At the moment we have an old Koala, we are happy with the speed of mowing. The grass does not stick and does not accumulate. No fading of plastic, no frost damage (stored in a garage that is not heated in winter)

Pros:. It is easy to mow and carry in front of you, there is no load on your back. Easy to carry, transport. Smooth lawn

Cons:. Not always close to walls and curbs you can mow the grass, for example, very inconvenient to mow the bank of the pond You need to make sure not to get stones and branches: and the knife will blunt, and in general, will not last long

What to pay attention to when buying: First of all, such parameters as: mowing width, minimum and maximum mowing height, power and weight.

Body material: if you stop at plastic, it must be reinforced, it has a higher resistance to shocks.

The wheels: the wheel material may be plastic, steel or aluminum. Probably the steel is more reliable, but we have not had problems with plastic ones. But with the width were. the wider the wheels, the better the passability and less likely to leave a mark on the lawn.

The grass catcher box: It is better to buy a “cloth grass catcher box” than a plastic one. In the 3rd year of the last mower with a plastic grass catcher box the plastic along the edge started to crack and chip, and the handle to hold and shake out the grass fell off.

Blade metal: Very soft will blunt quickly

Grass trimmer Experience with the trimmer we have only one season, and that not very successful. at the end of the season burned out and returned to the store for warranty. At the moment we are looking for a new one.

Pros:. Mobile and manoeuvrable. Space-saving storage in winter. Top-mounted motor allows even wet grass to be mowed. Weeds and weeds can be mowed without fear

DisadvantagesIt is heavy to carry for a long time (especially if the area is large). It is necessary to rake the grass. When mowing with a fishing line the grass is not cut, and tears, so the edges dry up and the lawn grass looks unsightly

What to look for when buying: Handle comfort and strap length: be sure to “try it on” before buying. Protective guard: if it is very wide, it reduces the ease of mowing. Set up: it is better to be able to put on both the fishing line and the knife/disc.

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