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Which lawn mower is better to buy: select the view and model

With the advent of summer, owners of personal plots and cottages think about how to put their lawn in order. an important component of landscape design. And the best solution to the problem will be the purchase of a lawn mower. However, making the right choice with all the variety of models and brands is not so easy. In our review, we will talk about how to choose a lawn mower based on your individual needs, and give a rating of lawn mowers in three different categories of this garden and park technology.

How to choose the right lawnical mower? First you need to deal with the functional differences of the lawn mower from similar garden and park equipment: trimmers and motorcycle. Often, owners of suburban real estate do not see a significant difference between this equipment, which is fraught with errors when choosing a technique.

  • The lawn mower is a garden and park technique of medium dimensions and power for mowing lawn grass on a flat landscape.
  • Trimmer for grass is a low.power mechanism designed to carry in the hands consisting of a cutting element, a bar and engine. A trimmer for grass is used if it is necessary to cut grass on an uneven surface, in places and near plantings. This device is usually used to process relatively small areas. Or for the doctoral of the remaining areas where the lawn mower did not pass.
  • The lawn mower (lawn mower) is a more powerful and structurally more reliable version of the trimmer for grass. Designed for mowing high grass and mowing in uneven areas. It can be used as the main tool for caring for the site, if it is not possible to use the lawn mower, but due to the fact that the mowing is carried out manually and is unevenly, poorly suitable for use on lawn grass.

So, we decided that the lawn mower is the best option for areas with an even landscape and simple geometry. However, this is only the beginning of the path. Next, you will need to choose the type of lawn mower. For simplicity of perception, the classification of mechanisms, the principles of the operation of individual models, as well as their advantages and disadvantages are given in table 1.

Table 1. The principles of the operation of the lawn mower

Technical parameter
Advantages Flaws
Type of engine and energy source:
Electric motor without a battery Electric lawn mowers
Environmentally friendly, do not require the purchase of combustible materials, have a low noise level (at the level of 80 dB). Require connection to the power supply network, extension cord, there is a risk of cable damage, it is dangerous to operate during rain and dew, have limited power.
Electric motor with a battery Battery lawmakers and lawn mowers
Have the same advantages that are listed above, and also differ in increased mobility. Hazonocosille robots do not require the participation of the operator in the process. They have the same disadvantages that are given above, and also differ in a large weight, limited time from the battery (from 15 to 30 minutes), the need for a long recharge.
ICE gasoline Gasoline lawn mowers
High.performance, maneuverable, reliable, designed for intensive operation. They are heavy, have a high noise level (more than 90 dB), require regular maintenance and purchases of combustible materials.
There is no engine, the source of energy is muscular effort Mechanical lawn mowers
Absolute environmental friendliness, lack of noise, low cost, independence from energy sources, the possibility of exploitation in any weather, ideal for areas with short, young grass. They require great physical efforts to quickly move the equipment, a large time for mowing time. Not suitable for thick or high grass.
Type of drive:
On the front wheels Self.propelled front.end lawn mowers
Are maneuverable in reversal, convenient to manage. Used only on even lawns.
On the rear wheels Self.propelled rear.wheel drive lawners
In the presence of rear wheels of a larger diameter, they are able to work on slopes and uneven relief. Inconvenient for turns, sometimes for this you have to stop and even raise some models.
Four-wheel drive Self.propelled all.wheel drive lawn mowers
Powerful and highly performing, universal for landscape of any complexity and for working in any weather, easily rise and descend from the hills. Have high cost, high weight (about 50 kg).
Without the drive Non.self.propelled models
Have small weight (about 15 kg), economical. The need to push in front of you, small power (models with an engine without wheel drive).
Principle of operation:
The cylindrical (drum) mechanism (“combine principle”, with cutting blades twisted in a spiral around a rotating drum) Lawn mowers with a drum cutting unit
These include all two.wheeled models of mechanical lawn mowers with a manual drive, as well as individual models with an electric motor, which determine the advantages of technology. Provide the best quality mowing (cut of grass). Have small power and ability, are not suitable for neglected areas.
The rotary mechanism (“Propeller principle”, a cutting disk or 1-2 pairs of cutting blades-spindle knives is fixed on a vertical rotating shaft) Lawn mowers with a rotor cutting unit
Universal, have the ability to adjust knives in height, which allows you to work on hills and on an uneven relief. These include all four.wheeled gasoline and electric models. Disadvantages are determined by the established type of engine, drive, knives, body material.
Air bag Furious lawn mowers
Are maneuverable, have high ability and easy controllability, created to work on uneven relief and in places. It is rarely found on sale, have a small lineup, it is difficult to direct in a straight path.
Electric. up to 1.5 kW of ICE. up to 2.5 liters. With. Low.power lawn mowers
Compact, have little weight, economical, ideal for small even household lawns with flower beds. A small width of the mowing strip (up to 40 cm), a large time consumption and effort on the haircut of the lawn, the ability to cut only young short grass, poor functionality of technology.
Electric-1.5-2 kW of ICE-2.5-6 liters. With. Aquarrower of medium power
The best option for most areas with small slopes of the surface and irregularities can cut off weeds with a thick stem, significantly accelerate the process of cutting lawns. Have a higher cost, relatively high weight and dimensions.
ICE. over 6 l/s High.power lawn mowers
Reliable and productive, are only gasoline, semi.professional and professional models. High cost and high cost of subsequent maintenance.

How to choose a lawn mower

The rational choice of the lawn mower provides for the linking of its technical and functional characteristics with the characteristics of the site on which the herbs will be mowed and user preferences will be carried out. To do this, we recommend that you draw up a table in one column of which will contain the criteria (personal preferences and conditions of the site), in the second. the compliance of the characteristics of the lawn mower with these parameters, for example, “1. yes” and “0. ​​no”, in the third. them. them weight characterizing the individual significance for you. The most significant factors will have the maximum weight. the factor of multiplying points.

You can use our test, which will greatly simplify the choice of the type of lawn mower (Table 2). To calculate the result, it is necessary to add points corresponding to your answers and compare the resulting value with the nominal values ​​(given at the end of the table).

table 2. A choice

Site conditions and user preferences

Remoteness from the power source for recharging allows you to use the technique:

The frequency of herbs mowing:

The possibility of mowing in the process and after moisturizing the lawn (the operation of the lawn.soldier, the loss of dew, ine, rain, hail)

The time that you are ready to spend on the haircut of a lawn with an area of ​​1000 m 2:

Sensitivity to the noise of you and your neighbors:

Attitude to the environmental component:

Possible presence on the lawn of unauthorized persons (the risk of electric shock or cable damage):

User (accounting for weight and dimensions of the lawn mower):

The test results, the decision made:

  • 23–28 points. a choice between an electric and gasoline lawn mower is possible
  • 29 and more points. a lawn mower with an internal combustion engine

Table 3. Functionality and power of garden technology

The width of the mowing strip depends on the engine power and determines the productivity of the lawn mower. the larger this indicator, the faster you can handle the haircut of the lawn, capturing a large area per unit of time. However, a wide cutting block can become an obstacle to working in narrow places, around the flower bed.

The minimum mowing height of 5 mm is needed for a tennis court, 20 mm is required for professional football fields and for lawns with certain varieties of grass. Adjustment can have from 2 to 56 levels of height fixation (!), but usually 2–10. Obviously, the number of levels also depends on the diameter of the wheel. It is not recommended to buy a lawn mower with a manual, “fraud” setting heights. If accuracy is important for you, purchase an unit with central adjustment. Adjusting the height of mowing is important at a fickle level, a hillock of the site.

2 of 3 lawn mowers have a rear discharge of grass, which is determined by the structural features of the mechanism. Side reset is especially convenient when mowing grass along the roadsides. Many models are also equipped with a grass collector, and the most functional have mulching. they can free themselves from grass by all means, they have a “3 in 1” marking.

The design of the grass collector can be a bag of synthetic fiber (nets) or a plastic container. Both options have their pros and cons: a cloth of a tissue type allows you to control its filling, while the container does not make it possible to evaluate its fullness. The bag is light, but its pores are quickly clogged with small fragments of mowed grass, after which the latter sticks on the inner walls. The plastic container is enough with water. It is best suited for young juicy grass. And, finally, herbalized collectors of any type, including combined, are quickly filled with high grass, increasing the weight of the lawn mower and shifting the center of gravity. And if the device has a front.wheel drive, then it is possible to slip it, slipping the front wheels.

Mulching function (grass grinding)

English word mulch (“mulch”) translated into Russian means “humus”. This is primarily about straw to protect the soil from evaporation, freezing, to reduce weed growth, is also used as a fertilizer.The function of automatic preparation of mulch and scattering it on the lawn is far from all models of lawn mowers. It is important not to rejoice in blindly this useful opportunity, since mulching makes sense when mowing necessarily dry, but soft grass. Otherwise, mulch will turn into lumps, not cover the lawn evenly, clog the roots of the grass, form an excess felt layer and, as a result, only interfere with the healthy growth of grass. The lawn will take an untidy look and you have to comb it. Some models of lawn mowers are able to perform mulching, but are not equipped with a special nozzle, which will have to be purchased separately.

Gasoline gasoline Al-ko Comfort 46.0 SP-B 119937

AL-ko lawn mower can mow in any convenient mode thanks to 4inone function: mowing with back ejection, side emission, collection and mulching.

So, we have determined the basic technical and functional characteristics of the lawnmands, their advantages and disadvantages, features of use-all that deserves paramount attention in the process of choosing and buying this garden and park technique. But it will not be superfluous to look at the rating of the popularity of various types and models of lawn mowers, to find out that owners of personal plots are most often bought by.

The main criteria that affect the choice of lawn mowers

In order to be able to quickly and effectively give the lawn a neat and well.groomed look, it is worth purchasing lawn mowers based on its parameters, that is:

  • Area of ​​the site.
  • Landscape features (bias, soil uneven, relief, etc.)
  • Herbal coating (what is grass in density, what varieties it is and.)

For small lawns, it will be correctly purchased by a regular manual and relatively cheap electric trimmer for grass on the bar, but if the site has a size of more than 1 hundredth, grass cutting can result in a fairly long and difficult occupation. Therefore, here it will be best to opt for wheeled lawn mowers.

Varieties of wheeled models

The main varieties are only 4 and they are divided by the type of control of the unit. In particular:

  • Riiders’ lawn mushrooms are a kind of mini-tractors. The operator processes the lawn sitting at his steering wheel. These models are the most expensive and are purchased for lawns of very large areas.
  • Robots-automatic lawn mowers, like robots-percleshots. This also includes radio.controlled models.
  • Electric lawns that operate from the network 220 V.
  • Gasoline lawn mowers operating from an internal combustion engine.

The internet told me to cut the neighbor’s grass ��

What the choice depends on?

This choice is one of the main ones, because it is on it that the capabilities and parameters of the lawn mower depend on it.

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of the type of mower, take into account the advantages and disadvantages of each engine, because in some conditions it is a disadvantage, in others it turns into a factor that does not affect anything.

For example, a gasoline lawn mower makes a loud sound during operation, which interferes with those who live nearby, but if there are not a single residential building at a distance of several hundred meters, then there will be no harm from noise.

Therefore, choose a gasoline mower to complete the following tasks:

  • regular mowing of territories with an area of ​​over ten acres (one hundredth is 100 m2);
  • mowing of lawns and clearings overgrown with low multi.track;
  • irregular haircuts removed from the house by 25 or more meters;
  • irregular haircuts overgrown with wild or cultural grass;
  • mowing grass where the noise of the motor, exhaust gases and the need to refuel the device with gasoline and oil are not a problem.
  • well.groomed areas located at a distance of not more than 50 m (if the power of the mower is not higher than one kW, then up to 100 m);
  • not very overgrown sites removed from the house by no more than 25 m;
  • strongly overgrown (2–5 weeks without haircuts) areas lying at a distance of 1–10 m from the house.

Choose batteries for regular haircuts of well.groomed areas with an area of ​​1–10 acres (depending on the voltage and battery capacity, as well as the number of spare sources of energy).

Non.self.propelled devices are preferable in the following cases:

  • You love physical labor and outdoor activities;
  • Do not want to overpay for self-propelled, even if because of this, you will have to push the mitch yourself.

Self.propelled models are preferable if:

  • It is difficult for you to push the mowing to the distance you need for the entire site;
  • You do not like to strain;
  • Overpayment for self.proper is not a problem for you.
  • Even passing the entire trajectory of the mowing tract in the area for you is a problem;
  • It is necessary to shake the large lawn as quickly as possible;
  • The total area of ​​the territory, which must be regularly cut, is tens or hundreds of acres;
  • you like comfort and are ready to overpay for it.

Lawn mower, trimmer for grass or lawn mower?

The main purpose of the lawn mower is a regular haircut of low grass on lawns, lawns of other such territories, so to solve such problems, purchase a lawn mower.

It is inferior to the trimmer and motorcycle strip of the ability to cut off high thick grass, but after the haircut a beautiful flat surface is obtained.

If you need to lay hay or straw, as well as clean the territory of thick tall grass, then choose a trimmer for grass or motorcycle, because they are created precisely for this.

Discussion on the forums

Users of various Internet forums are actively discussing issues related to the choice of self.propelled gasoline lawn mower, so reading such forums can bring many benefits.

There are people who make different, often opposite requirements, so their experience will help to more accurately choose a mow to a specific situation.

We have prepared links to the most authoritative and popular from such forums, and not everywhere users discuss the choice of gasoline self.propelled models, but even their comparison with non.self.propelled or electric analogues will bring many benefits:

In order to understand how to choose a self.propelled gasoline lawn mower, it is necessary to take into account many factors, because not always the best for a specific situation will be the most expensive or most powerful model.

Due to the fact that manufacturers offer lawn mowers in various equipment and with different characteristics, knowing the basic rules for choosing these devices, you can always choose the right model.

Types of grass collectors

Some models have the ability to throw mowed grass to the ground or back. Such mulching for the lawn is useful in very limited quantities. Otherwise the lawn will be spoiled. Therefore, most models of lawn mowers are equipped with a grass collector.

lawners, grass, collector, which, rating, best


It is convenient to unload them, just wash. Such grass collectors provide better ventilation, and the density of laid grass depends on it, in turn, in turn. But if the ventilation holes are clogged, problems begin with the release of grass into the grass collector. Designed for 30–40 liters.


Light and compact. In most cases, such bags are installed on powerful gasoline models. Since the fabric is clogged with grass, this affects the strength of the air flow. Only a high.power motor can compensate for this minus. Designed for a volume of up to 90 liters.


Lungs, keep their shape, provide good ventilation. Such grass collectors are cleaned, but units of only a few manufacturers are equipped with similar capacities.

Trimmers for grass

Separate attention is deserved by trimmers for grass. Lawn mowers are indispensable in large areas with a flat surface, and to cut complex landscapes more rationally, it is more rational to use precisely trimmers for grass. They are network, battery and gasoline. The main advantages and disadvantages of these models are similar to the lawn mower.

lawners, grass, collector, which, rating, best

Speasing width varies from 20 to 42 cm. Weight. from 1.5 to 9 kg. Can work with a cutting knife or fishing line. Field diameter. from 1.4 to 3.3 mm.

Trammers for grass with the lower and upper location of the engine have different structures and ergonomics. The former are not intended for prolonged work, so additional devices that increase comfort, they usually do not have. Therefore, it is worth evaluating the weight of the trimmer for grass and the convenience of the handle: whether it has deepening for fingers, the softness of plastic. Preference should be given to devices with a relatively powerful engine with minimum weight.

Assessing the ergonomics of the trimmer for grass with the upper location of the engine, it is worth paying attention to the design of the handle, the shoulder suspension, the length of the bar and the balance of the device. Devices with a J-shaped handle are inferior in convenience to models with a “bicycle” handle. The former are more suitable for work in small (up to six acres) areas. Models with a “bicycle” handle more convenient when processing large areas.

Top 5 Electric Lawn Mowers in 2022 ��

Stihl fs 55 c benzotrim

It is also worth paying attention to how the handle lies in the hand and from what plastic it is made. Hard plastic reduces comfort and increases the risk of corns.

An important role is played by the design of the shoulder suspension: models with “knife” belts are more convenient for models with one shoulder belt. The length of the bar and good balance also affect comfort. If the length of the rod is insufficient, the load on the back increases.

Too heavy lower or upper part creates an additional load on hand or on the back.

About the grass collector

Mowed, and what to do next? If you leave on the lawn. not an option, then only a grass collector remains. Attention! Herbackers can be soft (with a fabric base) and in a solid case.

Solid species win everything. both in use and in maintenance. They are easily cleaned from grass and wash when leaving or preparing for long.term storage. What cannot be said about options with a fabric base, where difficulty causes even the complete liberation of the grass collector from the grass.

Do not forget about the volume. For rare use, you can choose a small volume of up to 30 liters. For a summer house and a country house, it is better to consider the volume of the grass collector from 30 to 75 liters.

About wheels

When we are talking about how Choose an electric lawn mower. We cannot even miss such a part as a wheel. It would seem what they affect. Wide wheels will come in handy for work on an uneven surface. They, but with a special corrugated surface, protect the lawn from traces of the unit during operation.

Aluminum, steel or plastic? We already said in advance that the plastic wins, and you probably noticed a catch. You are certainly right. plastic is not the best solution. Such devices are cheaper, but you can’t call a reliable deck.

Of course, aluminum wins. It significantly increases the cost of equipment, but at the same time makes it resistant to rust, reduces wear and protects against damage. A good set that is useful to everyone. Although, no one has canceled the option with stainless steel.

How to choose a lawn mower

The choice of lawn mowers is truly huge today. Expert online hypermarket All-tools.Ru Maxim Sokolov told Komsomolskaya Pravda, what parameters should be paid to first of all.So, the choice of a lawn mower depends on two factors. The first is the area of ​​the lawn. The second is an affordable power supply. These are key issues that need to be solved when buying. And then look at the convenience, functionality and additional options.

Focus on the area of ​​the lawn

In our store, almost all models of lawn mowers indicate the area of ​​the territory for which they are suitable. If this parameter is not, we look at the width of the mowing. For example, models with a mowing width 30 cm are suitable for a territory up to 300 kV. m; over 50 cm. for a lawn up to 1000 kV. m. Here is a simple mathematics. the wider the capture of one pass, the faster you will process the entire site. Of course, you can take a lawn mower with a width of 30 cm and go out with it to the football field, but then you have to work for a very long time.

We determine the power source

  • The power grid is a minimum of noise, there are no harmful exhausts, ease of service, but an extension cord is needed, which sometimes can limit freedom of movement.
  • Gasoline. maximum performance, long.term work at long distances, there is no binding to the outlet, but the technique is heavy, requires a regular supply of gasoline.
  • The battery is a compromise option for those who need both environmental friendliness and freedom of movement, but the working hours depend on the battery charge.

What will be a plus in the lawn mower

  • A spacious grass collector for mowed grass, so as not to clean it after work on the site.
  • Mulching mode for grinding grass, which will turn into a useful organic fertilizer for the lawn.
  • The central adjustment of the haircut height is useful for quick settings for the type of landscape.
  • The wheel drive is useful for heavy equipment, which is difficult to move manually.
  • Folding handle for compact storage of lawn mower and transportation to the place of work.
  • Increased rear wheels for confident patency in uneven areas and horseshoes.
  • Protective bumper will prevent random damage to the deck in a collision with obstacles.

Of course, the combination of all features in one model significantly increases its price. Therefore, decide what is the priority for you, and what functions you can refuse. Look for exactly the lawn mower that meets precisely your requirements. And then you do not have to overpay for unnecessary, unnecessary functions.

TOP-11 rating according to KP

The PLM20H-330A model can be safely called the “DAY DAY”. You do not need to pull the extension cord behind her and make sure not to cut it with a knife; You do not depend on the fuel level in the tank. Unlike a trimmer for grass, the lawn mower should not be constantly dragged on yourself. And most importantly. this is an even slice of grass with minimal efforts, a quiet engine operation and no exhaust.

The lithium-ion battery is fully charged in an hour and a half. Its capacity of 4 Ah is enough for an average of 50 minutes of operation, depending on the length of the grass, air temperature and other parameters. The battery is protected from self.discharge, overheating and overloads on the network. The battery charge indicator will allow you to accurately plan the work with the device. This lawn mower belongs to the OnePower series, all the tools of which work on a single battery system.

lawners, grass, collector, which, rating, best

In the device of the device, brushes (graphite rods) are not used). According to the manufacturer, its efficiency is 90%, unlike a traditional collector engine with an efficiency of 60%. A mower along with the battery weighs 11.5 kg, it is maneuverable and universal. So, the height of the mowing can be adjusted from 25 to 75 mm. The cut width is constant and is 330 mm. Thanks to the side guides, you can mow the grass close to the curbs and walls.

To prevent spontaneous inclusion, as well as in order to protect against children, the manufacturer provides for the ignition key. The controls are located on the handle, and in the case of loss of control over the machine, the engine instantly stops.

Standard equipment: lawn mower, box, key, grass collector, battery, charger. The handle of the device is folding, so storing the lawn mower will not cause inconvenience.


Al-ko 112856 Classic 3.82 SE is an electric lawn mower that works from a network cable. The best option for caring for a household lawn with an area of ​​up to 500 m². Lugus handles have a rubberized surface and mechanisms to adjust the height. The wheels do not protrude beyond the edges of the case, so it is convenient to cut the grass against the wall. The switch is made in the form of a trigger, there is a protection against accidental inclusion. Knives are made of very high.quality metal. Smarted grass enters the container with a volume of 39 liters. Speasing height can be adjusted within 20 mm 60 mm. Three height adjustment modes. Speasing width. 38 cm. Engine power is 1400 watts.

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