Lifan engine installation on the Cascade single-axle tractor

General information and design features

MB-6 Cascade is produced by “Reductor” company. The model was designed in 2006 and for such a short time has managed to win the trust of Russian farmers. By its capabilities this single-axle tractor can compete with more high-class machines, as it is equipped with a powerful motor and additional features that make the work efficient and convenient, regardless of the complexity of tasks. The ability to install various attachments significantly expands the potential of the Cascade MB-6, and thus makes it even more versatile.

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This tractor is designed to work a plot of land up to 40 acres.

The Cascade brand. the history of appearance and development

Cascade motor blocks are manufactured by Perm Motors, a holding company that develops transmissions and gearboxes for helicopters. The holding began developing power tillers in 2006, launching production not only of garden machines, but also of four-stroke single-cylinder engines.

Today Cascade motor blocks represent one of the most extensive segments of low-power agricultural machinery. Many modifications are available, with different engines, steering columns and gearboxes. All “Cascade” motor blocks are developed and assembled at the aircraft factory, which is why their build quality and functionality are so high.

The first representatives of the “Cascade” series were equipped with DM68 engines, which were produced by Kaluga Machine-Building Plant. Later on, DM68 engines are increasingly being replaced by foreign counterparts from manufacturers in China, Japan and the U.S.

DM68 engine has been in production for over 20 years. Over the years, the motor model has undergone improvements. There have been released several modifications, but now the motor blocks “Cascade” are increasingly equipped with motors from Honda, Briggs Stratton, Lifan.

The power of power tillers is about the same and ranges from 6 to 7 horsepower. Next we will consider in more detail, what today’s modifications and types of motoblocks “Cascade”.

Cascade MB 6-06 single axle tractor

How to install a new engine on the KROT power tiller

In this article you will learn how to install a new engine on a mole tractor. Mole mole for a long time of production earned the reputation of a reliable technique and comfortable cultivator, which is so multi-functional that many call it a single-axis tractor mole. The only weakness of the Moto-Block (cultivator) Mole. is the old two-stroke engine, which was copied from the Japanese kerosene motor Kiichi 1956. The engine was too small capacity, only 2.3 horsepower, designed for leaded 76 gasoline. Due to the fact that gasoline 76y now a rarity, and leaded (containing lead) gasoline under the ban, the reliability of the old engine mole cultivator tends to zero.

But we can’t throw such a beautiful cultivator-single axle tractor mole in the scrap metal! The modern inexpensive and correct solution is to replace the engine on the mole with a new one. How to install a new engine on the mole? On the example of one engine installation on the mole, we will dispel your doubts, whether the engine is suitable for the mole, and what engine is suitable for a single-axis tractor mole.

The device of a Cascade mole cultivator

Each version of the machine consists of 4 basic units: transmission, power plant, running gear and control elements. The unit is often equipped with a variety of engines. As for the running gear, it consists of a frame with mounted in it drive wheels and nodes. The Cascade range of power tillers features the ability to independently determine the interwheel distance. What’s more, the machine is often equipped with heavy-duty pneumatic wheels with aggressive tread. Creators of techniques also took into account the specifics of storing the object and supplemented the design with special metal stops. They can be very useful in case it is necessary to stop the machine during the working process.

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The reliability of the transmission is unquestionable, and its main task is the quality transmission of torque to the wheels from the engine itself. It is also an integral part of the speed and slew rate of the machine. The chain reducer, clutch and 4-speed gearbox are the basic components of the transmission and are often housed in a dedicated unit.

Most models have several forward and reverse speeds, making for excellent maneuverability. The output shaft of the reinforced gearbox is located on bearings with a significant diameter, which are resistant to mechanical damage and the negative impact of various kinds of vibration. Specialized belt transmission allows the owner of a Cascade power tiller to install necessary attachments.

Locking ring, 2. Adjusting ring, 3. Bevel gear, 4. Adjusting rings, 5. Bearing, 6. Intermediate shaft-pinion, 7. Upper housing, 8. Output shaft, 9. Adjusting rings, 10. Bearing, 11. Bevel Gear, 12. Locking Ring, 13. Cup Dust Cover, 14. Dust Cover, 15. Cuff, 16. Adjusting Rings, 17. Lower Body, 18. Adjusting Gasket, 19. Bearing, 21. Cover, 22. Gear, 23. Pinion, 24. Shaft.

Установка двигателя Lifan на ТС-350.

It is worth noting that the system is controlled by the clutch handle, gear stick, steering wheel, engine, power regulator and carburetor airplane flap. The steering wheel can be easily adjusted to the operator’s height and the center of gravity is relatively low.

Thanks to these features it is easy to control the tiller. This is also facilitated by the location of most of the controls directly on the steering wheel. Particular attention should be paid to the steering column, which is rapidly adjustable, allowing a person even after several hours of active work with the Cascade power tiller not so much fatigue and to adapt the basic control elements to your personal desires.

It is important to run the machine properly immediately after purchase, to control oil and fuel levels and not to overload it, otherwise it will often break down and soon become completely unusable.

What to consider when choosing an engine for your power tiller

First of all, the engine power and the amount of work to be done. Power output is the same as on the old engine, or slightly more. Light motor blocks are units up to 5 hp.с., As a rule, they are purchased for plots of up to 20 acres. Machines with a capacity of up to 7 liters.с. are purchased for areas up to 1 hectare, and power tillers from 7 to 9 12 l.с. Till a field of up to 4 hectares. It is understandable that higher horsepower increases fuel consumption. But its consumption by the power tiller is insignificant and ranges from 0.9 to 2.5 l/h. There is one thing to take into account: the heavier the machine, the heavier it is. All the same, low-powered motor blocks are usually subjected to very serious loads, often exceeding the norm, and operate at the limit of their powers. That is why they break down more quickly and are considered less reliable than machines with a powerful engine.

The working width of the tiller is also important. The calculation is as follows: a 4-stroke motor per 1 liter.с. A 2-stroke has a maximum working width of 20 cm, a 2-stroke maximum of 30 cm. That is, a power tiller with a working width of 75 cm is suitable engine with a capacity of not less than 4 liters.с.

Finally, about the manufacturers of engines for single axle tractor. Domestic brands are not too popular with customers because of the rather high cost and not very long life, in addition, some of them are removed from production. Chinese models are more popular due to low cost, reliability and versatility. For plots of 10-15 acres several times a season they are the best option. In addition, spare parts for this equipment are usually always available. For large areas and frequent work throughout the year, we recommend equipment from well-known global manufacturers, such as Robin-Subaru, Honda (Japan), and of course, the best are American motors with the BriggsStratton brand.

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The choice of engine on the Cascade single axle tractor

Cascade” power tillers are widespread technical means and are used for various works. The popularity is due to the fact that the manufacturers have equipped these units with the necessary functions and characteristics, which allows its use in almost all cases of life, as well as for the treatment of land.

Many owners appreciate this equipment because of its affordable price, compactness and high performance.

Installation of the Chinese engine on the Cascade single-axle tractor

Modern land cultivation has very different features than a century ago. Now it is difficult to imagine plowing the soil without the use of specialized equipment. The most common are motor blocks. Among them, the Cascade units occupy a special niche. The engine on a single-axle tractor Cascade consists of several important components:

Motor DM-1, which is equipped with motor blocks Cascade, has a number of differences in different variations. The main difference is the use of compulsory lubrication of the connecting rod head to increase the engine life. Once you understand the design, you can assemble an engine Cascade for a power tiller with your own hands. But this requires the right knowledge and, of course, equipment.

Engine assembly

To understand which engine is better for a power tiller Cascade, you need to decide on the tasks and the amount of load to be performed. The capacity and performance of the machine depend on it.

Before beginning with the assembly, it is necessary to remove dirt from all parts and components. It is also absolutely necessary to lubricate the main elements. Then follows the installation of the cylinder block in the working space. To do this, insert the crankshaft into the bearing on the block support.

You need a mandrel to crimp the rings while installing the piston. If it is not available, tin strips and pliers may be used. It is important to make sure that the piston rings do not jam in its grooves. For this you need to put the compression rings with a locking deflection of 180 degrees. But the oil wiper ring should be at an angle of 90 degrees.

Next, it is worth following this sequence:

  • put the lower connecting rod head on the crankshaft pin;
  • put on the connecting rod cover and oil splitter;
  • Put on the check washer and tighten as follows: 155 Nm (at the beginning) and 252 Nm;
  • (at the end);
  • Then it is enough to tighten the tendrils, which are available on the control washer;
  • tappets must be installed in the cylinder block. It is necessary to turn the cylinder sideways to prevent them from falling out.

Next, craftsmen are interested in the question. how to put a mark on the engines of power tillers Cascade? To do this, just put the camshaft so that the mark, which is put on one of the teeth of the crankshaft pinion, stands up against the same mark of the camshaft pinion trough.

By cranking the shaft, you should make sure that the centrifugal regulator pinion is cranking easily and without a hitch. Now it’s time to put the cylinder head in place, not forgetting the gasket. Gradually it is necessary to tighten the bolts on the cover. The final step will be the installation of the key on the cone of the crankshaft, as well as joining the flywheel and its washer.

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Устанавливаю на минитрактор двигатель Lifan с КПП ВАЗ. #1

Variety of engines for the Cascade power tiller

The structure of the engine of a Cascade motoblock is quite complex. That’s why the best option would be to buy and install a ready-made motor. The delivered engine can be Chinese or other well-known manufacturers. Pay attention to build quality and specifications.

Particular attention should be paid to the condition of the power block. Timely maintenance and repair will allow you to use your engine at full power for as long as possible.

Single axle tractor engine mounting kit

The installation kit is used to install the imported engine on the domestic single axle tractor (transmission) MB-1, Oka, Neva, Kaskad, Favorit, Luch and structurally similar to them.

Kit includes pulley, traction plate, belt tensioner, mounting hardware.

Соединение двигателя Лифан Lifan C192FD дизель с КПП мотоцикла Урал. Самодельный минитрактор 3

When ordering the installation kit, please specify the information we need for the correct kit suitable for your engine, namely:

  • The model of the motor block on which your new engine will be installed, for us to determine the type of pulley.
  • Model of the engine for which you want to buy the installation kit.
  • Diameter of the output shaft of this motor (19 mm., 20 mm., or other) is needed to match the correct diameter pulley for the application.
  • Type of threads at the end of this output shaft, plain metric or inch (you can check by trying to screw in a simple bolt for 8, if it does not go, then the thread is inch).
  • type of threads in the two holes above and below the output shaft needed to install the belt-accelerator bracket (can be checked with the same bolt)

With this information in mind, you will be matched with the proper vibration kit for your application.

Is the Lifan engine suitable for the Krot power tiller??

The engine used on the Mole is a weaker 4 hp one, because the frame of this model does not allow for the installation of a more powerful engine.

The engine for the Mole is much cheaper, which for many will only be a plus. For the size of this mowing unit is quite enough power, it copes with the main task. to plow the land. Of course, it should be used on very small plots, where you do not need much power and continuous work.

Since power tillers are small tools, they are popular in many countries where people are engaged in agriculture. After all, without power tillers it is difficult to dig up the earth on your small plot. The tractor is not always convenient and profitable, and digging by hand with a shovel is long and difficult, especially if the ground is dense enough.

The “Lifan” engines for power tillers have proven really good, because they are not expensive. In addition, they do not require large investments in the course of operation and are easy to maintain. All that said, the engines have good performance and are reliable.

Their development is mainly the achievements of Japanese engineers. Chinese industry rarely develops anything new. often than not, they simply adopt the experience of their counterparts, taking a successful example. It is worth noting that such engines are often used in portable generators, for which the main criterion is the reliability of the installed engine. Some even use the power tiller as a local vehicle to haul sand, firewood, or whatever.

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