Makita 2630 or 2470 which is better

The Makita HR2450 is almost a universal paint sprayer. It has a long service life and is suitable for both home use and repair and construction work. Operates in three modes: drilling, impact drilling, and chiseling. Impact force. 2.7 Joules. It’s enough to drill holes in concrete and steel, chipping tile, drilling a hole for wiring or a recess for a socket.

Other advantages are electronic speed control, reverse, 40 chisel positions, safety clutch, light weight, and of course, the price. It is the combination of low price and high quality has made the model so popular.

Review of the Makita HR2630

makita, 2630, 2470, which, better

Good day to you all and have a good look at my new review of the goods purchased in the online store ONLINE TRADE.RU. This time let’s talk a little about repair and power tools that help us make these repairs. Repair is the action that faces any person and more than once, whether it is a repair in an apartment, house or garage the most indispensable tool for working on the stone or brick will certainly peorator. I am ready to say that in my opinion it is an indispensable tool for any normal man, if the house is not peoratora the owner even elementary can not hang a chandelier or cornice, as most apartment buildings are built these days monolithic, and the monolith is usually able to drill only peorator, even for an impact drill to drill a hole in a solid wall is a torture. Again, the question of which peorator to choose, there are many manufacturers, different prices, there are models quite inexpensive and for a rather large sum and sometimes not even affordable. In the online store ONLINE TRADE.Ru a very large selection of peoratorov for any construction purposes and of course for any purse, and also want to note that in this online store as always the best prices, and regular customers participating in the promotion programs from the store at all can buy goods for half the cost, about all the rules of promotion of regular customers newcomers store can see on the website, register and become a regular customer. So, let’s return directly to our power tool and its choice, to begin with should be self-understanding for what purposes all the same need a peorator, if for one or two uses it will be enough an inexpensive household model, which will also be available at a price, if for constant use is better to look at the famous manufacturers producing professional power tools. In my case just work is carried out by the peoratorom very often so its preference for the manufacturer Makita, if someone is in hesitation, comparing models Makita or Bosch, I want to note as the owner of both that the percussion mechanism in the perforator Bosch made in such a way that the vibration at the hands is much higher than in Makita, during prolonged work it is very noticeable, i want to note that i am the owner of another, Bosch is made in such a way that the vibration goes much higher in your hands than makita for a long time, it is noticeable, but in this review i will not compare different manufacturers of burners, as all users will always have their opinions, as they say there is no match for taste and color, in this review i do not urge to buy but help new customers make the right choice, and perhaps this review will help someone to buy exactly this model. In our review we use Makita HR2630, although until this time I was a follower of HR2450 and HR2470, but this time I made my choice in favor of HR2630 as this model is a bit more powerful than the above listed and has a bit more characteristics of performance, I think more about them we will talk below when considering this model in more detail. It is also noteworthy that exactly HR2630 model is produced not in China as we are accustomed to, but in Romania, which gives us hope for better quality and longer service life. Looking at the top photo shows that this model has a brush reverse, which gives greater reliability, because switches often fail, and usually with mechanical impacts, yet the tool is working in construction mode and handling is not always accurate no matter how hard you try.

It is also worth noting that the switch of operating modes in this model is transferred downwards, this is not a common solution, and this location I just saw only on this pen is clearly visible in the photo. But it turned out that the decision to place the switch on the bottom is not the worst and after getting used to understand that it is quite convenient and practical. It is also worth noting that just clearly visible in the photo that the serial number is followed by the letter R, it just means that this peorator Makita HR2630 directly manufactured in Romania as I wrote earlier.

In the chuck SDS-Plus I have not noticed the changes, it is very similar to previous models, which I just mentioned above, but here is an additional handle has become much more convenient to use, this is reflected in ease of use, as well as when changing the position, who was using the Peoratora will understand me when looking at the photo of this additional handle.

The standard Makita peorator comes with a very durable case that makes it very easy to carry the tool to the place of use, but it also includes all the necessary accessories for the work. Included as we can see in the photo operating manuals, which also include a Russian language and a certificate. As we can see the machine has a long mains cord that allows you to use it in many places without carrying extra power. And let’s talk a little about the technical characteristics of the peorator Makita HR2630: 1) in operation weight is only 2.8 kg., this is quite a good indicator; 2) Maximum diameter of the drilling in concrete: 26 mm., which is also higher compared to previous models; 3) Impact energy is 2.9 Joules, which will be quite enough to perform a variety of tasks in both domestic and professional applications.

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Although the case is typical in its strength, the shape is slightly different from previous models.

At the time of purchase a cardboard case with promotional information about this torch, this is what we see in the current photos.

This peorator by and large is not additionally packaged and is delivered to the end user in a case, but as a rule this case has a reliable protection for the tool. From myself I am only ready to add in the end of my review that I am ready to recommend for purchase a peorator Makita HR2630 in the internet-shop ONLINE TRADE.RU, a very convenient store with good on goods, having started to buy goods in it, as a rule, to go to another do not want to. I wish you all the best of luck and a good shopping experience.

Makita hr (Makita hr)

Makita is one of the most reputable manufacturers of electric tools for professional use, in particular Makita torches. The Makita hr peorator is well known to consumers as an outstanding example of good value for money. All rotary tools can be divided into two groups depending on the chuck used. This Makita hr SDS and SDS MAX, which differ not only in chuck, but also in application.

Makita hr SDS peorator

The first category. Makita hr SDS torches. which are used for drilling small diameter holes, as well as for reaming and chipping of bricks, ceramic tiles and other materials. The Makita hr2450 peorator can be considered as an example of a universal representative of this class. This peorator Makita is considered one of the most popular, as it is successfully used both at the construction site and in the repair process. Makita hr2470 is more convenient and ergonomic than a peorator Makita hr 2450 (Makita hr 2450), and also has a more advanced percussion mechanism. It should be noted that Makita hr 2470 refers to high-performance and durable tools. That is why this Makita is so well known among amateurs and professionals alike.

Makita hr SDS MAX

The second group is the Makita hr SDS MAX peorator, which is used when you need to drill a large diameter hole, as well as for heavy chiseling work. In this category, one of the most popular is the Makita hr 5001c. Among the Makita hr peorators, this tool stands out for its ability to function smoothly in harsh conditions without losing performance. It has two modes of operation: when the rotation function is engaged, the Makita hr 5001c works as a peorator; when it is off, it works as a jackhammer. The engineers who designed and developed the Makita hr (Makita hr) have made the Makita hr 5001c a model of a handy tool with a long service life. But it’s not just this model. any Makita torch is also sure to be just right for you, to suit your needs and to help you get the job done. With a Makita sledgehammer it is easy and safe to repair or build a house, and all Russian and international quality certificates attest to the high standard of the Makita sledgehammer. Although the Makita rotary hammer is powerful and productive, heavy chiseling work should be done with a Makita sledgehammer. Compared to a peorator, a Makita hammer has a stronger impact but less functionality.

Buy a Makita torch.

Consumables. SDS-max breakout drill bits. Jump to other products: maker Makita 2300, peorator Makita 2450, grinding machine Makita 9911.

Makita HR 2470

Get advice or order the product by phone: 0800-504-407 free from mobile and landline phones (066)677-81-95 | (068)324-43-10

Customer Reviews

Igor Gavrilenko, well, the model HR2470 is produced in Romania

Good day, 2470 is from Romania?

Dmitriy, you can buy a chuck with SDS adapter art. 122573-4636620. Not to be confused with the HR2470T which has an option to change the whole chuck

Is it possible to separately purchase a quick-release self-clamping chuck for this model? If yes. please provide product reference or part number. Thank you!

Alexander, the tool works only from the mains

The BL1830B battery fits in this grinder?

Yuri, you need a drill with more than 1 kW. For example HP2070, HP2071, or screwdrivers with more than 80 Nm of torque

Hello, Could you advise the tool for drilling with a drill bit 127 mm., in plywood 10mm.

Andrew, the price for the model 4099 USD and now

This drill last week cost 4099 USD. Where did the price of 5123 hryvnias come from??

Ivan, since 2009, according to the new system EPTA05/2009 impact energy measurement this model is no longer 2.7 but 2.4 J. Sites where you can see more value uses old data

Обзор makita HR 2630

Why do you have 2.7 GJ in Poland and Russia, and you listed 2.4??

Eugene, you can double-check this information on the manufacturer’s website, there is also registration

How to know that your site is original? You have the goods in what way after the purchase can be registered?

Sasha, the changes have not been made and are not expected.

Andrew, there are two methods of measuring the impact energy of the impact of the torch and hammer, this immediately in the chuck, at the end of a meter chisel According to the new European standard, you must measure at the end of the meter chisel, therefore, this model has 2.4 J, and 2.7 J when measured directly in the chuck

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Good day why this model on some sites have the description that the energy of impact 2.7 J and there are 2.How many different modifications?

Sasha, visually you can not distinguish the original from the fake Makita Ukraine website has a list of official dealers who sell only original products. there you can also look at sites where it is not recommended to purchase a tool as a high probability to buy a fake

Sasha, the set by the manufacturer, and it can not be cheaper than the recommended price of the official dealer, apparently on those sites where you looked sold fakes

Why is the price too high? On other sites 3500 UAH

Igor, the model is equipped with a 4 meter cable

Hello What is the cable length of this torch??

Denis, the chuck on this model is not removable. The models with removable chucks have an index “T” in their models, for example: HR 2630 T

Peorator Makita HR 2470 chuck on this model removable chuck?

Paul, after the transfer of production from China to Romania, nothing has actually changed, because all the components are the same, the factory assembles the tool

I use this torch made in China, no complaints in general, no effort hit softly, I do insulation facades, torch not only hit but also stirred the mixture, when the torch is already tired, I did not hesitate to order exactly the same, online store that promised to arrive Japanese torch, arrived Romania, made insulation in 60 square meters, and he stopped me beating like the previous. it works, but as a quality cheap peorator for 1000 USD. Manufactured in Romania DO NOT BUY.

Boris, we have nothing to do with pricing, this is a manufacturer, in fact, there are many factors that affect pricing, such as competitors’ and also the volume

In Moscow, the dealer store 2470 costs 7000r (2550grn), assembly China, in Ukraine 4100grn. Why is there such a difference in price??

Alexander, you can see a lot of copies of this model on the internet, but to be on the safe side, you should buy from official dealers first. It is also worth noting that the original tool will not cost less. The manufacturer controls the prices

On the market a lot of this model at half the price. I understand that this is not exactly a Makita. The question how to distinguish between a Makita and not quite a Makita?

Al.I have been using Makita tools for many years, I use them professionally.Mostly it is el.installation work.Pe.2470 angle grinder at 125. They are not tiring workmen.Assembly China and Romania.For those who withdraw as failed, I will say that the life of the tool depends on its operation and application.I have Bosch and DeWALT, which are good competitors, but. I prefer Makita percussion tools and angle grinders.Soft,easy to work,for eight hours of work for two almost nonstop work is a pleasure.Take care, lubricate, store well and it will last for years.GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU.

Makita HR 2630

Get advice or to order a product is possible by phone: 0800-504-407 free from mobile and landline phones (066)677-81-95 | (068)324-43-10

Customer Reviews

Alexander, HR2630. 3-mode, they are not discontinued

Peorator HR 2630 description specifies three modes, this is a typo? Or two modes? It has been discontinued?

sashup, since 2019 model HR2630 is produced in Romania

Michael, the HR2470 and HR2630 models differ not only in the position of the switch but also in their power, which in turn affects the maximum diameter of drills and core bits to be used. M8701. A special range of Makita MT series tools, in terms of parameters it is similar to the model HR2630 but is not designed for continuous continuous work

Greetings! I choose a new peorator I can not decide what the difference is between this modelhr2630 and hr2470 and m8701 I like all three 🙂 what are the differences other than the location of the switch and the price?

Igor, most likely you mean a complete set HR2630J, it does not come to Ukraine, HR2630 (with normal case)

I saw the Poles have the same pref but the case was different why here is the usual suitcase?

What does long guide bit mean?what is the torque limiter

What torque limiter means?Where is the depth adjustment button??What the long guide bit means?

Dimitri, all the technical specifications of the Makita HR2630 are listed below the image

Ivan, this model of torch is produced by Makita’s own factory in China

Makita HR 2630: advantages

  • 3 operating modes: drilling, drilling with impact and chiselling
  • Angle adjustment mechanism allows for 360-degree rotation of the chisel with 40 setting positions
  • The long bit guide minimizes vibrations
  • Easy depth adjustment with a dedicated button
  • Ergonomic handle
  • The control for the operating mode is located on the bottom of the gear housing, significantly reducing the chance of damage
  • Torque limiter ensures that the bit stops to protect the user and tool from accidentally blocking the bit

Makita HR 2630: technical data

Power consumption 800 W
RPM idle speed 0. 1.200 min.1
Impact frequency 0. 4.600 min.1
Chuck type SDS-Plus
Impact force 2.4 Joules
Drilling diameter (steel) 13 mm
Drilling diameter (wood) 32 mm
Maximum drilling diameter. concrete 26 mm
Core drilling (concrete) 68 mm
Noise level: Sound pressure 91 dB(A)
Noise level: sound power 102 dB(A)
Vibration level: Concrete impact drilling 15.5 m/sec²
Vibration level: drilling 9.5 m/sec²
Size (L x W x H) 361 x 77 x 209 mm
Weight 2.8 kg

Makita HR 2630: delivery set

Plastic carrying case 140402-9

After ordering our manager will contact you to find out what carrier to send your order and how to pay for it.

We shall deliver this product free of charge.

(If the order amount is more than 2000 UAH.)

You can have your order delivered to the following courier services:

You can also choose any other carrier by prior agreement.

Makita HR2630X7 electric torch with power of 800 W allows you to drill holes in materials of different hardness by chiselling, hammerless drilling or percussion.

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  • – SDS-plus chuck makes it very easy to install a drill bit, chisel or diamond core bit up to 80 mm in diameter.
  • – The bearing point enables the use of a standard chuck as well as a bit for electric screwdriver operation.
  • – Reversible mode extends motor brush life and helps retrieve the tool if it jams.
  • – Safety clutch protects the drive and operator from shock if the drill jams.
  • – The start button lock makes long, continuous operation more convenient.
  • – The drilling depth stop has a convenient adjustment and locking.
  • – Additional handle lets you hold the torch firmly in a stable position.
  • – The tool comes in a carrying case that is easy to store and transport.


Versatile torch enables you to drill in concrete and stone, wood, plastic and metal. Lightweight, well-adjusted tool. the best choice for domestic use.

Japanese Makita Corporation. world famous manufacturer of construction, gardening and forestry machinery. A combination of centuries of quality and innovation in a robust product that is trusted by customers in over 160 countries.

Catalog of Makita torches

The manufacturer offers a wide model range of tools for domestic (power under 700 watts) and professional tasks (from 700 watts and above). You can choose the most suitable unit (depending on the density of the material to be treated), taking into account the impact force, the number of rotations and the motor power. Many models belong to the universal type. For example, a Makita 2470 with a motor power of 780 W and a hammer energy of 2 Joules is suitable for home use.4 Joule is suitable for home and professional use.

All Makita rotary tools presented operate in the following modes: drilling, drilling with or without impact. Classify power tools from the Japanese manufacturer is accepted depending on the type of chuck. You can buy a Makita tool with these types of chucks:

SDS Plus. As a rule, these models weigh not more than 4 kg. Devices, equipped with this type of chuck, can make holes with a diameter of up to 30 mm. With a tool tip diameter of 10 mm.

SDS max. Professional-grade chucks are capable of working with any hard material and make holes in it with a diameter of up to 52 mm. Tail of the working element has a diameter of 18 mm.

There are several reasons for ordering a Makita torch. First of all, it is a safe tool, because the manufacturer has taken care of user protection by equipping the motor with an anti-block system and the device itself with a rubberized handle and a release clutch. Secondly, Makita rotators have a long service life because the housing is protected against construction dust entering.

Makita SDS Penorators

Makita SDS-plus rotary tools. The Makita SDS is an indispensable tool for any repair job. They are equipped with reliable motors of various capacities. The Makita SDS powders have three operating modes: drilling, drilling with impact, and chiseling. They are quality professional tools, rugged and durable.

Makita offers a wide range of rotators. So how do you choose the right tool for you?? Of course, you have to look at the features of the tool first. Our website provides the most complete and accurate information about each unit. Note that in order to get a long service life from the tool, it is best to buy a tool with extra power. Our managers are always ready to help you in choosing the right gator for you.

All Makita rotators have an ergonomic handle with soft grip. It makes the tool fit comfortably in your hand and extends your work time. Even though Makita rotators are not very noisy, you should use ear protectors to protect your ears. It is also very important to use safety glasses and not to overheat the tool. Remember that a proper safety precaution is a must. It’s all about protecting your health and keeping the torch from breakdowns.

A comparison of Bosch and Makita torches or which one is better to choose

The PM PM is good when it is handy in operation, performs several functions (and with equal efficiency) and serves for a long time without failures and repairs.

Since today no construction site or even a small repair can do without a torch, the question of its choice is very relevant. With this device (cordless or cordless) you can drill, make holes in the surface, and easily dismantle walls or other kinds of partitions. In a given appliance, there are usually several modes. The functions are switched by pressing the special button on the handle. By selecting the desired mode, you can perform drilling, drilling with an impact mechanism, the impact itself (like a jackhammer).

When choosing a torch you need to consider its performance indicators: power, impact force, pay attention to the design and power of the drive.

However, in this article I make the point that there is another important characteristic of any piece of equipment. is quality. I mean both the quality of assembly and the materials used. They affect how long the tool can work, how quickly you take it to the service, or (in case of a dishonest manufacturer). junkyard.

After reading this article, you will understand why you need to pay attention to quality and brand-manufacturer. After all, in order to peorator serve long, you need to choose models from a proven manufacturer.

In this article I will inform you about the quality and performance of the two most popular brands of torches. This German Bosch and Japanese Makita. Their models are in high demand among the public and businesses.

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